‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Thursday Highlights

It was a typical quiet final 3 day in the Big Brother 18 house as the houseguests hung out and waited around patiently for whenever the next round of the final HOH competition will be held.

James picked some pretty flowers for you on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 15, 2016:

8:15 AM BBT – Houseguests getting a wake up call for their day to get the memory lane breakfast taping under way.

10:45 AM BBT – Feeds return after a few hours for the segment taping. HGs are enjoying mimosas and Paul is making sure all the glasses are topped off.

11:00 AM BBT – James suggests the game would be a little more fair if third place got nothing. Nicole agrees that it’s strange that one of them will get no prize money, but she’s excited that no one else will be nominated this season. Paul points out that Nicole and James were ever only nominated once.

11:05 AM BBT – HGs discussing the first round competition last night. They were dressed as cats and stretched out on a couch, chased lasers, and had to hang from rope.

11:15 AM BBT – James and Paul discuss who could win AFP. They don’t think Victor is in the running. James thinks Natalie might have done well before she turned on him.

12:00 PM BBT – HGs are napping after their long night and early morning.

3:40 PM BBT – James and Paul are awake again just hanging out and chatting about cars as James describes his truck in great detail.

3:50 PM BBT – Paul and James discuss the Round 2 comp. James hopes Nicole fails under the pressure and was relieved when she fell first during the first round comp.

4:45 PM BBT – James built a house of cards. Paul joins him and they play cards for a bit while Nicole sleeps.

5:40 PM BBT – Paul chats with Nicole while James is in the DR. He tells her James has checked out but may just be acting. Nicole says she doesn’t believe James will throw the second comp like he told her he’d do.

5:45 PM BBT – Neither Paul nor Nicole can believe James thinks throwing this comp is his best move, but that it seems like he’s going to try and be dragged to the end.

5:50 PM BBT – James returns and Paul talks with him about the comp. James is confident he can beat Nicole then they can go to F2 together and have each done it for their respective ally, Natalie and Victor.

5:55 PM BBT – Paul and James happily discuss the idea of knocking Nicole out of the comp and going to the end together. Nicole returns from DR and their talk ends.

6:27 PM BBT – James cam talks and is giddy because he knows Nicole doesn’t want to take Paul to the end and thinks Paul doesn’t want to take Nicole. James talks about not having to have won any competitions since Natalie left like it’s a good thing.

6:32 PM BBT – Paul leaves the bathroom without washing his hands and as he starts to wash them in the kitchen sink BB asks if he washed his hands. He says there’s no soap in the bathroom and he was going to wash his hands in the kitchen.

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  1. It hurt to watch James, a returning player who was in immediate danger of going home this week, just not study for that memory PoV. He just couldn’t be bothered. Just unreal. He isn’t even trying.

    • James has taken his AFP win for granted…He may still be popular in the polls but not so much in getting the actual vote this season……I do hope that Victor gets the AFP because he deserves it but James needs to be brought down a peg or 2…double dose of reality for James.. He loses AFP and loses to the to the man that he helped evict 3 times because of his jealousy (Victor/Natalie)…And I hate to say it but I hope that neither Nicole nor Paul put James in that 2nd chair…James is not deserving of any kind of win this season..

      • I agree. I would like to see paul and Nicole in the final two. James always seemed to have this bitter dislike for Victor and I’m sure it has something to do with Natalie. James has a case of small man’s syndrome. I would love to see him lose his coveted AFP to Victor. Imagine the look on his face.

      • Vic is ahead in the polls so far this time!!! :-) That’s not to say that his standing in the voting on CBS has him there, so don’t confuse the two! LOL I pray Vic does win it because he’s definitely more deserving of receiving a reward than James is.

      • Did you hear James telling the guys about the booty benefits of winning AFP? {eyeroll} Some girl drove 2 hours one way to hook up with him. He said her picture online was cute but in person she outweighed him by 170 lbs but he did it anyway cuz she was still cute. That was just one of his stories about fame booty. There were others involving 3ways, hookers, etc.

        Maybe he thinks if he wins it again, Nat will do same? Or Corey’s sister or Paul’s sister…. That seems to be James’ motivation for a lot of things that we see on tv anyway.

      • Well regardless of whether Natalie was ever considering a romantic relationship with James, hearing that story will put an end to anything happening.

