Did Big Brother Squash Zach’s Plans To Induce A Self-Eviction?

Big Brother fans were starting to wonder just what might happen to Caleb Reynolds once his “queen” Amber Borzotra was evicted from the Big Brother 16 house. With that seemingly an inevitable event in just a few days it was interesting to speculate on the fallout. Zach wasn’t content to speculate though and considered options of action instead.

Zach Attack gets shutdown by Big Brother
Zach Attack gets shutdown by Big Brother – Source: CBS

When it looked like Caleb might be blindsided by Amber’s eviction it didn’t seem unreasonable to consider some rash decisions like following her out the door. Even though I’d love for that crazy drama, I think we all knew that wasn’t likely to happen.

But what if he got a nudge in that direction? Enter another “Zach Attack.” It sounds like Zach was planning to be a bug in Caleb’s ear to see if he could make that happen. Flashback to 12:13AM BBT 7/30 Cams 3/4 on Live Feeds to find Zach returning to the HoH room and sharing Big Brother’s displeasure with his possible plan:

In the Diary Room, they were yelling at me, bro. They’re like, “If you do what you think you’re doing, you’re going to have a big problem.” He said, “you can not conv…” *Fish*

Could Caleb be convinced to leave the house for Amber? After all the manipulation we’ve seen so easily applied, yes, probably so, but there’s no way Big Brother would have let him.

Their better chance would have been to keep Amber’s eviction a secret, then let Caleb continue to take the blame as he had been doing the past two days. From there they could tell Caleb if he got out now before Jury (we still don’t know when Jury starts) then he could try to smooth things over while he stayed in town until the season finale.

Of course that doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t have to. Amber + privacy + time = love+marriage+babies. I bet they could have convinced him to willingly throw away his game just as easily as they did to get him to throw away a close ally like Amber.

Toss all that away though as Caleb knows Amber is going home and he’s upset at her. She might have finally caught a break if he’s fooled again by all this and doesn’t want to see her anymore.


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  1. Why did they have to tell him? I was looking forward to a backlash tomorrow night? These HG’s ruin everything!

  2. If they did stop him, I don’t like it. If you can manipulate another player to do something like that so easily, then more power to you. That’s the game.

  3. I love the way Zach’s mind works, but he needs to slow down and not be on game all the time…. he has some genius “attacks” he just needs to make fewer moves.
    BTW, I hope the double HOH is over after this week.

    • I think Zach just genuinely doesn’t care. He’s the polar opposite of Derrick. Derrick has acknowledged on the feeds that he plays a boring game and that the season will continue to be boring as long as he calls the shots. When Derrick is in charge, drama only happens if it benefits his game. Otherwise, it is crushed. He is in full business mode and everything he does is to win.

      Zach, on the other hand, is all go big or go home. He doesn’t care if a move burns him long-term. He just cares about entertaining the viewers. He’s going to go the entire game with his foot hard on the pedal and if he crashes and burns, so be it.

      That said, if he wins with such a strategy, he’s going to have a legacy on par with Dr. Will and Dan.

      • Don’t see him going past 5th. Could be wrong as they have many times kept someone too long. I think he’s hiding his strength too.

    • I’m pretty sure the double HoH will be done after this next week. At 10 HGs is starting not to make too much sense.

    • They will just tell him “even if you self evict amber there will still be a vote/eviction”

      • I was guessing he would self-evict after the votes come down so he can leave the house with her.

      • It would be interesting, because how could they physically stop him from leaving with her? They can’t. I know other players have been escorted out through the production alley’s behind the doors, but what if a player literally walks through an open door into the audience?

    • Because they realize there’s no reason to keep secrets. The shows’ become so scripted. They need to enforce the “no talking about votes” rule.

  4. It would have been an EPIC big brother moment. That’s lame the producers are scripting the show.

    • I was soooo looking forward to Caleb and Amber’s faces when she got the boot.

      But, in a house of fools, the halfwit is King.

  5. okay off topic but right now Vic is trying to teach BowTie about the Jewish beliefs. BowTie didn’t even know that Catholics were Christians.

      • Go back to around 1:50pm cams 3&4. I could maybe have went a little further back but that’s where I started. It’s kinda funny because Vic doesn’t know a lot (which she admits), they even asked her about disciples which she didn’t know.

      • The disciples were the first followers of Christ, and broke away from Judaism. I don’t think Victoria being Jewish would have learned about the disciples, they don’t study the New Testament

      • just a quick note: The term ‘disciple’ refers to any (and all) people who follow Jesus. Somehow we got the terminology mixed up in a lot of our Engligh & traditional contexts. To describe the specific term for the 13 whom followed Jessus as ”rabbi” were called ”Apostles” (apostacletes in the Gk I believe). :) …and yes in fact many Jews are well educated in the New Testament though they are not believed to be part of the canonical texts of God.

