Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Target Set For Eviction In Round 5

Mark prepares his next move on Celebrity Big Brother

Friday will offer up not one but two evictions on Celebrity Big Brother and while we’ll have to wait and see for our options in the second round there’s not a lot of wiggle room for who will likely be evicted first that night.

Mark took over as the new Head of Household after James worked with him to secure his own safety plus a chance to win the next HoH comp. The target was set on Brandi so she and Ari were sent to the Block. Now the Veto comp is over and those results are unlikely to change Brandi’s fate.

Ari won the Power of Veto and now she’ll obviously use it on herself at the ceremony. When she vacates that spot Mark will have to name a renom. The F4 group of Ross, Marissa, Brandi, and Ari had hoped to get Omarosa in that spot so she could be voted out instead of Brandi. Mark is on to that plan.

Shortly after the Veto comp ended last night Mark told James that he knows that move, renom’ing Omarosa, is too risky and he won’t do it. He suggested that if Ross and Marissa are truly on board with the plan to evict Brandi then there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a smart move because Omarosa probably would get voted out if she were up against Brandi.

Mark plans to renom Marissa to sit next to his target. He didn’t want to tell her last night to avoid having to listen to her counter arguments and complaints. Instead, he’ll wait and tell her today or just before the ceremony.

Brandi has pitched the idea to Ari and Omarosa that they could try to get Ross BD’d. It’s not a bad strategy, but I’d really be surprised if Mark would do Brandi any favors. Mark has negotiated a F4 deal with Ross, Marissa, and James, so why would he keep Brandi over him? She’d have to make a very convincing argument but that’s going to be an uphill battle.

With Marissa and Brandi on the Block it seems highly likely we’ll see Brandi go. There are four votes and the chance for a tiebreaker by Mark. He would obviously vote out Brandi in the case of a tie so she’d need three votes to stay. That’s unlikely to happen.

James, Ross, Ari, and Omarosa are voting. James definitely won’t flip his vote. He’s anxiously awaiting Brandi’s departure. That means it all comes down to Ross. Omarosa already promised Brandi that if she could get that one extra vote then she’d join Ari and that other HG to evict Marissa instead.

Would Ross vote out Marissa? Doubtful. She seems more loyal to Ross than Brandi would be since she’s close with Ari instead. Ross will need to evict Brandi and keep his stronger ally and that’s what I’d expect him to do this round. After that the Double Eviction breaks loose and who knows what will happen next!

What do you think of Mark’s plans for the renom and his target on Brandi? Is it the right move or should he be trying to evict a different HG this round? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Who would beat Rose in a F2? I don’t believe a guy would. O will not win against anyone, imo. Brandi is leaving. That leaves only Ari and Mouth. I think Ari would have the best potential to beat Rose, but I definitely wouldn’t bet on that happening.
    I only hope BB wouldn’t be corny enough to announce Ari the winner, only to say they made a mistake and award the crown, sash, and bouquet to Rose.

    • Ha ha! I’d LOVE to see that happen, even if it were only staged, with Julie in the Steve Harvey role.

    • Agree Omarosa prolly can’t win. They either hate or distrust her – in any case, she isn’t strongly aligned with anyone. And her “breakup” with Shannon was not pretty.
      With losing Shannon’s and Brandi’s votes, Ross has 2 votes against him in the final (if they’re still bitter). James and Ari would be his biggest competition and that depends on how well they do in the upcoming comps. Fewer people and they’ve all won something. If James survives and starts slamming comps, it’s hard to not give it to him. I think Ari can win more, too.
      If they don’t like James, they’ll say that his social game suffered, even though it was mostly Brandi with whom he sparred.
      Ross has been very strategic, a calming force, really only had one enemy (Oma) in the house (though Shannon is none too pleased now)…and has a decent social game with both the men and the women. The jury isn’t sequestered and his DRs are funny sometimes. He is the one to beat in the end, I think. Unless someone beasts the final comps.

      • Rose was the stem holding the petals together for the alliance. Those petals are wilting away and the stem is not as strong as it once was. Brandi says she won’t vote for him if he votes to evict her(She was saying that earlier, I haven’t read anything since this AM.), but that is all contingent upon who was sitting with him if he makes it to F2. I agree that if James is F2 with Rose, as of now, I would vote for James, but I think Rose wins.

      • You calling Ross Rose is VERY disrespectful…hateful, really. Have any gay friends? I’d bet not.

      • He calls himself Capt. Pervy. I hardly think Rose would bother him, but I really don’t care either.

  2. Mark’s making the totally right decision, as to Ross’ decision, I don’t actually know. The argument that he finally made to Marissa to ally with the boys briefly might be something he intellectually agrees with that, as far as he knows, James and Mark would both still be easiest to win against in the end (though this sometimes is the issue with jury, some more of their allies are currently in the jury) and this might be the most bloodless way to get rid of Marissa when he can and also that James and Brandi hate each other so much that them fighting will just take it over and he can stay out of the fray since Ari and Mark will have their respective partner backs.

    • Brandi is harder to work with and will target mark and definitely James. Omarosa is barely sliding by and is much more likely to work with them because she doesn’t have a ride or die like every other houseguest does

      • I’d rather have someone who can’t win competitions, Brandy left, than a MACHINE, such as Omarosa!
        Omarosa will surprise at the end, winning more competitions, where Brandy is incapable of winning any!

      • True but she can’t win every comp and Brandi has the votes so imo I’d get rid of her first, plus it’s unlikely that O will get many jury votes

    • Because that leaves the four alliance intact against the two boys. And the boys know it. Now Ross chooses between the two girls left or the two boys, whoever wins the next HOH gets Ross and goes to the finals.

      • As long as Ross doesn’t get either backdoored by Brandi, Ari & Oma – and as long as the guys don’t catch wind of his duplicity – Ross is in high cotton. He is set up pretty well for end game.
        Of course, we don’t know how so many finalists will be culled – one big elimination or what. He may not get Brandi’s or Shannon’s votes but he may make it to the end with either the girls or the guys.
        I don’t shortchange Omarosa though. If anyone can plant seeds of distrust, that lady can. She POSSIBLY could get Mark to put up Ross instead of Marissa. Not likely but if anyone can….

    • Mark promised Omarosa when she was HOH that, if she didn’t put him up, he would not put her up if he were to win HOH. I think that’s the reason he won’t nominate her, even though NO ONE has mentioned it.

  3. Mark promised Omarosa that, if he were to win HOH, he would not put her up. Funny that no one has mentioned that in the recaps. I like Mark. I’m rooting for him to win.

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