Big Brother 17: Finale Results: Final HoH & Winner Revealed

Tonight on the Big Brother 17 season finale the last Head of Household competition wraps up and one more eviction vote is cast ahead of the Jury’s decision revealing this year’s Big Brother winner.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 finale
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 finale – Source: CBS

Liz, Steve, and Vanessa faced off in a mix of two of the three rounds of the final BB17 HoH competitions over the past few days. Now those first parts will play out as tonight’s show kicks off before leading us to the third and final comp along with the Jury round table hosted by Dr. Will.

Joining the Big Brother Jury on stage, as they await their last member, will be the first five evicted Houseguests as we anxiously await what looks to be a do-or-die round three competition following the endurance competition and physical/mental comp. Now on to the show.

Big Brother 17 Final HoH – Round 1:
Liz, Steve, and Vanessa are about to be dipped in goo and then slammed against the wall until they can’t take it anymore. Yes, it’s time for the endurance competition and this was a doozy as the Houseguests held on for the longest time since BB11!

Steve was the first to fall after nearly four hours. They had shifted down to the lower level and sitting on the ball instead of the disc.

Vanessa says she needs to turn up the mindgames on Liz because she doesn’t have much time left to hang on. This is just minutes after Steve has fallen. Liz rolls over and plays dead for Vanessa after begging for Vanessa to take her to the F3. Instead of making her own fate she relies on Vanessa. Liz takes the fall for Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Final HoH – Round 2:
Now the winner from round one will sit out this part of the competition. Houseguests will face the biggest crossword they’ve ever seen in their lives and it’s about to be another very close competition.

Steve beats Liz in a very close comp. Steve’s time was 28:27 versus Liz’s 31:11.

Big Brother 17 Jury Round Table:
John arrives to much surprise and disappointed. Austin is shocked to hear Liz is trusting Vanessa again. He’s loudmouthing it and Dr. Will calls him out that it’s hypocritical. Everyone raises their hand when Will asks if Vanessa had a hand in their eviction.

Meg calls out Vanessa that no one was fooled by her, but she kept winning when she needed to do it. John calls out Steve as a rat. Julia says she won’t vote for Steve because he wouldn’t own his game.


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      • Yes, Stevie deserved to win because JohnnyMac talked about it, but failed to get the job done!

        I’m actually going to watch the entire episode again just to see Vanessa’s face. She didn’t hug Liz on the way outta the house, didn’t she?

      • I don’t agree with you on BB, Vanessa lost a guessing game to Steve, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the game of BB.

        Vytas however was suuuuper creepy and I’m glad Abi will be staying to let her crazy brazilian ass out on the show

      • That’s always been the final part of the game. That’s the only part of BB that you can predict. Its BB tradition. If you don’t like it don’t watch.

  1. Just read the interview with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan about this season. They were talking about the possible winner and jury and they were talking about Vanessa as if she was certain to be answering juror questions at the end and making a speech about her game play. They did not mention Steve or Liz doing the same.

    Here is a quote. ” We have no idea how she’s going to answer questions and deal with that jury, but the one thing we find interesting is she played a really amazing game” . There was no “if she makes it to final 2 preceding that statement.

    Maybe it was unintentional but it sounds like they already know she is in the F2. Other statements they made are attempts to redeem Vanessa’s reputation. They claim she is a good person who is conflicted about doing what she did in the house. You mean like making Meg and James have nots when she put them on the block? You mean like bullying Steve? Those are part of her master plan? Perhaps they don;t want someone like Andy winning again?

    I do not believe that BB is fixed. But some people do and the producers of the show should be careful not to make statements like these that give the impression that they know who is going to be there at the end.

      • But you all still watch lol

        PS: Vanessa deserved to win way more than Steve did. John threw an HOH to Steve and he shat himself during the double eviction before randomly getting out Jackie (who Vanessa told him to target lol)

      • Steve’s double eviction noms took place immediately following the HOH comp that he won. Vanessa didn’t have a chance to influence his nominations. Give credit where credit is due…he used Vanessa to get further in the game, just as she used him and everyone else she could…but in the end he knew that she was a totally untrustworthy partner and drop-kicked her out of the house, just as she had planned to do to him.
        I guess Steve got the last laugh……and it was SO satisfying to see.

