Celebrity Big Brother: Winner Revealed In Season Finale

Julie Chen & Celebrity Big Brother HGs

Last night revealed the Celebrity Big Brother winner as the season finale has wrapped up what’s been a great, albeit brief three week season of a house filled with unusual Houseguests. Ready for the big reveal? Let’s see what happens!

Our Final 5 Houseguests prepared for the latest Head of Household competition at the end of last night’s show so we should pick up there as Mark, Marissa, Ross, and Ari battle it out for the power in these final stages of the game.

Once we get our F5 HOH it’ll be time for the nominations, Veto comp, and ceremony before we get the next eviction. It’s going to be a busy night so settle in for the next two-hours as the results roll in and we find out who will win Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother F5 HOH:

  • Drop order: Marissa, Ari, Mark
  • HOH: Ross

Celebrity Big Brother F5 Nominations:

  • HOH nominates: Ari & Omarosa

Celebrity Big Brother F5 Veto Comp:

  • Veto winner: Ross

Celebrity Big Brother F5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Veto power is not used
  • Final noms are: Ari & Omarosa

Celebrity Big Brother F5 Eviction Vote:

  • Marissa votes to evict Omarosa
  • Mark votes to evict Omarosa

By a vote of 2-0, Omarosa has been evicted from Big Brother.

Now we’re down to just four HGs and the pressure is on even more. A new HOH comp arrives and everyone left can compete, even the outgoing HOH. From there we’ll get two more evictions and then it’s on to the Jury’s decision.

Celebrity Big Brother F4 HOH:

  • Round 1: Marissa gets a point
  • Round 2: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 6: Mark & Ross get a point
  • Tie between Mark, Ross, & Marissa. Ari is out
  • Round 7: Everyone was over, but Marissa was the least wrong
  • Final HOH is Marissa!

Celebrity Big Brother F4 Eviction:

  • Marissa must evict 2 HGs: Ari & Mark

Final 2: Marissa & Ross!

Celebrity Big Brother Jury Votes:

  • Mark votes: Ross
  • Ari votes: Marissa
  • Omarosa votes: Marissa
  • James votes: Marissa
  • Brandi votes: Ross
  • Metta votes: Ross
  • Shannon votes: Marissa
  • Keshia votes: Marissa
  • Chuck votes:

Marissa Jaret Winokur wins Celebrity Big Brother.
Ross is the runner-up.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the Jury for the third fourth straight season (I forgot to count BBOTT in there).

America’s Favorite HG: Ross Mathews!
Top 3 vote-earners: Ross, Shannon, & James

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  1. Let’s do this. It’s the end. Hope you all join us on Survivor Fandom next Wednesday for the Survivor Premiere.

  2. Lol how does this negotiation tactic make sense? I want to hear from my mom?

    Dude, you’re all out of there in 2 days lol.

  3. I get it. Get your balance first, and use your hands to maintain balance. Ross is doing it right.

  4. Ok, I just started watching for the first time this season and Oma is shooting off her mouth. Hate her already

  5. So hes putting up Ari and Omarosa. How will Mark and Marissa vote then? If I was Mark/Marissa I would split the vote. Let Ross personally evict someone and then you can use that against him in a final two scenario if you get there.

    If Ari/Oma win Veto, then Marissa has to go up. I would vote out Marissa in this instance.

    Solid strategy is solid.

  6. Mark took that deal? lol That’s why he can’t win this game.. You can’t do deals like that at this stage of the game.

  7. I dont care for her but putting personal biases aside, she really is good reality tv.

    They need to bring New York if there’s a season 2 !

      • I watched Tiffany on this show called Scared Famous and she was being so fake and screaming all the time. She wasn’t as bad as Oma.

      • Tiffany was on Big Brother UK and made it all the way to final 4. However, the format is completely different to the US version and the public votes to SAVE on the celebrity series of BBUK. But she was EVERYTHING that season!

      • I wish the public did it here, but BB needed to keep Omarosa to the end so they changed the format.

    • I mean. To each is own, but she is horrible TV. Watching someone lie and be fake the entire time is not reality.

  8. The babies costume was the only punishment this season… Wow, these celebs were really pandered to.

  9. Of course it’s easy to remember the days since they were only there for 26 days. Imagine the full summer days that’s like 90 days right?

