Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights: Tuesday Daytime – Round 5

It was a quieter day in the Celebrity Big Brother house as everyone is pretty tuned into what the new Head of Household has planned. Most of the day featured Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Arianda trying to figure out who to get Omarosa out this week instead of one of them.

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Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, February 20, 2018:

9:15 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the day.

9:25 AM BBT – Ross lets Marissa know that Brandi and Ari are going up with Omarosa as the backup plan.

9:25 AM BBT – Mark tells James he’s worried about Brandi as a threat if she stays in the game. James says he feels bad for Ari’s position in the game. James offers the idea to BD Brandi but Mark says he’d rather just put her up and against Ari. He thinks it’d be too much drama to nominate Brandi and Omarosa together. Mark hopes to get out Brandi to split up that Ari + Brandi team which leaves Ari and Omarosa isolated. He’s not opposed to backdooring Omarosa but would still prefer to get out Brandi given the choice.

9:30 AM BBT – Mark rethinks his options and says it might not be better to renom Omarosa after all. He’s worried if Brandi is there then Omarosa may peel away votes against her. Mark tells James he might renom either Ross or Marissa to lockdown Brandi’s eviction. James notes Ross and Marissa won’t like that. Mark says it’s not up to them and it’s not their choice.

11:40 AM BBT – Omarosa mentions yesterday’s comp was designed for one of the guys to win. She admits that if she doesn’t win the Veto then she’s probably going home. Brandi hopes the girls can pull it off so someone else goes home instead. Brandi suggests it’d be better for them to have Marissa go since she knows the game better.

12:20 PM BBT – Brandi tells Ross she doesn’t expect anyone but the noms to use the Veto.

12:30 PM BBT – Ari tells James she didn’t want him out, but had to nominate him to get her target Shannon. James claims he hasn’t lied at all in the game.

12:46 PM BBT – James is coaching Mark on what to say in his speech to nominate Brandi and Ari. He wants Mark to tell Brandi she’s been mean. Mark thinks Brandi would be a bigger challenge threat than Omarosa, so they should get her out first.

1:30 PM BBT – Marissa tells Brandi they need to get Ross and her (M) in the competition so they can save either her (B) or Ari then Omarosa goes up and they can vote her out. (Mark privately mentioned earlier that maybe he wouldn’t renom Omarosa so he could make sure to get Brandi out.)

1:32 PM BBT – The girls agree that Ross is the safest this week, aside from James. They know Mark won’t be putting him on the block this week.

2:00 PM BT – Ari asks Ross if he thinks she’s going up with Brandi. He says maybe or with Omarosa or himself. Ari tells him he’s not going up. Ross says the problem is that there are so few of them that it will be one of them. Ari says she just wants to know she she can be ready and be packed.

2:42 PM BBT – Brandi and Marissa discuss getting Omarosa out this round. They say if she goes then their core four is still strong. They talk about it being a double (it is). Marissa says they can’t expect Mark to put Omarosa up outright so they need to get her backdoored.

2:45 PM BBT – Brandi tells Marissa she thinks it’ll be the two of them nominated. Omarosa asks them why she wouldn’t go up. Brandi says because she’s (O) not aligned with anyone.

3:10 PM BBT – Mark tells Ross that he doesn’t think anyone will be surprised at his nominations (Brandi and Ari). Ross tells Mark that Ari asked him if she was going up and he played dumb. Mark says Ari might be surprised but she put him up as a renom. He says he can’t be worried about this stuff because they’re at the end of the game. Mark says he is still committed to the final four with the two of them, James and Marissa.

3:15 PM BBT – Ross tells Mark not to worry about what he’s doing. He says if he was in his position, he would be doing the exact same thing.

3:16 PM BBT – Ross asks Mark if Ari or Brandi go this week and Omarosa gets HOH and puts him up, if he’d have the votes to stay. Mark says he doesn’t see how he wouldn’t.

3:40 PM BBT – Marissa and Ross disagree on who they’d keep this week. Ross would keep Brandi over Ari. Marissa would keep Ari. Marissa says her dream final 3 is the two of them and Ari but she still wants them to get Omarosa out before either Brandi or Ari.

3:45 PM BBT – Marissa says she doesn’t want Omarosa to get to the final four. She says she doesn’t want that narrative to be a part of their show. She says she doesn’t want America to ask how they let Omarosa get to the end.

It sounds like Ross and Marissa have their work cut out for them this week if they want to shift the target from Brandi to Omarosa. And then they’re going to be faced with the double eviction right after that, so who knows what will happen this week.

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  1. So Mouthrissa says they would have to explain to America how they allowed Morosea to get to the end, based on O’s “narrative”. How about explaining why they made BB fans suffer through the entire season listening to Mouth?

    • I never watch other reality with O. Just from the first introduction I hated her. But… she’s far away to be as bad as I though. I’m not watching the feed, so I might be tinted by the edit they gave her. Since she got back from her asthma crisis, she’s kinda grounded and not as catastrophic as what I heard. Yes, She’s passive aggressive and manipulative. But not so bad for big brother contestant.

      • You mean you didn’t enjoy her dramatic entrance in the black lace gown? lol You should go to You Tube and just type in her name. A friend of mine sent me some links to a couple and there were more. She has a unique way with hosts of shows. Check out the Wendy Williams and Bethenny Frankel interviews with her. You’ll love to hate her.

      • Omarosa always manages to stir the pot, and comes out smelling like a rose. It’s unbelievable how she bounces back and nothing sticks, no matter what she does. I don’t find her to be trustworthy, but that’s just me. They better get her out if they have a chance

      • I was joking the other day and commented that she was putting on an act, that she was really a very nice person. I was waiting on someone to ream me a new one, but no one replied. You never know when I am being serious. It’s rare.

  2. Why does Mark think Brandi is such a threat? She’s usually too drunk to compete, she is nasty to people and I doubt she would get any vote at the final. I’m lost!! Please someone explain it to me.

    • She cries poor to them all the time, which they fall for even though she also talks about her housekeeper and salon in her house! So they know she would get pitty votes in end

    • I agree! I’m shocked he looks at her as a threat. She’s conniving, but Omarosa is far more skilled at that game than Brandi ever thought about being. Didn’t Mark and Omarosa have a deal when she was HOH?

      • Ok….I just have to comment here. Everyone wants O out, everyone hates her. She lies etc. etc., which is part of the game. And everyone does it.
        Everyone has their own style of playing the game. Why not take her to the final. Like…. who would vote for her? I thought the ideal strategically speaking, was sitting next to someone you could beat in the end.

    • Brandi is absolutely gorgeous when she’s full out, decked out in expensive cosmetics. I want to know the brand she uses too.

      Not so much au naturel though. I wasn’t familiar with her until this show but I can’t help but like her since she’s kind of a pitiful mess. All she really wants in life is to be loved – by someone with a lot of money preferably!

      Meanwhile, how can James not fall for Ari??? She’s beautiful plain or made up for that matter.
      The other night Marissa and Ari peaked at James whilst he was in the shower so no matter how much Ari denies it I think she likes him a whole lot.

      Let me take a moment here to thank production for the full footage of James taking a shower last night! Keep up the good work.

      • I saw that. Ahhhhhh james!! And I really like him. Some say he’s full of himself. I kind of disagree. He gives us a show. And he could had been so mean with Brandi with the way she treats him. But he’s not.

        James, thanks to have accepted to be on cam 24/7! I appreciate.

      • I haven’t figured out the James dislike either. Metta was another person that wanted James out and I’ve yet to see any info regarding what’s going on with this particular vendetta.

        I know it’s next to impossible for James to get to the end but a girl can still hope :D

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