‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight & Who Won HoH

Another Houseguest will be voted out tonight on Big Brother Over The Top as HoH Alex tries to swing a close vote to turn against her target Danielle instead of Monte and it could all depend on who the viewer’s decide to send out if there isn’t a last minute flip inside the game.

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BBOTT may be not be on TV, but we’ve still got the same weekly live show episode and the events to go along with it so it’s time to get the vote rolling and send one of these Houseguests on out the door. Remember there is no Jury this year so all the evicted HGs, not just the first few, will be sent on home when their game is over. Let’s find out who that will be tonight.

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Let’s get on to the big reveal as we work through the House’s vote to discover how America’s Eviction Vote turned out and who will be evicted this week on BBOTT.

Big Brother OTT Week 2 Votes:

  • Shane votes to evict: Monte
  • Morgan votes to evict: Danielle
  • Justin votes to evict: Monte
  • Shelby votes to evict: Danielle
  • Jason votes to evict: Monte
  • Whitney votes to evict: Danielle
  • Neeley votes to evict: Monte
  • Scott votes to evict: Danielle
  • It’s a tie. America will decide…
  • America’s Eviction vote: Monte

By a vote of 5-4, Monte Massongill has been evicted from BBOTT.

The remaining HGs, minus the outgoing HoH Alex, will face off in another HoH competition but we’ve got a short wait before that starts up. Watch this week’s HoH comp live on the Feeds starting at 9PM PT (12AM ET) or rewind in the morning to see how things played out.

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Big Brother Over The Top Week 3 HoH comp:

What do you think of tonight’s results? Are you happy with how the vote went? Don’t forget we’ll be picking the Have-Nots and another third nominee for next week so keep checking back for details.


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  1. Danielle is so disgusting. She met Shane just two weeks ago and already went all the way with him. Just like Nicole last season with her inappropriateness on national TV, she needs to go. At this point I don’t really care even though I gave my votes to Monte.

  2. Justin continues to show his naiveté with this game. You don’t show your cards when you’re no longer in the running and someone from the other side still is!!!

    • Yeah, I’d agree with Monte here if it wasn’t for the fact that I know Shane has been planning on backstabbing him when needed.

  3. omg..Monte’s edit..Every time he talks, and the sound effects that went with it…It make sense. Ha!

    • I feel like at this point she’s invisible and totally under the radar… she’s literally no ones target right now

  4. Kinda hope the Pythons portion of that alliance name sticks, at the very least. It’s not a bad alliance name. We’ve definitely had worse.

  5. Thank you so much BB for showing us Justin’s disgustingness again. Ugh. So didn’t want to see it again. Both literally and mentally.

      • I mean yea it may have been a joke to him, but he has to come to understand that everyone takes jokes a certain way and some to heart. He probably didn’t mean to say it in that manner and it probably just slipped in that moment but like I said it was rude and completely uncalled for, joke or no joke.

  6. I feel for Morgan. If I had to sleep in that room… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be sleeping. I’d be hiding under the bed.

  7. Oh, Dani. Stop lying to America. You were not looking after Justin’s best interest. You were trying to start a fight.

  8. lol..Edit your DR Monte..”Good looking’..doesn’t belong there. That line was dumb….so bad.

  9. If Jason and Krissy only knew, Jason was not in danger this week. Alex manipulated this one very well.

  10. Jason really gets on my nerves. I did in BB16. I was happy when he left. I’ll be happy again when he leave this time around.

    • Actually, I think it’s the best one. Scott’s done with his punishment all ready. Alex and Monte’s still have yet to play out. And Shelby and Danielle are stuck for the rest of the week.

  11. Branden was right about Kryssie. Giving her that ACP did create a monster. She’s turned into quite the snob.

    Time to make her a HN.

  12. Hopefully this will put to rest that Justin didn’t whip out his dick for everyone to see. Butt shot only!

      • Danielle and Kryssie for sure. And while I was debating on who my third would be, that was before I just saw that reaction from Neeley. She can be mad, I get that. But to assume that we’re just gonna do her bidding because she’s on Jason’s side? Yeah, sorry. That was not the best thing she could’ve said.

      • I agree Dani and Kryssie for HN, but not Whitney. Don’t want to trap her with the mean girls.

      • I’m voting Danielle, Krissie and Jason. And Danielle for nominations. And the next care package doesn’t necessarily help the receiver of it. They just get to pick what they want the veto to be. But if they don’t win it then it’s no help to them. Stupid care package IMO.

  13. Alex is my number 1 but I couldn’t help but love how K busted Alex out in her speech. Was a big mistake on Alex’s part and i hope it doesn’t bite her in the butt.

  14. Wow, Jason showing his mean streak in the DR.

    EDIT: Okay, not the best choice of words. More like his arrogance.

