Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 5: Wednesday Highlights

It seems like Frank’s Big Brother 18 fate is sealed this week despite his continued campaigning, but as for what could happen next week is beginning to shift a bit. Read on to find out who has a growing target on their back.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 27, 2016:

10:00 AM BBT – HGs get their wake up call, but no one is getting up.

11:12 AM BBT – Bridgette is up for a bit. She tells Natalie she didn’t sleep well.

11:14 AM BBT – Natalie and Michelle are awake and in the bathroom. Michelle lets Natalie know what Paul did last night talking to Bridgette and Frank. Natalie can’t believe Paul did that, but hopes he “cleared all our names.” Natalie thought they’d wait in case Frank comes back.

11:30 AM BBT – Natalie is cleaning out the disgusting bathroom.

12:45 PM BBT – Natalie is still the only one awake. She’s doing stretches and exercises upstairs in the airport lounge.

1:30 PM BBT – Still just Natalie. Still just hanging around by herself.

2:05 PM BBT – James is up so Natalie finally has company in the house. She lets James know what was going on last night with Paul, Bridgette, and Frank. Natalie is worried about who would put up the other two showmances. James thinks someone will eventually do it.

2:10 PM BBT – Natalie suggests James hang out with other HGs so he’s not so isolated in case she’s ruining his game hanging out with her so much.

2:15 PM BBT – Natalie says she’d put up Bridgette to protect James.

2:25 PM BBT – Natalie thinks Nicole is playing shady and Corey will do whatever she tells him to do.

2:30 PM BBT – James having pains in his hand. Natalie thinks it’s related to the HoH comp. (Ya think? 6 hours with his hand raised up like that?)

3:50 PM BBT – More HGs starting to wake. Day talks with James and says she thinks Nicole is getting worried. They talk about last night’s events and James says he already heard it.

4:30 PM BBT – Victor is furiously cooking and using stinky meat in his recipe against advice from other HGs.

5:30 PM BBT – Paul is upset that James has already heard about last night which means Michelle ran info back since she was in the London room and heard it. The group tries to decide what to do about Corey and how he’ll be if they go after Nicole.

5:50 PM BBT – Paulie warns Corey that Da’Vonne has discussed Corey and Nicole were trying to work with Frank and Bridgette. Paulie says they need Day out. Paulie also warns Corey that Bridgette would put him and Nicole up if she gets HoH.

5:55 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah she’s been on to Nicole for awhile. Neither trusts Nicole.

6:05 PM BBT – Natalie and James hope Frank doesn’t have the Round Trip ticket or they may never get to Jury.

6:42 PM BBT – Paul tells James and Natalie that Frank told him not to take his speech personally because he’s going to take jabs at the house. Natalie asks if he’ll make her cry.

7:10 PM BBT – Frank and Nicole are talking about whether or not Frank has the pass back in the house. She talks about why her name has been brought up by him so much and why she can’t be trusted. He tells her not to take his speech before the eviction personally. She asks if he’s going to call her out. He says not necessarily.

7:30 PM BBT – Now Frank is trying to get Nicole’s vote to stay.

7:40 PM BBT – Paulie says he plans on two girls going up next to each other every week so one of them goes home each time. Boys’ club talk continues as Paulie, Paul, Corey and Victor talk about an alliance name. Oh boy.

7:50 PM BBT – Paul takes the boys’ club talk to Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. He tells Day that Corey mentioned Day’s name but Paul thinks Nicole is the one who needs to go. Paul and Day agree everyone is getting shady.

7:55 PM BBT – Bridgette says she does not want to leave and is upset that everyone thinks so.

Petty jealousy and pranks await the rest of the night while the target on Nicole’s back grows larger.



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  1. Some of those idiots are giving Nicole WAY more credit for brains and scheming than she’s ever showed this season or the other.

    • I agree. The only “threat” she poses is running her mouth to anyone/everyone in the house.

    • Nicole did the same thing in her season which is blab everything she is told! In addition, she blabbed her mouth to Derrick that he was like Dan Gheesling and had everyone fooled! Like telling someone you know they are a criminal murderer, what would you expect them to do? So, Derrick evicted her the 2nd time fast!

  2. I sure hope next season they cast more mature adults. Maybe they should change the age from 21 to 28 and stop recruiting eye candy.

      • I can’t stand the showmances!! They are very annoying & serve no purpose in the Big Brother House!!!

        CBS are you actually reading these comments?

