Evel Dick Reveals Why He Quit Big Brother: “I Am HIV Positive”

Evel Dick Donato has finally answered the question of why he left Big Brother 13 and it’s a stunning answer. Just days in to the BB13 season producers informed Donato he had tested positive for HIV.

Evel Dick on Big Brother
Evel Dick on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Fans will remember that by the time Big Brother premiered in 2011 the Season 8 winner was no where to be found. Evel Dick had mysteriously left in the few days between the time the Houseguests entered and the show began. There was much speculation at the time and the reason at the time was rumored to be that he left to support someone close to him. Now the real reason has been revealed.

As part of his appearance on VH1’s “Couples Therapy” Evel Dick shared his story with People Magazine on how he came to learn he was living with HIV:

Donato was competing on season 13 of Big Brother when producers called him into the house’s Diary Room. “They told me that something was wrong with my blood test,” he says. “They had done two HIV tests. One had come back positive and the other had come back negative.” The show’s doctor took more blood. Two hours later, Donato learned the life-changing news.

“When they told me, I just went numb,” he says. With little explanation, Donato left the show. “They had a car take me from CBS to my mother’s house. She was the first person I told.”

Evel Dick goes on to say that he does not know how he contracted HIV, but assumes it could have been due to unprotected sex with a woman. As for his girlfriend, she was tested and those results were negative for the disease.

Evel says that he will remain on daily medication for the rest of his life, but says the process is simple with one pill a day. His HIV viral load is “virtually undetectable” which he says allows him to live a normal life without many associated health issues.

Donato explained that he decided to finally come forward with his personal story because he wanted to help raise awareness and hoped that “it will remind viewers to get tested, practice safe sex, all those things we know in the back of our minds but maybe don’t do.”

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So, PLEASE… Get tested, know your HIV status and help us all by not continuing to pass this on to other people.

— EvelDick (@EvelDick) October 1, 2014

We wish Evel Dick the best of luck with the challenges ahead and applaud his decision to find a supportive message out of his difficult situation.

Source: People Magazine


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  1. shocking and sad, kudos to evel dick for being brave enough to share his story with us.

  2. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Makes perfect sense tho – I mean, that must be just really tough news to get, and I imagine the show took a very big backseat at that moment when he learned about his condition. Best of luck to him, and I’m glad he’s got it under control and is helping to spread the message.

  3. I always thought something wasn’t right with how he left. The reason never made sense to me. Kudos to you, E.D. for revealing what you have been going through. My favorite player of all time! ! Much love!

    • I little late for what? No one but Dickinson should decide when to share personal medical information. Who are you to say?

    • It’s not our business. The fact he has come to terms with it and ready to share may help others.

    • People tend to do things when they feel comfortable doing so. It isn’t up to us to dictate when that is.

    • Why am I not surprised that someone who has NOTHING to do with Evel Dick’s life decides to be judgmental about what he chooses to disclose about it and when? I hope karma gets you, buddy.

    • It’s a very personal decision to speak out. I think we all should have some measure of empathy for the man.

  4. Evil Dick was by far our favorite player of all time. Was so disappointed when he left the All Stars but knew it must have been something very important for him to leave the game. Though he never needed to make this information public, kuddos for having the courage to raise awareness. Prayers for continued “good” health and very happy future.

  5. I guess Big Brother thinks that you can catch AIDS just from being in the same room as a carrier…..So much for that show and its producers.

    • I don’t think that was the issue. It sounds as though he chose to leave to deal with the devastating news. One of the housemates on Real World was HIV positive. I imagine other HG’s would have been given the option to exit the show if they felt at risk.

      • I saw Dick on TMZ Live today. He said he wasn’t given the option to stay; however, he also said if he’d had the option, he still would have left. He was totally shocked and couldn’t comprehend the news. But, again, he wasn’t given a choice.

      • It’s safety protocol in just about every BB if a contestant’s health issue turns out to be really serious and, in some cases, life threatening. Production would not want to compromise Dick’s health as it is so they had no other choice but to pull him out.

        Jade Goody, the controversial housemates from BBUK, competed in India’s version of BB before she was pull out after learning she had cancer. She died a couple of years later.

      • Guess I was wrong, although (as James said) it does make sense that they wouldn’t want to jeopardize his health in any way.

    • I’m sure he left due to the news, he was in shock and probably just not capable of keeping his mind in or on the game. I give him credit, and totally see why he would leave. Anyone would be in shock with that kind of news.

    • Seriously? That was the thinking years and years ago. Maybe that’s what you think.

    • Big Brother is obviously more informed than you are, do you really think you would stay in a game after getting devasting news like that?

    • The priority I am sure was to have Dick get the medical care he needed as soon as possible. If CBS kept him the house for months after the diagnosis without adequate care, it would have opened them up to liability if his health were to decline. I am sure the decision to remove him from the house was not out of fear of AIDS, but fear of a lawsuit.

    • Did you read that? I read that it was his decision not that he was kicked off the show.

    • Maybe it was a legal issue. If the HGs had known going in that a fellow HG was positive, they could opt out if they wish. In any case, the show/network/whomever/whatever would be protected against a HG later learning about it and then maybe bringing suit against the show, etc. It is his health and his decision to make, whether or not to play but breaking that news to someone – you have to give them time to think and process it. He had no idea until then so it isn’t like he was living with that knowlege up until then, ya know? That is life changing.

