‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 6?

It’s time to crown a new Head of Household this week for Big Brother Over The Top as the Houseguests are ready to get back at it after saying goodbye to another member of the PBS and setting us back up for more back and forth between the two sides.

Big Brother HoH comp

Since everything with BBOTT is on the Feeds that means that this HoH comp and every single one this season will be right there for us to watch as they happen in full. If you miss the event then you can Flashback and catch it all over. The comp kicks off at 9PM BBT on the Feeds and we’re live recapping it as it happens so read on for the results.

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Looks like we’ve got the face-morph comp tonight for the HGs and let’s hope it’s a knock-out rather than an individual performance because this puppy is starting at midnight ET.

Nope, it’s an individual performance comp… starting at midnight ET… someone has lost their mind. Order was drawn for the comp: Whitney, Alex, Kryssie, Shelby, Morgan, Jason, and Justin.

Here’s your sneak peek look at some of the scary mashups the HGs will face tonight courtesy of CBS.

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HoH Comp Results – Week 6:

  • 8:45 PM BBT – Waiting on the comp to begin
  • 9:00 PM BBT – Danielle returns with comp instructions… It’s individual performance…
  • 9:20 PM BBT – Whitney is up. She’s reading instructions and soon begins
  • 9:35 PM BBT – Whitney continues to struggle. Her answers look rather far off.
  • 9:52 PM BBT – Whitney times out. That wasn’t pretty.
  • 10:12 PM BBT – Alex is up. She has to beat 30 mins.
  • 10:40 PM BBT – Alex gets it in 27 mins 04 secs.
  • 10:51 PM BBT – Kryssie is up. She’s not injured yet.
  • 11:18 PM BBT – Kryssie’s time passes Alex’s. She’s out of the competition.
  • 11:31 PM BBT – Shelby is up next. She’s trying to beat Alex’s time.
  • 11:35 PM BBT – Shelby finishes the comp at 3:42. She is officially in the lead and likely the winner.
  • 11:46 PM BBT – Morgan is up. She’ll have to be very fast to beat Shelby’s time.
  • 11:51 PM BBT – Morgan’s time is up. She got close but Shelby is still in the lead.
  • 12:00 AM BBT – Jason is up. Shelby is the HG to beat. After a false start Jason has to start over.
  • 12:04 AM BBT – Jason times out. Shelby is still in the lead.
  • 12:15 AM BBT – It’s Justin’s turn.
  • 12:20 AM BBT – Justin has timed out.

Shelby is the new Head of Household!

Who did you want to win this week? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Viewer voting for the Care Package is on Thursday, Have-Nots voting is Friday, and America’s Nominee voting starts Sunday. Busy schedule so stick with us.

Nominations are coming up on Saturday and Sunday so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Monday and the Ceremony on Tuesday. Once the week gets rolling on Saturday it’ll go fast until the next eviction on Wednesday! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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  1. All I see in that picture with the leather jacket is Frankie grande . I guess i have some Frankie related PTSD

  2. So Justin has a photographic memory, huh? We all know how that went with Tiffany in BB18!

    And he’s all ready lost one picture comp this season, so I doubt he’s gonna win this.

    • Not much of a photographic memory after all. And Jason’s studying the memory wall didn’t pan out so well for him either. But then, who’d have thought anyone would win it in 3:42? I didn’t.

  3. I have a feeling that Kryssie and Justin will both time out I see Jason doing good and maybe Shelby. But I hope Shelby or Morgan win

  4. Okay, has anyone figured out who’s who yet? Because we need a freakin’ answer key!

  5. All I’m saying is whoever wins, I’m voting for someone on the other side of the house to be Co-HoH this week. It’s about to go down!

    • Which is the point of the Co-HOH. It wasn’t used to it’s full potential next year. This year, on the other hand…

    • No. Vote Morgan so Shelby has control of her HOH. The misfits get more disgusting everyday. Now Justin is acting just like those disgusting misfits and Whitney has flipped.