      • I don’t think he given up..I think hes feeling entitled because Nicole and Paul are each telling him that he gonna be their final 2 pick…hes cocky and thinks all he has to do is sit back and maybe win $ 50,000 without working for it..

      • There’s that small man’s syndrome you mentioned kind of thinking going on! Time to get out my miniature fiddle! :-)

  2. It’s funny that James thinks Gnat might have done well in the AFP contest before she turned on him. He really has a high opinion of himself and the BBN popularity polls do indicate he is popular. But I don’t think Gnat ever had a chance at winning AFP… all credit to James, though. hehe

    • just a reflection…James thought Natalie might get AFP based on her looks not her game play…and she might have if not for her ” self serving” “I’m cute” “camera loving” “pity me” and “the worlds all about me attitude”…I tried not to leave anything out…I’d say that James and Natalie both are in for a rude awakening when this season is done..

    • Totally agree KSJB. And if you really check out stuff he’s said to Nat throughout, James is very passive aggressive and dismissive to her. The few times he followed her suggestions was only after she got others to back her up. Very few fans noticed he was throwing her under the bus also. All that relaying their arguments to the others, camera talking about hurt feelings, that’s him throwing her under the bus while also campaining for AFP. James is an under cover jerk.

  3. Since James has been acting this whole time just to get America’s approval, then I don’t think Natalie turned on him.
    This whole time he was sitting back relax and giving production enough footage to make him look good after editing. She should have been annoyed with him because he was not playing to win and was just using his showmance to win AFP.
    She used him as well and it backfired on her. He is nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man and I am hoping that even if he wins Natalie doesn’t give him the time of day after the show. He has falling for her and all that money is not going to repair his heart.

    • He might have one of those ignorant Skanky Freaky Frankie Grande moments when he finds out he doesn’t win AFP. Nah, nothing could beat that expression. It was priceless and hilarious.
      I’m doing my best to make sure Vic wins, 20 more votes just cast for him.

      • How do you get away with using the S word. That is one of my words to describe some of the girls in the house. My comments will get deleted immediately.
        Most of the time, James just sits and stares like a deer caught in the headlights. That will be his expression when hopefully Victor gets AFP.

      • Idk, I called Frankie that most of his season because he is. It does seem like James might believe he has that AFP in the bag. I really hope not, SJ, but you know he is still ranked the highest on the last BBN popularity Poll.

  4. The producers make sure the HGs wash their hands after using the bathroom or else most of them wouldn’t do it.
    Nicole tried to talk Corey out of nominating Paul and Vic so what happened when she won the Veto.
    I really hope Paul is not falling for her lies.

    • She did say she was worried about putting Paul in Victor up. Then Corey called her out. That is when she said she was just giving Production some footage. So maybe she really was worried but after Corey called her out about it she decided to make up an excuse for having second thoughts.

      • That could have been the truth, but I think she should have used the veto if she felt that way. I don’t think she wanted James up on the block anyway.
        I think Nicole and James have a secret F2 deal and it could actually work out for them so she didn’t want to risk it.
        She knew Victor was leaving and now is pretending to play with Paul just in case he wins the final HOH so he could take her. If she wins James will be sitting right next to her at the end.

    • I find it funny that Nicole is complaining about James not doing anything all season when she just got out of bed about a week ago.

      • yeah and James was doing dishes…Nicole told heim he didn’t have to do dishes any more since Victor was gone…They still got a week in the house … Are they gonna eat out of the pans with their fingers??? That girl is lazy…big time..

      • this is why i give kudos to the people who can do big brother…i couldn’t be in that house if things were just left laying around not being washed or ants around food products(said by paul yesterday) the general messiness of it all would generate smells that i could’nt be around i would have to live in the backyard lol

      • LOLOL just imagine being stuck in there with all that mess can’t eat anything can’t breath in the air honestly i am impressed with the people whom are chosen each year that can do it

      • How many HOH’s has she won? How many POV’s has she won? How many people has she got evicted? James let everyone carry him and contributed nothing.

      • I do think that she was playing slightly better than him since she actually has tried to win comps. James has been playing a similar game to Nicole. They both were Paulie’s snitches, HOH butter kissers and always made sure to keep their showmances safe while doing it.

    • I believed Paul when he said they were out of soap in the washroom, so he went to the kitchen to wash his hands, unlike Austin last season! :-)

      • or Gerry in BB3 who the whole house called out for cooking after going to the washroom and not washing his hands?