    • Doesn’t matter because they have the numbers now. If they win HOH and we vote Danielle she stays. That’s why I wanted her out this week. Only way we could get rid of her is if Shelby, Morgan, Scott or Whitney win HOH. And the other side has Shane, Danielle, Jason, Justin, Krissie and Neely. Not very good odds.

      • I want Danielle out, but Whitney, Shelby and Morgan can go right after. The only one I like from that side is Alex and hopefully her sister is the last to go from that side.

      • I like the girls. At least they’re playing the game with class. All the others do is sit on the couch and talk crap and let America play their game. I’ve been waiting for a girls alliance that works for a long time. Everyone always complains why don’t the girls ever stick together and now we have a group that is and America is screwing it up. JMO

  15. Can’t wait to make Danielle a HN this week with Shelby and someone else she doesn’t like lol

  16. Okay, Monte haters, now what’re you gonna do for the rest of the game? You’re target is gone – LOL!

      • ACP doesn’t benefit the person receiving it again this week. All they get to do is name what kind of veto they want it to be. The only way it would benefit them is if they won. Kind of stupid I think.

  17. Well America got this one wrong. I sure hope CBS takes some of this power away. America just screwed up Alex’s HOH just because they didn’t like someone instead of strategic.

      • Jason has won a comp, Shane has won a comp, and Neely was second to last in the endurance comp.

      • So let’s see how they do on the memory comp that might be coming up. Nobody practiced except Whitney and Morgan.

      • I’m sure hoping that side doesn’t win Joni. If they do it’s going to be hard to watch. Lol. They’re are already so full of themselves I can just imagine how they’ll act if they win.

      • I agree. He wasn’t one of my favorite but I think it’s because he didn’t know when to stop talking. But he wasn’t a mean guy.

    • Not liking someone is strategy. Julie told them AMERICA has power, and they don’t change their game to be liked. You have no strategy, and deserve to go home. Derrick lied right to the America’s face when he said he wanted to keep Donny safe, bc he knew America had voted for them to be in team america.

      • Come on this is a personality contest. And it’s exactly why I didn’t like season one. Most of America is up Jason’s butt and will vote anyway that will benefit his game. Why they are I have no idea since all he does is sit on his ass, smoke cigarettes and say disgusting, nasty, vile things about everyone. I’d like to know what they see in him because all I see is hateful.

      • This is Big Brother. You have to adapt to the game. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t fair. Any of the HG’s can leave at any time, for any reason, if they don’t like it. No one is forcing any of them to be there. The door is closed, but never locked.

        For 2 weeks now, the HGs have seen how America has played.So they can either use this to thier advantage, and adjust their game so they don’t end up like Monte and Cornbread. Or they the can go up on the block next.

      • Then why have an HOH comp? Just let America play the game make the nominations and vote the person out. Because that’s exactly what’s happening. Sorry but we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this. America has too much power.

    • They definitely did. I was really disappointed to wake up and find out that Monte had been evicted. I don’t care for him, but Danielle was the better choice to go. I think BB really got it wrong letting America have a part in nominations and evictions. The majority will always go with who they dislike. We’re a horrible player as a whole.

  18. It’s gonna be a different ball game this time around. What the other side don’t realized is, there’s quite a few of their members that are on America’s target lists…yup…Danielle is one. lol..maybe Krissey?

  19. Feel sad for Monte now. Danielle should’ve gone this week. She caused such a raucous…

  20. So are we making Danielle a have not and nominating her if she doesn’t win HOH?

    • I think that’s where most of us are heading. More people hated Monte, but Danielle did herself no favors this week. And it’s time to bring the Misfits back to reality.

      • Exactly, I think everyone just wanted to get rid of him, but we had another target right behind him so we’ll make it a goal that Dani goes home next week

    • I am. I think there are enough people on Jason’ s side that Danielle can go next week.
      If one of them wins, then America could nominate her.

  21. Are you listening to these misfits right now??? DISGUSTING! Time to bring their egos down.

  22. Danielle and Scott are at the bottom of the Jokers list. So she may very well get America’s vote out if she doesn’t win HOH

  23. Please please PLEASEEE don’t make this HOH comp last all night BB I’m hitting the hay if it exceeds past 2am

  24. So, here’s a silver lining for you.

    So far, the power of the HOH hasn’t mattered. They nominate people, but the people they nominate AREN’T EVICTED. For the past 2 weeks, America has successfully played the role of HOH. And now we’re at the point where the power is gonna flip (because production doesn’t like it when the same side of the house is in power for any extended amount of time). But should any of the Misfits get it, then more than likely, all it will do is guarantee them safety and score them enemies. They will probably be as screwed as Monte and Alex were.

    • We’re more of a Co-HOH. But we get to be the tie breaker, which is cool. Unless we create the tie.