    • Not sure but I’m guessing see forgot some of the days based on her being out if the house for about two days

    • I really like Ariadna. I thought she was going to be a snobbish beauty queen, but she is the complete opposite. I want to see her playing a rival or sister to Gloria on Modern Family. She reminds me of Vergara a lot.

      • Why did you think she was going to be a snobbish beauty queen?
        Do you think most beauty queens are snobbish?

  10. What a let down. I was waiting for the evil Assaroma to come out!..’Ross you’re such a b*tch!…you lil scrap of humanity! lol

  11. She is so extra, is she trying to unite the country against Trump right now? I can get behind that

  12. Omarosa is gone. 5th. Oh well, she was alone most of the game and she only really stayed because people became more of a target than her. Bye (KINDA WANTED HER TO WIN)

  13. Not looking forward to this interview. Please, please, please don’t make me say it tonight!

  14. Maybe if she actually acted like herself rather than this fake persona that she has created, then people would respect her more. She is not a politician but lies like one.

  15. You guys think she improved her image just a little bit? She obviously utilized BB as her platform.

  16. I’d take Mark to the finale tbh. He was gifted two HOH and did pretty much nothing at all. Should be a straight forward victory

    • Don’t really care for Ross anymore. I want Ari to win, but I think Marissa is nixing Mark and Ari. She’ll be disappointing her son if she keeps Ross.

  17. Okay, this one between James and Brandi at least feels legit because there was actual tension between them.

  18. Marissa with her first comp win – and it’s the most important HOH of the season! LMAO!!! I may die laughing!

  19. So is she going to pick Ross and lose in a landslide? Or does she think about herself and pick someone else?

  20. Wow! Dang unless ari wins veto, she will go home because even if mark wins veto he wont vote off Ross cause hes dumb enough to think Ross will take him F2 lol

  21. Please, tell me that Marissa is not taking Ross to the F2, I know they’re allies, but, common’ she could not play for give him the title…

  22. it sucks that a person who didn’t really do anything in this game has such an important decision to make

    • He did win the most comps this season. Between the two of them, Ross absolutely deserves to win.

    • He said he would take Mark because the girls may stick together. I think Shannon, Oma and Ari may vote for Marissa and maybe Brandi. Is fun to not know.

    • My thoughts exactly…can we all just write Ross the check and call it a night. In other news BB Can is back in two weeks!

  23. My AFP explanation:
    Personal Pick: Ariadna, Brandi, Shannon – Ariadna
    America’s Pick: Brandi/Ariadna, Omarosa, Shannon – Omarosa

  24. Good/ruthless BB player would cut Ross to win ..but then again Cody wouldn’t do that..I’ll do it happily

  25. Thinking about it. If the jury is still bitter towards ross, this may just be the biggest upset we have seen in a while

    • If they pull another “19” that way CBS isn’t going to be happy about it I don’t think.

  26. I will be so mad if she wins. This will be the third year in a row that the wrong person won imo.

    Yes, Paul should have won last year over Josh and even more so over that other girl.

    • If it makes you feel better, I was guessing a 7 to 2 vote with Marissa as the winner. I was guessing she would win against Ross but only because Oma, Keisha and Ariadna wanted a female to win. That was three votes for her right there and Shannon was not going to vote for Ross because she had already said that too many times. so now the number was four. I never dreamed James or Chuck would have voted for Marissa though.

  27. Girl, you cant even give a reason why you deserve to win. Like what? BYE.

    She is boosting Ross in her evidence as to why she should win smh

    • literally the worst speech I have ever heard in this stage of the game. She never said one thing that she did AND she basically praised the person sitting next to her all the time

  28. Lol. Celebs are a mess. I feel bad for Chuck. His brain is a little messed up from all those hits. Don’t know why Metta’s brain is a bit slow though.

    • He’s probably taken as many shots as Chuck has taken. He was a key participant in one of the most infamous fights in NBA history.

    • Super fans outside the game want the best player to win, but once you are in the game you choose who didn’t backstab you. I think they both did so Shannon could go either way. Oma voted Marissa.

