Corey Brooks – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Corey Brooks was voted out of Big Brother 18 on Wednesday night after failing to secure the Power of Veto and ending up on the short end of the one-vote count this week just shy of the Final 3. Now on his way to Jury we wanted to ask Corey a few things about his game and experience of the season with his showmance partner, Nicole.

Corey Brooks is voted out of Big Brother 18

While we’re sure there are going to be more burning questions awaiting him after the season (pun intended), we stuck to the game topics here and actually got some interesting responses discussing his surprise about James’s decision with his vote, his showmance strategy, the possibility of Nicole not taking him to F2, and more. Read on for our eviction interview with Corey.

Big Brother Network: After being evicted you mentioned being a little surprised. Did you really think James was going to flip the plan on Paul and vote Nicole out instead?

Corey Brooks: Yeah. I definitely thought he would. I thought he would wait for the veto to be used and make sure he was safe. I was pretty dang sure he was going to take me.

BBN: Did you plan to get in to a showmance as part of your preseason strategy or did it just happen?

Corey: No, totally just happened. I was so against it at the beginning. Having Nicole as my emotional support and cuddle buddy definitely helped keep me cool. Was worth it and was good for my game.

BBN: Do you think your showmance with Nicole ultimately helped or hurt your game in the end since you were nominated with her and seem restrained on your campaigning?

Corey: No, I would have been up on the block next to her regardless. I wouldn’t have been there without her so if anything, I think it helped.

BBN: Nicole mentioned to you the idea of her going to the F2 with James instead of you. Were you ever nervous that she’d cut you since she voiced concerns over her chances of beating you with the Jury?

Corey: She never said that. She would 100% take me to the final two with her.

(Editor’s Note: On 9/5 at 11:20 PM BBT, Nicole had a conversation with Corey where she told him her chances at F2 would be better if she took James and asked if he would be mad at her for evicting him to take James to the end. Corey told her he wouldn’t talk to her again if she did that, though it was a semi-joking response. Seems he forgot this conversation from ten days earlier.)

BBN: Thank you, Corey.

I’m surprised that Corey was surprised about the vote this week. I didn’t see him press James on the topic other than in front of Nicole shortly after the Veto competition. James seemed to be pretty clear that he was going to vote him out, but I guess Corey underestimated James’s commitment to clearing his own path to the end and his draw to Nicole as well.

Considering he couldn’t see it coming when James turned on him I’m not as convinced as he is that Nicole wouldn’t have turned on him if she really truly believed it was a half million dollar decision. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

We’ll see Corey back next week for the Big Brother finale on Wednesday, Sept 21, 2016.


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  1. Corey, you are a fruit loop dingus if you REALLY thought the veto was going to be used on you? Have you thought that one through….I doubt it. Now, go get back on your ADHD meds, you are in need of them.

    • I was shocked that he was shocked, he got voted out. Lol I think being in that house so long makes them a little delusional. They go a little coo coo. I think Cory looks more like Buzz Lightyear than Michelle btw

      • i don’t get why corey would ever think james would choose him over nicole…that makes no sense to me at all…

      • I have tried to explain to them and no one wants to listen. Corey thought that him and James had the *Texas* bro code going on. Corey felt he had saved James numerous times and that James would have his back. The Jeff interview was really good and you got to see him say these things and not read what someone types out from their *take* on things.

      • I agree with you. I watch the feeds but cameras are not always on them when they’re having conversations. Sometimes cameras are on someone else in the house. So we really don’t know if James at one point told Corey I’ve got your back don’t worry.

    • What’s wrong about having ADHD? BTW, Your baby pic looks like a retarded baby with down syndrome.

      • There isn’t anything wrong with having ADHD, never said that. Your comment regarding my avi was uncalled for. There is no reason to make personal. Thank you

      • I flagged it, too. It’s nice to know you draw the line at least somewhere when it comes to cruelty and personal attacks.

      • Ah, JoJo, I noticed you’ve been lecturing other posters again. Are you an old retired teacher or something? I bet those kids hated your class. lol

      • KSJB, this isn’t about us. We both agree what that person wrote was wrong. End of story.

