Diary Room: Adam Poch Gets Ready For Big Brother 16

Please welcome former Big Brother Houseguest Adam Poch to our site. He has graciously agreed to hang out with us and share his thoughts on Big Brother 16. You can enjoy his articles twice a week here on the site. Well, really you can enjoy them as much as you want, but he’ll only be posting new articles twice a week. So grab a plate of bacon, sit back, & enjoy! – Matthew

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Image Credit: Greg P Photo

Hello everyone – Adam Poch the Heavy Metal Teddy Bear from Big Brother 13 here. I have joined the staff at Big Brother Network this season to give you my opinions & insight on the 16th installment of our favorite summertime guilty pleasure. Today is the day we have been waiting for since the end of last season; well, for some people since week 2 of Big Brother 15 – but we have put that season behind us – and ready to move on!

Late last week, we got to meet the new houseguests – watch their preseason videos, read their bios, and dig through social media sites trying to find any dirt on them that we can. Tonight we get to actually see the new houseguests interact with each other and start vying for the $500K prize. But wait… unlike every other year where we got to see the entire new cast move in – CBS is giving is the first twist in what they are calling the “Most Twisted” summer yet. Only 8 of the newbies will be seen moving in tonight and the rest of them tomorrow. With 2 HOH’s each week – and 4 nominees – I think we will see the first 8 move in & compete for Head of Household tonight. Then Thursday night, we will see the next 8 move in and compete for Head of Household.

If I was part of the first group of only 8 newbies, I would know something is not kosher – and expect all of them to start panicking. At some point Julie Chen will come on the screen as they are all getting to know each other and deliver some of the twists – but I am curious how much she will tell this group – before dropping all of the twists when the next group comes in.

If I had to take a guess on how the season will be played – at least the first 6 weeks – the house will be divided into 2 teams a la Survivor – and one person from each team will win Head of Household. Each HOH will have to nominate 2 people from the other team. Then the new Battle of the Block will replace the Have / Have Not challenge with the teams (or members of each team) squaring off & the winning team will keep their HOH in power – and remove their nominees from the block. At that point the Have Nots will be determined by the winning HOH. The losing HOH goes back into the player pool and subject to becoming a replacement nominee after the POV is played.

The Team America twist I still do not know how it will come into play – but since the first week’s question is “If you had to form an alliance with one of the Houseguests, who would you select?” leads me to think – they may be bringing back “America’s Player” and one HG will do whatever we tell them to do. If we have the Elissa factor again – then we all know it will go to Frankie. How will this superfan react to getting the news that he is not playing his game? Can you say MELTDOWN????

Then again, you will see everyone basically throw out any pre-determined strategies they had because this season will be unlike any season before it. New rules, new competitions, new powers – it’s a whole new ballgame kids. But one thing is for certain, BIG BROTHER IS BACK!!! So kiss the wife, kids, cats & dogs goodbye – because for the next 3 months the game is on!

I will be back every week on Fridays to give my thoughts on the most recent eviction(s) as well as a preview the week to come & on Tuesdays when I give my player weekly rankings. 5 strips of Bacon is GOOD… 5 strips of Tofu is BAD!!!

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  1. I don’t think they’ll be in teams that long if they are, but it would be interesting to see teams would work out for a few weeks. I would rather it be more Survivor-esque in that each team would want to vote out their weaker members (instead of trying to vote out the other team’s stronger members). But, it doesn’t sound like that’s a possibility.

    If it were individuals, I think it could be fun if they did similar Canada, and have one of the two HoHs be America one week. That could be fun.

  2. I’ll definitely be reading your take on things Adam. I’m hoping Team America doesn’t take too much away from the players themselves. Although i dislike Frankies advantage over other house guests, a Team America alliance with him might prove to be eventful. But i just can’t bring myself to vote for him for anything other than “the house guest with the most unfair advantage”. And i’m with you on the bacon thing :) .

    • He may have an unfair advantage – but I actually know him and he is a DIE-HARD fan like us.

      • Glad to hear he is. From my talk with him it almost felt like BB was a fallback to his Survivor ambitions. Wasn’t sure if he was a serious fan or not (what they tell me isn’t always the real story).

      • Thanks Matt for bringing back the Diary Room. You made a great choice in choosing Adam.

      • Well i will admit i prefer the die hard fans over the recruits. And depending on how the Team America thing works, he may not have an advantage after all.

  3. ADAM!!!!!!! (HUGS) I am a huge fan of yours! You are looking quite fit and fine lately, my dear! I’m excited to have your valuable insights this summer.

  4. While I was hoping for no racism this summer, I found out there’s a VERY high chance there will be. Something to watch out for, Colby? The adventure hunter guide put out a video calling our Pres. a “Muslim Monkey” so watch out for fireworks with that guy to rear it’s ugly head. I hope not, I truly hope not, but he was the one that made the video, and it’s everywhere.

    • I thinks it’s Caleb that you mean. And I don’t think calling politician name is what is worrying. He has (from what I read) use derogatory name in taking about a specific group of people. That’s what we don’t want to hear.

  5. Welcome Adam. It will be fun to read you. Found also your twitter (@AdamPoch_BB13) Doesn’t seems like you use it much. You should lots of stuff going on there. In case I just followed you.

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