Big Brother 16 Houseguests Adjust To Returning Home [PHOTOS] – Update: Haycole & Derrick Reunion

The Big Brother 16 Jury Houseguests have been out of the game for a little over a week now and many are excitedly returning to family and friends while still keeping in touch with one another. Here are a few highlights you’ll want to catch up on from some of the more prolific Twitter-ers in the group this season.

Derrick, Nicole, & Hayden together again
Derrick, Nicole, & Hayden together again – Source: Instagram

First up perhaps the most major news for Donny Thompson was that he joined Twitter! No wait, something bigger happened… engaged! Yes, Donny is officially engaged to his girlfriend Kristine and it didn’t take long. Now he’s also assumed a Twitter account set up for him by a fan during the summer.

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Speaking of showing up on Twitter, after days of silence Zach Rance has arrived to the cheers of his fans. His pursuit of legions of followers reached a milestone this week when he hit 200K (currently at 204K) and all without the support of a celebrity sibling. Then again, he does have Pizzle to thank.

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As for celebrity support, Zach spent some time on the phone talking with Dr. Will Kirby this week and referenced him as a mentor. Could he have been one of the few HGs Will said he advised preseason?

Beast Mode Cowboy is living his dream hanging out with fans, celebrities, and getting back to BMC’s natural habitat, the gym. Cody Calafiore has been getting out there too as he gets used to life outside the house. Nicole Franzel had herself a nice welcoming party on her return and even Victoria Rafaeli has officially joined Twitter.

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Then you’ve got the big time winner Derrick Levasseur who definitely looks happy to be back home with his wife and little daughter. Derrick has been chatting it up on Twitter and along with many of the other BB16 Houseguests, he’s done an “On the Block” with Spencer & McCrae that you can watch on YouTube.

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We’ll keep watching to see what the Houseguests get up to next which should be plenty in the coming months. We know for sure that you’ll be able to tune in and watch half the cast appear on Bold & Beautiful on October 30th & 31st so don’t miss that!

Update: Some readers asked for “more Nicole!” so how about some Haycole? The couple traveled to New England for a meet & greet alongside Derrick at the Marlborough Country Club. Looks like they were having fun and fans were excited to meet them!

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Image source: Twitter & Instagram


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  1. How about a photo of Derrick and his wife? Also, what’s my beloved Frankie up to? Love the photos of Donny and his fiancée.

  2. Now that they are settling in at home I’m sure it won’t be long before they watch the season themselves and I hope they all feel just a little pang of guilt on how they treated Donny in the house….doubt it but you never know.

    • That’s why the articles would be so great. They could talk about their regrets, accomplishments, things they would have done differently if they’d only known the truth, what they miss about the HG’s, and how easy/difficult it was to return to normal life. Matt B.?

      • I as well would like to see an article like that, it must be tough readjusting to regular life after being confined to the house. I’m sure there will be regrets by some and hindsight is always 20/20 but it was heart breaking watching tears roll continually roll down Donny’s face. I realize it’s a game and the end goal is 500k but the lack of respect and compassion they showed towards Donny was disappointing to say the least. Not all of them were like that but we know who was the worst of the bunch .

      • I still have that vision of Donny playing in that BotB comp in the dark all alone. With Christine handing off bones to Caleb and Cody..albeit the wrong ones, but still. That was hard to watch. Then when he found out, it was even worse. Shame on most of them for treating Donny like they did. He will get the last laugh, no doubt!

      • That was shameful. Nasty creature. Lot of good that behavior did her – the guys dumped her once she wasn’t needed. I think Donny already got the last laugh, AFP, a whole lot of us love him, he’s a happy man, and he just got engaged!

      • Why was it shameful? She was playing a game, for crying out loud, and he was the eviction target. There was NOTHING wrong with what she did.

      • I think with Christine there was a general dislike of her mean girl comments, questionable behavior and plain old stupidity. That, combined with our fondness for Donnie, made that particular competition seem unusually sleazy. He might have been an eviction target from your point of view, but many of us didn’t want him gone, and despite her sneaky behavior, Donny won anyway. She would have been better off forging an alliance with Donny, Nicole and Hayden; it would have done her more good than an alliance she was only in because she happened to be in the room when the alliance was formed, and of which she was never really a part. Plus, the word ‘disgraceful’ is just an opinion. You might call it ‘brilliant’.

      • Omg I dont think people noticed a side of Donny that I did. He made no effort to talk and interact with these people from the very beginning of the show. He went to bed so early while others got to know each other. He kept saying” will your family be happy with you picking on the poor old man?” Donny, it’s a game you vote out people and you made no effort to get to know these people. Also does anyone realize how bitter Donny was? he scratched Victoria’s name on the door. Come on! Especially knowing victoria cries over everything. He also told Jocasta that Derrick “fake prayed” with her with no proof. Donny may be a nice guy but there was a side to him that was very unpleasant.