    • I think It was crap that they were telling the other jury to vote for Marissa and Julie had to tell them to stop twice. Do the other jury members not have their own choices here?
      And who is Omarosa- – why because Ross got her out? Because he played smarter/better and wiser? Ugh I so despise her.

  29. You weren’t bad, Metta – you didn’t even TRY! You kept getting out of the house just so you could go home!

    • Probably more against Ross than anything else. He played a stronger game, but he was also shadier about it.

      • Well, that’s kind of how it was last season with Josh winning over Paul. I hated Paul, but…his game was better than Josh’s.

    • For how the jury talked about why- it was clear the ones that were against Ross. It seemed bitter because he flipped and lied when necessary. But, the exact same people – EACH of them did the same thing. Except maybe Metta cause I am not certain he knew he was actually playing a game.

      • Yes, that’s the obvious. But my question is why? He said he changed his mind after Ross speech, I don’t recall anything in that speech that could made him change his vote.

      • That’s the thing.. If was a Jury, and a player. I don’t give to much weight on ‘betrayal on this game..That’s just me. A lot of them can be explained, and are unavoidable playing this game….also Ross is not a ‘nasty player.

      • I think it is because Marissa said that Ross was practicing his winning speech and how to answer the ?’s. When she said that- I thought he’s gonna lose cause that seems quite cocky.

      • So the ‘speech was a factor in their determination who played the best game? …..that’s crazy…and dumb.

    • I am guessing that it was when he was discussing his alliances and who he was true to. He never mentioned the final 4 with Mark and James but he did mention he had always stayed true to Mark so maybe that stung that James wasn’t even a consideration, especially for someone as egotistical as James who thought he was running things and making changes that others were really causing.

  30. To me, a good season was ruined by the worst ending ever. Marissa didn’t even have an argument for why she played better than Ross! It’s no longer Big Brother when the jury votes like it is a popularity contest. Morgan is the only decent winner in the past few seasons.

      • Funny thing is I gave my votes to Jason but felt Morgan was deserving. At least Ross got AFP! Some redemption.

      • Then I guess you’re part of the problem. Why would you vote against who you felt was more deserving?

      • Actually I felt they both had good cases. I gave Morgan some of my votes but Jason more since he needed the money.

    • Im annoyed that this seems to be happening with regularity now. Why are these undeserving people winning constantly?

      • My question is: what have they got to be bitter about? Ross was a little shady, but he wasn’t a bully like Paul. Ross didn’t make anything personal and just played the game. If they got their feelings hurt over Ross, they wouldn’t last a second in the house on a regular season.

      • Celebrities are almost always snowflakes. They don’t know how to do anything based on anything other than emotion.

    • I agree, and think it’s interesting that Morgan’s season was entirely online with no fish/downtime, and no heavily edited network shows. It was so transparent, they’ll probably never do it again. Lol

  31. This just proves that being a floater must be a good strategy. Wish I could get money for doing nothing.

  32. I’m shocked that JAMES of all people voted for Marissa!
    Guess Omarosa was right, technically.
    I didn’t want Ross to win, but I wanted the best gameplayer to win. Out of the two, it should’ve been Ross.

  33. Ross should have won since he played a better game. I don’t think it is right to vote for a person just because there are more girls than guys. It should be based on gameplay.

    • At least in BB19 the jury had some reason to be bitter, though I disagreed. AFP sends a message to the jury, and Ross got his own dig in.

    • I agree, but I personally don’t always prefer the best player. I wanted Ross because I’m a big fan of his. Next season of celebs should be even number of girls and boys. That was not fair at all.

      • It really shouldn’t matter how many boys or girls there are, I’m so sick of gender/politics “battle of the sexes” thing. A good player is a good player; sex, race or social identity shouldn’t matter.

    • Well, all the girls didn’t vote for Marissa. Brandi voted for Ross.
      TWO MEN ALSO voted for Marissa.

  34. Well, I’m off to do work for my grad courses (and figure out what to do, since one of my science course partners failed to do his part of the work). Night, everyone!

    • Thing is this wasn’t just a gender thing. James and Chuck could have changed the outcome, and Brandi voted Ross. I will never understand this one. I want BB back!