        And I’m not sorry for ‘lecturing’ posters like this.

      • Somebody makes a comment picking on a baby? You bet I have a ‘better than thou’ attitude about that. I hope you do, too.

        I have no interest in arguing with you. This isn’t about us. Stop trying to goad me. Let’s end it here.

      • Here we go with JoJo playing the innocent victim card. And you know the better than thou attitude I meant is because of the way you go from thread to thread lecturing others posters with that curmudgeon attitude. Maybe you’ll grow up one day. Until then, I have your number and I’ll call you on it every time. You came knocking. Remember that.

      • Who posted to me, JoJo? You did, trying to start something with a back-handed comment. The people who know how you are are well aware of your tactics. I hope you have sweet dreams.

      • KSJB and Linda have been doing this all season. As you can see, they don’t let up. Sometimes I wish we could all remember that this is just a game. We’re all just Big Brother fans at heart and have a lot more in common than we realize.

      • KSJB legitimately is the most clueless individual I’ve encountered on internet message boards in a long time

      • Man, I try to keep the personal attacks out of it and instead go after people’s comments about the game, but some people are just bullies. Every single attempt at mending fences I have initiated is met with ridicule and aggression. I’ve done just about all I can do.

        I have to say, though, after so many weeks of them ganging up on me, it’s nice to see someone else standing up to them! Thanks for that! In a perfect world, we would just be focusing on the game and keeping the personal attacks out of it. I hope we can have that one day.

      • I do remember reading that the other day, but I thought it was due to that thread having so much traffic at the time. Still having issues?

      • I had that problem last year, but my computer was older. I bought a new one, but still, when there are a lot of comments, I see people commenting about having problems.

      • Linda, why are you making fun of me for objecting to someone making fun of a baby? That comment was so out of line. I don’t regret one bit standing up to them, no matter how hard you may try to belittle me.

      • Don’t turn it around – it’s the fact that you used this situation to take a stab at KSJB – by the way: end of story.

      • KSJB has gone out of their way to bully me. I even offered to extend an olive branch a few days ago and forgive and forget, but I was ridiculed and mocked for it by you two.

        I stand by what I said. Making fun of a baby in a forum like this is not okay. I objected to it and then you guys belittle me and mock me, saying I’m giving ‘lectures’. I’m not turning anything around. It’s all right here in front of us.

        Linda, you are a bully. You can mock me all you want for standing up to deplorable comments like that one, but I will still call for people to be treated decently.

        Go pick on someone else.

      • That’s a heart!

        EDIT: hahahaha, I totally see what you see now. Guess in this font it doesn’t really translate!

      • ok i’m not gonna lie this just made me giggle outloud, i love this site!!! what’s funny to me i saw the heart and never even considered it being the other so on second look i lol’d

      • Thanks, it is actually a random pic from the internet and I thought it looked like Gordon Ramsey. Cute little guy.

      • The picture does look like Gordon Ramsey (or a relative of his) who I adore. The picture is adorable.

      • Totally banned! Why do people go there. Are they that bored and empty inside, Looking for a cheap thrill?? Smh

  2. After what went on this season, Corey may indeed have at least one ‘burning issue’ to deal with…haha…

  3. Well in Jeff’s BB interview with Corey he totally answers everything. It was a very good interview. His not remembering Nic saying scenario about James and her final 2 was probably something he KNEW was in jest/joke unlike how people want to perceive it differently. JS! For those that get the Live feeds you can go to Corey’s exit interview. It is much better than interviews done this way. JMHO!

      • Thank you Matt for all of your hard work and time, really appreciate it. Love all of your blogs!

      • Interesting that we all remember the convo but he doesn’t? It was pretty important statement on Nic’s part and I also didn’t think she was joking

      • i think being in there that long can make you delusional..i need to believe he is delusional nothing else makes sense

      • Nicole was playing out scenarios. Just like she has done through out the season. Some you guys have said was orchestrated by production for good feeds. Wonder if this was one of them? Nicole would not have taken James over Corey unless Corey had already been evicted long before.

      • It came off a lot more like she was testing the waters by asking him if he’d be mad at her if she did it.

