Caleb & Devin Have It Out On Big Brother 16 Live Feeds

Caleb Reynolds and Devin Shepherd went from the closest of Big Brother 16 allies to butting heads and breaking alliances in just a few short hours last night and we got to watch it all online.

Caleb listens to Amber worry about Devin
Caleb listens to Amber worry about Devin – Source: CBS

To set the Big Brother stage, Flashback on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get your Free Trial now.) to 2:25AM BBT 7/5 to find Derrick, Christine, Caleb, and Amber discussing concerns over Devin. Derrick is facilitating the discussion that Amber is feeling concerned and suppressed by Devin’s words and actions. Caleb to the rescue!

Move forward on last night’s timeline to 3:07AM BBT to find Devin coming outside to joining the guys at the pool table. Caleb wastes no time and immediately tells Devin there’s a problem.

Caleb is concerned that HGs suspect Devin put Brittany up for personal reasons over game reasons. Devin says absolutely he did that. He admits to openly saying it was a personal move.

Now Caleb warns Devin that he doesn’t have the votes to evict Brittany and that he’s causing rifts inside their alliance. Devin says he doesn’t care if she doesn’t go home, but he doesn’t believe that he (Devin) is mishandling their alliance. Soon Christine gets dragged outside and has to say that no, Devin wasn’t threatening or scaring her in recent talks.

Devin is upset and heads upstairs with Frankie to vent. Both are upset at Caleb screwing up what they’ve got going on especially when it’s working. Frankie is lending a supportive ear to Devin’s concerns when Devin gets up to leave. Frankie tries to get him to stay, but Devin is off and back downstairs to go outside and confront Caleb over his claims.

Devin asks Caleb to walk with him. Caleb asks, “do you feel better?” Devin replies, “no, I don’t.” Devin says he’s got Caleb’s back and Caleb is sitting there talking to him like that accusing him of mistreating the girls. Devin is very frustrated with Caleb.

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“There’s no more alliance. There’s no more alliance. We’re done,” says Devin. They walk back to the pool table as both continue to take jabs at one another. Caleb asks if that’s how he handles it and Devin says it is. Devin reiterates that they’re done.

While all this is going on the sliding door is open and other non-Bomb Squad HGs are just inside. Jocasta heard the argument, but the guys try to convince her Devin was just referring to him and Caleb rather than anything larger, like say an 8-member alliance.

Later at 5:34AM BBT Zach and Frankie go to the Hive where Frankie gives Zach a recap of what happened with the fights. It’s another good listen and he wraps it up quickly. There’s also a mention of Caleb now becoming a possible target for Devin if there’s a renom opening. Oh my this could continue to get even better for Big Brother drama.

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What do you think of all this drama? Is there much of a point while the Veto is still in play and the final nominations are undecided for the week? We should expect the Veto competition later today and with it a new indicator of what direction things could go. Of course the Veto Ceremony won’t happen until Monday and a lot of cooling off can happen before then. On the other hand, a lot of heating up could happen as well.



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    • They need to keep Brittney and not give Devin what he wants this week..he put her up for purely personal reasons, you can’t play the game of BB like that. Pow needs to go..I don’t think if one of them come off that Devin will nominate Caleb,,although if he is playing it personally..he just may do that.

      • Devin also said earlier that Brittany and Joey were the only two girls with the guts to come after them so there’s some self-preservation there, too. Brittany has made no secret she hates Devin so of course he’s #1 on her hit list whether she’s HoH or just in peoples ears trying to rally against Devin.

  1. First, thanks Matt for keeping those of us without live feeds in the loop. At the start I thought that Devin was going to be my favorite but that changed quickly. While I don’t really care for Caleb (something weird going on with him) I’m happy to see someone finally stand up to Devin. Looking forward to a tumultuous week in the house. I’m rooting for Christine at this point.

      • I agree! Huge thanks to Matt. I’m in Canada and don’t get the live feeds. (Maybe I can, but haven’t actually looked into it). I love being able to pop on this site and see what’s what. Also, I hope Devin can backdoor Caleb and then Devin goes the week after.

