‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight & Who Won HoH

It’s showtime for this week’s Big Brother Over The Top weekly live episode and we’re anxiously awaiting the results from the latest America’s Vote which could likely end up deciding which of the nominees sees their BBOTT journey end tonight.

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Right now we’re watching and waiting with Neeley, Scott, and Whitney on the Block with one of them set to go and the likely face-off will be between Neeley and Scott with America’s Vote calling the final shot.

BBOTT may be not be on TV, but we’ve still got the same weekly live show episode and the events to go along with it so it’s time to get the vote rolling and send one of these Houseguests on out the door. Remember there is no Jury this year so all the evicted HGs, not just the first few, will be sent on home when their game is over. Let’s find out who that will be tonight.

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It’s time to discover who will be evicted and if it really does come down to America’s VTE.

Big Brother OTT Week 4 Votes:

  • Jason votes to evict: Scott
  • Morgan votes to evict: Neeley
  • Danielle votes to evict: Scott
  • Shelby votes to evict: Neeley
  • Alex votes to evict: Neeley
  • Justin votes to evict: Scott
  • That’s a tie. It’s up to America.
  • America’s Eviction vote: Neeley

By a vote of 4-3, Neeley Jackson has been evicted from Big Brother Over The Top.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 5 HoH comp:

Update: We have the results with the new Head of Household this week!

Once tonight’s eviction show is over the HGs will be preparing for the next Head of Household competition. That kicks off live on the Feeds at 9PM PT (12AM ET) so get ready to find out who wins control, or at least safety with the hope of some control, when the comp takes off. We’ll be live recapping it here on the site when that happens.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Are you happy with how the vote went? Don’t forget we’ll be picking the Have-Nots and another third nominee for next week so keep checking back for details.



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  1. I want Neely to go, but watching Scott’s arrogance when he won right now makes me want him to go instead.

  2. Ugh, I almost got that dress from last week’s eviction out of my mind. Horrible, horrible color on Danielle.

  3. Sorry, Paul, I may be able to tolerate you a bit better now that you’re not a HG, but you still ain’t my boy.

  4. Listening to Paul trying to make silly ball jokes again is more annoying than the first time.

  5. Y’all ready for some some Kryssie tears tonight??? ???

    We might even get a meltdown from her????

  6. Alex is Happy to get the CP, but her alliance members are pretending since they could have been the target.

  7. Thought they weren’t allowed to sing in the house. Is production favoring Justin? ?

  8. Time out, CBS. You actually HIRED people to sing backup for Justin??? And compose music to accompany it??? When you could’ve spent that money on a comp???

  9. Why are they showing us Neeley doing… THAT… again? We didn’t wanna see it the first time!

  10. Here we go. Let’s see how much they show of Jason shooting his mouth off tonight. They showed quite a bit the other night.

  11. Scott is such a dorky twerp. Him leaving will be great. I don’t like Neely, Danielle and Kryssie, but Scott needs to go. I doubt he will ever find a woman that finds him interesting let alone attractive.

  12. Gonna be a question comp tonight? Seeing some nice clothes on these HG.

    Normally it’s athletic wear if a physical type comp.

  13. If you didn’t think Scott deserved to go before, after his behavior tonight should show you just how much of a jerk he is!! Please let’s get him out next week!! I thought Krissie handled tonight with maturity and class, unlike Scott.

  14. Honestly, after tonight’s episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if America turns against the plastics. I still don’t understand how America even supported them in the first place, they always complain about one alliance ruling the game, but they decide to help that alliance. I have just found The Plastics unbearable since week 1, but maybe America just likes them because they stir up drama

    • I am against the plastics and their dork. I only liked Alex and she is starting to get to me.

    • No, we like the BALL SMASHERS because they play the game. The Misfits just sit around and expect America to do their dirty work.

      • They all pander to America. That’s why I wish they didn’t have so much power this season. Instead of relying on their own games, they rely on America to help them by pandering to them

    • Compare Alex’s reaction to Scott’s behavior to Jason and Danielle:

      Alex: calm down, take a breath, focus on the comp

      Misfits: confrontation, you’re disgusting, various personal attacks.

      Basically most people prefer the relatively calm, level headed group that is motivated by game to the angry, bitter group that dips down into anger and hate more often. There’s pettiness on both sides, but the motivations appear different.

      • But the personal attacks are only provoked by how they feel about the others when it comes to their attitudes, which is shown by how the girls mock other people and say rude things behind their backs. Basically there is bitterness all around, and it’ll be whoever the receives the underdog edit that America will side with. Right now this week that seems to be The Misfits, because there are a lot of people now upset with America for voting out Neely after the way Scott behaved

      • Right, like you say, everyone is petty, but with one side — or really, with Kryssie mostly, Jason sometimes, but he can be mature when he needs to be — it’s constant, with little game talk, and it dips to the level of throwing around the c-word and calling people sluts etc.. and with the other side it’s usually pretty tame and/or entirely game. If you were to base it on the level of attitude/bitterness, as supported by the actual actions and words of the HGs, you’d probably be against at least Kryssie and Jason, and I could understand hating Shelby and Danielle even though I like both of them.

