Big Brother Recap: Episode 17 — Tensions Run High And OTEV Returns

Tensions were high on Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 18 as Frank went all in to save himself this week and the house didn’t like seeing someone actually play the game. Oh, and OTEV returned to taunt Frank like it did in Season 14. And taunt it did.


The episode picks up right after James nominated Frank and Bridgette, despite promising Bridgette that he wouldn’t put her up before she threw the competition to him.

Frank says he understands that James wants to go with the house, but that just means he has no backbone. Meanwhile, Bridgette says she feels blatantly lied to. Someone cue Julie saying “Welcome to Big Brother.”


Bridgette is pretty devastated but Frank decides to get to work on saving him and Bridgette. He plays the nice guy to James and tries to quilt him over Bridgette being heartbroken and that he isn’t some bad guy like he’s been painted in both of his seasons. Frank directly asks James to put Da’Vonne up if he or Bridgette come off the block. James implies he’ll consider all the things Frank said, but he really just shrugs it off.

It’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Joining James, Frank and Bridgette in the competition are Michelle (drawn by James), Da’Vonne (drawn by Bridgette), and Nicole (drawn by Frank). But everyone picked lets us know that they aren’t using the veto, so this will all be up to Frank and Bridgette.


And like last week, he head right into the veto competition. And this week’s it’s time for the return of OTEV, which was the veto that Frank lost and went home on in Season 14. James is the first person out. He says he threw it, but we can’t be sure. Da’Vonne is the next player out. The next player eliminated is Nicole.

That leaves Frank, Bridgette and Michelle. Frank is next out. And in the last round, Michelle beats Bridgette to OTEV and wins the Power of Veto.

Frank still has some tricks up his sleeve, he says, that could keep him and Bridgette both in the house. And by tricks, I think he just means asking Michelle to use the veto on him. He asks her what fans love to see. He tells her they love to see the veto used, they love to see the house flip and they love to see someone backdoored. He also tells her she’s playing for about 8th place but if she uses the veto, she could get a lot farther.

And of course Frank’s idea includes targeting Da’Vonne, who is one of the people Michelle is closest to. Michelle cannot stand Bridgette, so when he suggests they both stay, she’s not interested in Bridgette being around any longer. She also admits to us that she had a crush on Frank and has been jealous he picked Bridgette over her…



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  1. Can someone please explain the sweet edit Bridgette and Natalie keep getting, if I didn’t read the updates I def wouldn’t have known the truth based on what they show! 1 st last weeks tiff with Natalie and James was really because she keeps flirting with paulie and Corey, but nope they haven’t once shown that side of her! 2nd they never once mentioned the fact that Bridgette said some nasty things about Michelle, I know in that fight she brought up the eyebrows comment but nope again don’t show that side!

    • There are these things called periods! You don’t have to use exclamation points after every sentence!

    • Lol I feel your pain, B is pretending to be soooo sweet now she is playing the bully card…oh please…you are an adult no one can bully you…omg stop!!! She is phony and I’m glad Meech called her on it. B pulls out the high pitched voice and innocent face omg she is phony if anything Frank is bullying her, and she loves it

    • The eyebrow comment was about Tiffany, not Michelle. It somehow got mixed up in the retell, but the comment was supposedly said jokingly. Sure, Bridgette has said some mean things before, but compared to the rest of the catty girls in the house, she’s an angel. Michelle has said way more nasty things and Bridgette is basically ignored and isolated by the rest of the house. So I think Bridgette deserves some slack and Michelle deserves her little bully edit.
      And about Natalie, the show doesn’t have enough time to show every little detail. They have to focus on the strategy and drama. Sure, they have their little showmance segments, but if they go over every little flirty action or romance, the show will turn into the Bachelorette.

  2. It sounds like BB 19 will start shortly after BB18 ends. But will most likely be on CBS all access.

  3. Hope Nicole tells Frank that Paulie is the mastemind behind his eviction lol….drama all nite

    • I hope someone does. This has been my wish for a couple of weeks now. I hope Nicole is not the one since I would love for Brigitte to put her up if she wins. Any player smart enough to go after Paulie gets my vote. Hopefully he doesn’t get the special power.

  4. Even though I knew Michelle won and didn’t use the Veto, this comp was fun to watch. Paul throwing a fit just because Frank asked for a minute of privacy was unnecessary. I do want Frank out, but the HGs really got on my nerves tonight when he was trying to talk in private with Michelle.