      • A fellow Cannuck with a similar thought to my own – I totally agree with you (but would’ve preferred Devin backdoored first then Caleb, but it looks like that might not happen)…

    • You’d think Devin was an axe-murderer the way some of you carry on about him. He can be annoying, obnoxious (not the only one) & not the best at this game (not off to a good start, are we? lol) , but all of the ‘intimidating’ & ‘scary’ accusations about him w/the girls is sOOO overblown it’s ridiculous… & wrong. You don’t play with a persons character that way. He’s not yelled, lifted a finger or threatened these women so what is this reeaaally about? Don’t even get me started, though I have my own theory…

      • I don’t think I was carrying on about Devin, I just don’t like the way he expects everyone to vote the way he wants. Don’t know anything about the accusations or threats to the women in the house so that didn’t factor into my opinion.

      • What do you think it really is? I’m not in the house, nor do I have the live feeds so I can’t really say one way or the other who is right in their observations.

      • Devin has been very manipulative, verbally, with the women. And his size and general preaching is intimidating.

      • Many people in & out of the BB house are manipulative & preachy… you can find that in the workplace, a casual run-in, they’re everywhere & not always in some competitive fashion. I personally can’t stand these traits in people but these types don’t ‘intimidate’ me… & wouldn’t, regardless of size, unless I felt that my life was in jeopardy. Everyone’s different, granted, but just the same… at the time of my post, he had done nothing more than, as you stated, try to manipulate the women (hold on… isn’t manipulation a HUGE part of BB gameplay??) and be ‘preachy’…. so what? He was not alone there. So basically you’re saying that his SIZE (I’m going to assume that it’s only his size & also not his color) is what makes him intimidating to the ‘women’ …. what is that supposed to mean?? Can he help his size, or should he? He’s a big guy & shouldn’t big guys have the same rights as the smaller ones to express their opinions, be a bit preachy, crazy even. Equal rights for large men, darnitt!! LOL ;) So he shouldn’t be manipulative, a hUge part of the game, & less preachy (which last I checked isn’t an intimidating practice) due to his being a large man? lol Look, I’m no fan of Devin, by any means, but I also don’t do bandwagon mentality, therefore I tend to disagree….as well as agree… with some of the viewers posts. So be it

      • I wonder if you still agree that he’s not scary, because at this point it seems clear that he is completely unstable. It has nothing to do with gender, either. And he is intimidating because of his instability! Annoying and obnoxious? More like narcissistic and delusional. And don’t even get me started on he and Caleb getting pissed week 1 about OTHER PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE FORMING AN ALLIANCE. Yeah, that happens…that’s the game. They did it too, and it’s coming to a quick end.

      • Hey Guest…. we really don’t disagree on much, here… only I’d venture to say Overcompensation due to extreme Insecurity issues, & YES, delusional (the obvious). I stand by my earlier post because at that time, it was the truth… behavior, attitude, relationships are forever changing in the BB house & in this particular season, & I’ll give a nod to Devin here, it is all of that x10. Did my post in some way insinuate I thought him completely misunderstood & innocent of all charges? ;) Hardly….. I have mentioned in other posts that he has some major issues. He owns that… he is a Mess & so much of one that I believe his casting was a huge mistake for BB… I wish he were in a facility receiving counseling rather than this show. It’s sad and embarrassing on so many levels… like his ‘crazy’ is being exploited for the nation. It bothers me, it really does. So again, I was right in my first assessment just as you may be right in yours following events since my previous post.

  2. Thanks for the update will go back and look it all up. Trouble with Wi-Fi last night got mad and went to bed. Hopefully Devin keeps imploding. He will be gone the next week. I think Caleb could have enough support to stay, stranger things have happened.

    • Yeah but if Caleb’s gone next and Devin can’t be HoH next week, and most everyone is ready for Devin to go, they won’t need Caleb there to win HoH and do it for them. I look for a competitor to step up and GLADLY get Devins blood on their hands. “It’s what the House wants.” Lol.

  3. Matt, I noticed on my archive calendar that the dates are off by one day. It has July 5th as being on a Friday. At times, I can’t get my flashback to come up..just wondering if you have any insight into this. Thanks.

    • Yes, CBS has had that date/calendar wrong since the month rolled over. I told them about it on the 1st. Was told on the 2nd they were actively working on it and now we’re on the 5th with no fix. I don’t think that should be causing any issues w/ your Flashback use though. Just ignore the day titles and pick the right day #.