      • I believe it as well since I read that he was in the process of washing them when they asked him. I don’t believe that ll of the HGs will be so attentive though.
        I remember reading about Z removing her pad and not washing her hands. Nicole loves popping zits, but has she washed her hands after.

  5. As much as I want Paul to win, Nicole is playing the best game at the moment. Convincing both guys she would take them to the end. She is certainly an accomplished liar.

  6. Funny how BB asks Paul if he washed his hands after using the bathroom but didn’t tell Zakiyah anything after she changed her pad and started digging her hands in a bag of chips right after! :/

    • And he went right to the kitchen to wash his hands, because the bathroom was out of soap. Z was disgusting, i’m sorry!

      • Thank Ms. Z for that .. I still find it hard to believe someone could so nonchalantly be that disgusting and unfortunately the shock of it makes it hard to forget.

      • Just as it’s not hard to believe she’s back in bed with Paulie again, four days after he arrived. I was at least betting on six! :-) Hope Corey splits them apart since he’s now without his cuddle buddy Nicole! :-)

    • I am still grossed out by that. And the way she changed her panties while still wearing her shorts? That’s when I knew she’s doing “things” in unconventional spaces/places. I doubt that’s a common skill for girls. And her comfort level of doing all that in a room of people says a lot.

  7. Methinks Part 2 will involve the squirrels found in all past competitions again up until the most recent one again.

  8. I don’t think Paul is buying any of Nicole’s BS especially with what happened to Vic. So maybe he’s just saying yes to her so she doesn’t evict him.

    Nicole played a good under the radar game and hasn’t been targeted once. But is that enough to convince the jury to vote for her? We’ll see about that.

    I think James has officially checked out. He knows he can’t win so I get the feeling he’s given up

    • But then the impression of having given up is in James’ favor even if it is true or not IMO. So hard to tell at this point … at least for me!

      • Especially when Paul keeps making very negative comments and making gestures when James leaves the room. I am puzzled about his intentions.

      • Mr. Cool seems to be sweating a bit … and his desire to drink and “put upon” others to drink is not impressive to me at all.

      • I have to say that I thought the same thing as I was reading that. At least he isn’t competing in the next part of the HoH comp. I think Vic helped keep this side of Paul in line. I’ve always been flip floppy on how I feel about Paul, but no matter, he should win BB.

      • This whole week lead up to the final is prolonged and looks like it is playing a number on their heads. Being so close to $500k is making both Paul and Nic anxious and second guessing themselves. James on the other hand just assumes he’s being taken to F2 which is further than he ever thought he’d get and so he can add the $50k to his AFP

      • Hey, sweet thang! It’s just past noon here, so I’m not sure whether I should still say good morning since I’m not sure of your time zone, but good day, and I wish you a lovely one.:D

      • Me too…and insomnia kicked in too, so didn’t actually fall asleep until 5 a.m. only to wake back up (had to pee) at 8:30 a.m. Hubby hadn’t left for work yet and I’m still waiting to get work. Hubby made me breakfast too. Today is usually his day off, but he said he had to go in for a few hours for the lab guys. He’s the only govt worker on staff, so has to open and close the lab for contractors.

      • I don’t think James will get AFP this time…I hope it goes to Victor. James will be so bummed if that happens because he has been playing for AFP all season. I am not a fan of James at all.

      • It might be a message that you can’t just assume it’s in the bag for you and sometimes pranks & cam talking to “America” isn’t enough.

        I’d honestly be ok with BB suspending the AFP prize or saying they are and then springing it on people at the end. Too many (even recruits) are playing for that.

      • Paul should be very thankful that some male in the house did not rip off that skanky beard and wipe his a– with it after he called Nat a c–t any real man would have becuz you never talk that way to any women EVER and thats why i hate his punk ass,and the same with Paulie,no respect for women at all.

      • Hey, KSJB — been missing you! I don’t know if this will work, but because this is just a personal note and nothing to do with the current BB show (July, 2017), I went back 10 months ago on disqus comments so that I could “reply” to you and maybe it will show up currently as a reply to you on disqus, but no one currently will see it. We shall see. Anyway, so good to know you are there.

  9. If paul pulls this off and actually convinces nicole to to take him rather than james to f2 that will be a major selling point for him in f2. Doubtful though but one can hope lol.

