‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round 5?

Head of Household comp on Big Brother

The latest eviction show closed with Metta ending his stay just as he’s been trying to do since before the Feeds launched. The rest of the HGs hopefully have a little more interest in playing. Certainly, the new Head of Household does! Spoilers ahead.

Feeds were down for just under four hours with the last seven Houseguests heading to the backyard where Omarosa would watch to see who would follow in her steps. Read on for the Big Brother spoilers revealing the latest results for the HoH competition in the next round of Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 5 HoH Comp:

  • Mark McGrath won HoH

Mark and James were obviously thrilled with these results and already planning how they’d enjoy the rest of the week with the HOH room upstairs. Mark will a nice long rest up there, but he’s still got to make some choices too.

Who will he put on the Block? The “anyone but me” attitude of the majority will point their finger at Omarosa so she better start planning that Veto win, but maybe Mark will surprise us and go to breaking up the pair of Brandi and Ari. We know before the comp that Ross was letting Mark know he would have been in danger up on the Block. Will he take that to heart?

Nominations will be coming up probably sometime tomorrow. We’ll keep watching for the spoilers.

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  1. I hope he nominates Omarosa. If he picks anyone else it’s just going to seem too hard to believe. James is the only one who’s a physical danger and he and Mark are a team so it’s understandable he won’t nom him. Breaking up a team is sound but is Brandi a big threat in any way? No. She’s not loved by anyone and isn’t a physical competitor. Ross and Melissa aren’t a big physical threat either. It might be a much smarter game move to nom Ross but I’m not sure Mark will do it. I hope he puts up Omarosa and Brandi just for the drama. But if he does that, Brandi will probably decide it’s time to go home to her children and beg to be voted out the day of evictions.

  2. Didn’t Mark make a deal the other day with Omarosa, that she recently didn’t nominate him if he would not nominate her the next time if he won HoH?
    Mark won’t nominate James either!
    Brandi will be #1 choice!
    #2 choice, I think Mark will nominate Marisa.
    Mark, can always back door Omarosa, because no deal was ever mentioned about back dooring.

    • Great idea! But do you think he knows the game well enough to realize that? It seems like a lot of the newbies give a handshake and actually respect it. (Shocker!)

      • Maybe, James can help to persuade Mark to back door Omarosa!
        I hope that Ari wins!
        I like her.

      • I respected Ari for making a call to evict the strongest competitor and sticking to it but her shunning of Shannon in the house was just horrible. The fact that she wouldn’t even give Shannon the respect to talk with her indicates what a juvenile Ari really is. Really?! Using Metta as her shield to protect her from having any conversations with Shannon?! What a stunning display of childish behavior! She must be still bitter from losing the crown that was never hers to begin with! Ari can go home NOW! #TeamJames

    • Omarosa is the most intelligent person in the house. When she made the deal with Mark she also covered her bases no back door just like she did with James.

      What no one has ever covered in this game is no voting for me if I do end up on the block. Well except for Omarosa who still didn’t ask it, but Metta had offered it up.

      • I hate how they hate Omorosa, so I always route for the underdogs…Yes she made a deal with James and Mark and they should abide by it…She is not a threat to them and will give them a # …They have to go after the big threats like Ross and Marissa to weaken their alliances with the 4 alliances !!!

    • Omarosa has tried to work with him and she has no one. If he’s smart he’d keep her just because he has no problem with her and the next round of votes the house would be all over her

  3. This season is just so fast. Hard to keep up working the night shift like I do. Still, I think Omarosa is playing the best game out of everyone. I do want to see either Ariadna or Mark win.

    • I agree she is playing if you noticed she almost won the comp. next to Ross ?…Was real close…Kinda wished she had to keep the block the same and see who would have gone home ??!!

  4. Poor choices for this game was:
    Metta – a simple question like could you be isolated from home for X time given the psychologist enough info he would disappoint (or are they only good for distributing pills as a solution to people)?
    Keisha – every mother knows that pumping alone and away from your child, coupled with stress etc is likely to deplete your milk supply especially at the age the kid is at. Her child having this issue which is important should have stopped her all together from being on the show.
    James – though his arrogance is disgusting, it’s his fake personality on the show ESP in the diary room. He thinks he is the Kings cheese but have just secured a dip in his career being on the show and showing who he truly is. He also acts the part of BB contestant than being a contestant

    The best without saying is:
    Mark, Omarosa, Ross, Marissa and Shannon.

    I love how Mark owns being a floater. I have always said and commented here that floaters is the most difficult strategy to pull off. You ride under the radar and you get both sides of the house to blindly trust you and believe you aren’t a threat as others keep getting knocked out. You can also be a voice of influence to an entire group. I want Mark to win…as everyone else is to obvious a choice to do so.