    • If you don’t believe it’s rigged why would you add fuel to the conspiracy fire?

      The quote you mention is by Meehan but you left out mentioning the following sentence by Grodner a bit later in the interview:

      Grodner: “It’ll be interesting how she ultimately decides to play that, if she makes it to the final two.”

    • Now they need to admit they jumped the gun a bit and say that no one is ever guaranteed the winner in this game until the fat lady sings!!! :-)

    • Wow some of you people are just clearly mental midgets….Way to claim there is some conspiracy when Vanessa and Frankie didn’t even make it to the final 2 of their seasons….

      And LMAO about the Meg and James being have-nots, PROTOP towards the end have-nots were NOT picked, nominees were automatically made have-nots and what do ya know it was when there were both evicted….People need to grow up and either stop watching or stop with this retarded errrmaghad its fixxxxxxd, its fixxxxed herp derp…It was supposedly fixed for Amanda she lost, was supposedly fixed for Frankie he lost, was supposedly fixed for Vanessa she lost….Dumbest conspiracy theories ever….

  2. This show is so overrated and highly and totally dispicable. These final three idiots don’t deserve a single penny. I’m glad that it will be over tonight. Zing that Julie Chen, Zingbot and Production. All of you need to find something else to do. Filthy animals. Worst season I have ever seen.

  3. I made this comment before but the comp is because their feet touched the ground when they were dipped in the pool. That gave the a chance to relax and rest even it it was only for a few seconds.

    • I saw that too. Does anyone else think that Steve came off on his own & didn’t really ‘FALL’ off?? If you’ve PVR’d it go back & look at the way he ‘slipped off.’
      Just my opinion from my observation. Please do not attack me or call me an idiot!!

    • Cyril, I think you stopped commenting by the time I made it here…just want to thank you for another year of laughs! You’re so much fun and I appreciate it immensely. I will always be your Sharona!

      • I agree! I’ve really enjoyed being able to discuss & comment on the show!!
        My husband can’t stand reality shows & I tend to like them cuz it’s fluff TV.
        Thanks for listening to me & that’s for all the discussions & banter!!
        Now, where did I put that glass of wine I poured?? And that chocolate bar???
        Yum yum!!

      • Thank you, Tink! I’ll take that chocolate, please! I haven’t seen you much this season..maybe we’re on different time schedules. I hope I’ll see you next year, so we can chat. Have a great year! Hmmm, actually, I think I’ll take a glass of that wine too. :)

  4. so I’ve already heard the happenings but I’m still shocked they give in to her and never say shut up

    • I don’t get it…. “SHUT THE HECK UP ALREADY!!!!!! I am here to win also. I don’t want your gift, I want to win!!!”

  5. Steve looks really sad. Did they already play for the HOH, because if they did he seemed to have lost. Liz looks very happy and Vanessa is not crying.

  6. think Austin is going to be a little peeved at Liz because she seemed to have a pretty good time the last few days. He probably expected her to stay in bed and sleep the whole time until finale

  7. Unless Van gets evicted tonight, I think she got the Jury votes..What do you guys think, based on what you saw from the Jury house?

    • He told Julie twice went he was evicted that he really thought he was going to win. Being kicked out ruined any chances he might have had (in his mind only) of becoming famous. No one cares about someone who only made it to F5. That’s why he’s so furious. He truly thought he had it made – that he and Liz would make public appearances and that they’d be sought after for all kinds of things. He saw his delusional dreams going up in smoke and he won’t forgive Vanessa for doing that.


    • It was rigged to get Vanessa onto the finale. They helped her countless times along the way in the DR to make sure she made final 3, giving her suggestions of what to do, allowing her to attempt to bribe fellow contestants, etc. It doesn’t matter if she was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, they were just going after maximum publicity. If she ends up with that TV series on one of CBS’s networks (TNT, TBS, etc.) then the theory will be proven 100% correct.

