Big Brother Live Recap: Season 16 Premiere Episode

Here. We. Go! It’s the Big Brother season 16 premiere event with part one of the two-night special kick-off. We’ll soon be watching our favorite HouseGuests scurry around their new home for the summer and if you don’t have any favorites yet just give it a night.

Big Brother 16 Premiere Sneak Peek
Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap – Source: CBS

Tonight’s premiere will start with introductions of all the new Big Brother 16 cast (read their bios & watch interviews here) as they get their “Key Surprise” moments with family and friends before being whisked away to Los Angeles. Once they’re all gathered up the HGs will head inside and fight for beds and, soon enough, power.

But wait, oh no, I meant “but first,” there’s a twist! Not everyone is going inside the house tonight. Instead the new cast will be split apart with eight players entering now and another eight moving in during Thursday’s part two of the season premiere.

So who goes in tonight and who gets left behind? Let’s find out as I live blog the Big Brother 16 season premiere. Stick with me here on this page and share your thoughts in the Comments section below. I’ll keep updating this article with everything as it happens.

And we’re off! First up we get Julie Chen status us up, but remember, this is not a live show. We get our first round of introductions with Paola (DJ), Donny (groundskeeper), Cody (shirtless athlete). Now Frankie (YouTube personality) and Amber (model). Final three of this half are Nicole, Devin, and Joey.

Now they’re all getting packed up and ready to head to the Big Brother house. Seems like most everyone is heading there looking for romance rather than a half-million dollars.

Julie has these eight players out at FOTH and is telling them it will be the most twisted season ever. She doesn’t explain why it’s just eight of them there. I’d bet they’re all thinking “Vets.”

First four in: Joey (<-- cursed!), Cody, Donny, and Amber. Second four: Devin, Paola, Frankie, and Nicole. Group one realizes there has to be another eight, but that doesn't stop them from grabbing the champagne and going around for introductions. Cody is crushing on Paola oh and guess what. Paola has a crush on Cody already too. Well that could be our first showmance. They’re not alone on showmance potential though. Amber is hot for Devin while Devin is hot for Joey. This is a Big Brother / Bachelorette crossover season apparently.

Julie promises more details on the Team America twist that will allow viewers to impact the game. We’ll find out how the preseason poll went.

The first eight HGs are still in there alone and have started to form an alliance to stick together no matter what else happens. All agree to be one big alliance. But off on the side Devin grabs Donny and forms a special sub-alliance.

Now the girl power is starting up. Paola goes to Joey, Amber, and Nicole and forms an all-girls alliance. They name it “El Cuatro.” Okay.

Julie comes on the screen and tells them to get ready for the first HoH comp. And now she’s revealing the “HoHs aren’t always safe.” Before she explains anymore Julie vanishes.

Time to play for Head of Household! HGs rush outside to face “Go Fly A Kite.” It’s an endurance comp and Paola is down already! Uh oh, Joey is struggling too. Yep, there she goes. Nicole is soon after.

Just Amber, Frankie, Donny, Devin, and Cody remain. Big Brother starts squirting them with “sunscreen lotion” and then flips the direction of the rolling barrel. Yikes!

Quickly Donny and Devin fall leaving Amber, Frankie, and Cody. One of them will be the first HoH of the season! It won’t be Cody, he falls next. Then Amber decides to throw it because she’s worried about that mysterious twist.

Frankie wins Head of Household! Congrats to Frankie!

Julie is ready to reveal more about the HoH “not safe” twist. She has Frankie sit in one of the orange “noms” chairs. Uh oh? She explains another eight HGs are coming in and there will be another HoH. We know that much.

“But by the end of the week, only one HoH will be left standing. I’ll leave you with that.” So we don’t know anything new after all this? Dang.

Okay, but here’s something new. Team America will be a secret 3-HG alliance. We already voted one HG in and over the next two weeks we’ll vote in another two. From there we’ll be giving that secret alliance tasks. Thursday night we’ll find out who the first is (Frankie) because it could be anyone (Frankie. Really any of these first 8 could be it. It’ll be Frankie.

The two-night premiere continues on Thursday night at 9PM when we’ll get the rest of the HoH twist details revealed.

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  1. Wow !..from what I see, I have a lot of hope with this season…not bad so far.

  2. why can’t I access the live feeds? I cant access the page as there is no “login” option. just asks for purchase info

  3. Ooh, secret missions. We haven’t had that in a long while (BB12 but that blew up in production’s face).

  4. If any of you are on twitter: @_Captain555 (Raiders shield in a yellow circle)
    If you’re not on twitter, you should think about it. Lots of stuff going there. Tomorrow night when the live feeds come on, Jeff S. will be twitting for 16 hours straight (about the live feeds). That should be good.

  5. The guy with the beard and the girl with the glasses are making me wonder…Why both of them are acting so “innocent” if u will or better yet acting goofish is something to watch.

    • Give them a couple of weeks. Their innocence will become a distant memory.

      • mr beard seems like a good ol boy…I don’t think he’s going to be crass like spencer was

  6. First off. Yay big brother is back. Second. “It could be anyone (Frankie) ANYONE (it’ll be frankie). I love you guys!

  7. Just a thought, what would happen if any of the 3 secret alliance members chosen by viewers gets evicted? Like say…Frankie.

    • Don’t know if they would replace them. I guess we’ll find out when that happen. Or maybe they will decide at the time, depending if the twist work like they want it to.

      • So who do you think will make up the 3 person alliance? I thought Frankie would get on my nerves immediately but so far he’s not so bad. Can’t wait to finally see how this HOH twist will work. Hopefully tomorrow it will all be explained.

      • Hard to say how America will vote when you barely know the HGs.
        And me too, I really tought he would get on my nerves. But I don’t find him that bad so far.

  8. Good start to the season. I think I’m going to like this HOH twist. Can’t wait until the feeds start tomorrow though so I can really see what everyone is like. After a few days then I’ll vote for the alliance.

  9. Hi everyone sorry I am so late to the party I had to DVR it tonight . I think I am with a lot of you thinking Frankie was gonna get on my nerves but it’s Paola her voice UGH !

  10. Oh man, you can tell life is busy when I completely forget to watch the episode and not come back online here… sorry gang, I’m back now but give me a couple days to catch up…

  11. I think it is unfair to have a 3 person alliance that we America is guiding in the game. What happens if for example it’s Joey who just formed an all girl alliance that means that she may have to go against them and not allow her to play the game she wants too

  12. Gotta admit it, I’m not impressed with the contestants so far. Where are the “plain janes of today”? Too many contestants that are “connected” to someone or something!! I’ll wait until I see who the next 8 are, but so far I’m not impressed or very interested in watching this season!!

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