Celebrity Big Brother: Veto Plans In Round 5

Mark with nominees Brandi and Ari on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests are preparing now for the upcoming Power of Veto competition after players were drawn last night, sorry Ross, and there’s a plan set for what to do next.

Yep, everyone but Ross gets to play, but I imagine he’ll do a pretty slick job as the host so that worked out. Right now the players will be split between trying to save themselves and trying to keep noms just as they are.

Mark put Brandi and Ari on the Block so neither has the luxury of playing for the other. Both will want to get that Veto to secure their own safety, but Brandi is the one who is really in danger her. Mark would like her gone and James really wants her gone.

James and Brandi got into a small round of ruffled feathers last night as James is tired of Brandi taking potshots at him and it boiled over. He took his complaints around the house and Mark easily sided with him. Not that I don’t think Brandi was already the top target, but it probably just added a little fuel to James’s fire for today’s competition.

Should Brandi or Ari get the Veto then Mark’s going to have to name a renom. Omarosa is the obvious choice, but the trouble there for Mark is that Omarosa is also a tempting target if Brandi is still on the Block. Would Ross and Marissa be willing to vote out Omarosa to keep Brandi and Ari together as their alternate final four? It could happen.

Mark knows that’s always a possibility so he’s actually tossed out the idea of renom’ing either Marissa or Ross, probably the former, to make sure Brandi goes. But if it’s Brandi who comes down then I think Omarosa going up and out over Ari is the most likely outcome.

Should Marissa, James, or Omarosa win the Veto well then that’ll be interesting. I bet Ross is relieved he can’t be put in the position that Marissa may face. If she wins the Veto but doesn’t use it, then yikes, Brandi will probably hold that grudge through the Jury voting round.

James definitely wouldn’t use it since he wants to see Brandi go and Mark would probably ask him to decline to put it in the play. Then for Omarosa, well if she used it to save Brandi then we’d see things really get crazy. Either Ross or Marissa would go up and maybe out the door.

No matter how this shakes out today, Friday is going to be a Double Eviction bonanza and I can’t wait for that fun. Well, I guess we can wait and that’s fine because between now and then we’ll get the Veto comp, spoiler results, and maybe the Veto ceremony if they don’t hold off on that until Friday night.

Who do you want to see win the Veto? The competition is underway right now (started around 11:55 AM BBT) so we’ll have spoilers and results when it’s back. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get our updates there or grab our free Big Brother App for on the go notifications.


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  1. Please, please, please make it so Marissa goes home tonight. I really want to enjoy the last few shows without cringing every time she talks. I’m ready to bust my own eardrums.

  2. For those of us without the feeds, they MUST be aware there’s a double coming. Are they worrying like madmen/women now trying to make plans? It must be bananas in there with discussion.

  3. I would like to see Omarosa win just to see her use it to save Ari, then watch Ross and Marissa squirm and one of them go up. Although I can’t stand Brandi, I like Marissa even less; would be nice to see the house shaken and Marissa go home then they take Brandi out the next go round.

    • I would love to see Omarosa win it and take Brandi off. The house would erupt. I think if she won it and took off Ari, and Marissa was up against Brandi, Brandi would go home. If she’s against Ari, there is a possibility of Ari staying, which I really want to see happen.

    • I’m with you. I prefer Marissa to go before Brandi.

      And I would love an F2 Mark/James.

      Is it only me or it’s unfair that many evicties will not have seen any of the episodes and many others will have. I wonder if they will share some knowledge for the latest evicties.

      • They’ve probably been taping the entire season (like 2 weeks … duh), so maybe they’ll get some time to binge-watch before the final vote next Sunday.

      • Didn’t Julie gave some recent news over the first week? Plus what about all the live feeds? I beleive in some production twist to have great ratings. But I’m not ready to think it’s pre recorded.

    • I can’t help but agree simply for entertainment purposes. I would prefer the biatch use it on Brandi though, again for entertainment purposes.

  4. Is Marissa getting the kindest edit in BB history? The way a few of you talk she’s the most annoying HG ever. Is it just the same commenters posting or is she really that bad? (I feel like it’s a common theme on these boards.) If she’s bad…In what way? (She doesn’t come across that way in the edit to me.)

    • CBS makes her look good on the tv show, but there is no editing on live feeds. And yes, she is that bad. The woman has to be the center of attention and does not shut up. Even the cameras were moving away from her when she tried talking to them. A normal person would have gotten the hint, but not her. She went to another camera. I’m waiting for Brandi to use one of her common lines from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and say to Marissa, “Stfu”.

      • I really do admire the patience and forbearance of the HG’s when it comes to Marissa because I’d have already told her STFU!

      • Thanks for the info.
        Curious though, what is she not shutting up about? If she constantly talking game? Insecure? so she has to always be talking to someone to get reassurance?

      • If it is game related, Marissa talks and talks till she makes sure she has told her side 10 different ways. If they are just talking about life she has to be in every conversation or redirect it to her. The other night she said she didnt want to win as much as she wanted screen time. I think it is a combination of wanting to be on TV (center of attention) and insecure that she is not being heard.

    • I suggest a site called Survivor Sucks and go to the BB forum where they give feed updates and analysis. According to them Marissa is enough to drive the live feeders bonkers. They’ve been begging for days for a Marissa eviction.

      BBAD has been impossible to watch as well due to her camera hogging antics . She’s almost as bad as Frankie. She also lies with impunity and the most fake friend anybody could have.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I am ordering.
      Unfortunately I don’t get the live feeds, so I don’t really know what everyone is talking about.

    • I have had to turn the feeds off twice late at night because I literally could not stand to hear her talk anymore. Usually I leave the feeds on for background noise and in case something exciting happens. Marissa usually just goes on and on about the same things and also has to be in every conversation. The times I had to turn her off she not only would not stop talking but was lying. Imagine hearing someone lie, and say the lie like like like(Marissa says like alot!) 4 different ways and Ross could not get her to shut up and he tries hard lately. . I just could not take it. Mark sleeping was better feeds.

  5. While I think it just seems apparent James will win this, I so sort of wish Ari wins it just because I want Mark to fully pull the trigger and name Ross or Marissa as the replacement. He might just become my favorite then.

  6. HUH? They might hold off the veto ceremony until Friday night? Or did I misunderstand that? Isn’t Friday night the double evection? If so, then that doesn’t seem fair to the nominees or especially the renom (if there is one)…. not a lot of time to fight for themselves. Perhaps I misunderstood that!?

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