  9. Vanessa is about to whoop Steve in the bathroom, then cry, talk about her integrity, kiss her ring, yell at him some more, promise him a good Christmas present, yell at him into taking her….

  10. It’d be disappointing but understandable if Steve gets rid of Vanessa. But she really does deserve the game.

    • Dan the Fan, I am kind of thrilled that Steve evicted her just because it was a great moment, but I am with you that Vanessa really deserved to win the game. She is by far the superior player.

  11. Steve’s decision just made me change my mind about this season. The last minute shocker just redeemed the season for me.

  12. thank god steve won! im soooo glad steve and liz found out what production has been doing and their little plan to fix it for vanessa has failed! he definitely deserves the money! (:

  13. I hope med staff is on stand by for Steve. I hope Liz feels like a total bitch right now. Didn’t even campaign to the dude.

    • Guess what, dummy? BB assisted Vanessa in getting her to the finale for maximum exposure . They didn’t care whether she won or lost, but she was aided along the way. And when she shows up with a new poker show on a CBS network (such as TBS, TNT, TruTV) then the theory will be proven.

  14. Ding Dong…………….”the Wicked 8!TC# is DEAD!” Nobody 4 EVER!!!
    PS – Damn if it didn’t take long enough…………….98 days, seriously!

    • CBS assisted Vanessa in getting her to the final 3…there is no doubt about that. Their goal was to get her onto the series finale for maximum exposure…mission accomplished. When Vanessa appears on a CBS network near you with a poker show (TBS, TNT, TruTV, e,g,) then you will know the truth.

  15. Liz has three votes in the jury house so far… dang Steve, I hope you win and have a killer speech.

  16. I wanted Steve to win, but feel bad about either losing in that comp. Everything down to one comp, and decided by one question.

  17. I think it sounded like her voice cracked a little at the end. thinking she’s got another cry in her

  18. Vanessa is lying. She seems to be in shock right now, that is why her tears are not flowing. She didn’t even say hi to her girlfriend. That’s how shocked she is.

    • I don’t think so, as good of a player as Vanessa is. She has to at least considered it a remote possibility

      • Its not about what kind of player she is its about her ego. I think she was certain she was going to win the HOH and it is a shock that she lost to Steve, her pet dog, in the final comp.

  19. Now that Vanessa came in 3rd, she’s definitely getting that Poker show on CBS Sports, just so she doesn’t hunt down Les and Julie and go postal on them! ;)

  20. Woohoo snake is gone. I think production got so many negative feeds that they had to change course. Did anyone notice Vanessa always gave her answer after Steve did – like production was feeding her the answer to pick in an earpiece under that stupid hat? Mommy will be proud. Little Stevie finally grew a pair.

  21. Wonder how she’ll be received by the jury? I think they’ll be decent to her but not sure about Austin. I hope Austin gets/keeps his head in the game and behaves.

  22. Go Steve go Steve!!!!! Bye Vanessa and hope I never see you on TV again. What a joke Steve betrayed is this witch serious right now. She must be crazy to not remember everything she has done. Thank god she is gone.

    • Yes, it would!! A terrible injustice. Liz winning would be a win for Austin, unless she’s smart enough to dump his ugly butt and use the money solely for her and Julia.

  23. Vanessa played an AMAZING game. In the end, it came down to that final HOH. She didn’t pull through. Sucks. But she was still the BEST player this season! Never fret, Vanessa will be back! VANESSA!

    • Yeah, never really a Vanessa fan, but u have to admit u do feel bad for her that her luck ran out the only time she needed it the most

    • Funny, I thought the game was fixed!! Lol… No more talk about this BS! Good job Steve, you made the right choice!

      • Hi Tinalee, how are you?

        Hope you’re well. It has been fabulous making your acquaintance this summer. Sorry we were on opposite sides of the track, literally.

        Peace to you and all the best completing your literary works.


        Cindy, oops now you know my name!

