Big Brother 14 Cast: Houseguests Revealed With Our Interviews

Big Brother 14 cast

The Big Brother 14 cast has been revealed! We’ve got your new season’s cast info with bios, pics, and our one-on-one interviews with the houseguests. Read on to meet the twelve new faces you’ll be seeing this summer on Big Brother.

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Remember the BB14 commercial that promised the “most HGs ever”? Well obviously 12 HGs isn’t the most ever which means there will be additional HGs not included in this information. Could the “mentors” rumor be true? I only met with 12 people for the interviews and we received no details on anyone else, but we expect that info soon! Also, due to a last minute change we won’t have an interview video for one of them.

Update: CBS reveals there will be 4 returning HGs: “In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game — for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere.”

Update 2: We’re seeing in the Twitterverse that someone with production has confirmed Rachel Reilly will NOT be one of the returning HGs. Nor will it be anyone from BB13.

Update 3: Those 4 returning HGs? “‘Four epic players — including fan favorites and winners — are coming in with their own agenda,’ teases executive producer Allison Grodner,” reports TVGuide. CBS will do a slow boil reveal to premiere night.

Update 4: Or CBS could decide to just leak the confirmation by allowing the Live Feeds to cut in early Wednesday morning and revealing the 4 returning HGs.

Here is your Big Brother 14 cast. Meet the new HGs and enjoy!

Big Brother 14 Ashley IoccoAshley Iocco
Age: 26
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Spray tan technician
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Ashley Iocco

Big Brother 14 Danielle MurphreeDanielle Murphree
Age: 23
Hometown: Grant, AL
Occupation: Nurse
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14′s Danielle Murphree

Big Brother 14 Frank EudyFrank Eudy
Age: 28
Hometown: Marion, AR
Occupation: Unemployed
Fun fact: Son of pro wrestler Sid Vicious
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Frank Eudy

Big Brother 14 Ian TerryIan Terry
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Engineering student
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Ian Terry

Big Brother 14 Jenn ArroyoJenn Arroyo
Age: 37
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Musician
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Jenn Arroyo

Big Brother 14 Jodi RollinsJodi Rollins
Age: 42
Hometown: Englewood, CO
Occupation: Restaurant server
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Jodi Rollins

Big Brother 14 Joe ArvinJoe Arvin
Age: 41
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Occupation: Chef
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Joe Arvin

Big Brother 14 JoJo SpataforaJoJo Spatafora
Age: 26
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Occupation: Bartender
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s JoJo Spatafora

Big Brother 14 Kara MonacoKara Monaco
Age: 29
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Model
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Kara Monaco

Big Brother 14 Shane MeaneyShane Meaney
Age: 26
Hometown: Bennington, VT
Occupation: Beer & Wine sales
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Shane Meaney

Big Brother 14 Wil HeuserWil Heuser
Age: 24
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Occupation: Marketing consultant
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Wil Heuser

Big Brother 14 Willie HantzWillie Hantz
Age: 34
Hometown: Vinton, LA
Occupation: Tankerman
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Willie Hantz

What do you think of the new Big Brother cast? Are you excited to see how they’ll handle the stress of BB14? Don’t forget to check out all our interview videos!


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  1. Occupation….mobile spray tanner….omg here we go again with a house full of num knuts.

  2. What is a mobile spray tanner?
    Shane is hott.
    Not sure about Fabio look a like yet.
    Luv luv Willie Hantz already..Hellerr

  3. I pray to God that Rachel is not one of the mentors. I have never been so sick of a person in my life!!!

    • already decided last year that if rachel or jesse comes back….i WILL NOT WATCH.
      I am still Pissed off about how they rigged it up last year……

      • they did not rig it up last year. You can argue how every winner had it rigged it up for them. You are truly a hater for saying that. 

    • Amen honey, I don’t think anyone at my home will watch if she comes back!  

  4. from what ive seen Rachel is a mentor as well as Mike “Boogie”….there are 2 others but they’re not as well known as those 2

      • I really hope we don’t see Brenchel, J&J, or Jessie this season.  They’ve definitely overexposed the five of them in the last few seasons.  I was hoping for an all-new cast, but if that’s not to be, at least let’s see some different returning houseguests.