      • Jesus was Jewish and Christianity was a sect of the Jewish religion until hundreds of years after the death of Christ and the disciples. The first Bible wasn’t pieced together until 300+ years after they all were dead.

      • I would not call it a sect, because the disciples were trying to convince the Jews they were preaching to, that JC was the savior that was announced in their text, (that became the Torah & our old testament). They were not trying to start a new religion.

      • I really don’t understand why so many houseguests are so gullible as to believe in this crap. The bible, as you have stated, was created by man around 300 ad. God, although invented by man thousands of years ago, still to this day has absolutely zero scientific empirical evidence to support the claim that a god exists. Scientific discoveries have essentially killed off god. I can’t believe people are so stupid to believe in superpowerful , invisible entity watching us all from the clouds (science has already show “heaven” is a vacuum).

      • Believing or not, i don’t even want to go there.
        But for the bible, it wasn’t created in 300 A.D.
        When they put their head together and came up with the Christian faith, they took the text from all the disciples and choose some of them (and not all), translated them in latin (from aramaic), along with the old hebrew text and put together a book that they called the bible. The original text still exist in their original form and written by the disciple, in Aramaic.
        And if you wonder, Mary-Magdalene did indeed write a gospel book. It does exist and it wasn’t included in the bible because man were not about to include writing from a women in their bible. (in 300 ad).

      • There is some truth to what you’ve said. To clarify: Yes Jesus was considered a ”rabbinical teacher” (a rabbi) in every sense of the word by his disciples with the noted difference that he was also believed to be the Christos (Christ, or Messiah in Hebrew). So yes, you could describe the beginnings as a ‘sect’ of Judaism seeing how the roots of Chritianity are in fact based on Jesus’ rabbinical teachings and fulfillment of Judaism (if you believe that to be true of course). I think it’s important to note that the faith was established much sooner than 300yrs after Christ’s death. So much so that the Roman Empire made Christianity the official state religion about 80yrs (apprx) after the faith had swept across the empire. Some historians believe this huge change (from worshipping the Emperor to worshipping Jesus) was the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire. The first ”council” of scholars who put pieced together the various accounts and stories shared (and decided upon whether they were canonical scriptures) I also believe happened early in the 2nd century (I could be wrong but I’ll guess maybe 120AD?) Anyways, there’s more but I’m tyring to be as barebones with the description as possible and I’ll let people go do the research from there… :)

      • You got this right. Christianity as is, was starting to be recognize as a branch of Judaism in the middle of the 1st century. It’s not more precise because it was all underground since both the Roman and the Jews were martyrising them. It only became a recognize religion in the 4th century when Emperor Constantine decide to become a christian in 313 AD. Constantine help craft the Edict of Toleration and later create the “State Church of the Roman Empire”. That’s when it all started.
        I just don’t like the word “sect”, it has a bad connotation.

      • Thanks Capt. I think we more or less got the right info out there together… I’m ok with the word ”sect” used in its pure definition because historically that is how the Christian faith was perceived. Now granted most people won’t use it that way and will include the connotations you mention, but meh, my faith isn’t shaken by other people’s perception ;)

      • Yeap, Vic doesn’t know much about Christians, but that’s not very surprising. I’m little bit more surprised that Jocasta doesn’t know much about Jews.
        I didn’t hear anything outrageous in their convo.

      • I wasn’t surprised about Jocasta because she said Catholics aren’t Christians. I was surprised that Victoria didn’t know a lot about the Jewish faith as she said she went with her mother to study classes every week. I just thought the whole talk was interesting.

  6. I found out that BowTie’s sister went off on Fakie on twitter (as well as others) for his remark that she should just go kill herself. He said this after she had the memorial for his grandfather. Whatever good edit he’s been getting he blew it with that comment.

    • He’s copied Andy’s game a bit too much. That was his favorite saying.

  7. My question is this. Was Caleb REALLY in the service? How did he mange 4 years, be in a combat zone and still be so naïve or stupid which ever you want to call it. I have only met 1 other person that naïve about life. She couldn’t tell when people where kidding and didn’t get half the jokes we told. She would ask her husband later. We finally started explaining stuff and she’s not that way any more. This guy supposedly served and protected us??? I’m scared now. My son served and he’s only 4 yrs older than Caleb. He did say there were guys like that in his unit in boot camp.

      • My son was in Iraq, not a prison guard. Would have preferred that for him. Yes, it tells me they didn’t want him protecting their back in combat.

      • In his pre-game interview Caleb said the worst thing was the awful things the prisoners said to him. I knew this guy had issues when I read that.

      • There aren’t many that came back without issues, my son included suffers from PTSD. They saw and did things we could never understand. That’s why they say war is hell.