      • Hey Cindy,
        thank you so much! I have enjoyed our conversations as well and I look forward to next season! I hope next season I am on everyone’s good side lol… And thank you for sending this message, a lot of people have been messaging me and laughing at me because Vanessa lost however they are failing to forget that I have said since the beginning I did not want Vanessa to win because I always want someone who really needs the money to win. I am not at all upset that she did not win! She deserves it in my opinion but, she has enough money already! And the funny thing is, everyone says it’s fixed and has been saying that forever, they have been saying it’s fixed for Vanessa to win and Vanessa is going to win well, she didn’t win! she lost at the final comp & Steve made an extremely smart choice voting out Vanessa! If he did not, she would have won! Hands down! I was disappointed with tonight’s episode but I am always disappointed with BB finale because it’s always so short, not much conversation goes on when the winner is crowned or even before! Kind of like Survivor as well! I wish they had reunion shows like other shows have, I want to hear what people have to say lol
        and, it’s over! Finally lol and hopefully this might silence some of the haters saying the game is fixed! Again, I do believe certain situations are manipulated and it’s very clear that there was some cheating hence Liz and Steve’s conversation (& some other conversation!) so that super annoying and sad but, reality TV is just not what it used to be.
        I look forward to seeing you and talking/debating next season :-) maybe you will be around in the winter for BB Canada “4? !
        You can find me on Facebook if you would like. My name is Christina de Sa and it should say Vancouver BC or maybe chilliwack BC. no pressure though!
        again, thank you for your nice message :-) XO

      • Vanessa will be the first one voted out in any all star season. No all star would put up with that wining and crying crap. Unanimously voted out first vote

      • Yeah right. I bet Derrick will go out first. Vanessa will probably have a completely different strategy and go far again.

      • Derrick is a schmoozer.that will buy him a couple of weeks. Vanessa is sneaky and manipulative by nature. That won’t fly with all stars.they will compare notes catch her in lie and can her just to be done with it

  24. She was a good player yet a terrible bully. She was hurtful and mean- you can be sneaky and dramatic and play the game without being a bully.
    I wish I was a fly on the wall when she finds out how much we roit’s for bullies to be taken down.

  25. Oh man! It just dawned on me…It’s the high school nerd (I say lovingly and as a nerd) versus the popular cheerleader!

  26. Vanessa definitely ranks in the top women of the game.

    All the best ladies finish in third. Danielle, Janelle…twice, and now Vanessa.

    Well played Van, but I guess it wasnt meant to be

    • She still goes down as one of the best female HGs to play this game, so don’t worry. I may not be a fan of hers, but I know talent when I see it.

      • I think Vanessa is the best the way Amanda was the best. Bullying is a technique but it does not make for the best players. And before anyone says it, I freaking hate evel Dick as well, I do not consider him a good player.

        Janelle or even Danielle go down as the best female players. Though I do love me some Rachel.

    • I can’t wait to see her face – another hour and a half to wait here on the West Coast. All her bullying and mental tricks were for nothing. Hooray! Bad guys don’t always win. Rooting big time for Steve.

      • They were not for nothing. She still made a huge impact on the game. She will be remembered for years to come.

  27. This is the most entertained I’ve been this entire season. You just know Liz is going to sound like a dumb arse right now.

    • Well, you can’t blame her. She just got evicted. This game was hers to lose…she did seal her fate when she lost the final HOH round. She’s probably kicking herself in her head. I sure am kicking her in the head through the TV. lol. Vanessa you just let your game slip through your fingertips. Too bad. But she’ll be alright.

    • She doesn’t have a happy face – she has wrinkle face, beagle face, bulgy-eyed face, fake astonished face, fake trust me face, real mess with me and I’ll make your life miserable face, fake this is for your own good face, rarely a genuine happy face.

    • I can’t stand him either. He thinks he’s all that. Boy is he going to get a slap in the face when he sees how people feel about him.

