Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Big Brother 17?

Who won Big Brother 17 was revealed last night on CBS when the 9-member Jury cast their votes between a pairing of Liz Nolan, Steve Moses, and Vanessa Rousso. One of these three players was about to become a half-million dollars richer!

Steve and Liz await the Jury vote on Big Brother 17
Steve and Liz await the Jury vote on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Following 98 days of competitions, stress, and emotional overload these last three Houseguests were set to face one more challenge: finale night. So who won Big Brother?

We’ve watched as Vanessa Rousso has made herself the leading favorite to reach the end and take home the crown as the winner of Big Brother 17, but she wasn’t there yet, leaving Steve Moses looking to break her chances with a win of his own. It all comes down to this.

Vanessa and Steve faced off in the third round where Steve won by the narrowest of margins on the final question with 5-4 over Vanessa. John’s question from the Jury came last and it was a bit of trick question, but not enough to throw off Steve who got it right and won the comp.

Just as we expected, and as Steve promised, he voted to evict Vanessa from the F3 sending out to join the Jury. From her look she knew this was coming, but it was still a very difficult pill to swallow. Out in front of the house Julie praised Vanessa for her incredibly strong performance this season. Here Vanessa admitted that yes, if she had won round three, she would have cut him the same way.

When it came time for the Jury Q&A we heard a lot of well prepared responses from Steve, but Liz’s were not as strong. Perhaps she wasn’t too confident she’d get to F2 or she was just too nervous. Either way Steve definitely outperformed in this portion of the night. When the votes were revealed it showed.

In a surprising move, Julie Chen reversed the order of the reveal and started at the back because she had to know how Vanessa voted. Turns out that Vanessa voted for Liz. She said she would if Steve cut her, but the sad thing is Vanessa was going to cut him and he would have still voted for her.

Vanessa’s vote wasn’t enough though and Steve Moses won 6-3 over Liz Nolan. Congrats to Steve.

Big Brother 17 – Jury Votes:

  • Shelli votes for Steve
  • Jackie votes for Steve
  • Becky votes for Steve
  • Meg votes for Steve
  • James votes for Steve
  • Julia votes for Liz
  • Austin votes for Liz
  • John votes for Steve
  • Vanessa votes for Liz

It was an exciting thing for us to have been that close to the Big Brother 17 winner reveal and still not know how this season was going to end! Gotta love this season’s unpredictability.



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      • Do you know how to wake lady gaga up from a nap?
        Poke er face.

        Steve loses to Liz in finals. Bitter jury, lack of game knowledge, causes them to pick Liz.

      • Hehehehehe. That’s how you wake Vanessa up from a nap – that, and pulling her beanie back and letting it snap back against her face.

        I’d even accept your prediction. Hope you’re right.

      • I haven’t seen any proof that the show, or even the promotion for it, exists. I’ve looked, but I simply can’t find anything at all.

      • There would be promotion if there was such a show. Matt said it’s an unfounded rumor with no basis in fact.

      • Andy, stop already. Matt has said there is no such show coming to CBS (or anywhere else) this fall. No such show as “Poker Face.” Sorry.

      • Koko, I can see Andy flipping through the channels trying to find “Poker Face”, doing searches, not finding it.

      • Could someone please take Lady Gaga’s video and edit in shots of Vanessa in Vegas. Please!!!!

      • One ep is not an entire season. This entire season (give or take 1 or 2 moments) was the most predictable ever. (Even more than last season which I never would’ve thought possible.)

      • True enough One ep is absolutely not an entire season. But I’m really just commenting on this one episode. And thank god it’s unpredictable.

      • I think you’re in the minority there. You didn’t see Vanessa splitting the couple when she had the chance with limited numbers left? But either way, that’s cool! As noted, there were 1 or 2 events (all being relative). But overall the season was anything but unpredictable.

      • I didn’t expect John to pull it off and somehow made Vanessa believe it’s her idea to take out Austin.

        And the fact that we even had stray votes for most evictions was a welcome change after 2 straight seasons of “voting with the house”.