      • EXACTLY! That’s what I’m saying. People can’t blame the girls rule thing for this outcome…see exhibits A: James and B: Chuck

      • I do blame Shannon, Omarossa, Ariadna and Keisha to only have vote for Marissa because she’s a woman. I no worlds did Marissa had a better game play.

      • I don’t think Shannon voted for Marissa because she was a woman, I think she voted for her because she felt betrayed by Ross. She said in the past that if James was in the final 2, she would vote for him. She was rooting for James, a man.
        Well, I can’t really be mad at any of them for voting the way they did. That doesn’t change the way I see any of them.
        I’m usually the type that would like to see women excel more in competitions, so I’m not mad that a woman won, but this particular woman, Marissa, didn’t deserve it. I would’ve loved to see ARIADNA win.

      • Brandi voted Ross since they were friends and she wanted the shadiest person to win James voted Marissa because my guess is he felt betrayed by Ross when he got sent home still cant figure out what was Chuck’s reason

      • I really thought James would respect good gameplay though. Plus, Oma sent him home and she was no Ross ally. I am distressed that floating seems to be the best strategy nowadays..

      • Which I still don’t understand why they call james the biggest threat didn’t he only win 1 competition and was not really loved by anyone in the house, that’s my first ? I would like answered as well as WHY WERE THEY NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE!? I’m still so confused by that.

      • You mean outside backyard? It’s because the competitions where so close to each other that they cut it to be able to work on building the area.

      • Ya but they werent allowed in there little area during the day ohh nvm they were prob building then I got thanks

      • James got along really well with pretty much everyone except Brandi. As for comps, clearly he would have won a lot more if he’d wanted to. He threw numerous comps.

      • I don’t understand the thinking behind James and Chuck’s votes. I’m glad Brandi didn’t fall into the stupid trap of having to vote for a female if you’re a female. As a female and a super fan, I hate that reasoning. It makes no sense. The vote should be based on best game play, whether you like the player or not.

      • Ross promess Brandi free booze. Lol.

        Someone had to explain me for james vote. I don’t get it.

        Keisha, Omarossa, ari and Shannon voted for the woman, not for the best player. They where all brainwashed the all season by Omarosa that a woman needed to win. No way they all think Marissa was the better player.

      • I agree they were brainwashed. That same thought process was used by Natalie when she voted for Nicole to win against Paul in Season 18 because she wanted a girl to win. Ugh. He was the better player. The votes have been crazy the last few seasons. Like BBOTT where Morgan beat Jason, who was by far the better, strategic player. I think maybe Season 17 was the last good jury vote where Steve won over Julia. Finally a better player beat a weaker one.

      • I agree for Nicole and Paul. But Jason lost by bad behavior. America didn’t like him putting his body fluids on pillows. And he was very I respectful with many thing he said.

      • Yeah Jason was no angel with his words and personal actions, but gameplay means more to me than those personal bad behaviors. Call me crazy. Lol

      • Brandi voted for Ross because they were friends from before playing. I doubt that she even thought about voting based on gameplay. She was choosing Ross no matter what if he made it to the end.

    • Second most annoying to me, but yes I do not know how her husband could stand listening to her. I think he wears ear plugs without her knowing.

      • I would say the majority think it is a travesty.

        Many are pissed because O and Shannon were doing some lobbying while the other were voting. Julie told them twice not to talk.

        Many blame the whole thing on juror not been sequestered. (I don’t know about that).

    • I honestly don’t think they understood the gravity of what they were doing. A winner like this will ruin the credibility of the show even more…
      Like I’ve said before, I didn’t really care for Ross, I kind of wanted him to lose (in a way, i’m kind of happy that he did), but out of the two of them ROSS was the better gameplayer. He should’ve won…I guess…lol

  35. I want a refund. Give me all the hours I watch this season. Pissed.

    What did happen that James and chuck votes Marissa? Shannon super fan??? Nope. Actually only Brandi and Metta are intelligent. Scary!!

  36. I will never watch anyone CBB EVER again. 2 people essentially quit the game. Nothing would change without it. The house spent weeks getting one person out. James, the only other source of my entertainment in the house is gone. Everyone thought the jury might not have been bitter, but they were.

    We all had some faith in the season. Heck, I though that it would be a glorified survivor merge at the beginning. As much as I am addicted to BB, I will only be interested in the spoilers.