    • I would really be shocked if Nicole took Paul to F2 – she will undoubtedly act like it’s the biggest and most confusing ‘lil ‘ole decision she has ever had to make – she fakes that innocent little girl thing to death IMO and she will blame Corey if it doesn’t work out .. she has his statement in her pocket about telling her to take James. Also, when she finds fault with others, she puts it out there and then takes it back in her sweet little “kidding” way.

      • She has become a very good liar, or just getting nastier about James. She blows me away when she looks in the mirror and does all that grinning etc to herself, so fake,

      • I think she really is disgusted with James, especially since he made it to final 3 instead of Corey. Corey did eventually start playing, James never tried, just wants someone to carry him.

      • Ugh….just reading your post made me a little angry lol – I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID! I think it annoys me the most because I know people like this in real life…They never take ownership of their backhanded ways and pretend to be your friend to your face.

        Great points Linda, nail on the head

    • Yes, Paul has me confused and rather anxious. He is a pretty smart guy so I hope that there is some logic to what he is doing with Nic. I also hope that he takes James to F2 and believe me I never thought that I would say that. But if it is Nic and Paul F2, I think he will win

    • Hasn’t James been pretty clueless all season long? Get the impression that James doesn’t stay in a job too long. One season he’s a guard, now a staff recruiter which he quit. What next?

      • Everyone hates on Natalie for “turning” on James, but I believe part of it is that outside the house she can tell James has zero ambitions to work hard for anything. Women do not want that type of man. He’s stubborn, lazy, lacks drive, always chooses the path of absolute LEAST resistance. What we see of James on BB is his actual life. I was not a James fan last season and I can’t stand him this season…clearly.

      • Yes, Gnat is more ambitious than James and that’s not a bad thing. She is physically attractive and has set her sights higher than James. She has said that she wants to improve her life and sounded as if that meant financially. James is not the person to contribute to that. And before anyone points out that James is a nice guy, what I’m saying is that Gnat wants someone successful.

      • Just reading what James has to say about Natalie now is so confusing.
        He said that he wanted Nat to meet his ex and child at the after party. Then the next day he says he doesn’t think Nat would win America’s Favorite after she turned on him; which I agree with him on that.
        Then another day he says he’s just going to wait till he gets out of the house to see how things go with Nat.
        Then the next day I heard some one say James liked the way Corey’s sister looked and he wanted to meet her. Why does James think Corey’s sister would be interested in him when he has nothing to offer her I do not know.

      • What I can’t understand about James is why would he think Meg or Natalie would be interested in him in the first place. I’m glad he has so much confidence in himself though.

    • James is a professional BB player…and very bad at it! But, if you can get a couple of 3 month vacations a summer and get paid at least 60K for it…go for it. I just think he is a horrible player and I hope he never comes back.

  10. Paul never ceases to impress me. I think he’s really working that “James hasn’t done anything and doesn’t deserve second place” angle on Nicole to get her to take him to F2 if she wins. Not sure if she’ll do it but it’s a smart move on Paul’s part, and I do think Nicole is genuinely considering it.

    Funny how they think Vic isn’t eligible for AFP. From what I’ve seen he seems to be the likely winner of it this year.

    • Nicole will take James. But, this jury is so immature and hell bent on revenge..that I don’t know if they will make the right choice for who played the best game..who IMO is Paul, hands down. He really needs to win that final HOH next week. Nicole cannot be trusted..is he really trusting her..I can’t tell.

    • I hope Vic wins AFP. He has entertained and battled and handled himself with class. And he is so sweet. But he has definitely entertained us along with Paul. If the situation was reversed, I’d vote for Paul for AFP for his entertainment value.

      • I do really hope Vic wins AFP. I’ve been giving him 20 votes a day. From the comments I’ve been seeing around here and other social media sites, he seems to have a pretty good shot at it. And in the poll he’s way ahead of James who is second. James shouldn’t even be eligible considering it’s called Americas favorite PLAYER.

  11. I think that when they did that butter slide thing, Paul wisely let the others win knowing they would put him on the block, but evict Victor. That way he could appear innocent and it was a great move since he knows he can eliminate the remaining players in competition. He deserves to win it all.

    • When Corey won HOH I think paul knew Victor was a goner.
      Of course he had to make sure that Vic didn’t win the Veto or he would be the one going. He did act all innocent and didn’t try to warn Victor in any way as to what was about to happen.
      Paul handled the whole situation perfectly

  12. Nicole makes me think of an old internet meme:

    badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom– a snake a snake a snake– it’s a snake!

    Badger badger badger Etc

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