      • You have a good point. That’s a good idea too. To be honest, I’m just looking for some entertainment.

  6. Kryssie spent so little time with Monte, of course she can’t place him!

    Monte, meanwhile, is cracking up at home, watching these people fail to figure it out.

  7. There is no way anyone will beat Shelbys time I’m glad to see her get the power, everyone underestimates her and I hope she puts up krissy and Whitney on the block

  8. Way ta go, Shelbs! That’s a lawyer for you. They’re trained to spot the details like that.

    • He doesn’t even know where he is. I’m over Justin. He was funny in the beginning but not anymore. Acting just as disgusting as the other misfits now.

    • No way. I can’t believe you like those disgusting people. I never would of thought that. Morgan for CP and Krissie for nomination.

    • Do people seriously, seriously believe that Kryssie deserves to be there over Alex?!? WHAT has Kryssie done that would make people believe that? Threaten to quit 100x, give up on a veto competition, burp & fart 100x a night? I mean really people need to start using their head. VOTE out those who don’t belong there, not people you don’t like!

      • lol. I don’t think so. Kryssie is at the bottom on every Polls that I’ve seen. She could still be the 3rd nom. I was watching the HoH comp at the same time reading chat rms. When Shelby won, there was an uproar from the die hard Misfit fans, that wants to cut the head of the snake. (Alex) They’re protecting the Misfits. I’m sure Plastic fans would start rallying for them…That’s what you get if you involve America in the game. People will vote you out because they can’t stand your voice. Just giving you an example…I thought America will vote out Kryssie instead of Scott. How do you explain that?…they like the burp, than the freak.

    • If nobody votes Kryssie out, the woman will end up in final 3. She shouldn’t be there!

  9. I do not want Jason and Justin up! I am voting Jason for CP and Kryssie for America’s nom if so.

      • I hope. I know Jason has acted like an “a” word at times, but he still makes me laugh and needs the money. Plus, I would like the two men around longer as it gets boring to me with so many of one sex. Even if most of the women are cute.

      • I wouldn’t mind a Misfit getting this week’s CP because of what it is. The Co-HOH needs a chance to work to it’s full potential. It was wasted last season.

      • Not if LNJ is on the block twice due to America’s nom. Double the chances of a Misfit going.

      • If Shelby nominates say Jason and America nominates Krissie and care package goes to Justin. Then Justin nominates say Alex. That leaves Morgan to vote for the girls and Danielle to vote for the misfits. Whitney is a toss up since she flipped so she could go with the misfits. That’s 2-1. Then if America votes different then the misfits then they control who goes. If America votes with the girls then it’s a tie. Who breaks it? Hopefully the one that won HOH not the one that it was givin to.

      • There’s no telling what Whitney will do, honestly. She’s in a good spot right now. The girls don’t necessarily trust her completely, but they still want to try and work with her. The Misfits also want to keep her on side while worrying she’s going to flip back.

        The key to a good floater game is not showing your cards. Something tells me Whitney’s not gonna want to be in that position this week. It’ll make her public enemy number one for both sides if she does.

  10. Very glad Shelby won HoH. Gonna give Jason ACP so he can get away from Kranky Kryssie and actually work with Shelby. I’m gonna nom Kryssie to go OTB and put Morgan, Alex and Danielle on slop! :-)

      • He can’t sleep with Shelby in the HOH room or she’ll try something. She has been trying to kiss him from the beginning of the season.

      • He’s not. That’s why I’m voting Morgan. And Krissie for nomination. I want one of those nasty people to go. There’s only 3 girls now against the disgusting misfits since Whitney has flipped. So if one of the misfits gets co-HOH then either Morgan or Alex goes up and they only have 1 vote because Whitney will do whatever Justin says.

      • I agree that Whitney is more into Justin’s side. Which is a good thing since I want him to win.