    • Oh yea Paul is nothing but a cry baby and riding everyone else’s coat tails. He is awful can’t stand him at all. DA also. She should be the next to go.

      • I would really like to take that tattooed jackass,s hair and rip it off his head and put it where the sun don,t shine i hate that freaking idiot.

      • I too would love to help you……I can’t stand that tattooed jackass either! He is so annoying……and so is DA!! ;)

    • And I was wondering what Nicole and Corey doing when Paul and Paulie came into the room. They’re definitely not sleeping. Lol

      • She was kissing his cheek and he was allowing her. Nothing else was happening, and I don’t think it ever will with Nicole.

  5. GOODNESS on feeds the webs are being weaved and hopefully the truth will win out…will be up all nite in hopes of a major blow up…

  6. For the first time all season I am rooting for Frank to come back. Someone has to knock Paulie off his high horse. I don’t think it’ll be Frank but he’s the only one that could give him a run for his money. He is so cocky I can’t stand it.

    • Agreed. Paulie’s beggin’ for a humblin’ – I’d like to see him on the block 2 weeks in a row then voted out unanimously.

    • I agree with u 100% , well said !! I am a hugh super fan !!! Frank tries his dammest to play this game hard but he just gets shut down by everyone except Brigette. All Da’vonne does is gloat in the DR about Frank being on the block. Besides that, she has no game play ! Michelle is jealous Frank bonding with Bridgette instead of her, again no game play ! The others r just falling in luv or maybe forgot they were in the BBH playing or decided just to watch Frank play. How obnoxious for Paulie to say to Framk give up buddy ur making an ass out of yourself !!! Someone plz show Paulie the finger ALREADY !!

      • He wouldn’t say that to Frank outside of the safety of the BB house, because Frank would mop up the floor with that douche!

      • I do think Paulie’s a douchebag (and I could not take him seriously with that haircut), but at least he was being honest with Frank. If Michelle had just outright said she wasn’t using the veto or James said, I’m not putting up Day, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

      • He was honest to an extent. How is Frank campaigning and trying being an “ass”? There were options and had that meeting not happened, Frank possibly could’ve changed some minds. Instead, no one wanted to give him time to speak with anyone privately because they were scared he would convert people.

      • I know there are options, but these houseguests are too dumb to realize it. This whole “going with the house” is so annoying. Paulie could have stated it better, but at least he did state it. Michelle and James created the problem by beating around the bush, and not listening to Frank with an open mind. They aren’t thinking long term, or past the next two weeks (assuming Bridgette doesn’t win HOH).

      • Right. James calling a meeting with everyone (dumb) then staying silent is a bitch move. Michelle asking whoever would vote Day out while she is in there is also incredibly stupid. Paulie may have manned up a little bit and tried sounding hard, but that’s only because all the others are his weakling followers.

      • Agreed on all of it. That’s for sure, but for some reason no one sees him as a threat.

    • Frank doesn’t know that Paulie is behind his demise, so unless someone tells Brigitte, he will try to align with him if he comes back.

    • Agreed. Paulie, Paul and Da’Vonne are ruining the season. Its going to suck when Frank is gone. Even if he has the roundtrip, he will just be voted out again.

  7. dam feeds Natalie tell Bridgett that Paulie told James to put up Frank…please tell her please….Nichole and Corey wise to the house giving them the shaft..

  8. paul was block 3 weeks in row but they didnt have the balls vote him out but floaters were voted out the house!

    • I definitely wouldn’t say they didn’t have the balls to vote Paul out haha. He was never the target because he is an expendable player who is easily manipulated by Paulie and has become one of his carrier pigeons for him. Paul is just kissing a** on the majority side right now. Only reason he is still in the game or he probably would have been voted out week three if he didn’t start sucking up to Paulie

      • Either one would work for me. Neither of them are a huge threat and none one really believes a word either of them say. But I would probably want Jozea out first because I could deal with all of Pauls yelling but I wouldn’t people to deal with the “I am the messiah” larger than life ego on a game that he knows nothing about

    • They didn’t vote him out, because they know they can get him out anytime they want.

    • OMG…priceless! If you all reading this watched AGT, you’ll know what he’s referring to! :-)

  9. Paul is one of the most dumb and annoying HG’s ever. He tries to act like he knows how to play…he doesn’t. Who is he to say that Frank cannot try to save himself? Of course, he is Paulies’ lap dog…so he takes orders from his boss.

