‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Time for this week’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto competition on the Live Feeds starting at 1PM PT (4PM ET) as the HGs are ready to see who can win the chance to undo either one of Danielle’s nominations or void America’s pick for HGs on the Block.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

America’s Vote earlier gave us the week’s third nominee before two more players were picked to join in the competition and now they’re ready. Remember these Veto competitions are live online each week at 1PM PT on Mondays so you can always turn on your Live Feeds and watch how things turn out.

Today we’ve got Danielle (HoH), Whitney & Shelby (noms), Scott (America’s Nom), and Jason & Justin (Whitney’s HG Choice) playing for the medallion.

But wait, no host? Well it won’t be any of the BBOTT HGs because Lawon and Austwins are back to host a haunted house competition party later tonight with the lights out as HGs search for spooky items. Yep, it’s the perfect theme for Halloween.

Update: Looks like the special guests are for tonight’s party, not the comp. I think.

twitter-video" data-lang="en">

What goes bump in the night in the #BBOTT house? ? The ghost of Clementine O'Grady returns for today's veto comp: https://t.co/QZWdNpMbM6 pic.twitter.com/NpTIUIJjdj

— BBOverTheTop (@BBOverTheTop) October 31, 2016

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Big Brother Over The Top Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition:

  • 12:55 PM BBT – Waiting for the comp to kick off.
  • 1:00 PM BBT – HGs watching the ghost video above with more backstory
  • 1:05 PM BBT – Players wait in the lounge & non-players watch from HoH room
  • 1:30 PM BBT – Still waiting…
  • 1:34 PM BBT – Justin went first & quickly found everything
  • 1:36 PM BBT – Justin is already done!
  • 1:47 PM BBT – Scott is up. He’s terrified and talking over and over to calm himself.
  • 1:50 PM BBT – Scott is done after thoroughly freaking out.
  • 2:00 PM BBT – Shelby is a go. She’s having fun and enjoying it but still very nervous.
  • 2:04 PM BBT – Shelby is wandering all over and can’t find the toy chest to end it.
  • 2:05 PM BBT – Finally finds the toy chest and finishes. Shelby knows she won’t win.
  • 2:11 PM BBT – Jason is up and he’s talking his way through to stay calm
  • 2:13 PM BBT – Jason is done fast but lost time looking for the doll
  • 4 down & 2 to go. Justin appears to be in the lead, but still close with Scott & Jason
  • 2:20 PM BBT – Whitney is ready. She’s missing the first two items then finally finds the next one
  • 2:25 PM BBT – Whitney finishes up after having trouble finding things. Way behind.
  • 2:34 PM BBT – Danielle is ready and moving quickly to find everything.
  • 2:36 PM BBT – Danielle is done FAST! She may have beaten Justin. Waiting on results.
  • 3:04 PM BBT – Results time with the placements on the screen.

Veto winner is… Danielle! She won by 32 seconds with Justin in 2nd & Scott in 3rd.

If you missed the action then you can later rewind your Feeds to 1PM BBT and watch it again. CBS should also include results and clips in the daily recap video either tonight or tomorrow.

What do you think of the PoV Comp today? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET) and we’ll post live spoilers then.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the latest drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. I would’ve quit before it started. I don’t do darkness or hauntings lol. I could not watch the video giving the history lol.
    Scary cat #1 ?

  2. Wonder if they’ll keep the items in the same place every time. If so, then all they have to do is check out all three bedrooms.

  3. Scott’s performance for the veto is the same as his veto comp last week. Graphic lol. Sounds obscene. Lol

  4. So that’s where the problem lies. No one can find the box in the dark. And both Scott and Justin have said they had issues with it, and we just watched Shelby have issues.

      • Yeah. And three of the ghosts are the Austwins, right? So he passed right by them without recognizing them at all!

      • Thought I saw that on Twitter. But it seems strange that they wouldn’t draw attention to it, so maybe whatever I saw was wrong.

  5. Danielle killed it!.lol .The girl is a threat big time. Let’s see what she’s gonna do with the Veto

  6. if i was whitney, once i find out dani won i would be spilling all the tea i just learned. girl better use that to her advantage.

  7. I wonder if Danielle still plans to save America’s nominee this week. Her whole alliance wants to work with Whitney and vote out Scott this week, but if she truly felt she was at the bottom of her alliance like she said to Scott when making deals of safety for him and Alex, then she may decide to save him so it’s her with people on both sides instead of Justin/Jason. If I were her I’d save Scott and honor her deal with them or try to backdoor Alex. I think voting out Scott is a waste because he’s obviously not liked by America as the only 2 time HN and he’s been nominated by America now. The point is to take people to the end you can beat. I don’t see Danielle beating Jason or Justin. Regardless should be an interesting 24 hours.

  8. Still can’t believe Scott beat Jason’s time. I thought for sure Justin would win this…but good ol dang Danielle had to go and spoil it for the viewers. LOL I’m almost sure she will use the veto on Scott and put Morgan up…hoping Am will vote Morgan, Shelby or Whitney…Danielle wants Whitney to go because Whit hasn’t won any comps like the others have. What comp did Shelby win again?

    • America does not name a replacement nominee. Should Scott come down, no one replaces him and the game continues with only 2 nominees for eviction this week.

    • Whitney has some ammunition she can use to campaign. Advised by some power players of Misfits…and America won’t vote her out, but anything can happen…In the meantime, Danielle has so much leverage this time around.