  5. I cringe at the thought of another Hantz! I hope it’s Rachel, Boogie, Janielle, and Dan.

      • i soo agree the big snake boogie..and rat don’t win too much competition…and i don’t know what boogie,dan,brithney doing here coach?and boogie too…except janelle good player’s…win the competition but not think too much because team boogieb has to be a first to go…boogie can win the game with this blind people except shane is good player make a bad decision to put ashley…frank and ian suppose to be on the bloc…the best coach is janelle,jamesbb6-7,jefbb13,brandon,rachel,evel dick,danybb13,and willie.dan do nothing boogie is a big manipulator and snake…

  6. Yay! I hope Rachel returns! She plays a great drama-filled game with Brendon isn’t around! Be honest!

  7. i agree with mynomi, i’ve always been a huge rachel fan. she truly worked her ass off to win last season and she really deserved it. she pretty much had to turn her game around 360 to become more likable by the rest of the houseguests on top of trying to stay afloat while being on the block half the time …. the big brother 6 crew (james, janelle, kaysar) would be amazing to see in action again. it would also be fun to see someone like enzo or ragan on for kicks.and hey, what about cowboy??? or chicken george-haha! one thing is for sure though: if jessie returns, im going to kill myself.

  8. It would be nice if there was one genuinely older houseguest in the cast this time around.  Without one, who’s going to yell “Judas”?

  9. I am really excited for the season to start but really, BB can’t you come up with something other than bringing someone back who has already been on BB???  Once or even two times,  I hated Brenchal the first time around and even more the second time, I loved JEJO but the second time seeing them play the game wasn’t as good!!  Why do u gotta bring back ppl???  Mentors????  Not a fan!!

  10. No one I really do not like.  Maybe to many want to be ‘nice’ and I hope that changes. I think my favorite will be Willie Hantz, because need a ‘bad’ guy type in here.  Sorry that the chief wasn’t available…sounds like he could be making points with his cooking.   

  11. is that hantz boy related to  that russell from survivor???? omg hope not .. whats wrong with casting cant they tell i would be lots of fun to watch— well maybe next year–see ya’ll

    • Yes, I have a feeling Russell will be a surprise just for Willie but well see..

    • Yes Willie is Russell little brother …I went to school and grew up with them Hantzs ….they r awesome people…its just a show….

  12. Well BB, you certainly know how to kill my enthusiasm over this season.  Another Hantz?????  Really?

    • You might be surprised. He was the most adamant about “whatever it takes to win.” We could get a lot of good stuff out of him. This is coming from a guy who was not a Russell Hantz fan.

  13. Jodi, Ian, and Wil were the only 3 I could watch the whole thing through in one sitting.  Loving their energy

  14. No more Rachel or her boy toy..if she comes back i wont watch it and i have never missed an episode and although i loved Jordan and Jeff i hope they dont come back either..i would love to see Hayden,Enzo,Brittany and that would make for good tv!

  15. I thought that they stated last year that there would be no returning HG this year…I am not happy about this at all & I am a big fan of BB….I will see on Premiere Night!!!!

  16. Why can’t they just get new players and leave the ones that couldn’t win out !!!

  17. Great job Matt…u did a Awesome job !!!!…..

    so u interviewed MIKE who was replaced with Joe…right?…☺…

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.

      Yes, I did interview Mike and it’s a shame he won’t be in there. It does seem Joe is his replacement as no one at the press event appears to have interviewed him.

    • Hey, HoH8!  How do you feel about getting to watch yet another Hantz on a reality TV show??  How many of those suckers are there??

      • Hi Roxie….great to have u back posting…☺…hey, u know i love my Russell so im so HAPPY to have his kid brother playing BB….he looks and sounds so much like my little Troll, lol…..he’s my early fav so far…..☺….

      • Hey, BG!  Good to see you here, too!!!  I read your earlier post – so you think Willie (aka Troll, Jr.) might be a player? 

      • Hey now I know all them hantz’s…they are good people….it’s just TV people!!!

  18. Rumors are saying returning guests will be Janelle, Boogie, Dan and Danielle. Don’t know if this is true. I already can’t stand Willie Hantz. Does CBS have something going with the Hantz’s??? First Russell and his nephew on Survivor, now Willie who is Russells brother on BB.

  19. After seeing these interviews I feel a little better about this season. With the exception of Kara, who seems like a total floater and completely out of place, and Shane who seems like a total D-bag, I can be a bit excited about the rest. Early favs are Wil, Willie, Jenn and Ian. 