    • I understand it that he chose to leave. I never read anywhere in people or above that they made him leave. Someone pointed out what I’m missing?

  6. I agree that this is devastating news…however, shouldn’t these test have been done prior to anyone entering the BB House.

    • Based on what ED said, it seems like they all have to undergo medical exams prior to entering the house.

      And he was only in the house for less than a week so it wasn’t too late a time for production to make the call on pulling him out early once the results came in.

      • I just think BB should wait to get all test results back prior to letting anyone enter the house. Not just for HIV, but Hepatitis or any other contagious disease (especially ones there is no cure for)
        Just my opinion. I love the show and wish the best for Evel Dick.
        AND so glad that Derrick won.

  7. I’m still processing this devastating news. I watch Couples Therapy and he’s revealing this on tonight’s episode ~ the promos didn’t say what he was revealing but today (Weds. 10/1) TMZ had him on live. Dick said BB did two tests ~ results: one positive, the other negative for HIV. They had been filming for 6 days when they called him in to give him the news that they wanted to run the test again. The results of the 3rd test: what we all know now. He said he was in shock and chose not to continue with BB.

    Although he says he’s on meds and is doing OK, he looks absolutely horrendous (which I had noticed last week on Couples Therapy). I thought it was part of his aging process and because of his wild and crazy life … I never would have guessed HIV positive!

    He didn’t say anything about Danielle. I hope they are still in touch with each other. Their 1st appearance on BB (don’t remember what year) where they were able to put their differences behind them was excruciating to watch all season but so rewarding in the end. I cried alot that year and was so happy to see father and daughter reunited!

    I wish him love and serenity … We are not on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.

    Dick, may you find solace by surviving the storm and dancing in the rain.

    • Cuddles, do things on Couples Therapy with Evel Dick and Stephanie seem a little ‘off’ to you?

      • Yes G, I believe it’s because Dick decided to share with the outside world what he’s kept bottled up for the last 3 – 4 years. She didn’t want him to ~ concern for him and the repercussions probably. Also, she may have wanted to leave him awhile ago but didn’t because he needed her support. It’s a very difficult situation … I’m hoping they get the therapy they both need.

      • There’s something that doesn’t feel genuine about them. They seem to have very little emotional connection and Evel Dick seems almost uncomfortable around her. Don’t understand why they’re in the house trying to save their relationship. What ‘relationship’? He said he was the one who had moved out and they haven’t lived together for some time. She can be his friend without all the drama of ‘saving their relationship’. It’s causing him stress he doesn’t need. He needs to concentrate on himself and focus on staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Good luck to Evel Dick!

      • I feel badly for Dick. In Couples Therapy he said he fears this may be his last relationship. I think he’s hanging on to it and she’d rather let go. Perhaps therapy will help both of them to get on without the other OR perhaps help them to stay together. Have to watch and see …

      • You’re absolutely right. I guess that’s what the show is for, making decisions one way or the other. Everything has to be so much more complicated for him now.

  8. I never liked Evel Dick, but I wouldn’t wish HIV or any viral infection on my worst enemy. I wonder when Danny found out.

    • Hope she has some compassion for him, but it seemed like there was a lot of resentment and bad blood when they were first on BB together. Their business, I guess.

      • Yeah, I think she’s a selfish winch. I heard she was upset because he only bought her a brand-new car with the 500 grand that he won. In the rules are not allowed to share their winnings with other contestants, including your family.

      • I don’t see how they can control what you do when the money is in your bank account. I mean, what would they do, a monthly audit? No way. Once it’s yours, it’s yours, and you can wipe your well-off bottom with it if you want. You just can’t make deals or promises while you’re in the house.

  9. Sad news. On Couples Therapy, thought he looked unwell. This explains a lot. It seems like HIV treatment has come a long way, and hopefully he’ll stay active for many years. Best of luck, Evel Dick.

  10. I wish him the best. I hope he and his daughter can work out their issues. Life is too short to carry that kind on anger against a loved one. You never know how much time you have left. I am glad he came forward with a positive message to let people know to get tested.

  11. Sorry to hear that Evel Dick is HIV positive. I do understand why he was asked to leave BB. BB has challenges where people can get hurt and could possibly bleed. It is my OPINION, that it was just common sense to keep everyone else safe and ask Evel Dick to leave. He should not have taken it personally and neither should anyone else. On another note, I’m not sure why the girlfriend didn’t want Evel Dick to reveal his truth. She is not HIV positive (so they say), so what is the real problem. If Evel Dick feels like he wants people to know, that should be his decision alone. I don’t care if the girlfriend is HIV position or not, but something is very strange about this particular situation.

  12. I Did not read anywhere that Big Brother asked him to leave. The way I read the article he chose to leave. Someone fill me in where I’m missing this

  13. I know this is a really late post, and that it may never be read by anyone, but is there even the slightest chance Evel Dick could have contracted HIV through an infected tattoo needle? I know there are very strict rules about what should be done, but as we know from the Ebola outbreak, protocols aren’t always properly followed. Good luck, Dick. Hope the meds keep you from worsening and that you still manage to get enjoyment out of life.

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