  28. GOOD for Steve, as much as I like Vanessa it was a smart game move to not take her to the final two! Vanessa played a brilliant game! And I am going to give her credit where credit is due regardless of the rumors, but I’m done with that! However, since the very beginning I have said I did not want her to win because I always like someone who really needs the money to win! Interesting season! It’s been fun :-) thank you all, (well most of you) for being nice to me regardless of being the underdog against most of you who disliked Vanessa! Peace out! ♡♡♡♡♡

    • HI Tinalee thanks for the convos. Hope to see you next year. Definetly going to try to find out how to get BB Canada. It’s good to see people like you who stick to their believes and not be influenced. I still say the wrong person won BB and AFP. And if you ever meet up with Van, tell her she did a fantastic job! Till next year !

      • Hello ♡♡♡
        thank you so much! And right back atcha :-) maybe we will reconnect in the winter with Big Brother Canada 4 (I do believe BBN reports on BB Canada as well!)
        I hope you can find it, BB Canada has been very good.
        Vanessa did do an amazing job this season! And maybe Vanessa not winning will silence some of the haters! But I doubt it lol…..I thought it was fixed for Vanessa to win? Lol strange how that happens hahaha my gas is now the haters are just going to say BB didn’t let Vanessa win because of all the speculation on cheating lol don’t get me wrong, I do think some situations were manipulated by production, I have thought that for many years because unfortunately reality TV is not what it used to be! It is what it is… it does suck that it is not the same game anymore but I’m going to keep watching because it’s just mindless entertainment. I have read some of the feeds as suggested by some people who disagree with me and I have read some obvious cheating like Liz getting answers from production when playing against Steve in the second competition, I read Steve and her talking about it! So that’s definitely not cool but, I still think Vanessa is awesome and I think she did a great job considering what she had to work with lol…
        and so many people have said to me Vanessa is going to be booed when she comes out of the house, I didn’t hear that lol in fact she got a loud applause! anyway blah blah blah it’s over! Maybe next year I will be on the same side as most of you so, people won’t be so mean lol but honestly I could care less what any of these people say. it’s been really fun participating for the first time on here! I will definitely be back :-) you are more than welcome to look me up on Facebook if you like. My name is
        Christina de Sa (yep, it is sprlt like that! Lol) and either look me up living in Chilliwack BC or Vancouver BC. My facebook is pretty open, I really do need to lock it down more. I can’t remember what my profile picture is of though. If you want to add me to Facebook but cannot find me then let me know. But no pressure with adding me to Facebook :-) at all :-) thanks for the fun summer! XO

      • I watched last weeks episode but I have yet to watch today’s. but I will be watching it :-) I watch every year, every season

      • I’m not sure who she is, I believe she is the one with the accent? I forget where she’s from lol… I don’t have much of an opinion on anybody quite yet, and I still haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet. I am going to try and stay very neutral and out of peoples way on here lol…. When I came on here last night to check your message I had like 10 or something Message that were removed. I don’t know what I did or said wrong but clearly something lol and my comments were all replying back to that same person so obviously she flagged it but I didn’t know there was rules, however, I can’t see any well that I would have broken!? Where are the rules lol

  29. The boy became a man ~ Judas lol I loved his expression when that Electric Mayhem muppet poker playing whore came out with the jury.

  30. The boy? Austin is such a jerk. Steve is more of a man than you are, the boy who threw a tantrum when he was voted out!

    • I felt bad for Liz Steve has had days to practice his speeches. After Steve and Vanessa told her they weren’t taking her, she probably didn’t practice. Maybe that will be a strategist move. I still think the better player didn’t win.

  31. After that, all I can say is Steve has this in the bag. Even Julia and Austin look like they don’t want to vote for Liz anymore.

  32. Steve’s answers were flawless and Liz’s were the worst answers ever given in a final 2 questions segment

  33. Julia looks pissed. lol aww someone jealous? this is awesome! the finale is making up for the predictable season. that’s right, bring it on.