        Nicole came in saying she wouldn’t ruin her game for a boy and taking Corey to the end might have done that. I believe she was truly considering her options, whether or not she could have committed to that big move when the time came if it was her choice to be made.

      • I don’t know..I think it might have been the production wanting better feeds theory. Only this time she didn’t say it was for better feeds. :-)

      • JMO, but I do believe Nicole would not have taken Corey to the end when she knows the jury votes would not go her way at all in that scenario. I think she is tickled pink she wasn’t in that situation.

    • I agree. I watched the feeds and they were always hinting at things like that but weren’t serious. Just like when Corey won POV and told Nicole he was going to use it. They were always teasing each other. I don’t think she was serious.

  4. Also..Corey was upset that James was dead set to do what Paul told him to do and that was to vote Corey out. Again..go to Jeff’s exit interview with Corey it covers why he thought James would have taken him to final 3.

    • Well, lucky for Nicole that James did exactly what Paul wanted him to then-ha! What did Corey say about his showmance in the Jeff interview? The same ‘ol boring/generic answers or what? I won’t be watching it anytime soon(if ever) so just curious.

      • In the BBN interview when asked about his showmance with Nicole, he said “it was worth it” ….bad choice of words maybe?? That said, plus the fact that if he thought James was going to vote out Nicole, it seemed he had no intention of forewarning her or preparing her – never cared.

  5. Wow, a nice enough guy but a bit oblivious. What I would like to know is if he would of taken Nicole to Final 2, if he would of been in a position to do so? I’d also like to know how in the world he lost that last Veto comp and when it was a baseball theme on top of it? Ha. I thought he had that one in the bag and was it true about there being a problem with his button not working? I couldn’t tell but I heard (which wasn’t shown, of course)that he argued and complained to “production” about it. Hmm, have to wonder:)

      • I get where you are coming from, the questions had nothing to do with baseball and Corey’s background as a baseball coach would give him no edge, but it just seemed ironic that Corey lost what at least was a baseball-THEMED comp.

      • Because you know him personally?
        Oh right, you must have that exceptional gaydar that emits through a tv screen.
        Then I guess it IS true, players from the same team really CAN pick each other out.

      • I had a strong sense of that too. Its something weird about the way he talked about his “roommate” which is “his “best friend”. It was like in blushful way. It little awkward. Not that something’s wrong with that but I sense it.

    • It was shown if you watch. After running around and stepping on all the buttons to total 58 it only showed 38. Some buttons weren’t counting the numbers.

      • That was odd. He hit the umpire button then said “what the heck?” because he was confused that it was wrong- but he said he knew the answer was 58. I assumed that he just wasn’t paying attention, I hadn’t heard he thought the buttons didn’t work.

    • He said flat out in another interview that he would have taken Nicole to the final 2, because he knows for a fact that he would have 100% beaten Nicole, as well as James AND Paul.

      He’s so freaking arrogant, yet he also says that one of the reasons he thinks he would have won because the jury thinks he’s “so humble”.

      That boy is a walking oxymoron.

    • i was looking forward to it until it actually happened…just no class in paulie what so ever…it was so uncalled for by both parties but paulie had to go a step to far…children are always always off limits…always

      • Off limits totally! It was hard to watch. I hated to Da and Z aren’t friends anymore because of Paulie, but I understand Da’s distaste of the situation.

      • i know right, it was such a low blow i thought even for paulie…it was just obnoxious and i just shook my head and hoped it would be over soon

      • I was embarrassed as if it was me. I would have never predicted this three months ago. As for Z, I’m speechless. I KNOW Michelle told her and everyone else in that house how Pauli trashed Z after she was evicted, that he braggadociosly said he screwed her over five times, no condoms etc…and she’s still with him. I know Michelle told bcuz Paul told her EVERYTHING, and Natalie! Michelle grilled Paul for details. You know blunt Michelle is. Smh Z Z Z

      • yea this is unfortunate for z because she has to go forward with this following her for a hot minute and i think until she goes home and watches some of this stuff back with someone whom she respects it’s not going to stick in her head what the problem is and how to represent herself moving forward from it…i just don’t like to see anyone with low confidence and low self esteem…it’s just a sad situation

      • That’s exactly what I said last night! When she gets out of that house, my, my, my! She has no clue. I truly hope it’s a wake up call for her. I knew from day one he was using her.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t it will matter even when she sees it. She is clearly the type that refuses to admit she’s being used no matter how much evidence she sees. So sad.