      • You know what? You’re not wrong. Donny was totally out of his depth with the majority of these houseguests. He came from a different lifestyle – one where people’s word meant something, and where treating people decently was the norm. In other words, he was probably completely wrong for BB. But there were lots of us who recognized the innate goodness in this man. He understood strategy, but not the back-stabbing (necessary) element of the game. His feelings got hurt and his sense of fairness was stretched to its limits. That’s why he scratched Victoria’s name off the door. He had zero respect for her game and was upset that she was still in the house after much worthier HGs had been evicted. That’s why he succumbed to a very human emotion, outrage, and acted as he did. I can fully understand it, and might have done the same thing in those frustrating circumstances. As for Victoria crying, what else is new? She was only in the house because of her numbingly awful game play. So, nice guy? Yes. Human, and capable of petty behavior? Again, yes. Still think he’s an honest, down to earth man. We could use a lot more like him.

      • Donny was 35 yrs old but he acted like he was 65 yrs old. He made friends with JOcasta, pow pow and devin. They were all awful palyers.
        Moreover, I agree with you, he made very little effort to try and get to know the other houseguests. He kept a schedule that was out of sink with the rest of the BB house which was odd.
        Finally, I personally felt Nicole deserved the AFP cash because she really played the game and accepted the process.

      • ^^^ cough, cough … aaaaaa … Last I heard, Donny is 42 years old. Also, while in the BBH, I believe he made friends with Nicole, Hayden, and Cody in addition to those you mentioned above (Jocasta, paupau, Devin). I don’t believe it was odd that he was out of sync with most of the hgs … the others were young, boisterous, came from far different backgrounds, etc. … all in all made for strange bedfellows. Donny accepted the process … some of the hgs didn’t accept him. He made the most of a lousy situation, played fairly, smiled, tried to engage other hgs in conversations but was rebuked many times, kept smiling, won a veto comp (in the dark) on his own (with no help from his partner), was an excellent TA player and deserved the AFP award.

      • Yay, Cuddles! Well put. Donny seems to be one of those players who’s interpreted very differently by different people. Some people saw him as stand-offish, others saw him as just having not much in common with the younger HG’s. Plus, he’s a groundskeeper, so he’s used to going to bed early and getting up early.

      • I stand corrected about donny’s age. I think shelley and jerry were older than donny and they both played a better social game.
        donny made his own bed. He also deserved AFP because that’s what the voters wanted.

      • Age doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how one plays a social game.

        Yes, Donny made his own bed ~ I’ll bet dollars to donuts that not one other hg made their bed on a daily basis! ~~ < tongue in cheek!!!! LOL!!!!!

      • LOL Donny is the worst looking 35 year old in the world then. No way he is only 35. Anyway, it’s funny how we criticize contestants for being nasty by making nasty comments ourselves.

      • Matt B. gives us permission to do that here. LOL back at ya! Per Cuddles (who knows these things), Donny is 42, and I think the fur face makes him look older. Thing is, when people go on Big Brother they open themselves up to scrutiny. Warts and all. That’s why I’d never go on, even if they wanted chubby, aging grandmas. You guys would pick me to pieces! And rightly so………………

      • Oh yeah I do the same too so I’m not going to act like I’m above it. I just felt bad hearing Christine is having trouble outside of the house from fans being rude to her.

      • Oh, no! I hadn’t heard that and I don’t like it. We’re allowed to criticize HG’s because we’re BB followers, but other people aren’t! That’s really not fair because there were other people who were as bad, if not worse (cough, Frankie) than Christine. Maybe it’s people who know her husband. Did you read it online?

      • I’m not suprised people are rude to christine. people hated her in the chat room on the live feeds.
        Personally, I’d never be rude to a BB houseguest. I’m such a geek for the game – I’d immediately chat them up about the experience.

      • I didn’t like her AT ALL when she was in the house, but it’s over now and everyone should move on. Think about it, Caleb was Jekyll and Hyde – creepy and delusion, then somewhat charming, Victoria was double delusional and completely gaga over Derrick, Frankie was gross beyond words, a lot of them had something negative, so I’d hate to think Christine was the only one suffering consequences.

      • I thought frankie was vile. He was a disgusting person on screen and I’m certain all of that was not “acting.”
        Moreover, based on his words and actions – I believe caleb has learing difficulties.
        I also believe that devin has some mental issues that could be manged with the help of a clinician. Those are the only houseguest I’d avoid if ever saw them in public.