  5. Mark will respect his deal with Omarosa. My guess is, he is going for Marissa, Brandi and Ross.

    • You think he will? I hope so. The other side votes in pairs and he’ll be their target. I’m rooting for Mark so I hope he keeps Omarosa’s deal

    • I was worried he’d keep Ross safe. I mean, after Metta left, the foursome huddled up around the bar with the others in the perimeter. I hoped the others noticed the foursome flicked together immediately.

      Who’d you rather be at the end with? Even if Mark likes Ross, guess what? Ross has 3 built in votes. Who’s going to vote for Oma? I hope he and James consider who they can beat in comps and votes.

  6. Dear Chuck,

    Your eviction was not James’ fault. Your eviction was Keisha’s fault because she started to force the issue of Shannon using her PoV to nominate Mark. Keisha’s only purpose was to have Mark nominated to show him where his place was in the game. Ross never had your back. Neither did Marissa, Brand, or Ari. If you vote for Omarossa, America will not be your friend!

    So in the end, I hope you vote for James or Mark.

    Dear Keisha,

    The only reason you were blindsided was because of your own bullying tactics. James, Mark, and Shannon are not to be blamed for this. Ross was the one who suggested the switch in votes because Omarossa told him where his place was in the alliance. You did the same thing as Omarossa when you demanded mark be put up for eviction. Remember Brandi, Ari, and Marissa blindsided you as much as anyone else. If you want your child to act as you did, then go ahead and flip that Bitch Switch back on and vote for Omarossa. But America will not be your friend. And according to the polls you’re gonna want friends as you are on the bottom of most of them. We loved Rudy, not so much Keisha.

    So in the end vote James or Mark. They’ve played the game the cleanest. Be better! Show your child that you are above the game and can vote for the player, male or female, that played the best.

    Dear Shannon,

    America IS your friend! That’s why you’re still on top of all the polls even after you were evicted. Where is a Time Machine made out of a DeLorean when you need one to get you back into the game?! Ari voted you out because you were the strongest player. You have to give her props for that! Ari shunning you like you were an Amish person who did something bad, was unacceptable negating the respect she should get for voting you out. Marissa and Ross! Don’t second guess your decision about either of those two EVER! They back stabbed you, front stabbed you and left you hanging from a tree like Drew Barrymore in Scream! Then Omarossa drove a bus right into your hanging body. And Brandi, she was a passenger in that bus. You’re smart to see that Brandi voted not to evict you as she’s hoping to score your final vote. But Brandi was also one of the four that wanted you out and took place in the shunning.

    In the end, I hope you vote for James or Mark. They’ve played the game the cleanest. They are the underdogs. America likes to vote for the underdogs.

    Dear Metta,

    You do you.


    Voices of America

      • Right you are! It’s terrible when disinterested “players” who couldn’t care less mess the game up for others, as the puling, erratic Metta Whirled Peas did. What could have been an interesting eviction was wasted by the HGs capitulating to his whine-fest. They didn’t evict him, they caved in to his tears. Then—THEN—he starts bragging about what a fierce competitor he is! If Mr. Peace’s appearance on BB is any example, I could carve a more fearsome competitor out of a banana.

  7. He would be totally stupid not to break up Ross, Marissa, Brandi and Ari. He made a deal with Omarosa and as much as I don’t like her, she should honor it. The other side as the numbers he needs to take someone out from that side. James cannot stand Brandi, I’m sure he will be pushing for her. The way the 4 of them would not even speak to Shannon was inexcusable, you don’t do that. Especially Marissa who was suppose to be her friend before this game.

    • Agreed. I hope Mark honors O deal just as she did with him. She could’ve easily nominated mark and Brandi with Ross as a back door and he’d most likely be the one walking out.

  8. I know that CBB1 isn’t evicting this Wednesday, but I wish that they would have!
    Now, double eviction scheduled for Friday.
    Puts the show down to 5 h/g.
    No eviction on Saturday!
    3 evictions on first hour on Sundays show!
    Regular format the final hour on Sunday!
    Why not another another eviction or 2 on Saturday night.
    Make it a 2 hour show also?
    Just a thought.
    Omarosa is being kept around for ratings!
    She has no friends, but knows how to make deals.
    If, Omarosa wins, she will be known as the deal maker!
    We all have to respect her for that.

    • If Assaroma wins (which she no doubt will) it’s because how things were tilted in her favor by CBS, who paid her a bundle for being on the show.

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