      • I know. Smh. What a waste of a lovely girl girl like. After seeing Paulie that night, behaving so aggressively to those women in front of the world, I’m almost certain he will be whipping Zakiya’s ass in private. She is the perfect candidate for a man like that. Its why he likes her. They choose their prey wisely

      • If I’m not mistaken z even told da she didn’t bring her birth control pills to the house and Polly being the bare back avenger brings stupid to a whole new level. Russian roulette with all cylinders loaded so to speak. Hopefully he’s shooting blanks!

      • Omg. I didn’t know about the birth control but i day did know about barebacking. What is wrong with her??

    • But he knew those days cold! Sometimes I wonder if he’s a secret genius then other times I think he’s a not-so-secret moron.

  6. I cant wait to see paulie’s face when he see’s Cory enter that jury house! Thats going to score MAD points for Paul if he makes f2. After seeing last night’s episode, I dont think the jury wants to see ANYONE strongly connected to Paulie and Z winning. They’re going to be thrilled to see Cory. Paul just may win this against Nicole. Prior to last night, I seriously doubted he would beat her. They were sad to see Victor and going to be pleasantly surprised to see Paul split up NiCory AND won the veto. He just may have this season in the bag…I think Paulie, Nicole and Cory are considered the villains of the game in the jury.

    • Corey will not be going to the jury house. He will be in hotel until they do the round table talk with Dr. Will.

      • I mean the jury morso than “jury house”. He will interact with them long enough to access the situation. Last year Austin arrived like the day befor round table. They’ll have more than enough time with Cory

    • I agree. Nicole and Corey certainly don’t see themselves as villains but the HGs definitely do. If it’s Paul against Nicole I give Paul the edge. He’s had to fight since day 1 and Nicole started competing a a couple of weeks ago. Not to mention all the HGs she stabbed in the back. Plus, she was allied with Paulie. Since so many HGs can’t stand Nicole and Paul has played pretty well I think even the ones who really think Nicole should win will use Paul’s game play as an excuse to vote him winner. All that, plus Nicole is a vet. Don’t know what Michelle will do since she hates them both. If Nicole takes Paul over James, she’s crazy and same for Paul. No matter that he thinks James is terrible and doesn’t deserve 2nd place, taking Nicole to Final 2 is stupid.

  7. Corey strikes me as gay. No offence to gay people but it’s like he used Nicole to further his game. I’m just hoping Pauls in final two. Although, Victor should have won, I am happy for Paul is there and will win.

      • Honestly, what is it with all of this gay stuff and Doofus? What is it called, gaydar? I must not have very good gaydar because I would have never thought that. But so many have commented about it. idk??

      • lol my gaydar works but tbh when it comes to corey i feel like its all just jokes..having said that, he has been invited out of the closet just reporting what i read since i don’t know the man but jozea’s twitter was hilarious at times

      • lolololol he is actually entertaining i wish he hadn’t been so ridonkulous going into the house because watching him would have been entertaining

      • If it wasn’t for the Messiah stuff, he might could have been entertaining, but I couldn’t get past that. A little too weird for my taste.

      • yea he went in guns blazing, he needed to lay low and hush a minute then maybe he would have lasted longer

      • That might have worked for him, but I don’t think that is his style. He would have busted at the seams holding in all of that specialness.

      • I actually din’t find him entertaining at all. I hate arrogance and he was very much that. Would not stop talking, and thought he was the leader of the house.

      • i haven’t seen paulie’s twitter but i have seen cody’s i don’t want to see paulie’s i just think it would make me angry so i haven’t bothered lol

      • well cody models so not too big of a stretch to think the brothers could both get jobs but after watching paulie this season i just can’t with that one…

      • I did see some of Corey and they were really good. I honestly never thought he was that good looking when he was on BB before.