      • There weren’t many stray votes at all.

        Out of 15 votes 9 of them were unanimous and of the 6 votes left over, 4 of those had only 1 stray vote.

        The votes this year have all very much been following a line.

        Wk 1: Jace – Unanimous (13 votes)
        Wk 2: Da’Vonne – 7/2
        Wk 3: Jeff – 7/4
        Wk 4: Audrey – 9/1
        Wk 5: Jason – 7/1
        Wk 6: Clay – Unanimous (9 votes)
        Wk 7a: Shelli Unanimous (8 votes)
        Wk 7b: Jackie – 6/1
        Wk 8: Becky – Unanimous (6 votes)
        Wk 9: John – Unanimous (5 votes)
        Wk 10a: Meg – 4/1
        Wk 10b: James – Unanimous (4 votes)
        Wk 11: Julia – Unanimous (3 votes)
        Wk 12a: Austin – Unanimous (2 votes)
        Wk 12b: John – Unanimous (1 vote)

      • We can say that it’s still a huge deal that there were even stray votes this season.

        The jury phase, I’d understand the unanimous voting if the dominant alliance were in firm control at that point but the first half of the season was somewhat shockingly refreshing.

      • Yeah, I thought for sure it was going to be a Vanessa BD and she wins the freaking PoV. The only thing she was missing this season was the villain’s mustache.

      • I totally disagree. Sorry but I couldn’t predict who would be going from week to week. All of these people flipped back and forth so many times it made my head spin. There were 50 different alliances and everyone had a big mouth. You never knew who was going to target who. They even turned on their own alliances. I don’t know how you can say it was predictable.

      • You’re right that the target changed often during the week but unfortunately you usually knew who was going home 2-3 days in advance. Only exception was blindside of Austin where you knew it was a possibility and the double evictions. And, hardly any close votes

      • Not really. Shelli was supposed to go and up until right before Clay talked them into voting him out. Vanessa was supposed to go and they flipped back and forth before voting out Shelli, Liz was supposed to go and it went back and forth until Julia went. I think Jace was the only clear cut one because James was HOH and he did exactly what he said he would do.

      • Because I think it was. Vanessa pulled strings from behind and after awhile there was little surprise left. Strike that, let me correct myself…From time to time there were definitely some big “REALLY? You actually fell for that?” moments but after awhile, once Vanessa had established her dominance and the HGs had established the ease in which they fell in line behind her and kept following, there weren’t many surprises left for me. Vanessa established strength on Day 1 and never let go.

      • You just said it yourself Vanessa controlled it all. And look how Vanessa acted. You never knew what she was going to do. She was bi-polar for the entire season. The only thing predictable was Vanessas control over everyone. But she flipped back and forth a million times.

      • Out of 15 votes 9 of them were unanimous and of the 6 votes left over, 4 of those had only 1 stray vote.

        She may have flip flopped a bit at times (as is VERY clearly stated in a post above: “maybe 1 or 2 moments”) but overall I and many others who never missed an episode feel it was a very predictable season.

        Just look at the votes!

        Wk 1: Jace – Unanimous (13 votes)
        Wk 2: Da’Vonne – 7/2
        Wk 3: Jeff – 7/4
        Wk 4: Audrey – 9/1
        Wk 5: Jason – 7/1
        Wk 6: Clay – Unanimous (9 votes)
        Wk 7a: Shelli Unanimous (8 votes)
        Wk 7b: Jackie – 6/1
        Wk 8: Becky – Unanimous (6 votes)
        Wk 9: John – Unanimous (5 votes)
        Wk 10a: Meg – 4/1
        Wk 10b: James – Unanimous (4 votes)
        Wk 11: Julia – Unanimous (3 votes)
        Wk 12a: Austin – Unanimous (2 votes)
        Wk 12b: John – Unanimous (1 vote)

        With only two weeks having more than 1 dissenting vote and 9 of 15 being Unanimous how is that not a predictable year?

        If you don’t feel it was predictable I’m psyched for you! (Seriously…That’s not sarcasm at all. I wish I felt the same way!)