      • Unless Alex is on the block at the same time as Shelby, and everyone tells her they won’t vote for scott and it will be her or Alex. She would have to cancel out votes against herself and leave the votes for Alex.

      • She said she might want to work with Alex later…so it could prove to be her biggest mistake in keeping her when she had the chance to BD her.

    • Whitney also hasn’t won a CP which means she is in the running to win one. Whitney is also one of the plastics, just as scott is so it dwindles their numbers.
      The only benefit to evicting Whitney is that it leaves less competition for the CP.

      • Im so confused is Whit still a BS? I heard she switched late last night after a talk with J/J. She picked Justin over Alex or Morgan to play veto which makes me think she might have switched.

      • I believe the alignment with Justin/Jason/Kryssie is temporary. I think the moment she is safe, she will return to the plastics.

      • Thanks, with kids and Halloween (the feeds aren’t exactly for tweens/teens this year) it has been hard to keep up the last 24 hours. I had the veto on when my kids came home from high school but Scott sounded like a porno film and I live in Utah so I had to mute it.

      • Yup, that too. So that’s why she wants to use veto on Scott so it lessens the playing field down to 2 instead of 3 to vote and evict with the 3 eliminated votes added in.

    • I thought Dani was going to use the veto on scott. I did nt watch late lst night but I see others saying now Dani is not going to use it on Scott? J/J talked Dani into not using it on scott?

    • If the POV is used on Scott, he cannot be replaced as America’s nominee. The nominees will be down to just two by Wednesday.

      • Whitney will be taken down. One of the sisters will sweat. Scott is the target. That’s the plan…for now.

      • Forgot about that. So it’ll be Shelby and Whitney on the block then and Whitney will be targeted darn it.

    • Jason is working on her right now. Misfits want Scott out. She’s convinced….for now.

      • I thought they were ball smashers. lol. I don’t really see those girls acting like plastics. Maybe Morgan, but the others seem to be in the game. I’m hoping that Jason changes D’s mind. I really wish for Scott to go.

  9. The sweet deal would be if Whitney went to Danielle and told her about the convo last night, how Justin Jason and Krissy were talking about pulling Whitney in Their group and getting Danielle out next. Whitney convinces Danielle to take her down and replace her with Jason or Justin. Then Shelby eliminates the remainder of the misfits and the Plastics vote out Jason/Justin whoever the Renom is. I know I’m dreaming but that would be great to watch.

    • If this were jury BB, a move like this could be a game winning move. I don’t think these houseguests realize that there is 1 month left and they must not be thinking about the final 3 this season. It is time to get rid of Jason, Justin or Alex if anyone wants to win.

  10. Either Whitney really has flipped… or she’s pulling off the biggest bluff of the game to date! If she’s flipped, then she’s on my short list. But if she’s bluffing, then she’s one heck of a player!

    Oh, and the Misfits are back to being annoyingly arrogant with their whole “LOOK HOW AMERICA LOVES US, IT’S A SIGN, IT’S A GIFT FROM GOD” bull that they’re spouting with Whit in the HN room. 4:47pm BBT for anyone looking for a time stamp.

      • Well, she lied about knowing about Danielle using the Veto, saying she wasn’t sure. But she told the the girls some of what she told them, that she’d vote however Danielle wanted her to. But even before then, Morgan said that it didn’t matter – if Danielle didn’t use the Veto, then Scott had to go to keep the girls together.

        So Danielle and the rest of LNJ really have no read on these girls if they don’t see them as being willing to give up Scott.

  11. Just watched the veto comp…loved it and laughed my ass off! Wish Justin or Jason would have won for the extra drama, but that was a blast. Great job Heath & production???☠️?

    • Yeah, Veto was awesome. However, now I’m wishing one of the BS girls won (not Whitney, though, because I can’t tell what the heck she’s doing right now) because the Misfits are disgusting me with their arrogance now. They’re back to having big heads.

      • I hear you Saturn, but I don’t mind the gloating because often it’s closely followed by a fall of power and maybe a blowup or two!

      • Rightfully so they’ve earned it I still think Christy should have stood up and clapped when Scott was nominated

  12. Look at the bright side, if Scott goes we will no longer have to read updates that say BA + Scott, it’ll just say BS ?

  13. Scott shouldn’t give up. He should continue to work on how to open the secret door that will lead him to the storage room. Ha!

    • I actually don’t like it when they roll over and die. If they’re gonna leave, I’d always rather they go out swinging. Otherwise, you just end up with a week like Paulie’s and that’s no fun for anyone.

    • Yeah Cyril…I couldn’t believe when he tried to open that door on the first night of the feeds. He still thinks it might lead somewhere!!

      Come on Scott…use your head ya superfan?

  14. I leave the feeds for 2 minutes, I come back and Kryssie’s crying. What happened this time?!

      • Ha ha! No, apparently the dress is a size too small, so it doesn’t fit properly. Don’t know how that happened, considering production is usually so careful about that kind of stuff. She put her black sweater over it to cover up the back and it looks fine now.

      • She probably gained more weight since the last time they measured her. Her crying act is so not believable.

      • Both twins, Austin, and apparently Lawon from BB13 (you know, the guy who ASKED to be evicted because he was so sure he’d be the returning HG and have “special powers”).

      • LOL Yes! Without a doubt one of the most delusional BB players of all time.

        Austin too huh? I understand him and Liz don’t talk anymore. Yay Julia, one of my favs from BB17…hilarious that one.

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