  34. Liz, wanting $ is NOT a reason to win $500G. She strikes me as someone who hasn’t had to struggle very much in life.

    • Vanessa was assisted by BB to get as far in the show as she could to maximize publicity. You can maximize publicity without actually winning….sheesh! Getting her onto the series finale is plenty publicity. It will all be proven right when she ends up on that poker show on a CBS network such as TruTV, CBS Sports, etc.

  35. “I should win because I need the money…I have amazing boobs, i got this natural bounce in my blonde hair, and I’m pretty, I mean, do I need an actual reason to say why I deserve the money?”

    What I thought Liz would have said…close enough I guess.

  36. Glad they made her go first….. Glad she didn’t mention she needed the money, I am sure Steve does also.

  37. Liz may have won 3 HoH comps but when she was HoH she wasn’t making her own moves. She basically let Austin and Vanessa run her HoHs.

  38. Steve just said liz was not in the house for the first few week. WRONG LIZ WAS TWIN IN THE HOUSE NOT JULIA

  39. Big brother sucks and idiots like steve who did absolutely nothing the whole season wins 500,000 proves you can suck and still win big brother and now steve is the worst winner ever that’s a fact jack

    • Unlikable character. He had a very inflated idea of his own popularity – too bad that impression won’t last for long. If we think he’s pissed off at everyone now, just wait a week or two when it sinks in that he wasn’t AFP, and didn’t win a penny, plus no one’s going to be running after him begging him to make speaking appearances.

  40. I have to admit, it’s been a hard day. 12 hrs work day. fighting w construction dude. but survivor started. Vanessa got evicted and I think Steve has the win. good ending to my day

  41. Vanessa voted for Liz because she thinks she was honest and stayed true to her alliance. The opposite of what she did, but in her head thinks the she did the same.

  42. Good poker face Vanessa, because after reading how she has acted at times when playing poker, I bet she is seething inside.

  43. May the best player win, Vanessa losing is equivalent to my favorite player winning. its not even over and I am already in a celebrating mood. this is great, much like this board. love you guys! its been a blast!

    • So, tell us more about all your conspiracy theories about how the game was obviously rigged for Vanessa to win.

      • Ask everyone else that, I wasn’t the only one. Vanessa lost! I don’t even want breakfast with you anymore lol this finale has been quite sweet, loving it TB, love it!

      • Yes, but you were so adamant that the game was fixed and refused to listen to any rational explanations as to why that wasn’t the case. I’d like to get your updated thoughts on the matter now. You have the floor, sir.

      • I wasn’t the only who noticed her bribery, I was simply a live feeder who happened to notice as well. but you like to single me out, awww TB. you played too hard to get. I don’t want breakfast anymore, since its a far too early time to celebrate. which is what I feel like doing now, ok I lied. I have been celebrating, I couldn’t ask for a better outcome, seeing the entitled millionaire get so close to her title, only to watch it slip away? poetry my good man, poetry.

      • I didn’t single you out. I took on all the people making similarly ludicrous claims. You just happened to make them often and state them emphatically.

  44. Although Liz struggled with her answers…look back at season 11 when Jordan won. Comparing Jordan to Liz, Jordan was a weaker player, yet she still won. She didn’t give good answers either to the questions she was asked.

  45. Did Vanessa actually sit up there and tell Julie how Steve had betrayed her on a couple of occasions, or didn’t her delusional behind realize he simply made his own decisions. She tried to keep him on a short leash on him but it didn’t work. She truly looked mad as hell during his speech and you can tell she is upset. But….she admitted she lied to him about F2.

  46. Now that I think about it, all my favorite people from my favorite shows ALWAYS end up coming in 3rd place.
    BB 17 – Vanessa
    American Idol season 10 – Haley Reinhart
    American Idol season 12 – Angie Miller….
    the list goes on…Vanessa…WELCOME.

    • My favorites hardly ever win, only in Dancing with the Stars: Season 19 and Survivor Micronesia :(
      In World’s Apart my favorite was Sierra and she finished in 5th place.
      In this BB Season Becky in 9th and JMac in 4th.
      Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Parvati in 2nd, Candice in 8th, Amanda 9th, J.T. 10th.