CBS Provides First Glimpse Of Big Brother 14 Cast

Big Brother 14 on CBS

CBS has provided the first public look at the Big Brother 14 cast today with a new commercial introducing a batch of new houseguests. Just as you’d expect the commercial shows a good looking cast and some big personalities.

Check back with us on Thursday at 12PM ET for our one-on-one interviews with the houseguests and find out who might be your favorite HG on Big Brother 14. We’ll dig deep, have fun, and even ask reader submitted questions. You’ll get bios, pictures, and our very own interview videos, a first for Big Brother Network!

We can’t share any details yet, but I can promise that this Big Brother cast looks very promising and was a lot of fun to meet.

Anyone in that video catch your eye? They’ve only scratched the surface so far and we’ve got a lot more to learn as we head toward the Big Brother 14 premiere next week.

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  1. Good looking cast!!!!   Can’t wait !!!!!!    LOVE ‘BB’!!   :)

  2. Godamnit, they all look like tools. Let’s hope this isn’t BB9 all over again.

  3. Ok already know their personalities and who is going to link up and who the haters are….and who is going to be best liked and worst liked lol

  4. Looks like a good cast so far. Hurry up Thursday so I can pick my “love ’em and hate ’em’s”, (which btw is always wrong half way through the season, lol). I agree with everyone, no veterans this year please! And that includes Jessie as a Pandora’s Box punishment, he makes my insides want to come out, ugh!

    • i totally agree …..please stop recycling former players…..and stop scripting the show  so intensely……let nature take its course for once…..I also agree with cig 1986……give us real people…for a change……..recycling old players shows a lack of imagtination and laziness…come on you guys ….you can do it……

    • i totally agree …..please stop recycling former players…..and stop scripting the show  so intensely……let nature take its course for once…..I also agree with cig 1986……give us real people…for a change……..recycling old players shows a lack of imagtination and laziness…come on you guys ….you can do it……

  5. Damn. I love Big Brother…but enough with the models and fake tools. What the Hell? I want to see real people in there, i want to see some fat dude, a grandma, a bipolar chick that is weird hot, etc…not models and pretty people who are trying to get an acting career…smh.

    • I suppose “real” people would be boring to watch. People who just have a normal day job, no explosive personality, have “normal” hobbies etc probably won’t attract a lot of views.

    • So so sick of seeing the same people all the time.  Enough already they are
      appearing on all different shows.  Is the world really running out of people.
      I for one am sick of seeing whinnnnny Rachel and also Evil Dick and the rest of the old casts.  Drop the old players and get some real people on.  Tired of the young actors get some real people,

  6. So people are saying the 4 twists are actually returning houseguests who won’t be able to play for the money (or be evicted) – they would be returning as mentors. That would explain the secret room in the HOH and the rumor about more than 14 houseguests.

    • Yeah I heard that too. You know CBS can’t go a whole season without bringing some familiar faces back…I don’t mind them coming back to “mentor” as long as they can’t win any money.  I would love to see Dr. Will, Janelle, Evel Dick, Matt, Jun, or Boogie.  No Rachel or Jessie please.

  7. C’mon not rachel AGAIN!? I have watched Big Brother since it has started but Not this one! Enough is enough with bringing back people from the past shows. there are millions of people who would love to be on tv, why why why keep bringing her back??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • I totally agree.  I don’t want to see any former houseguest’s at all.  Been there done that.

  8. So Evel Dick confirmed them mentors twist. So ya, this season won’t be that great. 

  9. They don’t have a interview on the Kid Rock looking guy who was slated to be my favorite because I am a huge Kid Rock fan.  Bummer

  10. no Rachel!!!!!!!! I am so tired of her!!!!!!!! Give REAL people a chance to play.

  11. Love the Kid Rock looking guy.  Of all the gay guys that have had he is the cutest

  12. I have to say this, but it AMAZES me that they have NEVER cast (since season 1) a heterosexual black male.  If someone can correct me please do.  I recall that they few black males that they have cast are somewhat (or very) effiminate gays.  The lack of diversity astounds me.  It’s not a dating show (which are notorious for being “vanilla”), and worried about advertiser dollars.  Unlike Survivor, which does a pretty good job of having different types cast over the years, Big Brother continues to use the same mold.  As I think of it, have there even been many Hispanic or Asian men cast?  The few tokens that BB sprinkles in usually come in a token female or two.  But again, BB…why no straight black men??!!!  What could be the rationale?!  Comments?

    • You want straight black men… bout……. BB5..Marvin…..BB9..Parker…..BB10..Ollie(who had plenty of sex with April, lol)……and last maybe BB11..Russell(he was from Lebanon but was dark)…☺….

  13. Who is the last guy named “Mike”? He isn’t in any of the interviews and has not been shown to be a part of the cast? whats that about?

    • Sorry ashley…but Mike was kicked out and Joe the chef has replaced him…☺…

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