    • First big thing that he did was add Christine and Amber to the bomb squad and told them who all of the members were w/o letting anyone else in the alliance know. Then although he was “in an alliance” with Donny he went up to the bomb squad all suspicious saying they have to get him out. that’s when a lot of the bomb squad members realized that he is a liability because of his paranoia (amongst other things)

      • Caleb created that paranoia, though dufus Devin allowed it. He did try to tell Caleb that Donny was a good guy but Caleb wasn’t hearing it… thought Donny was military & sneaky… so Devin chose Caleb. Also, drama queen Brittney started this whole thing about Devin making her feel ‘scared’ when talking to her…. which was totally wrong.

      • I agree. I know Devin comes off as unstable at times but I hate that overuse of the word “bullying,” it’s becoming so commonplace to accuse someone of bullying when I really don’t feel like that’s what he’s doing. yes, he’s playing too hard but he hasn’t bullied anyone in my opinion. he called Brittany a cow, out of line, yes but does that make him a bully? I doubt that she really feels scared for her safety. she’s more scared that she’s going home.

      • Devin hasn’t been a bully but he has been intimidating at times telling them they better vote with the house or they could be next. If he ever used steroids (not saying he did) that can increase the paranoia. Because he is back and forth so much is what is making the women nervous, in my opinion.

      • True, but I think people would be more apt (quite naturally) to feel intimidated by Caleb or Devin simply because of their sheer size. Imagine if cute little Nicole was saying the same things as Devin. People would kinda laugh at her because she doesn’t invoke the same intimidation response….

    • Fans don’t like him because he was insensitive to Donny (since he is a fan fav) also he is just paranoid, condescending, and messy.

      I dont dislike Devin I just find him a messy player.

      • Agreed. Definitely messy but the whole ‘bullying the girls’ situation is overblown b.s.

      • No question… & we can thank Derrick & Britt for riling her up to do it. Jokers updates even has a post about “Brittney the beyotch getting Amber to do her bidding,”… something to that effect. Also, this a.m., Frankie was explaining to Zach how Derrick & Britt instigated the whole thing by getting Caleb to turn against Devin waayy to soon. It’s all exhausting… ;)

      • I think you’re giving too much credit to Derrick and Brit. Amber has been playing Caleb all along. Get close then step back repeat. Then she reeled him in and now that he openly calls her his Queen she can have him do anything she wants and still play so innocent. Derrick and Brit just gave her the info that now was the time to play this card.

      • Oh, she owns the responsibility w/out question though I don’t think we should deny the significance of the others push/’info’. Admittedly, I haven’t been a constant on the feeds this year… not as much time or energy… so I’m basing off what I have managed to see & some of the blog info which I know isn’t always the most accurate… excluding important details often. Derrick is working hard, though… I’ve been checking him out. lol

      • People are idiots Devin doesn’t bully anyone. They are just throwing that word because they don’t like him.

  4. Wow, that sure didn’t take long… but with meatheads things usually heat up fast. See ya later bomb squad – time to be replaced by schemers anonymous. ;)

  5. In my opinion, Devin is playing way too aggressive, way too fast. He acts like he is in total command of the house, and that’s rubbing people the wrong way. He is only putting a huge target on his own back. I hope he is voted out very soon.

    • Don’t forget Caleb was/is the same way. So when they were on the same page it was totally repressive. Now that Amber has Caleb wrapped around her little finger she’s driven the wedge between them. That girl knows how to play men for sure.

  6. Matt or Everyone…Who do you guys see as the next two on America’s team? I’m hoping it’s Frankie and Derrick. That would make a strange and fun threesome with Donny.

    • That’s exactly what’s on my mind. I will vote for at least two members of BS partner with Donny for Team America. Let’s make the game more interesting.

      • Yeah I’m thinking someone like Frankie who can and would have to run Defense for his TA partners. Frankie is ok with evicting Donny so that would help protect Donny, too.

      • I think Donny is steady, Derrick, the policeman, is used to being “undercover” and Frankie is, let’s face it, just plain FUN!

    • Definitely think Frankie will get the vote… Not sure who people would vote for beyond that. My vote would go to Brittney if she survives only because it would be hiliarious to see her working with Donny & Frankie given the recent tensions between certain people in the house.

  7. I love reading theses recaps as I don’t subscribe to the live feeds. I enjoy knowing what’s going on in the house between tv episodes.
    So much drama! So early in the game!! I hope Brittany wins POV & someone else has to be nominated,to Devin’s dismay.