      • Yep I’m not a fan of his. I was up until a few weeks ago when he started talking just as disgusting as Jason and Krissie. He’s not funny anymore. I’m bored with him.

  11. CP to Whitney… make her pick a side. CP to Morgan next week, so she can take down Alex during double eviction Final CP to Chrissy because if she makes it to F4 she’ll never make it beyond. Or if she does squeak out a win to get to F3 it will make it a easier win for the remaining 2 in f3

      • I really want Jason or Justin out this week. Chrissy has actually calm down but those two guys just keep saying vile things. Not a big fan of Danielle’s either but at least she plays hard

      • I want to see Jason actually work for it and he will if he’s CoHoH. Justin is there strictly for entertainment purposes, so I wouldn’t mind if he’s voted out, but definitely want Kranky Kryssie gone. She just complains so much she’s bringing others down around her, including the viewers.

      • Please not Jason as co HOH. I want him walking out the door this week. He’s been in the house way to long already.

      • I don’t trust what Jason would do if he were HOH. I think he may put Danielle or Kryssie on the block. Although, I am FINALLY completely grossed out Kryssie. Jason really wants to work with Alex, but she’s going to stab in the back.

      • Didn’t you see Krissie bitching and complaining again last night after she lost the comp. she needs to go. But if Jason or Justin go I’ll be happy with that too.

    • Kryssie won the first CP. She is no longer eligible to win one..at least that is what I thought. She is such a Debbie Downer..she has to go.

  12. I assume the Co-HOH does not get an eviction vote. Is that right? How do Co-HOHs decide on a tie?

  13. can anyone tell me what’s been the fastest time in this comp in the past? Shelby seemed to have in done quickly or someone who didn’t look at the wall or LNJ people much, i feel PRODUCTION helped the plastics yet AGAIN!

    • Shelby had a good strategy. Everyone was doing them all at the same time and that’s what messed them up. They got confused and were second guessing themselves. Shelby got all the names together and did each photo one at a time. That ended up being the right strategy.

      • Sorry i don’t agree…i feel she’s normally so confused during comps…but THIS ONE she finally had a strategy? not buying it

      • I didn’t ask you to agree, I’m telling you what happened. If you wanna cry rig because your faves didn’t win, well that just shows what a poor sport you are.

      • REALLY? every lawyer??? she’s a law school grad…not quite a lawyer yet. you’re giving her too much credit

      • Shelby is not a very smart lawyer. I don’t think she’ll ever work in a court of law, but do other things related to her field.

      • How do you know that? Have you not heard some of her conversations? She’s very smart. She’s playing dumb in the house. It’s her strategy. You don’t even know her so you can’t say whether she’ll be a good lawyer or not.

      • I see her acting dumb, even in her DR sessions. It is my opinion. Opinions are not facts.

      • And your not giving her enough credit. If you’ve been watching she’s very strategic when the girls are talking game. She won now move on.

      • She’s been “pretending” to be stupid (I find that questionable) and other than the first 2-3 weeks she’s been safe in her alliance. She may not have tried hard to win any comps before.

  14. Witney for CP I want to see where her true loyalties lies with. She just said she would vote out all the girls before Justin and Kryssie I want to see if she backs it up or is just talking

    • But if she is still with the girls she can’t vote for them. I’m OK with Jason actually, but we need to nominate someone from LNJ to make it fair. I want K gone anyway. Before comp started she was complaining about her hands not being healed and has so many reasons why it’s not her fault when she does bad.

  15. I didn’t want that side to win HOH, but since I want Kryssie out I’m fine with Shelby winning. SHe may nominate Jason since they hate each other and probably Whitney if they believe she switched sides. Danielle or Kryssie will be fine by me or America can nominate them instead.

  16. The CP this week is Co-HOH, but with the numbers right now, if the co-HOH doesn’t have an eviction vote, both sides should have two eviction votes remaining before America Nom (regardless of which side they come from. I suggest Jason for CP, and Kryssie for Am Nom.

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