      • makes sense he is really tall, i think that works for female models more so than male models

      • The only pics i have seen of Corey are in the BB house and some with his dog. I think he will be a good model. He has the looks and body and it doesn’t require a lot of smarts to do the job.

      • he is really photogenic and really takes good pictures i am also impressed with hismakeup applications on his clients, really pretty make up

      • I agree. he looks really good as a model. I find him attractive, but I think his personality ruins it for him.

      • yea i have actually, i don’t mind the beard since i’m not the one kissing him but he looks alot different without it for me not necessarily better just diff

      • I think he looks Palestinian without the beard. He is a good looking guy, but looks better to me with a little beard.

      • I saw it the first week. His mannerisms and the way he looks at the boys of the house. It all started for me with his behavior around Frank.

      • I read a few back and forths about it and people agreeing. But I didn’t have feeds and I DVR’d BBAD but only watched it twice and FF’d through most of that. So, admittedly I’m not up on their mannerisms. Reading the undercover antics must have been thrilling to watch. :(

    • How creative. After people insisting Shane (14), Nick (15), Caleb (16), Cody (16), Zach, (16), and Clay (17) were gay from just the past four seasons alone, who would have predicted anyone go after yet another well-built, good-looking male in the house.

      It’s 2016. Why do people still think it’s fun to pick at the sexuality of other people?

      Corey identifies as straight. He’s been doing extremely ‘straight’ things with Nicole all summer despite the backlash they both knew was coming. Find something else to make fun of if you want to go after him, and most of all, leave the gay projection in middle school where it belongs.

      • hmmm …Nick from 15 would be the best bet on ur list to be gay…He has websites ad work pages and personal pages that would strongly “suggest” he is other than straight….but yall need to judge for urself
        if u want go google him and read for urself

      • See, that’s the thing. Why do we feel entitled to judge/dictate the sexuality of other people? I have no desire to ‘out’ Nick. That’s his business.

      • Nah, not gay bashing. Just wondering what he was doing with Nicole. I dont judge love. Everybody deserves it however they need it is not up for judgement:) just saying

      • I definitely didn’t say it was gay bashing. It’s a bit of leftover internalized homophobia sneaking out, though. We’re all a little guilty of it. We see a masculine guy and our first instinct is to try and take that away from him. As a member of the gay community myself, I see it all the time within the community itself

        No harm, no foul!

      • Political correctness is already destroying society, please don’t use it to destroy this board. We’re just having a conversation here. Nobody’s gay bashing. Thank you.

      • Who said anything about gay bashing? Why are you making such a big leap? No one is gay bashing here.

        I’m not calling for political correctness. Not by any means. If the idea of being a decent human being makes you uncomfortable, that’s on you, not me.

        I feel like you are going to choose to be triggered by every single thing I say. You always seem to comment on all of my posts. If you disagree with me, that’s perfectly fine, and you have every right to voice it, but please don’t put words in my mouth.

      • Nobody’s picking on anybody else. It’s no different than saying, “I think Cory is not gay.”


        Look: We’re all talking here on this board discussing the houseguests because that’s what thIs board is for.

        Aside from his hilariously stupid hair, there’s not much else to discuss about him because he’s so boring.

      • That’s an incredibly naive thing to think. Of course there’s a difference between insisting someone is gay vs insisting they are not gay. I’m sure I don’t need to list all the reasons why.

        But that isn’t even the point I was making. The point I was making was that another person has no right to make judgments or proclamations on another person’s sexuality. That was so middle school.

  8. just on a side note way off topic i saw mini pablo and it made me so happy

  9. Corey comes off as a very entitled frat boy/ recruit who has ‘earned’ his way through life on family money and looks. Of course he was surprised because it was probably one of the first times he was ever denied anything. And as others have pointed out, he was ready for his main squeeze to be blindsided without a second thought…should tell people anything they need to know. Buh BYE

      • He didn’t light the goat on fire, he was relaying a story about a friend of his who did (which definitely doesn’t make it any better).

        It was a disgustingly, inhumane story to even repeat as an entertainment, let alone to sit there & laugh about it.
        (just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t actually Corey that did it, definitely not defending him though).

