Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Target Set For Eviction In Round 3

Ari and Brandi talk targets on Celebrity Big Brother

The Veto competition is over for the latest round of Celebrity Big Brother spoilers but decisions still need to be made and for a few of the HGs it won’t be an easy choice, even if it’s the obvious one.

James and Shannon were sent to the Block by Ari and now, after last night’s HoH comp, we know James will be saving himself and opening up a spot on the Block. Since the last round, the background murmurs have been to target Shannon and send her out the door. Now with her last chance at safety behind her is Shannon’s game set to end on Friday night?

Things look pretty bad for Shannon. She figured out earlier in the week that she was toast and the tears started to flow. It could have all been a show, but the game and house is stressful so those tears could have been sincere. There’s been a lot of support from the other HGs who have tried to remind Shannon that this is all a game and nothing personal.

Last night (Flashback to 1:50 AM BBT 2/15 Cams 1/2) Brandi spoke with Ari that she felt guilty and heartbroken to see Shannon so sad and upset. Shannon had earlier expressed a desire to stay just a little longer so she could see Zingbot and OTEV. It seems she managed to tug on Brandi’s heartstrings. Ari isn’t having any of that though.

Ari was quick to remind Brandi that Shannon is smart, athletic, and knows Big Brother inside and out. Shannon is definitely a threat and Brandi knows it. Ari isn’t backing down, but then again Ari doesn’t have a vote this week.

Ari does have a renom to make though and the current choices are likely Omarosa or Mark. She’s worried that Omarosa is too tempting of a pick up on the Block so I’d watch for Mark to be up there next to Shannon on Friday’s eviction night. From there we’ll have six votes meaning either nominee needs four votes to stay for sure, or three votes to reach the tiebreaker. In the case of a tie I would definitely expect Ari to evict Shannon.

Could Shannon get four votes? Brandi has said she would like to keep Shannon, but when push comes to shove I think she knows Shannon is a threat to her chances of winning and needs to go. James is obviously an ally of Shannon’s but against Mark I think he’d vote to keep Mark. Marissa wants Shannon gone. They’re friends outside the house, but like they keep saying, this isn’t personal. Metta? Who knows, but he’ll go with the flow. Omarosa has told Shannon she’d fight to keep her, but ehh, I doubt she really would. Ross? He’s too afraid of Shannon coming back after him to vote to keep her.

If we see a 6-0 vote against Shannon on Friday then I wouldn’t be shocked, but we may get one or two votes in her favor. All the same, it won’t be enough and I expect Shannon to be out the Big Brother Celebrity house door on Friday night.

What do you think of the HGs choice this week? Is Shannon the right target or should they be getting out someone else instead? Share how you would vote between Mark and Shannon, should that be our final pairings for this round’s nominees.


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  1. After hearing Marissa did not wash her hands before coming out of the bathroom after she flushed, I can no longer watch Big Brother. I would gag uncontrollably every time I saw her.
    Thanks for ruining the show for me Marissa. Nope. I’m done. It looks like I’ll be watching anything but CBS.

    • That’s disgusting! I’m kinda bored with this BB version too. There’s no ‘showmance, so no one is having sex which BB is known for….I’m done!

    • On top of that, you’ve got to be cautious which towel you use after washing. Some guy last season cleaned some leftover sex fluid off of his belly with the kitchen towel and preceded to wipe the dishes, counter top, and floor with it, then put it back for public use again. I have no problem watching it, though.

    • Gagging is a perfectly natural response around certain people. I just try not to look, much less listen..

  2. I’m waiting to see if there is an “intervention” about to occur in production’s game of chess.

    • If you’re referring to Shannon, I believe the game of chess has begun. With the addition of the Brobot vote that America gets to use it looks like we can save Shannon. Go to the CBS Big Brother website for more info on how to vote. I know you can place a vote on Facebook and Skype.

  3. So now MWP wants to sacrifice himself for Shannon. Well, isn’t that just dandy. He’s such a nice person. Free Metta! Free Metta!

  4. I don’t know why they think Shannon is the strong one. Have they seen how Ross and Marissa are controlling everyone? They’re the ones that will be in the F2 if they don’t wake up. Please backdoor Ross.

    • I think the difference is, Ross and Marissa have just planted seeds and had casual conversations whereas Shannon, by default (because she was the first HOH) became the leader of her alliances & put the “strong” target on her back.
      As you know, the first HOH winner always becomes the biggest threat (because they were the first to win a comp & everyone starts making deals with them.) but because this game is expedited, Shannon really never got a chance to sit back and become less of a target. I think she is an incredible player, but unfortunately again she is in this expedited game. If she was in a regular game with lots more time, I think she would’ve done well! She’s playing the right game, but she’s playing a regular BB season game. Makes any sense?
      She was the “leader” in most of the things that happened in the house, whereas she should’ve been more like Ross and Marissa, a little less vocal. She got ahead of her self too quickly! Plus, I think spelling the word “responsibilities” was the nail in the coffin for her LOL 😆
      I completely agree with you, Marissa and especially Ross are huge threats! They are likeable, Funny and friendly, they know this game just as much as Shannon, and they know the competitions so they have a leg up on most which makes them extra good at the comps but, they are playing just right to still fly under the radar, (at least a little.) of course we see them as huge threats because we see how they are planting the seeds and helping them grow without being too much of a threat to the other hgs.
      LOL OK, I don’t think this made much sense!?? and was repetitive! LOL stupid talk to type, I’m thinking out loud 😉
      Blah blah blah blah ♥️

      • Hey buddy. How’s it going. I just can’t get into this BB. The only one I like is Shannon and James. Now after they are gone, I won’t continue the season.

      • Hey you, I’m good! How about yourself?
        Well, you won’t have to wait long for the new season at least :-)

      • I did :-) I posted on here a couple hours ago congratulations LOL I hope they have had a lot of “downtime” so they could really get to know each other. You know what I mean? Going from big brother to amazing race

      • Have you been watching TAR? They play well. Also they have YouTube videos Living Jody. It is awesome

      • TAR?
        And, big brother after dark is not airing on “Slice” the season so I can’t see that either! 😡
        Thank you, I will check out that YouTube channel for sure :-)

      • Oh crap, I forgot about that! When did the amazing race start again this season? I used to watch it all of the time, (my husband and I wanted to be on it) and then for whatever reason, I just stopped watching it…..

      • Did you hear that Jess and Cody won TAR. They played so good together. They also came out with a lot of friendships

      • Hey jlf,
        I totally forgot TAR was on and by the time I found out, it was the last episode! I did read that they won and I am thrilled! Good for them!
        I would really like to watch that season though, mainly because I would love to see how Cody and Jessica worked together.

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