Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Round 2?

Memory Wall on Celebrity Big Brother Round 2

Who is going home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother? These waffling Houseguests are still trying to figure that out! Will they go with the Backdoor plan, evict the abrasive agitator, or yield to the Houseguest asking to be sent home? No, not Metta, the other one who wants to leave now.

We’ve got Keshia and Omarosa on the Block while Ross ponders the pitch from Brandi and Ari to send Shannon out the Backdoor. Ross actually likes this idea, well sometimes he does while other times he’s terrified of what’s involved. His fear here is that he’ll upset James who turns around and comes after him for being disloyal, or even worse, Ross takes a swing at this and misses leaving Shannon in the house to seek revenge.

Ross has been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not it’s too soon, but he does seem to know that Shannon is a huge threat to his chances of winning the game. There’s plenty of support for Ross to make this move too. Brandi, Ari, Marissa, and Mark are all on board. That’d be enough votes for it to happen. Of course, they would first need Shannon up on the Block.

Marissa has promised Ross and Brandi that she’ll use the Veto if she gets to play and wins it. Ross is afraid of getting HG’s Choice and not picking Shannon so if he does draw that chip, which still hasn’t happened yet for the players, then he’ll probably screw this all up and pick her instead of James.

So what’s going on with Keshia wanting to go home now? She told Brandi this morning that she’d help the group get Shannon out tonight, but then in return she wants to be the one to go on Friday. Keshia claims she’s missing her baby and is ready to be home. Maybe she’s telling the truth or maybe she’s seen how effective it’s been for Metta to make that claim and have HGs start to ignore his chances of winning. Okay, those chances are slim, but Keshia might think she could match that magic.

By the end of tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother episode (the live show starts at 8/7c) we’ll see one of these three Houseguests gone. If Shannon gets renom’d then she’s gone. If no one gets swapped off the Block, well, I’d expect Omarosa to go since it seems like more HGs want Keshia to stay, but it’s still very close. That one is nearly a toss-up.

There are seven votes tonight. Brandi wants Omarosa gone so I’d expect Ari to vote with her. Marissa and Ross want Keshia to stay, but Ross can’t vote as HoH. That gives us three votes against Omarosa. Shannon wants Keshia gone so she’ll be voting her out instead and James promised Omarosa that he’d vote against Keshia since she nom’d him.

That leaves us with Metta and Mark to decide tonight’s vote. If they both go against Keshia then she’s gone, but if just one splits to vote out Omarosa then she’s gone. I like this uncertainty! Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother tonight? Share your eviction prediction below then join us back here tonight at 8/7c for the live Veto and Eviction show.

Update: Group discussions this afternoon has them agreeing to vote out Keshia if the noms stay the same tonight. We shall see. Shannon was in the room so this wouldn’t have covered all possibilities for the group.


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  1. I’ve debated it. At first I wasn’t sure why Shannon should be booted. But looking at the hgs I guess she really is the biggest threat. She’s done well on two physical challenges, has a mastery of 6th grade spelling skills and (seems) pretty well-liked so she seems kind of the most-sensible one to boot. Regarding any of these whiney “Send me home!” people I say BB does the following…At some random point in the day, with the feeds on, come in unexpectedly and escort them out. No bags. Nothing. Good bye! And if anyone in the house mentions them they lose a day’s worth of food and water and have to wear a motorcycle helmet playing an endless loop of Frankie Grande talking about himself and his YouTube followers through the ears. Just an idea.

  2. I just don’t know, I did have a weird producer influence but almost not a real bad one, that because this is live, they will have everyone play veto (I have also noticed, despite there being a card, this seems to be the ceremony most frequently messed up and they aren’t that paranoid yet, but the hg’s always want to count chips and whatnot) that way all celebrities get their time in the spotlight and they can play with these uncertainty odds.

  3. I think there will be enough crazy to do us for another 2 weeks without Morosea there, although anyone would or should win if they are up with her in F2. But I’m had my full of her. I’m all for her going home and I hope Keisha follows her out the door. I know. That sounds racist, huh. I don’t want MWP gone yet. So now I guess I’m just racist against black females. That makes me gender biased and racist. I’m a moron.

    • Your to hard on you!! Like if we can’t dislike someone vile because skin color? Omarosa I ant avlikable character and I’m also tired of her bulldozing everyone. But it’s big brother! I love the drama.

      • I’ve made you my buddy. A moron, that’s debatable. lol I just wanted to beat those screaming “racist” to the punch. I’m not fond of Keisha because of the Bill Cosby debacle. Everyone is entitled to support whoever they choose, and it’s just my opinion, but I think she went a little overboard in her support of him. Nothing to do with color.

      • Lol I’m not racist either but I have NEVER liked Awfulessa since her 1st appearance on Apprentice.

      • She’s petty, smug, morose….yes, Awfulessa is another good name for her. She might get an award for the person given the most names during a season, and it’s a very short season.

  4. This is where HOH’s and HG’s make serious mistakes in the BB game imo. They put up the correct people to be voted out and then turn around and go a completely different direction. Leaving the person (Omabish in this case) in the house and as has happened in past seasons they skate all the way through because people think they will be easy to take out and it’s never the case. Please get Omabish out, she’s evil, mean, brings a bad spirit to the house and is playing the non-existent race card, because she has nothing else to fall a back on!


  5. Three days in a row an article has appeared on Yahoo regarding Omarosa. No way CBS is gonna let this free press walk out the door. So I expect some master manipulating by production. Bye Shannon

    • You are, sadly, right. But to my benefit, I prefere her to stay. She’s so ridiculous, I love to hate her. Her DR after her asthma attack was incredible. *cought cought* I’m so sick.

      I hadn’t laught as much as that since raven got salmonella in her finger. Or her inverted spines. I miss raven!!

  6. I insist, for the moment is not a good idea get rid of Shannon, if Ross takes her out, then, theres a chance for Omarosa, Keisha and Metta align with James and Mark and try to take out Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ari.

  7. Now, I am Loving this condensed Season! I am 100% Team James! As long as everyone is so concentrated on which Female is the biggest threat, the less attention on James! A Perfect Scenario for Myself, Personally!!! #CBBTeamJames !

  8. So I think Meta has a good chance of winning? He says he wants to go home, voted incorrectly, doesn’t know what a backdoor is. No one will view him as a threat and so far he seem likable to everyone.

    What a long con if he comes in an deliberately plays dumb and wins. It would be the best big brother winning performance ever.

  9. It’s so funny how everybody was saying Omarosa was shady , YET the whole house flipped on the two black girls because they were doing each others hair…. I’m done with this show. Only ever get 2 maybe 3 black people MAX and they ALWAYS get kicked out early af… SMH same old

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