    • This season started off well and with promise with the Roadkill and group competition. It is fine they got rid of the groups but, they should have left Roadkill in place to keep the other players playing instead, of just floating! This past 3 seasons have been all boring. I expect the same after Frank is gone. Boring as it may be, I hope they evict the stragglers one by one starting this coming week! Last thing I want is those who do not deserve that $500,000 to win it! Don’t understand the mentality of these people. All they want is a paid vacation doing nothing! Other applicants would trade places with them and play the game! There is $500,000 at stake or have they forgotten about that?

      • Sorry I should apologise not all, but a good share. It is never fair to lump everyone as the same.

      • I have one of those ‘self entitled’ living at home!!
        Maybe he should’ve applied even tho he’s a Canadian lol

      • Heard ‘dat! A lot of it stems from influences from the company they keep! One of my own was trying to be like that and I put her little butt to work, showing her just how ungrateful and unappreciative she was. She later thanked me for teaching her that there are no entitlements and not to rely on anyone else for her own happiness, that it comes from within, so get busy working on that. LOL

      • Now that is good and knowing mother. Personal my father died when I was very young my mother taught us kids to be independent and I will always be thankful.

      • My daughter is still a work in progress. She’s also learning that trying to change another’s spots is more difficult to accomplish than it looks on paper. I told her she needs to give it another ten years before expecting the results she wants. She said she didn’t think she could wait another ten years. I wished her luck in that endeavor! Told her she needs to appreciate what he does do and brings to the table, not what she’s expecting from him. Haha So sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Devastating I bet!

      • That’s the number one lesson I’ve tried to teach my daughter from the time she was old enough to understand me. Hopefully it will work out for us the way it did for you and your daughter. I’ll let you know in 10 years when we’re here talking about Big Brother 28 :)

      • You’ll be surprised how a good number of castmembers this year have actually applied: Bronte, Michelle, and Victor being among those who did audition.

      • Natalie applied for The Bachelor and was recruited for BB and it shows. Paul, Paulie & Michelle were recruited also. I think Michelle is related to the barista from BB16. They look identical.

      • Yeah, but BB never made a fuss about it pre-show strangely.

        To be fair, as been discussed previously, Michelle is also a BB fan herself and I hear she is an active commenter in BB forums.

        Even though some are recruited, they still have to go to the same audition process as everyone else, except having to line-up. While some are invited to casting, they still have to send in tapes for other casting producers and go through the process before they could make the final cut of housemates going in

        And there’s always a risk of getting a cast full of fans, recruited or otherwise, since they know the game inside out, can easily predict the order or level of difficulty of comps they have all seen before in all their different shapes and forms, plus the tendency to overplay.

        There has to be a balance though, with the ratio being subjective every season. Noobs to the game need to learn from the ground up as have been the case from earlier seasons.

      • It’s so weird that people apply to be on a show they know nothing about. Steve (last year’s winner) hinted Bronte was at the audition for last season, too.

      • i think there is a web site where you can apply for a reality tv ‘job” and companies that help you apply to reality tv..

      • Yeah. Steve and Vanessa both confirmed Bronte from last year. It just tells though how even those applied who got in are all going in blind as everyone else who either got recruited or otherwise.

      • And that’s partly why the show isn’t as entertaining as it used to be. I’m not saying everyone has to be a super fan, but at least cast people who have watched two seasons.

      • This was more about the way she was acting so immature. And was like ” I’ll just go sleep with Victor then.” You’re not in high school so stop acting like it. And the whole pad thing was gross too lol I just don’t see how anyone would find that acceptable

      • Z changed her sanitary pad right in front of others in the room before heading to the BR. It was just soooo gross!

      • Seriously?
        On the Life feeds?
        on TV?
        in front of guys & girls?

        For real?
        Omg! That’s just nasty!

        What did she do with the old pad & wouldn’t you want to clean up down there before getting the new pad in place?

        Sorry guys, it’s a part of life but I think what she did is disgusting;
        I just can’t believe she did what she did!!!

        I don’t know much about her….. How old is she? Where’s she from & what does she do? (Something with kids isn’t it?)

      • I guess she thought it was similar to changing diapers for some of her little students??

        She knows the cameras are rolling…. Or has she forgotten?

        Maybe she’s trying to do a ‘Kardashian’ trick & shock people to be famous?!

      • I don’t think the pad she took off was bloody yet, but it’s still nasty as hell.

      • Who does that?? Skanky!
        And her comment about sleeping with Victor. Go for it girl! See how famous you’ll become by being the BB#18 skank!