    • I agree with what you say. And I will add that my fav James disappointed me by his vote. This season started good, I love how their was no downtime and that players where diversified.

      But the bitterness of the vote tonight, as well as what you mentioned about the quitters made it one of the worst ever.

  37. I am just glad Omarosa didn’t win, but Ross will get all the praises tomorrow. Marissa needs a few more minutes more of fame and then she’ll disappear. I think she is a sweet person, but just really annoying.

    • Even though I thought Ross was the better player this season and he should have won it. Marisa winning was a direct result of Shannon, Omarosa and Keisha pushing for her to win while on stage. Not to mention from day one they all three wanted a female to win. That was their agenda and they saw it through.

  38. So this is another story of picking the wrong person to go to the end. Of the two Ross deserved it….he brought Marissa along at every point….she won nothing until the end….and she wouldn’t have been at the end if not for Ross.

  39. One more thing – I gave Shannon my AFP votes, but she didn’t come across well tonight. Oh well, at least there is her charity. Everyone have a great night. I will watch BB20, but have low hopes. One person (Morgan) in the past few seasons was a winner I thought deserved it. I wanted Paul twice, Vanessa, and Ross. See you all in the summer!

    • Agree about Shannon. She again look like she was about to cry. Get over it Shannon, everyone said you where the best player, it’s why they voted you out. I lost my respect to her. I gave money to some charity for Africa animals. I’m happy it was not hers. Ok, now I’m bitter.

      • Oh, I still love Shannon. Thing is she’s a human being. We’re all flawed. She felt betrayed by Ross. I understand why she did it. She’s not the only bitter juror. There will be tons more to come in future seasons.

      • I know, I know. It’s only a tv show;). But Ross betrayed her as much as Marissa. In fact only Brandi gave Shannon a sympathy vote. She had the opportunity to see the episode and everything Ross did, or even Marissa was really bad to her. So I’m surprised she, as a super fan, voted that way.

      • It’s not only her vote. Thought she came across as a bit entitled, unlike before. But I am still sorry she went out early. I liked her gameplay.

      • But it was nice that the houseguests got to hear she was in the running for afp cuz they were all sooo convinced america would love them and hate her! James changed his mind after Ross made it seem like he won bowlerina on his own when james literally handed it to him

    • Vanessa DEFINITELY deserved to win, but she freaking lost the final HOH! Ughhh…still upset that that happened. She was a really great player!
      I gave SHANNON all my votes too, but she’s not the only one that voted for Marissa. She was betrayed by Ross, which is understandable though. I didn’t like James one iota, but I thought he would be one to appreciate really good gameplay…
      Yeah, the little man should’ve won…if he had one his first season, maybe he wouldn’t have been brought back for BB19…

      • Yeah I meant of ones near the end – Vanessa lost because of that crapshoot comp. Wasn’t the most likeable, but clearly she was the best player. I think the only jury I would have voted bitter on is Dan’s second season. Now he crossed too many lines..

    • Personally, I would think Vanessa winning BB17 would have been too predictable and I was rooting for her to fail so I was glad she lost that last HOH competition to Steve. Her only error was keeping a player who has been plotting her demise in order to appeal himself with the jury. He had two chances and winning the final HOH was his last opportunity to strike.

      For Paul, I would have probably said the same thing about him being robbed. But we can’t really pin the blame on an otherewise deeply divided jury. The split vote in both his seasons more than proves that. If anything in the case of his second run last year, he didn’t do a good enough job to actually secure jury votes from the people he had a hand on evicting behind the scenes.

  40. If I was on the jury- I would have been pis#sed with the amount of times Ross said Pivot and also that he was practicing his answers/speech. That was super duper cocky. Marissa pointed it out several times. So although they did not diss each other to win – it was out there. And James said that his vote was changed due to their speeches. I think that Marissa won because Ross came off more cocky than her. But, in truth – Ross was the puppet master and Marissa just flew on his coattails. Other than the final HOH and staying true to Ross- she really did not do much. And u can hear O and Shannon campiaigning for Marissa to the rest of the jury- that was shady. If Omarosa thinks she had so much Black girl power integrity- I hope she reads the feeds. Firstly – her and Keisha were racist with their black girl power comment. Secondly they used race with Shannon trying to blow her up and get sympathy and thirdly she manipulated/lied also. So bitter much?
    I am sad Ross lost. More because he deserved it more. Truly noticeable with Americas votes.