  8. Thank you so much for the recaps. I learned years ago that if you only watch the broadcast show you’re watching a fairy tale. Some of the most despicable people are often edited to seem nice.

    I usually don’t get invested in the show until the 3rd or 4th week when they have eliminated a few an the roster is easier to follow but this year I’ve been rooting for Devin to go from the very first day.

    And PLEASE tell me what is up with the girls who play this game? Why not an all girl alliance? I am so tire of them laying about in their bikinis thinking that being hot is enough. These men will cut you loose in a heartbeat! Stick together and play hard.

    • I don’t get the gender alliance thing, as if shared body parts mean you should work together. Why don’t these people choose their alliances based on who they think they can work with? All girls or all boys alliances get tiresome so quickly and usually end up meaning that you have people working together who really shouldn’t — Caleb and Devin a good example.

    • The girls performance is lackluster… & their accusations of Devin’s ‘bullying’ or ‘intimidation’ tactics toward them to the other guys is beyond wrong. A big, aggressive player w/out great gameplay… and fake cockiness at times… but scaring the girls? Really? You don’t toy with a man’s reputation that way, no matter how much he irks you. Bitchy & evil…

      • I’m with you on that one my friend. I’m not a fan of people being irresponsibly labeled – if social media hangs on that image, eventually the show will edit him as a bully, and I would be unhappy at how this will destroy his life. Mind you, I felt the show did this last season also which was annoying, so it wouldn’t be anything new.

    • But sadly all of the models who were recruited (not selected from audition) who come on the show are here simply for the TnA factor. Let’s be honest, the show is no longer about ”real” people but rather it’s about those from a very small segment of society that don’t represent you, your neighbour down the road, nor your friends in the office – we’re watching models, athletes, minor celebrities, and high powered career people battle it out for an extra 15min of fame. Given the cast this time round how could anyone not love Donny, or Nicole, or the other few ”everyday people”?

  9. Derrick’s undercover cop experience is going to come in handy during this game. He was talking to Cody last night at the chess table and he kept saying “that’s a leading question,” a couple of times. I really like Derrick and Cody working together..I like Zach, but, he seems a little aloof and gets easily distracted at times..thinks ahead of his game and may say something that gets Cody and Derrick into trouble.

  10. Devin is looking for a new alliance member now..he’s working on Jacosta.

  11. Darn I turned the feeds off before all the drama started. And I’m using an iPad so don’t have the flashback feature.

  12. Devin, in my opinion, is playing too hard too fast. Seriously. He (1) tried to put more people in the bomb squad without any input from the other original 5, and (2) he is making PERSONAL moves in the game! Dude, someone fly to California and knock his head around a little, he is getting all my nerves. He’s only in there for himself. Geez

    • Are the HG’s still playing for POV? It’s killing me. I have to find out what happened. If they are still playing, how long has it been. I can’t wait for the feeds to return.

    • yes I laughed so hard when he said all of us till the end!!!! only one person gets to win Devin not 8

  13. cording to TVFishbowl, Big Brother 2014 cast member Devin Shepherd has experienced multiple run-ins with law enforcement over the years. Once reported incident included an arrest on petty burglarycharges, although the charge was later dismissed. Devin was reportedly sentenced to probation on the petty theft charge, but later petitioned the court successfully to expunge the charge and change his plea to not guilty. He was allegedly arrested again several months later on a different charge, possible the DUI he mentioned on the Big Brother Live Feeds. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, Devin has spoken about his time in rehab and how he is a clean and sober guy now. So we are hoping this will be the end of any future legal troubles for Devin, who really seems to want to set a positive example for and be a role model to his young daughter.

    • Oh my, I really hope casting didn’t stoop this low. To mess with somebody’s head while they are still in the rehab process is serious business! If he’s been thrown into the house knowing full well that there are past substance and property abuse issues, I will be writing a strongly worded letter to those responsible… For now, lets hopefully assume this is rumour and gossip.

    • Capt are you sure it was a comp. I’m reading that Devin chose Brit and Victoria and Zach and Derrick volunteered.

      • Actually you’re right, but the feed were down for quite a while, so not really sure how it all went down.

    • Bokchoy poached with a little soysauce or even fish paste makes it a very tasty delicacy. :D

      • I look it up and indeed look like something I would like. Brittany said she had them before and knew how to cook them.