      • Unanimous vote means nothing. How many times they decided at the last minute. Even Matts thread states unpredictable season. Oh and I’ve also watched every single episode and every single season and also the feeds.

      • I know. You very clearly stated that you watched all of the episodes and the feeds. If you’re basing your argument on the position that the owner/operator of this website has (a site I LOVE but that makes money off of CBS by linking to the feeds pages and gets interviews from HGs through CBS before they’re in the house and after they’re evicted) then I don’t think you’re considering all the factors associated with this site’s owner shining a positive light on the show. He stated it was unpredictable and I disagreed which is where this whole thread comes from. It’s okay. You think it was unpredictable and surprising, I think otherwise. Not quite clear how 9 out of 15 votes all being unanimous and 4 of the final six only having one solitary opposing vote is unpredictable, but as noted, we can disagree. It’s okay!

      • The only reason why I brought up what I’ve watched is because of your previous comment stating you’ve never missed an episode. In other words leading me to believe I haven’t watched all the episodes. Like I said I don’t care if everyone voted the same. If they go back and forth all week not knowing who they are voting for. Then the last day they decide, all talk to each other, spread the word then vote it’s not predictable. Predictable would be two people are nominated and you know from that day until eviction who is going home, which we never knew. JMO. We’re never going to agree so there’s no point in continuing this. Hope you have a nice winter. See you next season.

      • And I only mentioned having seen each ep because you replied to someone else in the thread that you watched every ep and the feeds too. (I was just qualifying my take on things.) You’re right though, apparently we won’t meet on this one! That’s okay! Have a GREAT 9 months!

  1. I hope either Steve or liz wins. They played fairly. I really want steve too. They all lied in the game but vanessa is fixed. Any smart b person can see it. And what I’ve read on spoilers Steve knows too. He’s starting to question. Production said that it’s fixed for vanessa to win because of her show poker face and the advertising it would bring to bb.

    • Could we stop with the stupid “Poker Face” already? There’s no basis for the rumor; there is no such show.

      • I’d just love to know – since advertisers dropped out of BB toward the end – what advertisers would actually buy time on it.

      • Infomercials? That thing that gives you a skinny waistline advertised on POP TV? or the diet pill that gets rid of 50% body fat in one hour?

      • Excellent idea, since Vanessa puts it on so heavy that they could sell it in 50gal drums, complete with foot pumps!

      • Do they drop out toward the end? That’s interesting. I wonder if they jump back on board for the finale again.

      • That’s what I heard. About the same time as feedsters started cancelling their feeds – maybe about 6 weeks ago.

      • Out of curiosity where did you hear that? The show is #1 or #2 in its time slot. Advertisers generally don’t run away from that.

      • I don’t know about advertisers, but the people who make Vanessa’s ugly hats could be a full out sponsor.

    • Please do a quick search for: CBS Poker Face Press release and hit us back when you find it.

    • Can you tell us more about this Big Brother fixing that’s going on behind the scenes? I heard you work at CBS…

    • Don’t agree — would be better for CBS if Steve wins final comp and ditches VAnessa. That would bring much more talk, tweets etc and that’s what CBS likes. Vanessa winning is a big yawn

      • Oh, I sat and watched her sullen rear end stomp off in defeat. She threw a vote in Liz’s corner because she was full of spite because Steve made the choice that allowed him to win! How dare he?
        Next year, folks will all but have forgotten her name. It’s a shame, but that’s how things go….

        Season 17 is over and the best man won! Steve was polite and kind to other HGs throughout the game. I don’t think he actually thought he would get as far as he did, let alone win! The look on his face when he realized he had won, was priceless and heartwarming! I am going to take a page from Steve’s book and wish all of the HGs the best of luck in their futures, including Vanessa!

        See you all for season 18!! Word is out that BB has been picked up for next summer! WooHoo!! I, for one, will be here watching!

      • He had said several times throughout the season that he didn’t think he’d even get on the show, he just wanted to audition because it was on his bucket list or something. The look on his face was amazing, made me so happy for him.

