Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction Target Set In Round 1

Shannon Elizabeth contemplates her game on CBB

Ever since we started getting our Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed sneak peeks the details started rolling in on who had been sent to the Block and who was closest to being the first to the front door. Now the full Feeds are here and it doesn’t look like things have steered off course from that plan.

As we watched along last night on the Feeds it became clear that the Veto Ceremony was over. Nominations apparently didn’t change despite some of the ladies’ discussed plans. It wasn’t up to them though and the Veto holder opted against the idea of changing things up just for display. Good choice.

Let me back up. Shannon won HOH, but word is that Keshia won the Recast twist. Shannon sent James and Chuck to the Block but soon some HGs, at least including Ari and Omarosa, thought it’d be wise to save Chuck then send Mark to the Block. Chuck is doing well with his social game and the ladies wanted to reward him for that while putting Mark’s feet to the fire. Shannon knows this game better than that though.

More spoilers revealed Shannon had won the Power of Veto so the choice was hers. She left the noms in place which means either Chuck or James will be going home this Friday night. So who will it be?

Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for him, but James should be a lot more worried than he is. There are eight votes up for grabs and that means you need five to be solid against a tiebreaker by the HoH. Speaking of that, Keshia apparently did use her power and has replaced Shannon on the throne.

Gallery: James Maslow on Celebrity Big Brother

James spoke with Ross last night (Flashback to 12:20 AM 2/8), telling him he believes he has votes of support with Mark and Metta. James hopes he has Ross as well which means he’d only need two more to be in the safe zone. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Ross soon ran details back to Shannon to let her know James was counting votes and planning to break out his hard press for more votes on Thursday. The ladies’ alliance had already discussed during the sneak peek Feeds that James needed to go. With him up against Chuck, who is much more popular with the other HGs, James doesn’t have a great chance right now.

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HGs are playing charades. It's James's turn. Hmm… is it "how many more episodes of #BBCeleb you'll be in?" #Zing #CBBUS pic.twitter.com/GOsXTl7aVz

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) February 8, 2018

If the women stick together they have the five votes right there to make the decision. Eleven HGs and six are women so they’ve got the edge right there even with one of them in a non-voting position as HoH. Tack Ross’s vote on with their five and it’s even worse for James’s chances.

At the very least I’m expecting James to go by a 6-2 vote, but as we’ve seen frequently in the game, there’s safety in numbers and those last two votes may want to move with the house in keeping Chuck.

We’ll keep watching for more Big Brother spoilers on this first vote, but for now I think it’s a set decision for James Maslow to be the first Houseguest evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. What do you expect to happen? Could James still change the tide and pull off a victory this week or is his game done and gone already?

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  1. Ironic—James is the ONE houseguest I actually like. I was hoping the first to go would be the horribly annoying, shrieking Ross Mathews.

    • I don’t even know who he is. Maybe because I’m old. And I remember Steve Harvey making the mistake more than I remember the beauty queen it happened to. I’ve always liked Ross Mathews going back to his time as an intern on the Tonight Show. If they are smart, they will stick to getting rid of James because he seems like he would be a real threat in competitions. Sorry if your fav gets kicked out first.

      • I know James because of my teenagers. They used to watch Big Time Rush and everyone else had a 15 minute of fame at one point.

    • I agree and I really want him to stay and get into it with the Brandi Will be a bummer when he goes this week. They need a twist to put her up in James place :) I would just like to see her sweat on the block.

  2. I won’t be watching this season sadly. I despise Omarosa with a passion. She is a complete scumbag and she should be pulled from the show for talking about the Office and our Presidency and what went on in the Oval Office. Her thinking and views are shadowed by her twisted ethics and morals anyway which everyone knows she has none to begin with. And to say that “It was for the Country”. BS! She was there as a spy and to twist everything that was said and done to satisfy the left. So I will not be watching.

    • You can always root for her to get booted out . Do you think it is unfair that somehow she gets a free ride for a full week in a three week show ! Shades of Paul 😾

      • Paul’s face on camea last night made me spit up in my mouth. I am so sick of this him on BB. Any BB ever!

    • That’s the only reason she is in the show. Nothing else interesting about her. It seems that the conditions is for her to reveal as much as she knows.

    • I agree with your opinion of Orosa, but then, she is only a reflection of the president she served.
      Her little spill last night was totally contrived. She knows about the cameras, and IMO is on the show to hype her upcoming book.

    • I feel the same way I am so tired of talk shows and now big brother talking about our president. I don’t care if your Republican or Democrat

  3. I’ve pulled for Shannon from the beginning. I knew she was a major fan.

    But why oh why did Omarosa need to know you and Marissa knew each over??? So soon – Really? Stop talking!

  4. So I started this cesspool of a season and it looks like this could be the year that an all female alliance could go all the way. Unfair advantage right off the start with 6 females and 5 males but hey, it is all in fun. I knew James was in trouble when he first started talking on the intro. Brandi is a very close second and from there it is anyone’s game.

    • Where would we be without wet blankets ? Warm and dry I suppose . Treating CBB like Ground Hog day and giving them a chance to win my affections by their actions for three weeks . Omarosa and Brandi are not impressing me so far .

    • It’s not what’s between the legs, but what is between the ears that counts, and I’m not sure that Brandi has a lot between her ears. We’ll see who puts their “assets” to use more productively.

      • I agree it isn’t what is between the legs but when you have two females right off the bat (Shannon and Omarosa) talking about taking the guys out, what else can you think of. Brandi may have a lot more between her ears than most think but if she doesn’t lay off the wine, that will be her undoing.

  5. Just like I suspected. Omanauseous got the first break so she can remain in the show longer. I really wish they would just let the game playout naturally.
    I hope James gets it next so he can get rid of the talentless alcoholic trash they have in the house.

  6. Sorry, but the call letters for this show should be BCBB
    B-Celebrity Big Brother. The only one of these people I had ever heard of us OMa, and that is because of politics.
    But then, I suppose if you are a “real” celebrity, you wouldn’t have the time for this or need the money.

  7. I think Omarosa is going to make this interesting to watch. I believe her mouth will get her in quite a bit of trouble once she leaves the BBhouse. And I love that Keisha held her own with Oma. This house seems more scripted than a regular BB house. Not a fan but its the trainwreck that you can’t look away from.

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