      • Bok choy is Chinese cabbage so anything you can make with cabbage you can use bok choy. Also with the tomato paste it gives some options.

      • Just the tomato paste, would be enough to make the slop taste 1000 times better.

      • And if they still have enough Chinese cabbage by the end of the week, make a soup-based dish out of it with onions, peppercorns, and pork or beef so everyone else in the house can get to enjoy it. :D

  14. Now Caleb is apologizing to Devin for the argument last night. He did this after the HGs were talking about how Devin might put up Amber to insure Brit goes home. Which caused Amber and Caleb to freak out.

  15. OMG!! Caleb just threw the whole house under the bus telling Devin that everyone except Caleb and Derrick want Devin on the block. We’ll see how this goes.

    • Did you get it when he said Amber was from the south and she might have been bullied and that’s probably why she scare of him. Or something to that effect.

      • That’s just Caleb grasping for anything to discredit that Amber has him by the b@lls

      • The way Amber is playing the Southern belle card and Oh, I just want everyone to love me is getting old real fast.

      • This whole Amber/Caleb situation is really starting to get on my nerves. Good Lord..Caleb’s infatuation/love for this girl is so over the top.

    • You can tell as soon as he mentioned Cody and Derrick’s names when they were talking about who wanted Devin gone..Caleb got a little nervous..and he should be. He threw them under the bus.

  16. Now they are calling a meeting of the BS Squad. LOL like that won’t let everyone else know who is in the alliance.

  17. WE don’t just went to interview with Jeff. So for sure they are going to be called for Veto comp.
    I still can’t stand Andy.

  18. I was hoping to watch the race at Daytona tonight, but it’s been rain out. I guess I will have to watch something else.

  19. Veto comp getting ready to begin. The feeds should be very interesting tonight..Devin called a meeting with the BS, to lecture and dictate once again. Cody is ready to implode. All of the other HG’s are wondering what the heck is going on. So, they all just marched right upstairs. I’m excited!

  20. First off.. Calebs a douche. He did say something to devin, but he did it in a polite way, which is cool. But once he gets on his rants of retelling the same story over n over n over.. It changes just a bit each time where adds in comments to fulfill his toigh guy ego, an its all fake. I cant stand when people act that way. Im also a soldier, an i know many just like him super phony. He’d probably be an alright dude but has some serious character flaws. Either way, last nights feeds very awesome!

    • Can I ask how you felt about Caleb sending Frankie down to tell the other HGs that the 4th was a hard day for him so be nice to him and for everyone to give him a hug. All the while Caleb was watching from the HOH room?

  21. Devin won’t put Caleb up… They’re still in the alliance even though they got in a fight…. They can go on much longer with botb… Cody needs the HOH…

  22. Okay we’ve focused on the BS bull so let’s talk about how Zach is sooo happy to be a have not so he can torture Victoria. Up until now she has refused to sleep in the same room with a guy and now she has to sleep in the room with with Derrick and Zach (who truly hates her). Any thoughts?

    • He threw Cody and Zach under the bus today telling Devin that they were wanting to evict him.

      • And Devin wasn’t very good at hiding that fact. Eight people in an alliance still makes me laugh.

      • Yeah, way too many in an alliance for it to stay looked like Cody was ready to jump off of the couch in the HOH room when Devin was lecturing them today.

  23. Hey, everybody, guess what July 5, 2014 is?


  24. OMG!! Devin won POV and told Cody and Zach he is going to take Pow Pow off the block

  25. And now he’s saying he may take Brit down if she’ll make a deal with him. Is Devin’s brain a pinball machine?

    • Most likely. I would agree with anyone if they said Devin is playing Keith’s social game: always paranoid.

  26. Devin is interviewing the HG’s with an iron fist. lol..I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GUY TO BE NOMINATED !!!

  27. are u sure devin got POV?? Cody (I believe) had on what look to be the POV necklace….I could be wrong tho

  28. OK, so I’m not watching the live feeds, but I did find the Caleb/Devin fight on that tube of you and I have to say, I don’t get it. Caleb and his pals keep going on about how he blows up, but I saw a pretty calm, even keeled Devin in that discussion. Yes, he might have some crazy moments in general, but in that fight? He was pretty relaxed and pretty damn far from blowing up, while Caleb appeared to me to be the jerk, so what am I missing here?

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