    • It won’t matter because they are the majority in the house. Alex should talk to Krystie and Neesy so they can aligned with them. I do wish for Shelby and the other two out, but if they form an all girls alliance I’ll root for them.

    • I have to disagree. The lines of friend and enemies are already drawn.

      Alex is only screwed because of a numbers disadvantage. If one of the other side gets it, they’ll be able to vote off whomever they want, regardless of America’s nominee. If Alex’s side gets it, the other side will still be able to vote off whomever they want, unless America nominates with Alex, or Alex’s side wins the veto. The “underdogs” have all the power through very little merit of their own, and the cool kids who tried to play the game their way are screwed in most situations.

  25. So disappointed right now. Giving it one more week to see if America can salvage this season for me. If it’s going to go for the mean crew side every week, there’s no point in me watching anymore.

      • You got a point there. But they put up people we ended up protecting because they refused to work together with the other side. Oh well, sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles! haha

    • I was so annoyed last season, but so far I am liking that America is involved and gets to nominate their least favorites.

  26. The only hope is that the viewers nominate someone from the backyard group this week. Then maybe they’ll stop being so self righteous and go back to being likable again.

    Otherwise it won’t even be worth watching until final 7 or so, when they’re all forced to turn on each other and they realize that the real game has begun, and up until that point, America has been playing their game for them.

  27. Even Alex is reading the cue card all over again (trying to figure out the point) ?

      • But BB voice told them they couldn’t use each other’s chains. That’s essentially what they’re doing.

      • I think they meant they can’t take people’s chains who guess wrong. Anyways, both sides are doing it now, so it’s not an insurmountable thing. I actually like comps that allow teamwork

  28. Lol, Jason just said they’ve been steamrolled the whole game after getting exactly what he wanted for two weeks in a row. Still trying to play the underdog card. It’s hilarious.

  29. Okay, now Neeley and Kryssie are stacking up chains.

    EDIT: As are Morgan and Whitney. Guess it is acceptable. BB would’ve stopped them if they couldn’t.

  30. Why are they all measuring the middle lines? They’re supposed to be looking for the longest line!

    • They have to measure the individual pieces that make up the lines, so it could be in any of them

  31. I don’t want Danielle, Shelby or Morgan to win this one.
    Shane wins and America nominates Danielle.

    • Just as long as it’s Alex’s side of the house, I’m happy. She’ll be safe AND we can get Danielle out.

    • Danielle still won’t go home. If Shane wins he puts up two of Alex’s side. That only leaves 3 of them to vote for Danielle. Even if America voted for Danielle there is still a tie and Shane sends Alex home. That’s why Monte needed to stay. If Alex side doesn’t win, unless she gets veto she’s gone.

      • One of them is leaving since Scott won, but you are right about Shane winning it would have been a bad idea. Monte had to go home. He was not comfortable with the diverse group of people in the house.

      • Even though Scott won, if America puts up Shelby or Morgan, Shelby or Morgan will go home. The other side has always had, and still has all the power, despite how much they whine and complain.

  32. Very, very vague:

    19m19 minutes ago
    Big Brother Daily ‏@BBDailyOTT
    The goal of the competition is to be the first to identify which piece of the barcode is the longest #BBOTT

  33. While we’re watching this, the next ACP package is Pick A Veto! Who’re we giving it to? Gotta think it through, because the last one went straight to the recipient’s head.

  34. I don’t think Scott will nominate Jason, and the girls may try to convince him t put up Danielle and Shane. I’m fine with him winning right now.

  35. I like how warmly Justin dressed tonight.
    Was the number 72 on the barcode the whole time. I saw it before Scott gave his answer.

  36. I’m not sure if Shane got to talk to Scott about nominating Monte, but if he did, Scott didn’t listen. Shane may be one of his nominees.

  37. Maybe Scott will put Shane and Danielle back on the block. America would definitely put Danielle up.

      • Haha, the fact that you didn’t get the joke is actually even funnier than the joke itself. No shade. The whole point of deadpan humor is that not everyone picks up on it, that’s what makes it so fun. Basically in this case, the joke was based on the fact that people always say stuff like “my bb life is on the line” and Shelby was making fun of that by extending the premise to its logical, ridiculous conclusion (that people actually die when they’re evicted). Make sense?

      • lol. How did you get all of that from what she said? I think you give her intelligence too much credit.

  38. Alex is starting her manipulation on Scott. She may get him to nominate the same people again.

  39. Alright! Justin is safe.The guy knows how to chill with Scott.. While Danielle is running her mouth off and pissing America tonight…she has no idea. lol Scott is also thinking Shane. (big fish)

  40. Ha… Danielle just made the comment that she better not be a HN this week since she has the water punishment already.

    Please tell me you’re voting for her to be a HN!!

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