        I’m sorry, I just have my jaw on the floor & can’t get it back up. I’m in shock!

      • Yup, yup, yup, yup. Old one was already disposed of. She slipped in the new one in front of everyone present before she went back to the washroom to insert a tampon too. She 24, from NC and is a pre-school teacher. Can you imagine the parents watching BB and seeing their child’s teacher behaving in not just this manner but others too…like the petting zoo she’s gladly handing to Paulie? Geesh! Don’t think I’d want my child being tutored and cared for by her anymore after that.

      • Ewwww agree! But both mine are in their mid 20’s now so….. But I hear ya girl! Omg!

      • Both of mine are in their 20s about to turn 30 and never would my daughter think to do something like that in front of an audience. She’s too much of a prude to, or at least she likes me to think she is, still…she wouldn’t stoop to that level..LOLOL My 23 yr old son won’t even leave the bathroom door unlocked when he goes to do #1 or #2..LOL

      • i don’t know anyone’s daughter that would do that….. Even with a copious amount of liquor…. Which they don’t have in the house.

      • After changing her pad in front of others she then was eating potato chips directly from the bag and didn’t even wash her hands…

      • NO WAY?


        She’s obviously telling the kids to always wash their hands, one would think!!! Ewwwwwwwww, my kids wouldn’t be EVER going to the pre-school she teaches at!!

        That’s just grossly nasty! She’s gotta go cuz now i’ll be watching her personal habits & I’m a neat freak, almost OCD kinda person. I’m getting better but I had to do personal care for students in high schools & I would wash my hands so many times. I could hardly even eat in the school cuz the schools don’t give custodians as much time as they used to for cleaning.

        If you’re ever at a school look at the door knob & plate behind it. It will most likely be filthy. I use my shirt or a piece of paper to open the doors with. It’s pretty sad. Or maybe I am!?

  3. Wish some of these petty, catty little girls like Michelle or Z were going instead of Frank.

  4. ” James tells Natalie he’s going to try to carry her all the way to the end and when people start talking about targeting her he’ll target them.” In other words james knows he can beat nat easily in f2 lmao

    • He probable thinks he can because he got AFP last year, but things can and do change.

      • True eliane. At this moment i would say he beats her but something tells me nat can be a darkhorse down the road.

      • To be honest out of all the females she seems to be the most genuine. I don’t have live feeds so all I know is what I read.

    • Gnat is just that … an itty, bitty, slightly annoying nonentity who will eventually be swatted.

      • Natalie is getting to be a wee bit annoying….She pretended to be concerned about Bridgett last nite but it was only to pump her for info when the guys sent her to do so..

      • I have to say I’m really disappointed in Natalie. But, I have a sneaky feeling she’ll Victoria her way to the end with someone b/c she’s no threat and she would NEVER win the $$$!

      • You have to Atleast respect the way she is playing though. She’s still might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she’s has been starting to learn more about the game and understands that they are there to play the game first relationship second unlike most of the other girls there.

    • James wants just the showmance. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Natalie put James on the block! That would be funny! Natalie has James wrapped around her little finger.

      • I think she truly likes him. She mentioned on one episode that he is her type. She said he’s cute too.
        To each their own……
        It’s not always on looks……
        I go with personality more so than looks with people in general (I’m married so don’t have the option of looks for a date)
        But….. Looks fade and personalities just get better & better!

        IN MY HONEST OPINION…. Lololololololololololololololololololololololol

    • James is a lot like Da—‘this /this and this. Again you got to win hoh to get to the end.james won 1 but let boyfriend Paulie tell him who to put up.

    • I agree! She just goes along with whatever Paulie wants. He’s going to send her home very soon.

    • I was very disappointed in her since she is actually a big brother fan and should know how to play the game but instead she comes in follows Paulie, is immature and childish, and plays a personal game(of the little amount of game she actually plays)

      • She said earlier this week that she was going to fight Bridgette at the wrap party..nice girl, huh? Now Day is trying her hardest to pull her away from Paulie and get her to turn against Nicole and I think it’s working.

      • Going to go fist to cuffs with Brigette for what reason? What could possibly piss Z off so much she needs to bring out the knuckles?

      • She can’t stand Bridgette..says she is fake..she is sick of her fake giggle..sick of her baking all of the she just wants to beat her up at the wrap Z and Day say all the time..”Girl..bye!”

      • If Z said something already to Brigette about beating her up after the show, isn’t that harassment, making threats & maybe something else?