  10. After Frank is gone all there will be left is a bunch of followers with no backbone. I can’t believe Da can get away with all the lies and still not be targeted! At least Frank and Bridgette have the guts to speak their mind and stay honest. I guess the biggest liar is going to win this year!

  11. Two people who are really getting to be full of themselves are really starting to work on my nerves One James Lost all my respect for him Your not going to keep your word on An HOH comp you made ! Really! And second One person who I use to like Day Hasnt one a single comp and is acting like she runs the house ! Im done with her

    • Exactly! Does day not realized that most of the houseguests haven’t voted her out yet because she’s not an actual competition threat? So obviously the smart move for Paulie and his carrier pigeons would be to go after someone who is a threat in competitions and has a good social game.

      • Day singlehandedly worked her magic to get out two big threats. Tiffany and Frank. Say what you will about her lying. But fact is it worked. And if Nicole falls next and she uses James to go after Paulie she’ll be sitting pretty.

      • I wouldn’t say she got out Tiffany. Tiffany was evicted because Paulie was worried that Tiffany was going to blow up like her sister. I would have given her credit for it if Tiffany left the week that Bridgette was in power because at that point her lie had Frank targeting Tiffany but they kept her then she was targeted by Paulie. I will give her some credit for getting Frank out but 1) the other hgs were comparing notes on Frank anyway so they realized he was basically trying to target everyone week 1(lol). 2) she hasn’t even won a competition yet to put her plan in motion. I think she will end up leaving within the next three weeks because all of her “allies” don’t really trust her but they still have a couple other HG that they perceive as bigger threats to get out before her. (Bridgette and Victor)

      • Bridgette has proven that she can win competitions (one by luck but the other was memory comp) and has shown that she is pretty good at other comps too( final three in endurance comp and final two on otev). She is also completely against the majority side of the house which means she would most likely go after one of them if she is HOH. She will be the last one who hasn’t caved in to their side. So I don’t see her as a threat to win the show but I do see her as a threat to make a big move if given the chance before she is evicted.

      • She’s good at comps but her against 10 houseguests? Getting her out after frank leaves, makes the other side of the house go against each other anyway.

      • Yeah but that has to happen eventually right? There can only be one winner.

    • I agree. At the beginning of the season I was rooting for Day, but as the season progresses I see she is nothing more than a nasty, bitter mean person who plays this game emotionally and personally. She and Paul talk like they are doing something but they are doing nothing.

      But to your second point, no one in this house is thinking of what happens once Frank and Bridgette are gone – at least no one who is in danger of leaving. Those bottom feeders should be thinking about a house flip to keep Frank and use him against the power team. I am speaking of Victor, Nicole and Natalie. If they had gotten Michele to use the veto to save Frank they would split the house and have a chance to last longer in the game. Now, they are sheep for the slaughter.

  12. Haven’t watched the episode but I think I might give it a pass since I can’t stand some of these hypocrite HGs anymore.

    • You have to at least watch the part where Paul tries to flip out on Frank but most of his logic just isn’t making sense. It’s pretty funny. But yeah I probably could have gone without seeing the rest of the episode

      • Paul: how do I know your strategy is to get yourself off the block?
        Like what was Paul’s plan here??

      • Paul is really showing signs of cracking up he made a fool of himself Frank used total logic on him And he just couldn’t grasp it To bad because Paul is funny as hell He will be gone in two weeks Three tops

      • I think he’ll last a little bit longer than that if he continues to tongue punch Paulie’s fart box.

      • Problem is though, people in the house want Frank out so bad that they probably thought it was a good blow up. Guy was talking out of his ass.

      • Yeah Paul said Frank was visibly shaking, that like everything else out of his mouth was a bold face lie! Frank was laughing at Paul, because Paul is a idiot!

    • The house meeting in the HOH room is worth the watch. I’ll leave it at that.

    • I believe it was Day, Z and Meech? Maybe. I remember reading on the jokers Feeds that a couple people did do that but I don’t remember exactly who.

    • This was a couple weeks ago, but yes. Paul was trying to make cookies and Bridgette was bossing him around and told him to put more flour in them. He did and everyone said the cookies tasted nasty, so Z eventually went and threw them out. It’s not like they were yummy cookies that someone spitefully threw out to pick on Bridgette.