    • They acted worse than the other side after the eviction, especially Scott!! How can America not see that???

      • Scott, yes, he’s insane, but the girls just tried to stay out of it and deescalate the situation…Danielle dipped to personal attacks, which is understandable, because emotions are running high, but I think the reactions tonight prove which side is motivated by game and which is motivated by personal bitterness/the rivalry.

      • I don’t remember what happened week 1, but doesn’t Jason have some beef with Shelby because of her attitude towards him or something? And then I’m sure Justin is just playing along, because let’s be honest, he has no idea what’s going on

      • Jason (and Justin) thought Shelby was being fake, only pretending to be his friend: at the time, Shelby genuinely liked Jason, and was legitimately being his friend, then Jason started being rude, Shelby started being rude back, and it escalated. So it was more of a misunderstanding, as I remember it, with no one really in the wrong/right.

      • I’ll also point out that Shelby bounced from the Jamboree on day four when she thought she might become a nominee. Jason didn’t take to that too well…don’t blame him though.

      • Jason is constantly calling her trash, a slut, a whore. Wants to cum all over her face. Wants to burn her house down. Come on there’s a difference between talking game and mocking someone behind their back and talking filth 24/7.

    • So you don’t like game talk? You’d rather listen to vulgar, nasty talk that has nothing to do with game? They finally are getting a wake up call. They think all they needed to do was sit on the couch outside, talk nasty and disgusting and let America play the game for them.

  15. Shelby’s got a point. Kryssie was hysterical last week, but this week, not a tear in sight.

  16. The biggest irony is how both sides of the house believe that they are completely in the right and how the other side is delusional.

  17. lol @ Scott. What a mess. It’s great.

    As for the rest of them, the reactions to the blow up just now underscore why I like the Ballsmashers better overall:

    Scott and Kryssie argument:

    Scott: is an insane person and I love it.

    Ballsmashers: focus on the game, calm down, take a breath, etc…

    Jason, Danielle, Kryssie: Personal attacks, I hate that side of the house, etc.. plus some focus on the upcoming comp

    Justin: Good sportsmanship and good vibes.

  18. Way to go America. Neeley was great. But that’s ok. If you want good feeds you got them now. Good bye plastics.

  19. Taking the time now to shout out to Evel Dick for his TOTALLY TRUE words about the first successful all-girls alliance and the audience’s reaction to them!

    Seriously, guys, go read that Hollywood Reporter interview! It’s a great read.

  20. Is Kryssie really to blame for Neeley’s exit? If she would’ve put up different noms?

      • I’m not so sure. Seemed like all the reputable polls had the America Nom vote really close between Scott and Neely.

        There’s a real chance that Scott would have received that vote had she not put him OTB.

      • Yes but Morgan still would have won the veto regardless and the other side would have kept Scott because it’s “better for their game”. Kryssie would have been screwed even if she put up one of her own alliance members, because then two of them would be sitting up on the block

      • If Scott was America’s nom, Kryssie would have gotten one of the other side evicted though. Neely would have stayed.

  21. See how Kryssie lied right to Alex’s face, saying she wasn’t the target this week? *gag*

    This is what we’re watching, Kryssie and LNJ fans. Kryssie is not playing as virtuous a game as she’s claiming.

    • I wouldn’t have told her that she was either. It is a game and Alex will go right after Kryssie knowing the truth. Alex didn’t believe her anyway.

      • Kinda the point. Kryssie’s sworn up and down SHE would never, ever do that. And here she is doing the exact opposite.

        You know what that tells me? Kryssie’s nothing. But. A. Hypocrite.

      • But Alex also swore to Kryssie her safety, and she ended up on the block. This is Big Brother anyways. The goal of the game isn’t to tell the truth. You’re suppose to lie. Alex lied to Kryssie, Kryssie lies right back to Alex. She doesn’t owe her anything because she betrayed her week 2

      • Alex was at least honest in the DRs.

        But, yeah, it is BB and lying is a huge part of the game. But then don’t tell America “I’m playing with integrity” if you intend to play REAL Big Brother.

  22. Kryssie seems to think that she is entitled to win this game. Her attitude sucks…saying everything is not fair..this is BB…I hope one of the Plastics can win HOH and take her out this week. She is getting on my last nerve…and BTW..I loved Justin’s shirt!

  23. So I do have one beef with this whole fight though. They are jumping all over Scott because he did (in my opinion) so pretty childish things but the things that they are accusing him of are really minor compared to anything we have seen over the years of watching this show. When did the houseguests get so damn sensitive over seemingly nothing???

    • I think it might be a rhetorical strategy: trying to paint him as more of a bully than he is so that America votes him out or something.

      • I suppose I can see that but a lot of them are acting pretty serious about what they are saying except they are not really helping their own case, at least not for me they aren’t

      • Good point, especially with Danielle. I’m sure the high emotions of the moment are also stirring things up.

    • They are just upset that Neely left and taking it out on Scott for being his obnoxious self.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The Bully Awareness movement is completely admirable and necessary. But, it has created this attitude in the house that all antagonistic behavior is in fact “bullying.”

