Big Brother Toolbar Feedback Poll – Your Opinion Counts

Big Brother fans, I’m hoping to get your feedback on this season’s new, free browser add-on for following Big Brother 11, the Big Brother Toolbar. Thousands of you have already downloaded the free toolbar and are actively using it which is awesome. Now I want to hear from you on how it could be even better.

So far the free Big Brother Toolbar features notifications for news and results updates here on the main site and in the Diary Room; tracking for discussions across the site; quick access to the features on the site like the Forum, Chat Room, and more; and even a launch button for your Big Brother Live Feeds.

Recently I’ve added on some new gadgets for Twitter and Facebook to let you login to both without leaving your current page. Have those been fun or useful?

What would you like to have added in or taken out of the Big Brother Toolbar?

Vote in the poll above to let me know how well it works and then leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.


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  1. dont think the comments link is needed as they are all underneath the update posts anyway, i just delete them …..

  2. @Christine: Thanks for the feedback.

    The “Comments” list is actually separate from the “Updates” list as far as tracking purposes and report individually in case the latest discussions drop back to posts that are not the latest updates.

    I had found the “Comments” list to be what I’ve used the most, so that’s good to hear a contrasting view. Anyone else want to weigh in?

  3. I really liked the toolbar, but ended up shutting it off because it changed my browser. I use Google and I got really frustrated not being able to use it to search. If it was changed to work with other browsers I would turn it back on.

  4. Please leave your toolbar on your daily notes. I install it, and every 2 days AOL takes it off, and then I have to install it again.

    Thanks, I am really enjoying your notes and comments.

  5. @Carol: Is that the Google Chrome browser you’re using? Let me know how it changed your browser and I’ll put in a support request to see if we can get that working.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  6. @Kelley: Well that’s frustrating for AOL to do that. I will certainly keep it in my notes though. There’s also a sidebar link for it labeled “What’s Going On In The Big Brother House?” and that will also link you back to it.

    Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for the feedback!

  7. Hello Matt, I for one really do appreciate the BIG BROTHER NETWORK toolbar. Since I didn’t sign up for Live Feeds this year, I use the “updates” and “comments” to keep me informed between broadcasts. Keep up the good work. P.S. Yes, I miss the Live Feeds this year!!!

  8. Seriously where do you people screen these contestants, the last few shows, since “Dick” have been extremely lame. I was goin to try out but I figured I be on there w/ a bunch of losers like now. Honestly you want to stay on air get better script………(i.e. ex-spouses, or ex-lovers) any thing but this pity

  9. @april: Great! Thank you!

    @Candie: I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I’m loving it too. So much more fun to discuss BB with other fans than to just scream at the screen! Oh the live feeds are so good this year, but they’ll be back next season too, so no worries.

    @crystal: I dunno, I’m enjoying this bunch minus a few duds.

  10. I tried out for Big Brother, but I dont have the look I guess. I think I would be a better player. They choose some good looking people but are not smart and some are not playing the game. Well I installed so I have to try it to how well it works.

  11. Hi Big Brother!!! I’ve had a bad week sooo i was inspired to write poetry…open up your heart and let it move you, it may make u cry!!!

    Dear Ann Hache, Ann Ann, From the stars above, Celestial was one of your many names we loved…Ann Ann, first gay then straight, who were we to litigate…Ann, Ann superstar, the one we loved, who came from Nephtar…

    To Whitney Huston: Whitney Whitney, where did u go…In your famous words, “I ain’t no hoe”… Whitney, Whitney, who left Bobby Brown, for sooo many years he kept you down… Whitney, Whitney, don’t take no smack because we all know “crack is wack”…

    i just had to share my soul, now i feel better…jon

  12. I really like the toolbar! Thank you. This is my first year with the live feeds and love that too! The only thing that doesn’t work too well is the Real Player.

  13. @Diana: Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

    The live feeds really are awesome, huh? Is this your first season watching the show or just getting the feeds? It’s a stunningly different experience when you get the full story on what’s going on in the house vs just the broadcast shows.

    The player is a new version this year and does have its quirks at times, but I’m so happy with the Flashback feature that I’m willing to forgive it as a trade off.

  14. I would like to have the live feed, but I am having problems getting it. I love BB!!

  15. I use the toolbar regularly but get annoyed that I delete all the items that I have read and not read and when I open my browser again – they are all back along with the new comments and updates. Make it so once you’ve deleted content it doesn’t come back. That way you know there actually is new contant to look at, not just stuff you’ve seen before.

    As for the last commenter ‘Pat’ contact I had a similar problem and it turned out that their new forum is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 without a little tweaking. Now mine works fine.

