Big Brother fans, I’m hoping to get your feedback on this season’s new, free browser add-on for following Big Brother 11, the Big Brother Toolbar. Thousands of you have already downloaded the free toolbar and are actively using it which is awesome. Now I want to hear from you on how it could be even better.

So far the free Big Brother Toolbar features notifications for news and results updates here on the main site and in the Diary Room; tracking for discussions across the site; quick access to the features on the site like the Forum, Chat Room, and more; and even a launch button for your Big Brother Live Feeds.

Recently I’ve added on some new gadgets for Twitter and Facebook to let you login to both without leaving your current page. Have those been fun or useful?

What would you like to have added in or taken out of the Big Brother Toolbar?

Vote in the poll above to let me know how well it works and then leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.


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