‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feeds: Watch Tonight’s Endurance HoH Competition

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Endurance Comp

CBS has announced that tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household competition will be featured live on the Feeds with an endurance battle for fans to enjoy!

When tonight’s eviction show ends at 10PM ET you’ll want to get your Feeds up and running no matter what timezone you’re watching the show.If you can’t watch, then join us for our live comp recap!

Tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance battle and that means we’ll be able to watch it live, but only on the Feeds. This is our first live HoH comp of the season and only the second endurance battle of the Celebrity BB season. With just about a week left to go in the season, this may be the only one we get so be sure to watch!

I’ll be putting my chips on a James win here and without Shannon to challenge him he may easily walk away with this one. Then again Omarosa has expressed she has some hidden athletic skills which could keep this competitive.

Want to watch the upcoming Endurance HoH Comp? You will need your Big Brother Live Feeds through CBS’s All Access. There’s a free one-week trial that you can use to get started and see what you think. After that, the cost is $5.99/mo, or about 20 cents a day. Really cheap entertainment if you want it.

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Get signed up now to avoid the rush and be ready to watch starting right around 10PM ET (7PM PT) tonight right after the live eviction show ends. The stakes are high and all HG will be fighting to win control to keep their allies safe. Who do you want to see pull it off? Share your pick below!



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  1. I don’t see Ross or Marissa being able to win this one so I agree that James has a big advantage here. If he wins I can just see R and M quivering in their boots. Go James!

    • When Ross won HOH before, he only did so because someone threw the competition and let him win. I have no confidence that he would ever win an HOH based on his own skills.

      • That’s right, thanks to Shannon and James, Ross won HOH and promptly began plotting their demise.

        I’m hoping tonight the audience will be able to vote to save Shannon and put someone on the block in her place as well.

        My vote will be for Marissa going on the block, not Omarosa. Can’t wait to see Marissa’s face as she exits the BB house.

        I wonder if Julie would be able to get a word in edgewise during the Marissa interview. Oh well, at least I can dream :D

        It’s a good thing young Ari won’t be able to compete in the endurance comp too.

      • As she exits the house, if I were Julie, I would refuse to shake hands with Marissa. “I’d tell her we saw that you walked out of the bathroom without washing your hands. Here’s a parting gift – a bottle of bleach. Use it!”

      • HAHAHA! I’m howling with laughter over here!

        I’ll go and step further and suggest Julie wear a hazmat suit as well!

        Yes, a bottle of bleach would be an excellent parting gift for Marissa.

      • Lol. If America gets to vote for the winner, my vote goes to whoever puts up Marissa and gets her out! Ever since that bathroom incident, I’m grossed out watching her and seeing her in the kitchen or reaching into the popcorn bowl. Plus her non-stop irritating voice is driving me crazy!!

      • I’ve never seen such a egregious effort by any BB contestant to hog the camera the way Marissa has…well, maybe Frankie :D
        It would be so much fun to vote to put her on the block though.

      • Frankie was def a camera hog. I’m so with you on getting her on the block. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like Omarosa so much better than her. That’s it, she has officially driven me crazy.

      • As BB goes off the air with the cameras zooming over the players in their seats all you can hear is Marissa gurgling forth every thought that comes into her tiny head:

        I’m rooting for a James or Omarosa to win the HOH since that’s the only chance of getting rid of Marissa.

      • I do like how far and fast Marissa fell in the popularity polls. I think Omarasso ranks higher than her.

      • Marissa has been in the bottom for a few days now since she makes the live feeds and BBAD unwatchable. I might be over-reaching here but surely production has noticed how irritating motor mouth Marissa has been for the audience.

        When she dropped below Omarosa you gotta know that fans demand her exit :D

      • Wouldn’t it be fun if they were all assigned a bed that only they could sleep in and at the end of the day, the bed with the person lowest in the polls would lower down into a creepy basement as they were sleeping. And they would have to stay in the basement until the next challenge. I think it would change their social games a lot.

      • Oh my gosh, that is so hilarious! Thanks for the laughs guys :D

        I wonder who Marissa would talk to during her lengthy tenure in the basement?

      • Just a thought but maybe have mirrored walls all over and the only one she called talk to would be herself. Then she would know how just irritating she really is.

      • It was only because he was against James. He could have beaten most of the people in the house. Oma is all talk. She sucks at comps and only if she is given a win will she be HOH.

      • You are correct. But as a self professed superfan, I think after learning that the game was thrown in his favor, Ross would realize that it was a hollow victory. After as a superfan, don’t you think he’d want to win on his own merit.

      • Yeah Shannon told James to throw it. James got all pins b4 1st gate went up. He was kicking butt!

  2. Hmm, an Omarosa HOH would probably be non-stop entertainment. Pretty sure she’d go after Ross and Marissa too so I’m beginning to like the thought of Omarosa winning the comp tonight. I wonder if she’d let R and M sleep in the HOH bed with her?

      • She only has one goal. A woman needs to win. So if she put up R & M she would also have a plan to backdoor James.

      • I’m not sure about Omarosa’s motives for the ‘girl power’ strategy, maybe she’s just trying to deflect and put attention on the guys in an attempt to take the focus off of herself.

      • I’m so happy Omarosa won!! Something I never thought I would say. Hopefully she will put up Marissa like she told Shannon she would!!!

      • I know how you feel! This is so great, don’t think Omarosa will be afraid to bust up the alliance of 4.

      • Shannon also told James to split up the couples so he should try to work with Omarosa to make this happen.

      • This is getting so good!!!!! Can’t wait to see the face of Marissa when she’s put up. I think Brandi might team up with Omarosa and James after she finds out Ari told everyone that Brandi was the lone vote for Shannon. Fireworks are coming!!!

      • I couldn’t agree more! Ari messed up by turning on Brandi so quickly. Omarosa could care less if Brandi threw a hinky vote for Mark either, even though Marissa is running around telling everyone what Brandi did.
        Brandi is not a threat to anybody and once she learns that Ari is unreliable she’ll probably start working with Omarosa to get out the others.

        Every scenario I play out it’s looking bad for Ross and Marissa
        and I’m so glad!

        Ready for the fur to fly.

  3. I expect James to win endurance comp. which after being on the block twice..He could use a week of safety…bless his heart

  4. BB you like rules don’t you ?
    Then why can’t you put a sign in the bathroom that says
    ” All HGs must wash hands before leaving ” otherwise
    It is BBs fault for not saying what to do !

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