  2. If you were to play this game and could choose between the strategy of any of the three we have left, whose strategy would you run with?

  3. ‘Derrick has Vanessa ‘edging out Liz’ he said 7-2, that’s landslide.
    You say that V will pick Liz, I say ‘let’s see’

    I may be wrong but anybody who picks Liz will have a tougher time then each other. Liz is fine to win, it’s not like she was a ‘floater’. She just pick the wrong guy to showmance. Clay should of been her pick. But cougar Shelli move in quick in what could be viewed as a biological-clock concern : )

  4. I hope tonight Julie shows the clip of Meg and Clay in the bathroom, so I could see Shelli and Clay’s face..

  5. BTW gang, ET Canada is airing some Survivor Preview show. It’s the cast and crew of ET Canada, hanging out with Jeff and trying past Survivor challenges. Just thought I’d share if any of you are hard core fans and might want to download.

  6. OK people, time for Survivor. Join us here:

    survivorfandom dot com/survivor-results-who-was-voted-off-survivor-2015-09-23-315411/

  7. Is this thing about to get real? I probably won’t chat during the show and in case I don’t make it back here, thanks everyone!!! It’s been a lot of fun talking game with you all season long. (Well, except for that one person who really hates me, but what are you going to do right?)

    I predict there will be a huge twist, all three get eliminated and Johnny Mac gets to come back to win it all. Oh to dream ….

    Enjoy the finale!

  8. The only people Vanessa couldn’t read was the the BB audience. Boy is she in for a big surprise.

    • I hope they moan, groan and laugh if she says something stupid. Someone mentioned on the Live Feeds last night that Mel did an interview with some mag and there was talk by Mel about proposing to Mel tonight during the show. Have no idea if that’s true or not. There’s not enough time for that b/s during the finale.

  9. Season is fixed for Vanessa to win to promote her and cbs’ new show…. hope Steve wins and send her packing

  10. Thank you Steve! When I picked you to go very deep and possibly even win two months ago, many people here called me an idiot and said I had no idea when I was talking about. Especially when I called you as our winner when we got to F6. Well played, and without question a deserving winner. Congrats Buddy

  11. I am on the west coast so we haven’t seen the finale yet. But watching the previews with my grandson who’s 4 years old, he got all excited when he saw Liz and stated that he wants her to win because she is his favorite girl!

  12. Lukewarm season at best. I loved Liz answering questions from the jury along with her speech, which pretty much amounted to the reasons the hot blonde would give back in high school for class president: vote for me because I’m just a neat-o person and I loved having fun with everyone!

    At least Steve put out hard facts about why he should win. Plus, he overcame a deficit from the outset as Julia and Austin would never have voted for him (Austin calling him a “boy” made me seethe, esp. after he told Steve he had become a man during the game), and Van truly showed what kind of a person she is: pouting the entire time during the finale and openly telling Julie “yeah, I would have ditched him but I’m sad he stabbed me in the back.” Wow, Vanessa. Wow.

  13. Hopefully this will shut up a lot of people who said the game was fixed for Vanessa to win!
    Bit aside from that, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those of you who were respectful to me regardless of me being team Vanessa! You made it fun with our friendly debates and I look forward to BB Canada!!
    I did not see eye to eye with many of you but that doesn’t mean I didn’t respect any of your opinions! It’s been fun :-) I will definitely be back next year!
    and lastly, I am super proud of Steve for making the right choice and taking Liz to F2! he definitely made the right choice regardless of his deal with Vanessa! It’s just a game! I am glad he was smart enough to make up his own mind for once, it could have cost him $450,000! Way to go Steve!
    I have said since the very beginning of this season that regardless of me liking Vanessa, I did not want her to win (even though I think she should have!) because I always like to see the winner be someone who really needs it. I know if Vanessa won a huge chunk of it would have went to her charities but, I am glad Steve got the money and I know he will be smart with it!
    it has been fun y’all!! Hopefully I will see some of you on here in the winter for BB Canada!
    AND THANK YOU too many of you for reading my extremely long comments or replies lol & again thank you to all of you that made this fun for me, plain old entertainment without personally attacking me!! thank you to those of you who kept the conversations fun and mature :-) A small percentage of people were extremely judgemental towards me, insulted my personal character and went out of their way to try and drag me down to their negativity! I stayed true to myself and my beliefs and knowledge and I came out on top! Again, a huge thank you to 90% of you for making this a lot of fun! And thank you too BBN creator Matt for all your hard work! It was truly appreciated!
    peace out ♡♡
    Christina xo ♡♥♡♥