      • Please post a pic of yourself as a warning for the above mentioned hgs to avoid you if they ever see you in public.

      • LOL! I’d never be confrontational with a houseguest. None of them have anything to worry about from me!

      • I believe you misunderstood me … you know what the hgs look like but they don’t know what you look like. In all fairness, so they can avoid you, they should know what you look like. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Over and definitely out …

      • Perhaps some people can’t ‘move on’ after watching someone deliberately trash their marriage vows over and over and over again. Other hgs may have had quirks in their personalities, but they were not harming another person by exhibiting their ‘delusional’ behavior.

      • @GMaG – at least there would be enough to “pick away at…” Sorry! I just could not resist!

      • LMFBO (laughing my fat butt off!) – you’re right about that, with plenty left over………..

      • Christine started the game making a big issue about not being able to sleep in the same bed/room with unmarried men. However, she played the second part of the game following – 24-7- Cody around the BB House and rubbing and flirting with him. That appeared hypocritical.
        Moreover, her biggest problem was she came off as very unlikable. She cried when she got zinged by Zingbot. However, several days later she went right back to following COdy around the house and flirting with him. She even criticized Julie Chen for asking her about the Zingbot incident (She said “I hate Julie Chen…”) She thought, like amber and brittany – that Cody would help save her form eviction. She was mistaken.
        Finally, I suspect she was booed for playing a pretty stupid game. She had a better shot at the win by staying faithful to Nicole and Hayden and using information from cody and derrick’s side of the house in her favor.
        FYI – She was not in the room when the Bombsquade was formed. She was brought in by the hot mess – devin after the fact.

      • Considering the bombsquade lasted all of 2 weeks (that’s being generous) I’ll allow you the mixup! :)

  3. no Frankie???? So much the better..
    He may be to busy adjusting to the fact that he was not AFP but next to Christine the most disliked player….

      • Hopefully, that little man will fall back to being the “coattail hanger” he was born to be.

      • Can you tell me what that means, presuming it’s not words that would be &%#&*$!! Wanna hear something funny? I went on a site yesterday and they &%#&*$ the words ‘crook’ and ‘crap’. And I thought I was being such a good girl, potty-mouthed old English lady that I can be.

    • I must admit I’d like to know how he took the news of how disliked he was, but he would never admit to anything negative, so why bother? What I’d really like is to find out is if he has toned down his obnoxiousness a little. A big slice of humble pie would be good for him.

      • Hey G … He’s (I refuse to type his name) going to be on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush on Monday. It’s on at 7pm on the East Coast. We can check out his current obnoxiousness!!

      • Thank you. I keep saying I never want to watch him, but (nosy creature that I am) I’ll have to take a peek.

      • “Humble pie?” The “man” called himself a “social-media mogul” based on his youtube videos and tweets!
        He’s secure in his own little world. I doubt the end of BB will change his worldview.

      • Just wishful thinking on my part. Not a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening unfortunately.

  4. Thanx for the pics Matt. I really like the one of Zach and his dog … looks like they have the same expression and eyes! Caleb looks like he’s having a blast ~ happy for him. It’s good to also see Nicole, Hayden, and Donny.

    • Hey, Cuddles, we’re dying of the heat on the Central Coast, but a good BB fan can always summon up a little energy to check on what his/her BB friends are saying.

      • Blooooooo~~~wing some cool air your way G … enjoy! what’s with the ‘his/her’? Thought I’ve been talkin’ to a gal. Let me know for future reference. take care.

      • Thank you. It got up to 104 today. We’re used to kind of mild weather on the coast, so we’re all bunch of heat sissies, and I’m their Queen!

      • It’s so hot my German Shepherd doesn’t even want to go outside to go potty. I think he’s waiting until it’s dark. At least it cools down nicely then.

  5. Actually…. The couple didn’t just travel to Boston for a Meet & Greet – Nicole flew there to surprise Hayden for Hayden’s welcome home party. Derrick tagged along since he lived about 40 minutes away!

    • Gee, wish I had known … I’m just an hour north of Boston. Would have been great to catch a glimpse of Hayden and Nicole in person. So close and yet so far …

      • You lucky thing living where you do. One of my best friends lives in Plymouth and it sounds like it’s awesome out there.

  6. I apologize for the fact that almost one half of the posts on this page are mine. Embarrassing. It’s been so hot in CA this past week that I’m sitting around bored, with a fan trained on me, just trying to “survive”. That’s my excuse for doing very little else, and I’m sticking with it.

  7. Hate to harp on this, but have there been any photos of Derrick and his wife? His little girl is adorable but I’d like to see some family pics. Nicole looks cute as ever.

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