    • Ross deserved to win! Shannon, O and K were terrible on stag! CBS should have controlled the situation!
      Sorry Marrissa you didn’t deserve to win! Ross was robbed!

  41. Ok now I have to be out. I think the chat was much more fun than the finale. Matt Boyer’s opinion mirrors mine exactly!

  42. Absolutely disgusted with the jury.

    Marissa is the LAST person who should have won this thing.


    • The last. I would even have been ok with Mark winning bc his strategy was to float, whether the viewers like that strategy or not. Anyone of the last group but Marissa – fine. I can see it, even with a bitter jury.

      I just can’t roll with a jury THAT bitter though. That’s a bridge too far imo.

  43. I’d like to think I’d have voted for best game (Ross). But expect the unexpected and bitter juries sometimes, I guess.

    Was a better season than I expected. Mostly good gamers. I’m sure Ross is disappointed but AFP has to make him feel good.

    I wish they had not included runner up in the final count for AFP and would have awarded it to James/Shannon. But oh well.

    They’ll all be buds. Congrats to them! Good season, mostly good casting job!

    • They give it to Ross because he was robbed. I don’t think AFP was ever give to an F2. It’s like they recognize the jury was wrong and they wanted to make it right.

      • Wow, you’re probably right. We’ll never know though. Any results involving $$ should be more transparent.

  44. Pathetic outcome. I agree that this is becoming an unfortunate trend where ‘winners’ just find a set of coattails and hide behind them.

  45. Ross was robbed, he deserved to win. Marissa didn’t win anything except for the last HOH and she was darn annoying all season. She couldn’t stop talking and flipping that big hair of hers. The jury was bitter….hello … it’s a game and that’s the way you play.

  46. I didn’t watch ANY of this BS this time!! BB is a bad joke anymore, good riddance to pure TRASH show.

  47. What is this now, 3 years in a row with BBUS, bitter jury!?! Lame 😒
    Once again, the wrong person won! IMO
    Sidenote: I know many of the people who watch the live feed‘s were sick of Marissa, but I don’t think she’s a bad person! She’s very expressive & theatrical. at least she knows she needs to “STFU.” That said, she did NOT deserve to win!
    #nothappy #CelebBB
    Thankfully myself & most of you, voted for Ross to get “America’s Favourite Player/HG.” I wasn’t going to because I was sure he would win in the end, but just in case he didn’t make it to the end, he at least deserve that win!!

  48. Secondly (so I don’t have just one super long comment LOL 😝)

    The Votes:
    James: I am very surprised with his vote, I don’t know why he didn’t vote for Ross!? Shannon: a ‘little’ surprise with hers. I know she is “friends” with Marissa but, she is also a huge fan of BB, so she should’ve voted for the person who ‘deserved to win!’ I guess she went with the “girl power” also! Stupid!
    Keisha & Omarisa’s vote I knew, would with out a doubt be “girl power!” again, stupid!
    Mark, Metta voting for Ross was what I expected and the right one!
    Brandi made the right vote! Good for her! I was a little surprised but happy!
    Ari- I am not surprised she voted for Marissa, they were very close in the house! I don’t think her vote was personal at all, and I think she thinks Marissa was deserving. I don’t believe Ari’s vote was bitter!
    Chuck- Who did he even vote for? LOL
    ••Shannon’s vote-Meh! AND James’s vote was really the only big shocker!

    This whole “female empowerment” in the BB game, in my opinion was stupid! You don’t vote for someone to win something based on their gender! If that was the case, all females should’ve voted for Hillary Clinton to be President! 😉

    I guess this just proves the point, “celebrities” are just like us, BITTER! LOL 😆 😉
    I feel, because I just typed so much that I missed something!? LOL

    • Hey tinalee, I’m as desapointed as you. For James, I heard him in the backyard interview saying he found the speech of Ross corky since Ross bragged about his 2 hoh. 1st one was thrown to him by James and second by Mark. This is desapointing that James changed his vote only for that.

      Keisha and Omarossa, we know they would vote for the girls.