    • A great final post for this BB season, Christina. I couldn’t support Vanessa winning for any reason, but I always respected your point of view and your willingness to overcome the negativity you encountered. Glad you were able to do so and that you had a lot of fun.

    • Hear hear. While I’d feel disappointment had Vanessa won, I give credit where credit is due because she did have an amazing game.

      Cheers for another season.

    • Christina, no matter how much you shared your enthusiasm about Vanessa with us, you were NEVER intrusive or annoying—and I loved to read your posts! You’re a kind, insightful and delightful woman, and I look forward to seeing you next season! Take care of your lovely self!

  14. Glad to see, that in the end … a die-hard SuperFan won this Season, and the Jury voted, as they should have, for the won who deserved to win the game, based on who the Final 2 HG’s were …
    So, perhaps Vanessa actually held up one of her promises this season by having Liz’s back to the end?
    As for Austin’s lame excuse when he was called out by Da on his wimpy Judas persona .. Anyone else thought he was all BS, with excuse about starting to like the HG’s, and just could not pull the trigger on all his DR Judas blah, blah, blah during the Season ??

    • Also glad to see an actual fan win and not somebody who was recruited. That would have been a slap in the face to us actual fans. No, Vanessa just kept her promise to Liz by default because she also had a promise to Steve that she would have broken if she’d won the final competition. Austin? I think he is going to be mortified when he sees what a jackass he looks like on this show. Well, he probably won’t see it that way. If he reads any fan comments though, he is going to be surprised at how he comes off.

    • He was sincere. He said he couldn’t do it/pull it off. Guy was honest. “Duh” in the words of the famous twins. “I couldn’t pull it off” he said. Your post is useless.

      • Even though it’s luck, you had your chance to, literally, get a free ride to the money. Just ask Liz. Oh, and don’t fu-$ everyone over 50 ways from sunday.

      • The last part shouldn’t be a “chance”, it should actually involve some skill. It isn’t just season that I have felt that way. There are many ways to play the game but she covered every aspect and that was a dumb way to her or not.

      • I don’t know that it’s the best way to end the 3 comps but it is interesting. Remember, physical vs mental. Comp 1 and 2. Some men and women aren’t equal at both so why not have the 3rd chance with still another option to make the win. So many scenarios can happen or play different in the season so luck/ chance is also built into the game.I like it’s 1/3rd the end. Deff apreciate your opinion though.

      • I liked James and he did play well…he just teamed up with the wrong folks and they couldn’t give him any protection. Glad he won the favorite houseguest award.

  15. I really wish they had asked Clay how many people he slept with since being evicted. Then panned over to get Shelli’s facial expression.

    • Haha yes! It was so awkward during his backyard interview when Jeff kept probing for info on the future of their relationship, and you could tell Clay has absolutely no intentions of trying a relationship with her!

    • He won’t know till bout 17 years from now, when he gets 8 or 9 feline knocks at his door, each with a single statement…….”I, think your my father.”

    • Would have been perfect. Doubt they will make it as a couple. When you are isolated 24/7 it is an artificial situation. Real life is completely different.

  16. Biggest question is… Is Steve gay and did he want to make out with JMac? I was hoping for another gay-straight mance like last season with Frankie and Zachary. Those silly flirting scenes were HOT!