  20. OMG, watched them all and love luv LUB them all….!! this will be a great year, even with whomever they bring in, from the past, whichever 4 past HGs show up? won’t affect this group adversely, not a bit… they are all self confident, aware of the show and know the show well, most of them and a strong group, individually… can’t wait to see them butt heads or not, get along or not and the first show with ‘julie the chenbot’… love her too.. she makes it happen ;)… okay, let’s get this started! and a hugs THANKS to BBnetwork for all the work you’ve put in to get the press day and HG interviews along with chenbot herself doing the mandarin message lol, gotta love it, you guys rock!! <3 BB14 !! YES… on a scale of 1 to 10? I am a 20.. down and dirty fan!! This show is the most real show on the reality show circuit… the editing is close to being what really goes down and the feeds are where it's all at should you want to prove, 'set ups or not'……NOT definitely… this is a clean show, edited honestly and no agenda for the storyline until the feeds begin…. there's only so much they can do to mess with the HGs….. take it for what it is, enjoy it or just don't watch it!!  you have a choice…. so stop complaining, it hasn't even started, enjoy what there is to see so far and give everyone who is anyone 'kidos' for all the effort they've gone to to give this to us… this is 'my summer' since season '1', uno, un, and I wiouldn't miss any of it :D!!  C U at the finish line….. whoop whoop!! oh yah!! JoJo or Willi in the 2 chairs ??!! heheh

  21. Matt, I wish I had thought before when you asked for questions to ask those you were interviewing.  Maybe you did it anyway.  Do you happen to know if any of this years players have been in the chatroom here?  If so, can you share who they are?  I would love it if I “knew” one of the HGs.

  22. Hahaha. Ian’s one smart cookie, already figured out the Russell Hantz connection. Should be interesting.

  23. For starters they usually bring in a couple of the winners, never just losers… and it adds a twist to blow the new HG’s minds that first day/night… and some of the fans too…LOL.. personally? I like it :D

  24. I love how all these people say they won’t watch.. Yeah right, if you’re obsessed with Big Brother to check for spoilers then clearly you WILL watch. Just saying. [I loveeeeeeeee Big Brother<3]

  25. I have nothing against recasting former players but put them in an ALL-STAR season! And only TWO bites at the Big Brother apple. NO more Rachel,Brendon,Dr. Will,Boogie,Erica,ect. NEW players and only the BEST for an All-Star season please. I know through a spoiler that Rachel will be back yet AGAIN for a third time. If CBS puts her on Survivor or another Amazing Race there is NO point in watching anymore.

  26. OMG another Hantz on my fav show……ugh……my fav so far has gotta b Ian… his energy and he is an engineering student like my son……one thing I did not know tho I thought everyone that got on the show applied to b on the show didn’t know producers or production staff were actively trying to get people on the show the guy from VT who was in a magazine…..don’t really like that…..but oh well LOVE BB and will watch it always…….and scream at the tv at people like rachel and brendan!!

  27. Another fucking Hantz? Jesus. Well he seems okay, hopefully he can stir some shit up. If Russell was on BB he would be the best.

  28. Godamn, I take that back, this Willie guy is the shit, he’s EXACTLY what BB13 needed.

  29. Seems like it’ll be an ok cast, a variety of personalities makes for good feeds. 

    Ashley’s last name couldn’t fit any better with that interview, She seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal, but i like that about her.

    I can see Willie and Jenn getting in a war, I think it’ll be like Jen/Evel kinda

    As far as the Mentors go, I see a lot of negativity out there about returning houseguests. now if they were competing for the same prize as “newbies” then i would totally agree. but as i”ve read, they will be competing for their own prize. So i see it as we’re getting 2 games in 1. if the right people are put as memtors feeds will be great right from the start, cause of the familiar faces.

    I know she won’t be but I’d really like to see Dani as a Mentor, she kinda got screwed last year by her dad living, this would be a good chance for redemption.  

  30. According to the info on the Dish Network guide, the names listed was Portia, Dominic, Kalia?

    • OMG YES! Porscha, Dominic and Kalia Are JUST the right mentors!!!! They were so cut-throat last summer it would be unimaginable for anyone else but that golden trio to be the mentors!!! this information is obviously true!

    • Sorry…But AG just Confirmed today that the mentors will NOT be from BB13….besides what does Dish Network knows bout BB, lol….☺….

  31. Big Brother seems to be playing on the theme of Hunger Games with the idea of mentors… 

  32. It looks like we have an interesting group of houseguests this season. Jodi looks very promising. If she can overcome the “motherly” stigma, I’m sure her wit and ingenuity will take her far. However, in no way whatsoever am I happy about the twist. I was hoping for a season 10 approach, with all new houseguests. As seen with Survivor, bringing people back usually results in them controlling the game….which could make for a somewhat predictable and boring season. But if I had to pick I would definitely hope Dan walks back through those doors. Anyhow, we’re less than a week away. Here’s to a great season.  

  33. I do not care who is on, I love Big Brother and will watch nno matter what….

  34. I agree, returning houseguests again??? the show is good enough with all newbies

  35. It sounds like the same thing food network did this year,they have mentors for a group and since the 4 are playing their own game for their own prize,maybe whoever has the winner wins their part.Just a thought.