  10. I definitely think that Nicole is one of the greatest girls. It would be very hard for things to progress if we are that far from each other when we are so used to spending every second of every day together but I am hopeful we can continue to be best friends outside of the house and see where it goes. – Corey Brooks

  11. Watching the live feeds and hearing James trying to get Corey to introduce him to his sister and now he’s asking Paul. It’s truly ridiculous.

    This guy has no dignity.

      • But not on Jokers. He ranks at #6 and has been hanging in the bottom five of the top 10 for the last few weeks.

        Just hoping for Vic to pull out the win without production doing any of their magic.

        His after show interview was really the best of all the HG. He was himself – honest and funny.

      • He was the ONLY houseguest in my 10+ years of watching the show, that actually made me tear up when he was evicted.
        I responded just like DaVonne did. ?

        He’d worked SO hard to battle back each time & each time he was mature enough to know that he needed to make a change in his personality to get the houseguests to like him (stop complaint / being so OCD about cleaning the house, nicer to the girls, etc).

        That takes maturity… it takes growth & it’s definitely something most of the guys in that house would have been too arrogant, too stubborn or too prideful to do (I’m looking at you Paulie!).
        Vic knew that each and every time he came back in the house he would be public enemy number one & the target would always remain squarely on his back & not on anyone else’s. So he became a chameleon & everyone fell in love with him & forgot why they didn’t like him in the first place.
        The one thing they could never forget… his ridiculous number of comp wins & that was the reason for his demise.

        Vic can walk out of that house with his head held higher than ANYONE in there, as nobody has had a single bad thing to say about him, nor has he done anything to embarrass himself or his family (and he is all alone in that category, in a class by himself).

        If the only reasons NiCorey & James could come up with to evict Victor was because he was a loyal, kind hearted, comp BEAST that would be impossible to beat… well then, that’s a major accomplishment in my eyes. Every single one of those “excuses” are qualities that both he & his family should be very proud of and the sole reason why Victor is the MOST deserving houseguest to win AFP.

        I have a VERY good feeling that we’ll be seeing plenty more from our Puerto Rican sensation on CBS.
        He’ll either be back in the BB house, on Survivor, or teamed up with Paul for The Amazing Race.
        CBS knows when they have a diamond in the rough & believe me, they will capitalize on him to the fullest (think Jeff & Jordan, Brendan & Rachel, Mike Boogie & Dr. Will, just to name a few).

        This will definitely not be the last we see of him on that network & he deserves all the success that comes to him!

  12. As someone who saw Nicole fire a shot over Corey’s head, telling him she thought that it’d be easier to beat James than him, and would he mind if she kept James instead of him, I’d say that either he has buried it via selective memory or he’s just another lying turkey. Since he chooses to wear his hair like Skeezix in the old cartoon, “Gasoline Alley,” and impresses me as a big dweeb – let’s just say gobble, gobble, gobble. He shut her down and didn’t want to talk about it when it happened, and he doesn’t want to talk about it now. ‘Cause obviously, he wants to be the one who was using her, and it hurts his “dignity” to have it look the other way around.

  13. Wow. Paul isn’t holding back. He really, really hates James. Nicole appears to have totally turned on him too. Why would James feel he’s safe? They talk really bad about him every time they are together. Is James really that delusional? I haven’t heard any of the HG the entire season talk about anyone this badly. Let’s just get ono the end where Paul and Nicole are sitting next to each other.

  14. I think it was foolish of James to chose Nicole over Corey. If she and James make it to f2 I don’t think he can beat her. He had a better shot against Corey in the jury vote, but maybe not the competitions to get there. Although everyone left can beat James in any competition from what I can see. He is hopeless.

  15. The writer says that Corey jokingly said he would never talk to Nicole again.should she cut him, so I think Corey ALSO could have easily taken Nicole’s words as joking around, too, and there is the real possibilty that that is very well the case. Much too much made out of those comments between them, and I think Corey very rightly could say in his exit interview that Nicole never planned on cutting him without being a fool.

      • Get real. When anyone is discussing the possibility of winning $500,000 every word spoken should be taken serious.

  16. I think Nic might have cut him and taken James to F2.
    I thought she would do same with Paul but Paul is getting inside her head talking about how James will beat both of them.

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