        I’m all over the HGs getting legal advise to find out why CBS isn’t taking behaviour from some of the HGs seriously.

        Frank’s patting ‘Da’s butt etc

  5. I have to put my TV on mute every time Michelle or Nicole is in the DR. Their voices are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!

    • LOL i do the same thing on AD too. Can’t stand listening to Nicole & Corey banter. It’s the absolute worst!

  6. I hope someone wins HOH other than the guys. If any of the guys win, they will be playing the game for Paulie. It’s no fun when it’s predictable and you know who’s going up and who’s going home.
    Paulie won’t get the jury vote to won, that’s for sure.

  7. Once again, we have one person controlling the whole house…Paulie…no one can think for aggravating…I guess Derrick taught Paulie well and no one seems to give that a thought. Go ahead and write him the check..I don’t even want to watch this snooze fest anymore!

    • If I were Derreck I would be pissed that he was throwing my name out there as to the advice he gave Paulie…I don’t think Derrick told him to mistreat people and make stupid personal moves…

  8. Disappointing to say the least. This is a travesty to fans of BB. You bring back players some of us have been wanting to play the game again (for me personally I really wanted Frank to get to play again, and I was delighted to see Day and James too) but then you add these no nothings to the mix and boom you have yourself the most predictable, and just sad to watch season thus far. I feel like Frank got stuck on a season destined to be boring, and unfortunately became the main target based on the fact tat he plays the game, and its fun to watch. I really DISLIKE paulie and his minions. He has no real game play aside from putting fear in everyone and being “bred for the game”, yet these idiots follow him and worship this dumb ass. Then you add some dummies like Z and Nicole who are all about getting the D lmao. This is sad. Frank was my fave on his season and I was so sad to see him go when he did, and now here we are again, this sucks. I truly hope the next season has a better cast, with people who know Big Brother, who watch it, who would play the game how it should and not how people tell them to. CBS needs to cast BB junkies, and stop recruiting “no Nothings”. Its gonna be hard to want to keep watching after tonight if Frank leaves.

    • As weird as this sounds, while I’m not a fan of Frank, I kinda feel sorry for him rn.

      • Ive been in your position before, you cant help but feel bad for people in the house who work hard to be there, even if you don’t like em. Especially when there are people like Z who could careless about the game but are still safe in the house.

      • u just made the statement that describes the the people that were chosen to play….They seldom if ever mention the money prize…they have no gameplay.. They are jocks and twits no other way to describe..

      • Im watching BB8 wishing Evil Dick could be put in this house lol, could you imagine the frkn chaos it would cause, and how these wimps would behave…. so sad….

      • they need an evil Dick or even Rachel Riley to get there asses up and moving.. its a pathetic bunch

      • call her what u will but she was a player and a competitor…and dam good at both

      • Too bad for her kid that she’s not a good person. That’s gonna be one screwed up kid unless Brendon grows a pair.

      • Do u know her personally??? Do u know anything about her life outside the BB house? Read up on her sometime and take note of all the places she volunteers her time. Check out some of her interviews and she what Rachel says/does outside of the BB house. If u wanna knock a BB winner make it one that did not deserve to win because despite what people thought of her she deserved to win that season. And it would be a godsend to have Rachel back in house today rather than the pathetic self serving do nothing bunch that is in there now. Did u ever stop to think that people feel the same negative way about u?

      • Praise the LittleFly!!!! People get so wrapped up in how people behave in the house and forget to realize these are people who were taken out of their normal lives to live in a strange house, with people they don’t know, and to add to it they are constantly under intense pressure (of course only if your actually playing the game to win). Might I add Rachel was judged from the start, heck I would be a bitch too! I love her!

      • “make it one that did not deserve to win”

        Who are you to make the determination who deserves to win and who does not? That’s up to the jury, not you. If you have a problem with the jury’s decision, take it up with CBS.

      • u idiot troll…. The jury did declare Rachel the person that deserved to win.. Why don’t u crawl back into the hole u crawled out of and pull the dirt in behind u? All u ever post on this site is useless dribble.. or try to cause trouble cause somebody does not agree with ur opinion…leave me alone…

      • I never said she didn’t deserve to win. I never even implied it. I made NO statement about her game play. I’m not even the one who brought up “deserving to win”.

        I also never insulted you. I called into question your thought process on “deserving to win”.

        If anybody’s trolling here it’s you.

      • Please per my request do not “reply” to any more of my post and I will afford ur post the same courtesy as I will ignor them.. Safe to say u will not be on my Christmas card list …just leave me alone..