  17. We have to admit it was a nail bitter, would steve take V or not, he made the biggest move and deserved the win,
    If mommy dearest was in final two she should have gotten all the votes but one if liz sat next to her, V was the best player by far,
    Steve put a target on the twins, but is was Vs smart thinking to get julia to pick austin to play against in the POV, It played out as V wanted, perfect for her,
    V hand picked the two to go into the final three with her,
    As far as steves game , it was more social than most thought, it went over everyones head what he was doin

    Jason was right , V never owned the game, she may have bullied people, lied to them , got them to play the way she wanted , but was always afraid of being the one with blood on her hands. Took no credit for some of the best moves.

    Did V mess up with picking Steve and LIz, no way, she thought she had the two fools she needed,
    the out come this year was great, One of big brothers all time best players got played, a sure winner, got backdoored by someone who she was going to crush if things went her way, She got what she deserved, even her bitter vote meant nothing in the end,

    • You are so right! I was so worried that Steve might cave and take Vanessa. I was literally clapping and cheering when he chose Liz (although slightly puking in my mouth when she was gushing “I love you, I love you so much” to Steve, about whom she’d spewed so many insults on After Dark). It was a perfect Finale and made the agony of the past few weeks worth it!

  18. I thought this was a really good season. I would have liked to see the best player of this season win, but Steve won the third round fair and square. I am happy for him. He was my original favorite at the start of the season, and Vanessa grew on me and I remembered her from watching Poker After Dark years ago. All in all, I feel Vanessa still won in that most people judging it rationally, even the other house guests admit it, she owned the house this season. I hope to see her come back in an All Stars season. I don’t believe they should put her in a regular season because now that everyone knows her it would be too intimidating for the other house guests.

    • You could swallow staring at that aderol popping machine gun, non stop speed talking, again. Never. Yea she played great but one run of all that nonsense isore than enough. Rant in private V, peace.

    • Even in real life, the “best” person in a particular field doesn’t always end up being the most successful. Lots of factors play into it. I’m glad Vanessa didn’t win. I couldn’t respect her game play at all. Maybe her loss was karma.

    • Why would they rig it? Seriously, please tell me, why would CBS rig the outcome of the show or the AFP? What possible reason?

      • It wouldn’t be that hard. First of all, I never said the outcome of the show was rigged. Ever. I was partly saying it was rigged for AFP in jest. However, because your manties are all in a wad about my comment, here’s my reply: all it would take is one correctly placed IT person to not particularly like JM and want to help James take care of his daughter and BAM…suddenly the polls aren’t working, people’s votes aren’t being correctly counted, etc. (many people complained of these things while trying to vote for AFP). I’m not saying it’s a huge CBS conspiracy, but it could happen. JM was always way ahead in the polls so it was a surprise that James ultimately won. No biggie.

      • Jakey—you should read my response again. My hypothetical answer as to how and why are equally addressed. ;-)

      • Okay, I hope you feel better. You really shouldn’t let these trivial things upset you so much. Namaste Jakey!

      • How am I a paranoid lunatic when I simply said something in jest? Do you know what satire or sarcasm is? Do you understand that people use expressions of speech to make a point that may not be meant to be taken literally? These things you should ponder. I imagine you are quite young, perhaps typing away in your parents house. I feel sorry for you that whatever is going on in your life has made you incredibly hostile. With age comes wisdom. Hopefully you will learn to relax a little and lighten up. Life’s too short to be so aggro no matter what has happened to you.

      • So first you defend your original comment by trying to explain it, then you realize that it made no sense so now was made in jest? Okay, I’m just glad you’re back on your meds!

      • It’s easy to say it’s rigged but whoever wins AFP depends on who people are voting for. If you think John should have won, then every vote should count and many of those votes would have survived whatever technical problem CBS Interactive encountered in the first couple of days.

        James also has a fair share of supporters and no doubt they came in droves. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all came to a good few hundred that has made a difference.

    • I split my votes between Johnny and James. Loved Johnny Mac but I figured with his job, he will have a comfortable future. James has a child and more limited opportunities at this point so I figured he could use the money more. They were my two very favorites.