      • Which is soo stupid. I know the difference between bullying and antagonizing. That was pure antagonistic what Scott did…not a form of bullying at all.

      • I would have taken his antics better than I did others growing up at school. I got bullied a lot til I went to high school and paired up with a girl who had the initials VD..LOLOL

      • Ugh, Middle School was torture for me. I developed so much earlier than the rest of my classmates – you know, physically. For a girl, that’s practically the kiss of death, especially when surrounded by immature middle school boys.

      • I still don’t have boobs..so got made fun of for not developing like other girls. Ha! I don’t have the back problems that are associated with that though.

      • Exactly. Siblings do this kind of thing all the time, is it bullying, no, annoying, yeah maybe.

      • It would be construed as that by the viewers…Danielle didn’t take it as such, though. Had to blow it up!

    • Whatever Scott has said or done to Danielle cannot compare to the vile things Jason has said about Shelby and I notice on the recap they barely even scratch the surface of the horrible things he said about heR

  24. I’m glad Shelby stayed out of the fight, despite her name being dragged into it. Smart girl.

  25. Holy…

    PRODUCTION FORGOT TO TURN THEIR MICS OFF!!! We just heard a very rare glance inside the room!

  26. I’m convinced Grodner has gone on vacay and has put BBOTT in the hands of interns. Still love the show.

  27. I am glad she won. I wanted her out, but now Scott is the most hated HG by me. I also wanted one of them to win it.

  28. I’m convinced that this game would have gone a totally different way had production not had that backup to the backup crew working tonight haha

    • lol..I just started watching at 11PM/flashback..Dan, Didn’t you predict her winning tonight..or something?..ha!..s**t crazy..

      • That prediction might have been last week…but yes, last night was crazy!!

        Who are you wanting out this week Cyril?

      • America has been getting who they want out, successfully. One of the Plastics is more likely to get the CP. They’re expecting America’s help again. I want one of the Plastics to go home to be honest. lol

      • Wow…a Plastic for eviction huh? I hear you though…be nice to keep the sides somewhat even.?

        Which Plastic needs to go Cyril? And…what about Kryssie? Can we deal with her BS for another week????

      • Kryssie?.I’ll put her on slop. She’ll probably be the 3rd nom. and be evicted. I’m ok if that’s the result, but I don’t think my will go to her…This sounds crazy, but I wanna see Whitney rebel against her alliance. lol..Plastics are already uncomfortable with her position…I guess I just want to see more chaos. lol

      • Interesting. Yeah, you’re right about Whitney and the other Plastics. This could go a number of ways.

        I don’t know what I want to happen this week…more chaos is at the top of my list though too! Oh and Kryssie >>>> Have Not??

      • lol. Dan, you and I are kinda similar in terms of how to enjoy watching BB. I’m not invested or rooting for a particular player. I see them as a cast member of a show. Vile Jason? That’s his character, and he turned it up this season. lol I can’t judge them on a BB game, I don’t know their heart. Alex is smart, and nice, but she’s a little boring, don’t you think? Although I know who I still want to stay in the house. I’ll start rooting for a player F5

      • I think you’re absolutely right Cyril, we’re very similar BB fans. Seeing them a cast members is great way of thinking about the HGs too! Yeah Jason says some controversial things, but I really don’t have a huge problem with it. I love the unscripted activity and real human interaction that BB brings. Some is positive (Justin’s Pizza Song) and other is negative (Jason’s mouth). If everyone was squeaky clean, it would be so dull right?

        I guess the only time I get bent outta shape is with Paulie types (was there anything redeeming about him??).?? God I hate him.

        It seems like BB fans easily forget how much of a pressure cooker that house is. We aren’t seeing the typical behavior of the vast majority of these HGs…everything is amped up because of the game & public nature of the show. Things are said and done that just wouldn’t occur in the real world.

        As far as Alex goes, I completely agree. She really is boring and so careful with what she says and does. Wish she’d live a little and show some more of her personality (maybe there isn’t much more?). But she’s there on a mission…and I can respect that too. I like your idea of waiting until F5 to start really choosing a favorite!??

      • Paulie!..omg. Let me put it this way… If I had to go to Vegas and pick between Paulie or Justin who I can take. I’ll take Justin, I know we’ll have a good time. I’ll probably leave Paulie in the desert, if he’s with me. lol

  29. LNJ, please vote for Jason to receive the ACP! It’s time for a BS to go, preferably Scott!!

    • Why u want to give Jason something when his not even playing he’s there talking trash about BS.he needs to get in the game that’s he’s there for,BS ALL THE WAY.

  30. I would like to see Alex and Morgan on the block, and Scott put up as 3rd nom. Jason or Danielle for ACP.

  31. Staying on this page… the new threats has all the Misfits fanatics, who have been drinking from the same water source. Can we say DELUSIONAL?!

  32. Just so everyone is aware, someone on Big Brother Gossip went back and double checked the audio. Whoever said production was upset Whitney lost either didn’t hear it correctly or made up the whole thing because no one said jack squat.

    • Yes, just read how production was cheering Whitney on and brought back dark memories of last season when production rigged the game for Nicole.

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