      • I wonder if it would make a difference if the 4 vets were all female like Janelle, Brit, etc? The “get the vets out first” battle cry would be stuck to a lot longer, I think, because the new guys would be worried that these 4 veteran females would lead a female alliance to get the guys out first.

        No doubt Frank came to play and win. But he was also a huge target being a vet plus the BB fans like Michelle advised newbs of his aptitude and just his pure size was intimidating so he had a huge target on his back.

        I think it MIGHT work with 4 female proven vets, to work a female alliance or at least female-led alliance because the newb females would maybe want to emulate them by playing and winning, etc, and getting some of that status when it’s over. And the female vets (not Nic) would keep them focused and not looking for love. IDK. Just rambling.

  9. Hopefully after Frank (depending on the situation)- Nicole will be the next target. I’ve grown to like Bridgette and I feel kinda bad for her. Plus I notice Natalie is more observant than what people seem. So maybe Natalie and Bridge can team up, and Natalie can keep James in her back pocket.

    Just a thought

  10. Only Natalie asked the question, “who is next?”. Amazing. Once Frank and Bridgette are gone these people who were all dancing together in the storage room will be going after each other and they will have no one to protect them. Each time the house settles on a target they all just go along. So next will be Nicole and she will have not a single ally, probably not even Corey. When it’s Day’s turn, which cannot come soon enough for me, it will be the same way. Even Z will go against her.

    This was the week for a vote flip to save Frank and to create a new alliance.

    Its funny but a few weeks ago Tiffany, to the amusement of the house, was calling out Frank for being a “dictator”. Ironic that a new dictator has emerged and they are all just following along.

    • Did u see James face when Paulie was explaining who was next and what his game plans are? James was listening very intently…he knows he can’t trust Paulie..

  11. SO disappointed in how the season’s going. I was really thinking it was going to be a good one, but honestly it’s probably one of the worst casts…ever… maybe with the exception of BB15. Just go ahead and cut Paulie the check and put us all out of our misery.

    • YES!!! Its like the person in charge of casting forgot about it up until the week it was due to start. I feel as though if your going to bring back vets the least they could’ve done wa put together a cast worthy of being in the house. These people seem to be more interested in the cash they can make in jury, and “friendship” lol

      • Exactly! Nobody seems to have the heart to actually win…except maybe Paulie & Frank.

    • The BB15 cast may have been mostly comprised of horrible people, but the season was definitely more interesting and entertaining than this mess. This season reminds me more of BB16, if anything.

  12. We were kind of sad that Tiff went. We hope that Frank gets the Round trip if he’s evicted. So Michelle is jealous of Bridgette’s friendship with Frank and that’s why she ants her out so badly? Michelle needs to go. We don’t like her!

  13. From a guys point of view: if a girl attempted to make me jealous by cuddling up and sleeping next to another guy; I’m not getting angry or jealous, I’m just sending her ass home immediately. If she can’t understand the flirting is part of the game, and at the end of the day we should all be adults anyways, I’d probably be annoyed and dissapointed that she doesn’t trust me, even though every night I’m coming home or spending the time with the person I truly like. Threatening to spend that time with another guy? You are going home!

    Paulie is playing more like Vanessa than Derrick. Derrick was controlling everything without people even knowing they were being manipulated, Paulie is being obvious as hell.

    Paulie is trying to take out the gamers, while keeping the dummies and followers close. Kind of a mix of Derrick and Vanessa really.

      • If I’m a guy in that house, I’d be spending my time with Bridgette or Natalie as well. Couple little sweethearts. Natalie is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s her personality and kind nature that makes her as attractive as she is (if it’s not just a show). Can’t stress that enough, looks don’t mean shyte if the person is insufferable to spend time with.

        I’m disappointed with James this season, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Beast Mode Cowboy’s mom was speaking about James when she said “he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box”.

        And I know the idea of casting recruits is a good idea in theory and everything, to make the actual players look good at maneuvering around while the newbs get gamed. But you get seasons like this one, where everyone just wants to make it to jury, and not willing to risk anything. That and all the newbs don’t even pay attention to their position in the house and don’t understand the nessesity to switch things up to benefit their game for future weeks, not just getting thru this week.

        Three people are playing (Paulie, Frank and Day), while another thinks he’s playing (Paul). And the rest are kinda just there…

      • Well hopefully starting next week when they know they have made jury we will here that talk stop and perhaps their new goal will be to win the game and hopefully they will start playing it.