    • I didn’t think so. I loved it. FINALLY. A lot of the episodes lately had been dreary but loved this one!

  19. It turned out to be a good thing that Julie revealed the votes backwards, lol. It would have been a 5-0 sweep before the commercial break, where the 3 votes for Liz were revealed.

    • I think she revealed them that way because she had a pretty good idea from the jury discussions prior to the finale who would likely be voting for whom.

  20. Quite Frankly, NONE of the competitors this year blew my skirt up.
    Out of the Final Three, I was glad that Steve won, even though I thought V was a better player.
    I didn’t like the way V played, I didn’t like her manipulative & conniving BS … and the tears, Oh MY God … all those alligator tears. I hope she is still crying … LOL
    Liz is a skank. What we call a “mean girl” these days. She thinks her attractive appearance should give her a pass in life but her pretty appearance doesn’t make up for the constant whine in her voice, and her uncouth behavior.

  21. Not angry or bitter about Steve winning but he was clearly not the best player this season,yes I’m aware the hatred of Vanessa made him a popular choice but doesn’t wash away the truth of the matter,he was not the driver of anything this summer but merely a backseat passenger who got lucky at the end with one question.People allude to Vanessa tactics on BB,well the facts are more guys win this game than girls,just a fact,so she she used every weapon at her disposal including crying and yes sometimes lying,she was not the first do so and will not be the last and once more will say there is a double standard for females vs. males in the BB house,when a guy man does something underhanded,he is just doing what he needed to do but when a female does the same some fans say she should be burned at the stake…lol..according to some her last crime against humanity was voting with her heart but like Zach said the other the day he would have voted for Frankie if in the finals because they were friends,so she is not the only one who has and will not be the last to vote their feelings..this is last comment is not aimed at anyone here,not my style or desire..but in general finale night the big winner was hate,not the best player.

    • Winning the game of Big Brother is at best subjective and a lot of factors are considered in determining who deserves to win the season.

      Matt already posted an article highlighting possible F2 scenarios and basically here’s what could happen:
      1. Liz/Vanessa Final 2=Vanessa wins.
      2. Steve/Vanessa Final 2=Vanessa wins.
      3. Steve/Liz Final 2=Steve wins.

      What their genders are is irrelevant if the jurors would favor everything else such as gameplay and any level of animosity or whatnot. Had Steve taken Vanessa to the Final 2, no doubt Vanessa will get majority of the jurors’ votes, and that’s the kind of scenario Steve wants to avoid. Many of the jurors this year favored gameplay and they would gladly pick Vanessa as their winner had she made it to the end.

      Liz, who never expected to be taken by Steve to be in the final 2, was so unprepared with answering questions directed at her that she got herself crushed by Steve.

      Yes, she has won competitions, and yes she did survived the twist that brought her sister to the house and formed a showmance to protect the twins and Austin throughout the season. But what she wasn’t able to give to the jury was a compelling enough argument that would have allowed her to score more than just those three votes. Had she won Part 2, defeated Vanessa at Part 3 and took Steve to the Final 2, she could have had the best case to the jury and possibly won.

      Thus between the final 2 that we got, Steve was clearly the best player among the two as he not only did he present the best case to win over the jury (taking out Vanessa at Final 3), but also gave answers that would help solidify the jury’s decision to choose who among him and Liz would become the winner.

      With majority of the jury this year composed of women, it would be easy to assume that they would choose a woman in the final 2 to win BB17, and had that person been Vanessa (sitting next to either Liz or Steve) then yes, Shelley and Becky would’ve really the troops and encourage the other jurors to vote for her. If the person turns out to be Liz instead, it would depend on how her gameplay fared and who she is sitting with.

      No doubt, they would all favor (except for Austin) to choose Vanessa to win BB17 had she reached the end.

  22. The only real surprise of finale night was James winning AFP,kudos to the public pulling one last rabbit out of the hat for season 17.

  23. Since one particular person will not go away on this thread, I’m taking the high road and disappearing. I don’t have time for his illogical thought. Buh-bye!

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