  13. I actually enjoyed watching Bridgette, and Frank together more than anyone else in the house. Most of the stuff said about them was pure lies by that dweeb Paul, so with Frank leaving, and Bridgette soon after I canceled my live feeds, because I just can’t tolerate listening to Paul any longer!

    • It’s the worst when Paul talks into the camera and refers to himself as “your boy”. I never thought I’d root for Tank the Frank but man he had me rolling during the house meeting in the HOH room.

      • Someone in production really needs to talk to him about the “your boy” business. Unless they like him making a fool of himself.

      • I was thinking the same thing. He seems to me like he thinks he’s going to win America’s favorite but my sense is most of us find him incredibly annoying. I dislike him so much. Last night, he was particularly off-putting with his stupid fight with Frank, screaming “Meech” over and over and I don’t get why, he of all people, picks on Frank’s hair.

      • I don’t like him either. I don’t think he is a favorite on any BB related website I go on, so he’s in for a rude awakening. Well, he came off looking like an idiot, so I was okay with it. I didn’t even think about that, his hair is awful!

  14. that was a really good episode of big brother… i wonder what will happen once frank goes, if he does ;)

  15. I really hope 1) Frank has that return ticket and 2) either he wins the next HOH and that he puts James & Day on the block or Bridgette wins and puts James & Michelle up on the block!

  16. That was so bizarre that conversation between Frank and Paul and then that house meeting. Paul looked like such a total jerk and I thought Frank handled it really well. But that meeting to tell Frank to give up was really mean. I really dislike it when they get personal for no reason. Frank played a stupid game but not a personal game.

    But the funniest part, I thought, was when Paul was standing there with that ridiculous hair cut telling Frank he looks like an idiot!

    • I think the worst part about Franks game was trying to stay aligned with the Vets until it was too late. The other vets aligned themselves with the newbies and it is paying off. Frank only has Bridgette at this point.

  17. This episode just really made me annoyed and angry with these house guests. I’ve never been one of those who understood the “I have to go with the house” mentality. You are playing to win a half million dollars. You need to do what’s best for YOU!! So James putting up Frank & Bridgette because the house wanted it was dumb in my opinion & shows he has no backbone. And then with Paul basically yelling at Frank for talking with Michelle about using the veto was awful. He doesn’t have the right to try to save himself & his ally? Isn’t that the point of the game? Should he just roll over and die? I’m sure if he was in Franks position he would have done the same. That whole scene had me wanting to throw something at my TV. None of Paul’s arguments made any sense. Frank doesn’t control anything at this point and even if he was able to talk Michelle into using the veto, Frank has no control of who the replacement nominee is.
    And the house meeting…UGH!!! I don’t understand why its not ok for Frank to try to stay. They are all so adamant that the veto is not being used. So if no ones mind can be changed, then what’s the harm of letting Frank try?? The outcome will be the same, the nominees stay the same. It so annoys me that the only person actually playing the game is going to be voted out. I’m not a huge Frank fan but at this point, there is not really anyone else to root for.
    Oh and then James’s comment about Michelle not using the veto “during my HOH” really annoyed me too. If he didn’t want the noms to change he should have tried harder to win the veto himself. Michelle won the veto she has every right to do what’s best for her game.

    • I agree with everything you said. The James thing was incredibly stupid considering he “threw” the comp anyway.

  18. I think Michelle is going to regret not using the Veto on Frank. She is in for a rude awakening when she FINALLY figures out that she’s low on everyone’s keep list. Frank even told her that, but she won’t listen. Can’t wait to see her on the block. Hope Bridge pulls out a win this week!

  19. I was unable to comment during the show last night. It’s a good thing because I think I’d have blown my computer up.
    Who does Paul think he is?? Seriously, has he ever seen an episode of this show? Does Allison vet any of the cast members?! First he has a nervous breakdown and brings every other player in while Frank is talking to that…that…”Michelle” about using the POV, and then he calls a HOUSE MEETING?! Who ARE these people?! Can someone help me out here, because I have NEVER seen a season like this—and I don’t mean that in a positive, exciting kind of way. What the hell?! Oh, I’m still going to watch. But seriously, WHAT THE HELL?! Who ARE these people?

    Hey Allison and the rest of the producers (Oh and we can’t forget Les), here’s an idea: Next year, maybe the ENTIRE cast should be people who have lived under a rock since the year 2000, who DEFINITELY have never seen the show or how it works. How ’bout that? LOL!!

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