    • He’s playing like Cody…with the flirting. I think it’s just game. Boy has his mind on his money and his money on his mind. He’s focused.

  14. never liked a person who “punishes”. Zak, girl you gotta go. i could be wrong but the last thing i read was that paulie hadn’t kissed her. zak telling nicole she doesn’t trust Da, and now telling Da she doesn’t trust nic. sounds like jelousy to me. grow up. and why is paulie not being mentioned as a target? even Da, she needs to quit worrying about nic and get paulie out

    • Da needs Paulie to help her get through these next few weeks so is keeping him in check!!!

      • Did you hear Paulie’s story about his ex that he had proposed to but she didn’t accept? I don’t know if he was making it up as some sort of strategy with Z, but if it is true, he could be using Z in more ways than one, one being to make his ex jealous.

      • I’ve not caught up to what he said to Z once the tiff came to a close. Funny what he said about Z doing the same thing that made him angry. It’s usually the guilty ones that speak the loudest, right?

      • if those girls don’t wise up and come together, those boys r gonna pick em off

  15. These people all act like children.Every season is getting worse and worse they need to put in people with backbones not just a bunch of bullies or people who follow each other like lost puppies.maybe have a house full of people with attitudes like that skinny paulie guy so there would b a less chance of everyone following each other its kinda boring now.

    • The problem is they are targeting the 20something market by filling the house with attractive college kids. From a guys point of view Frank is 30+ and is a handsome guy, why can’t they have older more mature people in the house? People in their 30s and 40s can still be attractive..

      I’m gonna have to lift some weights if I ever wanted to apply for big brother canada, I’ve gotten kinda doughy the last two years.

      • Ya…. I still get looks but then I think… I’m 55 gross! Lol
        But ppl have said I look younger & with a tan everything looks better! Hahaha!

      • Doesn’t that make you feel great? Good for you! Keep it up whatever you’re doing. …… ✔️✔️

      • Oh, that was a few years ago… I looked like a kid for the longest time. I think now every year my apparent age goes up 2 or 3 years. I figure by about the time I’m 60 I’ll look 60.

      • Prob cuz you’ll feel 60. Lol. I feel 70++ cuz I’ve had 3spine surgeries & a very messed up knee surgery all in the last 5 years. Just starting to feel normal but it’s a new normal. I can’t do most of the things I love to do so that sucks for now but I’m going to get better.
        My life has had to have many adjustments. I used to be very active. Played lacrosse hockey & soccer when I was in my 40’s I think that’s poss when I started the backside of the hill!! It sucks!! But life goes on & im gonna make the most of it whenever I can.

      • Trying…… Fall off, get back on…. Fall off, get back on…. Repeat until further notice! Lol

  16. I haven’t got the life feeds so don’t know much about Z or the ‘situation.’

    And I don’t see the episodes focusing on her much at all…… Now I’m hearing about all this ‘nasty’ stuff she does.

    I really thought she was one of the few HGs that had her stuff together! But wow, you guys have proven me wrong! I’m such a sucker & I just don’t see ‘stuff’ sometimes!

    I do like Nat tho & I hope Brigette stays now. There’s no reason for her not to stay. She’s another vote & if the right team pulls her up things could turn around.

    ‘Da & James already trust each other; what if Nat & Brigette & Victor make an alliance with ‘Da & James?
    I think that would be awesome….. After the rest of the house is out get Mama out, then Vic, then Brigette &’viola….James & Nat are the final 2!

    Although I still like Paulie but I think I like the guy who came into the house; not the dude he’s become…… But I am still on the Paulie train…. With one foot ready to jump! Lol ……. Somebody push me offffffffff! Hahahahaha!

  17. I don’t like Paulie even more now since he’s threatening that HGs will be put up if they don’t win and he did the same thing with Tiffany.

    • I also can’t stand Nicole cuz your supposed to be in an alliance with Day/Michelle/Zakiyah and your turning on your teammates for a dude when your supposed to be playing Big Brother for money not a showmance.

    • Like I’m sure Bridgette has bigger fish to fry than Nicole. She’s alone so can’t waste a revenge vote for Frank. She would have to go for who’s gunning hardest for her and for all she knows, that could easily be James for putting her and Frank up. The other could be Paul for being so rude/jerky to dead man walking Frank. Or her jealous arch nemesis, Michelle. So silly. Just for that, I hope C tells N and she goes to Bridgette with that info and believes B when she tells her not true. Seed planted for all involved re: Paulie.

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