      Shannon, i have no more respect for her. She clam she’s a super fan but that vote is not a super fan vote.

      Go chuck I don’t get it.

      If the opposite situation had occurred, all guys gang up to bite for a man player even if he’s bad?? I’m not sure this would had been acceptable.

    • After watching the The Talk, I now understand why Marissa did what she did. In a nut shell, out of all the player’s, she was the only one playing CBB. Everyone else was playing regular BB. Now does that mean she deserved to win? I still think not and not only do I think some of the jury is bitter, I also believe that three players were only there for the Female to win. Can you say Omarosa, Keisha and Shannon? I believe Brandi was true to herself and voted for her friend regardless if he buys her alcohol or not. Metta and Mark voted for the best player and Ari voted for the person she considered her friend and a little bit of what the other three girls did. Chuck, Oh boy his vote. I truly believe Chuck voted for who he thought deserved the win. He even stated he would watch the show and make his final decision based on how the game played out and I believe he was the most honest in his vote.

      • Thanks for the info, I will have to check that out. I still don’t quite understand it. Of course celebrity big brother was played at a faster pace but, what did she do differently? I’ll just watch it, hard for you to explain just on here :-)
        I know most of them were playing for their fans & being careful not to piss off the fans of BB. Most of them were concerned about tarnishing their reputation so they didn’t play the way they likely would’ve had they not been “celebrities” and/or had this not being broadcasted (which of course whatever happened, but you know what I mean.)

      • Biggest thing is that she understood that the evictee’s would watch the show and she knew if she made it to the end that would be her best chance to win. In a nutshell, she played a smarter game than the rest but Ross plainly stated he just played BB the way it was supposed to be played.

      • Yeah that totally makes sense. I read & watched interviews etc. and I understand now why the jury voted that way. Being able to watch makes a huge difference! Ross played an incredible game, but like you, not the best CBB game! Not when these people are going home and watching! And that’s why he lost the game. Going home and watching the past, present and future play out in front of you after you were just evicted (especially someone like Shannon) would make most super bitter! This game is a social experiment & it showed another experiment with the HGs/Jury going home, watching and voting……. is a whole different game!
        Jameses vote was bitter (in my opinion) based on his backyard interviews. He said that prior to Ross and Marissa answering the jury questions, he “didn’t know who he was going to pick” but, when Ross said “I won 2 HOHs & 2 vetoes,” it pissed him off! He (J) gave Ross one of the HOH wins & Ross didn’t acknowledge that, instead he spoke as though he did it on his own! HUGE mistake Ross, always! NEVER take credit for something you didn’t do & I still think Keisha, Shannon & Omarosa voted for Marissa just because she’s a female and that’s just stupid!)
        I understand more now how most of the HGs played & Unfortunately, because they are “celebrities” a lot of them didn’t play the game “they wanted to” but I get it. most of their jobs/careers rely heavily on fans so they don’t want to ruin their image. and I believe Ross was definitely one of those people. I still think the wrong person won though.
        As far as Marissa playing for friends, less blood on her hands etc. makes a lot more sense now!
        It’s difficult as a “BB fan” to agree with all of what happened BUT because the HGs didn’t go to a jury house and because they got to see absolutely everything, it all makes a lot more sense now and again, I now understand “the game” Marissa played & now believe she did play a good game for this type of game. I am not as angry as I initially was But I still think Ross deserve it 😉
        It was a great first CBB! I did expect better, especially when we found out Brandi & Omarosa were going to be living with each other 24/7 LOL 🤣 HOPED & FULLY expected a lot of huge cat fights! so I was disappointed with that! Although, both of them showed us a better/different side of themselves that I was happy to see! They both actually can be ‘good people’ as well as “reality villains!” and it sucked that most of the CHGs were always on their “best behavior!” but I wasn’t surprised (they don’t want to ruin their livelihood.) Just with Brandi & “Lady O” I was surprised by.
        I had never heard of James, knew nothing about Ari, didn’t care to much about Keisha, didn’t know much about Marissa but, I really enjoyed getting to see Mark, Brandi, Omarosa, Chuck, Metta, Ross, & Shannon in a different light so to speak. it was fun to watch!