  16. @Pat: Send me a note explaining the problems you’re having and I’ll help you with the process:

    @Summer: Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry that it’s not properly keeping track for you. Which browser are you using? As long as I’m on the same computer, using the same browser I’ve never had the updates or comments reset on me. Send me a note through the contact page (link above) and let’s see if we can figure out why that’s happening to your toolbar.

  17. I find even though I’ve read commments, they are still listed as unread and I find myself re-reading stuff. Is there some way to list the date beside the links so we can keep track of how old the post is? Other than that I find the toolbar very convenient. Just needs a little tweaking.

  18. @angel485: Thanks for the feedback. Hmm, so it’s happening to you too with the updates resetting in the toolbar? Let me check w/ tech support and see what’s going on there and how we can get that resolved.

  19. @angel485: Do the comment listings turn purple once you’ve clicked them? That’s how I’ve been seeing which ones are new (the ones that appear above the purpled ones). The list refreshes every 15 minutes, so there should be a frequent updating of comments.

  20. Matt, Perhaps the page is not being refreshed and we are calling up cached pages. I tried to find the refresh symbol but do not see it anywhere on the tool bar. Just a thought.

  21. Matt, I can read the updates and comments fine, but I have to watch the live feeds separate from the toolbar because that link just takes me to My Account, not SuperPass. I’m using Mozilla Firefox browser.

  22. I love the toolbar. My wish would be for the comments section. When I go back to a post I read all the new comments that have been posted. I wish there was a way to check all the comments for a particular post as read without having to check on each one individually.

  23. I have the same problem I not sure what comments I have read. I reading the same comments.

  24. @angel485: The refreshes should be automatic, but if you every want to force the refresh just click the little pair of circling green arrows beneath the list comments. That button is manually refresh the list.

    Are the comments you’ve clicked on already not turning purple?

    @Sweetbabe: When you click the comment in the Comments list that you want to read the browser will take you to exactly that comment. That way you’ll know what’s the new one. When I see a series of new comments on a single post (since it says what article the comment is on in the list) I will click the least recent (lowest on the list) and then read downward from there. That way you know exactly where to start reading and what’s old.

    @Jeanette: I’d recommend the same approach as I detailed to Sweetbabe.

    @All: let me know if that helps.

  25. @Kathy: Hmm, so when you’re logged in to RealPlayer and click the Live Feeds button it doesn’t take you to the SuperPass homepage where you can view the feeds? Would you mind using the Contact page to send me the link that it’s taking you to when you hit the button? Thanks!

  26. i love jordan but laura would keep the show jumping because she knows how to play…and that would give jessie nat russ and ronnie a run for the money

  27. Matt – I do do what you detailed on the comments. And I do read forward from where it starts. But that does not mark all the comments I have read AS read in the comments section of the toolbar. So I then have to really pay attention to the title of the post to know if I have read those comments when i go back to the unread comments on the bar. Does that make sense?

  28. @Sweetbabe: Do you click the little icon of the opened envelope after you’ve clicked the oldest one in the list but read the rest via the site? The open-envelope icon will clear the list of unread items.

    Give that a try and let me know. Thanks!

  29. Rachel you are good player.I don’t know what is your problem with Kristen. My question is why you two get along?

  30. CBS Network,

    Big Brother should not allow racial inferences/slurs/comments,
    etc. from cast members. This propagates negative cultural perceptions. Big
    Brother must step up and rectify cast member behavior. No cast member should be
    allowed to be subjected to such racially insensitive verbal abuse. An ethical
    line must be drawn and established within network cast member conduct. It
    reflects poorly upon Big Brother for permitting such obviously racially insensitive
    verbal statements and behavior to occur on prime time or “after dark” episodes.
    The abuse that cast members have been subjected to is unacceptable and
    represents a counter cultural retro productive environment reminiscent of the
    1950s and 1960s. I implore that CBS takes immediate action to correct unacceptable
    racial/cultural insensitive behaviors up to and including immediate removal of
    cast member offenders. American has progressed too far over 300+ years to allow
    such deplorable racial sentiments to be permitted on broadcasted media.

  31. Some Big Brother house guest question Cody’s military service and why he “tapes” his dog tags together. Well, first off if these cowards were to serve in the Marine they would know. Cody had the “XXXX” to join the Marines and for those unfamiliar with the duties of a Marine Rifleman (Google it) it is very tough job. What a bunch of cowards especially Josh and Paul. I spent a long time in the Marines and I can tell you guys like Josh and Paul wouldn’t last a week without someone teaching them some manners. Kevin and Jason also need to wise up – they look uncomfortable when Josh and Paul are irritating or teasing Cody. After production BB staff better keep an eye on Cody because he is justified, in my opinion, in “squaring” these two boys away.

    Why do they hate him so much? Are they jealous? I don’t think it’s anyone business what Cody did in the Marines. If he was a sniper I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to know this.

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