      • Exactly but being a prison guard he did not have to go through the same things those in the field did. Maybe he was part of the group that tortured prisoners for fun and that’s where his issues come from.

      • Going back to watch the feed. Gotta see that with Vic and Jo on religion.

      • @captain just read the link. (somebody posted something very sick) Did you noticed who was in the picture with Caleb? It is the reality star tatoo artist who has his own show. He used to be married to Kat Von D, another tatoo artist who had her own show.

      • That would be Caleb mom’s husband (or boyfriend). Don’t know about these people. I only know of Kat Von name because Sandra Bullock very public break-up marriage.

      • Too funny. I am from Miami and we watched Miami ink years ago when it was on. Kathy D was on the show till she had her own show. One of the shows, they tattooed each other her ex is Oliver peck (he is on Masters ink). It’s just ironic and shows Caleb’s family loves the reality life. I know this has nothing to do with this topic, just thought you would like a little tidbit. Enjoy tonight’s show!

  8. Does anyone else feel these HG, not all of them are going to far? Last season, they were just NASTY! But these HG are heartless. They are playing with people’s emotion. I know it is part of the game, but sometimes they take it too far. Just my opinion.

    • It’s still nothing compared to last season. Last season was by far the worst season in BB History Period. If anything I’ll take this season over last season hands down no questions and if you feel this season is heartless then you must think last season was a Disney Fairy Tale and if that’s the case I gotta tell Tinkerbell to stop sprinkling Fairy dust around you because your taking it in to seriously lol.

    • I agree 100%….They are teaching people that bullying and backstabbing is a good thing…can’t stand most of them!!!

      • You haven’t been watching this show for a long time, have you? This is par for the course in the house

      • @matt do you feel they need to take it to where they are using their emotions? They have been able to evict 4 other people without stooping to that level. Can you imagine if Amber doesnt leave?

      • Hey jlf, not sure I totally understand your point (I think emotions have always been used in the various forms of trust, friendships, cliques, power dynamics, and sadly deception)… I’m surprised that people who say Dan never did this don’t remember how earnest he was when swearing upon ”sacred” things like the bible, his grandfather, his wife…etc. He even played the nastiest emotional games on that poor girl who kept crying because he would yell at her in house meetings then congratulate her in private… Dan (everyone’s favourite) was over the top cruel and vicious. His character was comical and loveable – but his actions were cruel to say the least… So yeah, sadly I do think that people using ”emotional weapons” is nothing new on this show. People just seem to use them in different fashions. I’ve said it before however, that if a person is looking for good moral character where good triumphs over bad, Big Brother isn’t the show to watch.

      • Thank you Matt for your impute I completely understand and agree with you for the most part I,for one was not a fan of Dans in his last appearance on the show. I did like him on his first go around though. I think he had to change it up a bit to be the a…. He was the way he treated Danielle was uncalled for. But she kept going back for more. Yes Caleb goes back to his alliance,but I don’t feel it is the same thing. I have been watching BB since season 1. I have never seen anyone try to have someone self evict. This is what I mean by playing with someone’s emotions To me I don’t think they needed to even think about that. They have the numbers to evict Caleb. Enjoy tonight’s show!

  9. Right now all cams 4:25 the HG’s are watching loops of past things(comps, etc) so you know the next HOH is going to be Q & A. At first they were all laughing about it but then they caught on that this is important stuff to remember.

    • I was wondering why they are all sitting and staring at the memory wall, picture wall, whatever you call it..but. where is Crazy Caleb?

  10. CBS really needs to take a page from BB UK. For those who haven’t seen the UK version, try to find it and watch, so much better than this s**t CBS is passing off now. UK HGs cannot ever discuss who they are voting to evict, most of the time the public gets to vote out a nominee, the HGs are given tasks to win parties, or some luxury, on a regular basis, so there is, most of the time, a lot of fun stuff happening along with the usual drama. I truly wish CBS would try it like this, would make a MUCH better show.

  11. Ok, So I have been quiet for a number of weeks now but can be quiet no longer.
    What the Heck,
    Amber should be gone & she should also have been called up on her comment a few weeks ago when speaking with Cody about Caleb. ” I just don’t like him that way. I wish I had come into the house like weighing 350 lbs”
    Yes, rewind back to that folks (I do not have live feeds or I would tell you when & where) But seriously is that not racist?? Why was last season so particular about racism but not so much for overweight people.
    North America has a heck of a lot of overweight people that are attractive & their weight is not an issue with being desired.
    Why is no one refering to this & that she deserves to go home???
    Zachs planned or not planned comments referring her leaving were fun to watch.
    She is a mean person who does not deserve to win the money.
    Bye bye Amber.

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