        Sorry blah blah! My bad 🤗 I get talking on this Google type and I don’t know when to STFU LOL sorry

      • I wished they would give us emoji’s to answer these LOL. I agree Ross should have won because he played BB. After the interviews, and the talk show circuit, it really opened my eyes at how Marissa won.

      • Holy SH*T!!!!!!!!! 😏💩 😬🙋🏼‍♀️🤪
        I honestly didn’t realize how long my reply was until I sent it! Sorry LOL

  49. Totally disappointed with th jury! It definitely appear there was campaigning going on while they were sitting on stage! Omarosa wanted a woman to win and did not want Ross to win! CBS needed to control this & Omarosa! I liked Marrissa but she didn’t not deserve to win over Ross!

  50. Pssst Matt! You forgot to end the strike out after the word “third”. It’s understandable, it was a very long night. I totally agree with you. I’m getting tired of bitter jurors voting because someone hurt their pride. It’s Big Brother not Tidily Winks

  51. Something is seriously broken with big brother when the jury no longer factors gameplay into their decision-making. I’m really starting to wonder if this whole social experiment has jumped the shark.

    Marissa’s game was absolutely atrocious. How in the hell did she win?

    • After thinking about it, I think we have to remember that jury management is as important as winning comps. It was Ross’s game to lose, and unfortunately, he came off as too polished for his own good. I like Ross, but thought he was uber condescending, and didn’t do himself any favors last night. Lying ‘truth omissions’ are one aspect of hand play, but not the only thing that matters. He should have paid more attention to Derrick’s season.
      …Having said all that, I still think Ross losing to Marissa IS atrocious. He did play hard, won comps, and didn’t deserve to lose against Marissa. She latched on to him like a lead weight through the entire game, and won a competition that I honestly don’t think Ari could have won.
      In a longer game format, Ross’s game would have been exposed, and Marissa would have been evicted just to get rid of all the constant noise.

  52. The season was too short. But I liked Shannon, and I had no clue who she was. I love Brandi. I was expecting Omarosa do be more mean. I hated James but he was super cute. And I always want a woman to win, so I`m glad Marissa won.

  53. I was shocked to see Marissa winning! One again a Pilot fish win the game!
    I am so glab that Ross pointed out at the end that he was PLAYING Big Brother! In contrary of Masissa.
    Now Ross knows how Paul was feeling..
    Big shame on the jurors! CBS should explain to the jurors what is a jury’s. They acted like small kids in the school wards! Shame on them!

  54. I was as disappointed as everyone else that Ross didn’t win, he played a great game. The jury acted like children at the finale and Omarosa was just obnoxious. Shannon was a disappointment too as she claimed to be a super fan of the game but totally disregarded great game plan when she voted for Marissa. Finally, I thought the cast was good with the exception of Metta and Keisha, I don’t like quitters. They changed the dynamics of the game with their selfish desire to go home. I don’t understand why Keisha even signed up to play if she had a baby totally dependent on her for ii’s food supply. Was she that in need of the money? And Metta couldn’t stick it out for one more week? Oh well, entertaining but not sure if I care to watch another celebrity edition in the future.

    • I have a big problem with Metta or Keisha even getting a vote. Some things from normal seasons SHOULD carry over, such as quitters not getting to participate in final voting. K/M cancelled each other out last night, but what if one had been a deciding vote?

      • I think they probably got around that because they were actually voted out but the fact of the matter is that they quit.

    • I did not really care for it either…It was not “BB” as we normally see it….I never watched an entire episode to be honest…The TV was tuned in but I was not…They all claimed they were “fans” and knew how to play but that was total “bs”…and casting Omarosa was a joke…people need to quit giving that woman airtime..Her 15 minutes ended long ago…

  55. I am not sure if this was already mentioned or if anyone watched it. (The Talk) James said he changed his vote because Ross mentioned winning all of those comps when the HOH was thrown to him. Ross said that he convinced him to throw it.

    • I head. It’s stupid from James. If someone convince you to throw it. It’s a win just to have convinced the person to do it. This didn’t value depriving Ross from a vote that potentially could be a 250k lost. I was very desapointed.

  56. I am not caught up yet. My husband and I were watching Olympics every night but we only have a few episodes left. And I am disappointed Marissa wins. I thought she was bitchy in all episodes I watched.

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