  36. On Wikipedia, it says that Rachel is a mentor, HOWEVER, Allison Grodner stated no there will no returning houseguests from season 13. 

  37. What is wrong with getting real hard working people? Why pick people from who their family is? We have a Hantz again just on BB and not Survivor and we have a wrestlers kid. I want more waiters, teachers, housekeepers, farmers, etc

  38. I just wish this year they would let whoever wins the POV  be the one who picks the replacement also I would like to see Dick back in this yr since he wasn’t able to be there last yr

  39. So i wonder how this 4 returning houseguests scenario will play out.  Theyre not competing with the others for the cash, but for their own prize.  Now what happens when theres only 1 left out of the 4 returning?  That person obviously wins whatever theyre competing for but does that mean that the winner just leaves the game or do they stay or what?

    • I imagine they stay till the last person on their team is evicted, so if say Dani was a mentor and all other teams are eliminated she would stay till the  last day

  40. If there are so many people who audition then why does BB go out and look for people? Jenn said they found her through facebook. Why bother auditioning if they come and find you? Willie Haynes is obviously known through his brother so that probably made it easier for him to get on the show. I like most of the hgs but I think Willie is the most arrogant and I won’t like watching him.

  41. I just realized this twist is probably gonna be just like the one from season 11. 

  42. I suspect four TEAMS competing, with the four returnIng players as coaches. And they get something if their team wins. Then the last team will compete against each other for the half mil.

  43. I think the Chef Joe ……….is HOT & he can cook too? what more can you ask in  man???? YYYUUUMMMMYYYYYYYY GO CHEF GO !!!

  44. I seriously hope they bring back former winners to play again.  From the options that would be Dan, Will, Boogie and Danielle (even though she was 2nd I want her back).

  45. I LOVE Rachel! but shes not going to be one of the returning. I am excited for the premier!

  46.   I would love to see dirty dick back , he was real good at getting into peoples head.. That’s all…

  47. Kara another cutie but looks to be a little ditzy. Danielle is hot and smart and JoJo looks she will be fun to watch.

  48. what about an over 50’s Big Brother?? They need money also, especially in these economic times.  And the games would be so funny.  Maybe throw in a couple of comedians in the mix, even a small person would mix it up somewhat. Just a thought!!!!

  49. I wish they would stop bringing back people from past shows, and just have all new people on the new show!


  50. I am not happy about the fact that some of these people did not audition.  They visit many states, now accept them online and I watched 3 interviews so far and 2 of them did not know a thing about Big Brother and did not audition, they were asked by Big Brother.  Ok, I get it, its a reality show and Big Brother know who they want and what kind of people but with the amount of prople that try out, I think to be fair it should be people who want to be on the show.  There are people who audtion every year.  When I auditioned a couple years ago, there were at least 200 people (that cared to be on the show).  But as usual every year, I will be in front of the TV 3 nights a week and very excited.  So, Big Brother, I am sure you did the right thing by recruiting yourself (I hope) and letting others downs that really know about the show.

  51. Interesting group of houseguests with some stating they will form alliances. Willie was honest to say that his mouth may get him in trouble and I agree; Jenn, I think I will like her game play; Jodi, may get the boot early on..ready to form alliances as soon as she arrives in the house; got to love Joe, he’s a chef so he’ll do wonders in the kitchen, and JoJo, in my opinion, will be a problem, just based on her interview but my opinion may change.  

  52. Willie is my fav so far! Look at that smile! A tankerman, from LA….u know he has a sense of humor! Bring on season 14….

  53. I would love to see janelle and rachel be on opposite teams…..I can’t stand rachel….didn’t even watch the Amazing Race…..such a whine butt!  I didn’t even like Janelle, but, Rachel has taken her place. 

  54. do these returning houseguests not have jobs? I could see my boss letting me do it once, but twice? three times? And could Mike Boogie be a bigger douche?

  55. Just now watching After Dark. Some of the women are really ragging on Boogie. He’s always been disgusting to me. I don’t get why people think he’s so great. He makes me cringe.

  56. shane is a good player’s he as to play smart to win…boogie a big snake and his team has to go first because boogie can win this game…frank/ian/team boogie has to go first and danielle after…and janelle team very bad to the competition joe has to go to after team boogie,dan and janelle they don’t play smart to this game and trust dan and boogie…they very blindddddddddd

  57. i can connect with bb14 when willie is go they so stupid…win hoh and keep boogie playe’rs this house guest are so borring and stupid and blind……….i can connect with them is the first time to bb i don’t like this saisson!and this house guest!what’s wong this saisson!?

    • I can’t understand why Janelle doesn’t mention her baby or that she misses

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