‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 4?

It’s time to crown a new Head of Household with a little Friendship on the side this week for Big Brother Over The Top as Paul Abrahamian returns to host the latest HoH comp.

Big Brother HoH comp

Since everything with BBOTT is on the Feeds that means that this HoH comp and every single one to follow this season will be right there for us to watch as they happen in full. If you miss the event then you can Flashback and catch it all over. The comp kicks off at 9PM BBT on the Feeds and we’re live recapping it as it happens so read on for the results.

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Here’s how it works. Balls fall in to the yard and have tokens inside them. HGs find tokens in the balls then trade them in to Paul for another ball that they can roll down the windy board and try to reach the end. If they can’t do it in one hour then new rules will be announced.

HoH Comp Results – Week 4: Perfect ShOTT

  • 8:40 PM BBT – Paul arrives and surprises the HGs.
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Everyone heads to backyard for prep. Feeds cut.
  • 9:00 PM BBT – Paul is reading the rules.
  • 9:02 PM BBT – Alex gets her Beer Goggles from Veto punishment.
  • 9:04 PM BBT – Balls are falling in & HGs are looking for tokens.
  • 9:15 PM BBT – Searching continues as more & more balls pour down.
  • 9:20 PM BBT – Justin is the first to trade in tokens. He misses.
  • 9:30 PM BBT – HGs all trying & getting very close.
  • 9:36 PM BBT – Kryssie gets it! She’s the new HoH.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Viewer voting for the Care Package is on Thursday, Have-Nots voting is Friday, and America’s Nominee voting starts Sunday. Busy schedule for viewers’ voting.

Nominations are coming up on Saturday and Sunday so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Monday and the Ceremony on Tuesday. Once the game gets rolling on Saturday it’ll go fast until the next eviction on Wednesday! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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  1. I think BB is telling Paul to be annoying to try and get under their skin, lol. Good idea, given this is a luck-based comp.

  2. hahaha..Kryssie won HoH?…this is hilarious!…i’m sorry but it’s true. lol.that B won.

    • She totally messed up my mojo. Soo looks like I’m nomming Shelby for eviction instead of Kryssie.

  3. What in the heck was Alex doing? Did she even try one shot? I never saw her get any balls to even try.

  4. lol..I think I’m watching the feeds tonight..This will be a little crazier than last week…. It’s gonna be a nut house.

  5. OMG… Guys, I just remembered. This week’s ACP? THE SAFETY SERVANT! We get to keep one person safe from the block!

  6. The no class jamboree were all pouting and talking $#!++ about the girls smiling when D-bag Shane left, then they turn around and start dancing and jumping around when they win hoh ?

  7. There you have it. America, we have Kryssie as HoH. I know who her targets are, big people…..and she’s a crazy lady. lol.I’ll watch the feeds. .players that I like are safe…i’m cool with that

      • I am, I didn’t want Kryssie to win, I was shocked. lol but sh*t happens and she’s the HoH, it’s gonna be crappy to the other side…I know Justin/Jason is safe, let’s see how solid their new alliance are. Are they gonna cover for Alex/Scott?..It’s gonna be interesting.

      • Ok cool. We’re good??

        You’re right Cyril, it’s going to be interesting to see how much Jason/Justin work to keep Alex/Scott safe. It’s an uphill fight knowing that Kryssie is most certainly gunning for those two. Maybe Alex will get the care package and Scott or Shelby will win POV.

        Ugh…I hate having so many favs??

  8. Soooo I see Kryssie nominating Alex and Scott for eviction.
    It’s gonna get real now…and personal too…daggone it. But revenge will be sooo sweet for the LNJ

  9. Paul Abrahamian, winner of BB18 just tweeted this!!

    That was fun as f**k! Thank you to all you fools for watching & thanks @BBOverTheTop @CBSBigBrother for making this friendship happen. ✌?️??

    He’s such a good guy!!

  10. I prefer the smashers over LNJ. So my vote is to nom D for ACP; she’s already safe and she’ll have to do BB’s bidding which she will complain about constantly. Future ACP’s are way better; this week’s helps one person but your team is still toast. Only hope to save the smashers this week is for us to nominate and vte Neely (side benefit is that will torture Krissy.)

    • My vindictive side says heck yeh, but my softer side says I’d like her to get something before she does leave. Kryssie would have been my pick to evict this week had Danielle left..but that’s now all screwed up…my next victim is Shelby til Kryssie’s and Danielle’s week is officially over! :-)

  11. I agree! Alex care package. Neely america’s nominee. I loved Neely at first. Now Krissie can see what it feels like to have an HOH ruined. It could happen. With only six people voting, America would break the tie if there is one.

    • Because that is exactly what she is going to do. Make it personal. The LNJ has constantly complained the plastics are playing personally which couldn’t be further from truth. They are the ones making every little damn thing personal. Dani even said the other day she was making it personal.

    • Out of bitterness??
      1. Alex and Scott are the only threats on that side of the house
      2. Alex betrayed the deal she made with Kryssie during her care package.
      3. Scott and Alex have both put her on the block.
      They are a clear threat to her “game”.

      • She’ll never say that in her speech, though.

        And as of now, the plan is to BD Alex. Won’t matter once America’s girl is awarded ACP.

  12. Hopefully this will make Kryssie less nasty. She wasn’t before she was nommed over and over again. Although even if that happens, I doubt America will forgive her for this.

    • It won’t. She is already so full of herself and this will just add to it. And Neely strutting, dancing, tweaking around like she is the co-HOH.

      • It really sucks too, because I loved Kryssie! Then she got all nasty, and it just ruined my opinion of her. I’m still holding out that she can be, like, not awful later on. And Neely being like that too was just awful and arrogant. It’s like when people go into the LNJ they turn awful or something. Neely wasn’t awful until she joined them. Granted she really wasn’t anything until she joined them, but still. Kryssie didn’t seem awful until she was hanging out with that crew talking crap about everyone behind their backs. I blame cigarettes. ;)

      • I couldn’t stand her from the minute she opened her big fat mouth. Had her pegged from minute one and she hasn’t changed my opinion of that at all.

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