Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Live Feeds Round 2 – Friday Night Highlights

The Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Live Feeds returned after Friday night’s live eviction and Ryan, Dina and Joey were trying to piece together what happened and why Jonathan was evicted. Meanwhile Tamar continued to freak out over anything and everything and then the celeb HGs headed off to the HOH competition. Read on to find out what the new HOH has planned for their reign.

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Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Highlights – Friday, January 25, 2019:

6:07 PM BBT – Feeds are back after the eviction. HGs are lounging.

6:10 PM BBT – Ryan, Dina, and Joey are comparing notes on the surprise of Jonathan being evicted. Dina is surprised that even Tamar voted against Jonathan, passing up the opportunity to vote against Kandi.

6:15 PM BBT – Ryan tells Kato he’s not mad about the blindside and appreciates the game move of it.

6:30 PM BBT – Tamar tells Ricky that she thinks Jonathan had a feeling he was going. She doesn’t believe he was really surprised.

6:33 PM BBT – Tamar lets Ricky know that she thinks the other women are upset with her.

6:40 PM BBT – Ricky tells Natalie that Tamar said they were worked up over her. Natalie admits they’re getting tired of her.

6:45 PM BBT – Natalie reminds Tamar they have the numbers advantage in this competition. Natalie says she’s proud of Tamar for not going petty with her vote. Tamar says the action, not the decision was hard.

6:50 PM BBT – Tom tells Kato that the two of them have a lot of strength with their paired votes and if they combine those with Lolo and Natalie then they can control the game.

6:55 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the comp prep.

8:15 PM BBT – Feeds return to the HOH comp. Live recap here.

10:12 PM BBT – Feeds are back after the comp. HGs are struggling out of their sticky comp gear.

10:25 PM BBT – Tom asks Ryan if he would have been good at the HOH comp. Ryan thinks he would have.

10:30 PM BBT – Tamar is afraid Kato will put her up. Natalie says she won’t let him and that this is good so they can all compete in the next HOH. Natalie also points out that Joey didn’t get a safety deal because he didn’t drop when the deal was offered.

10:32 PM BBT – Tamar tells Natalie that Kato should nominate Ricky and Ryan. Natalie says they’ll have to backdoor Ryan so Tamar says then it should be Ricky and Joey.

10:35 PM BBT – Tom says Ryan has a feeling he’s going on the block. Kato says he’s putting Dina up because she’s after him. He didn’t like how she encouraged Joey to not drop when Kato was trying to make a deal to get him to drop.

10:40 PM BBT – Ryan tells Kato he knows he’s probably going on the block but if Kato decides not to put him up he will be an ally of his. Ryan comes clean about the alliance he and Jonathan had with the women but says that fell apart and now he thinks the women have an alliance with everyone in the house.

11:10 PM BBT – Lolo says Joey was making it hard to hang on during the HOH because he was complaining the whole time. She tells Natalie that he was talking to producers through his mic telling them that the comp was too brutal and they needed to speed it up.

11:15 PM BBT – Ryan tells Joey if he gets nominated he’ll just say vote him out.

11:25 PM BBT – Lolo is furious that her hair was turned green by the gel sprayed during the competition. She gets upset that Dina’s hair came out fine but hers is still green.

11:45 PM BBT – Ryan and Natalie discuss their personal progress on being sober.

12:20 AM BBT – Lolo and Tamar talk about surviving this round. Tamar hopes to win the money and use it toward buying a home.

12:45 AM BBT – Dina encouraging Lolo that her hair will be okay and she’ll help her get the green out.

1:00 AM BBT – Kato checked and the HOH door is still locked. Tom jokes production might have gone home for the night.

1:25 AM BBT – HOH room reveal finally arrives and everyone celebrates for Kato.

2:05 AM BBT – Ryan mentions to Joey that he saw Tamar and Kandi hugging so he thinks they’re okay with each other. He also wants to win the Veto so Lolo can go up. Ryan is okay with getting nominated so he has a chance at Veto but worries it could be a mental comp.

2:15 AM BBT – Joey and Ryan discuss needing to get out one of the women.

2:50 AM BBT – Lolo worries to Natalie that if they win the Veto then use it on Tamar it will expose their alliance. Natalie says they don’t have to save her because they’d have the votes.

3:15 AM BBT – Ricky, Lolo, and Natalie discuss what their goal with Kato should be, either keeping Tamar safe or trying to get Ryan backdoor’d.

3:45 AM BBT – HGs heading to bed.

Busy night for the Houseguests with the HOH excitement and Kato’s big win in a tough competition. Now he’ll have to work on his nomination plans and those decisions will be coming up this weekend.

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