‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Time for this week’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto competition on the Live Feeds starting at 1PM PT (4PM ET) as the HGs are ready to see who can win the chance to undo either one of Kryssie’s nominations or America’s pick for HGs on the Block.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

America’s Vote earlier gave us the week’s third nominee before two more players were picked to join in the competition and now they’re ready. Remember these Veto competitions are live online each week at 1PM PT on Mondays so you can always turn on your Live Feeds and watch how things turn out.

Big Brother Over The Top Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition:

Along with Kryssie’s picks of Scott and Morgan we saw America’s Vote nominate Neeley for possible eviction. Then Justin was drawn to join and Scott lucked in to a HG Choice and he went with Shelby for his pick. Those six will be competing today to win the Veto.

Since this will be one at a time the HGs had to draw chips to determine the order in which they’d compete. Order: Morgan, Neeley, Kryssie, Shelby, Scott, and last will be Justin.

HGs must do a wall climb without touching the ground (3 minute penalty for that) and place number tiles below questions. There are 3 questions, 1 for Cornbread, Monte, and Shane. Each has to do with their eviction or performance in a comp. There is a 30 min limit, but with the penalties your time score can be higher than 30.

Correct answers (in case you’re watching along) are: 2, 13, & 9.

  • 12:50 PM BBT – Whitney returns from DR with rules.
  • 12:55 PM BBT – Individual performance. Order chips drawn.
  • 1:20 PM BBT – Morgan was called to the DR 20 mins ago. Still nothing.
  • 1:30 PM BBT – Here we go! Morgan is reading the instructions.
  • 1:34 PM BBT – Morgan starts climbing along to read questions & place answer tiles.
  • 1:40 PM BBT – Morgan has buzzed in twice, but getting the “wrong” sound in response.
  • 1:42 PM BBT – Morgan buzzes in a third time & gets it right. ~8 minutes.
  • 2:01 PM BBT – Neeley’s turn begins.
  • 2:10 PM BBT – Neeley has exceeded Morgan’s time & has lost, but doesn’t know it.
  • 2:22 PM BBT – Neeley finishes after 2 drops. ~20m + 6m in penalties.
  • 2:45 PM BBT – Kryssie’s turn.
  • 3:00 PM BBT – Kryssie has fallen 4 times now. She declares she’ll wait out the 30 mins.
  • 3:15 PM BBT – Kryssie’s time runs out. She started one more time then quit again.
  • 3:22 PM BBT – Kryssie is back in the HN room & very upset that she required TWO bandaids.
  • 3:34 PM BBT – Shelby’s turn.
  • 3:46 PM BBT – Shelby finishes after messing up the 2nd answer (after initially having it right).
  • Morgan remains in the lead with ~8 mins
  • 4:04 PM BBT – Scott is up. He moves very quickly with lots of grunting.
  • 4:13 PM BBT – Scott did well, but appears to have been just behind Morgan.
  • 4:27 PM BBT – Justin’s turn. He moves really fast, but keeps getting them wrong.
  • 4:57 PM BBT – Justin times out with the 30 min limit. He was trying every combo.
  • 5:10 PM BBT – Scott is raging in his waiting room convinced that he won. It’s funny/awkward.
  • 5:32 PM BBT – Results time… Morgan beat Scott by 16 seconds. Crazy close!

Morgan is the winner of this week’s Power of Veto. You know she’ll be saving herself at the Ceremony.

Ohh, now we’re hearing from Kryssie that she plans to renom Whitney in Morgan’s place, not Shelby. Then over on the other side Alex was trying to persuade Morgan to save Scott instead of herself to make it easier to get Neeley evicted (by reducing another of LNJ’s numbers).

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If you missed the action then you can later rewind your Feeds to 1PM BBT and watch it again. CBS should also include results and clips in the daily recap video either tonight or tomorrow.

What do you think of the PoV Comp today? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET) and we’ll post live spoilers then.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the latest drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Okay, here we go.

    Finally! An individual comp that people can’t call “rigged” on!

    • Morgan looking good so far…probably the favorite to win just on athletic ability.

      Justin can easily throw this and nobody will have proof otherwise.

      • Justin could win and remove Neely which I don’t want to happen. America’s nominee cannot be replaced so no one else is in danger.

      • True, but I’m pretty sure he wants nothing to do with making either side upset. He’s riding the middle.

    • Good question. I’ve never gone wall climbing or rock climbing before, so I honestly don’t know how physically fit you have to be. It’s possible Kryssie’s weight might play against her here.

  2. How could Morgan possible forget about her sister’s ‘creating paranoia’ vote ! Damn girl….still nice time i guess, no penalties.

  3. Matthew..do you recall Morgan saying anything about being penalized for wrong answers? Time wise?

  4. Uh oh…question board two is falling apart. Bet we get a long delay of game to fix if after Neely finishes…

    • Production: “Sorry, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties. While we fix the comp board, please enjoy the banter of the HGs in the HOH room!”

  5. For guys watching the feeds, can you guys read the exact questions for each of the evicted HGs and the answers?

    Just wondering

  6. Am I crazy or is the best strategy to open all three clues and then go putting answers from Cornbread to Shane, that way you’re required to cover the least amount of distance?

  7. Neeley clocks in at around 20 minutes, but she will take 2 penalties.

    Morgan is still in the lead.

  8. omg Kryssie..just how you started..you’re a goner. Oh wait a minute..She’s doing the right strategy lol..

  9. Well atleast Kryssie seems to have the right idea, of opening all the clue tiles at the same time.

  10. Okay, thank you to BB for focusing in Camera 1. A blister clearly broke on the palm of Kryssie’s hand, but it’s not bleeding.

  11. Kryssie taps out at 15 minutes. Picks back up at 18 minutes and then taps out again. Official time will be 30 minutes with 4 penalties totaling 42 minutes ending in disqualification. Pretty much just as expected lol


    Tweet of a Misfit fan regarding Kryssie’s performance…
    Bring on your “disgraceful” harsh words…

    • Nothing dangerous about this comp.
      I don’t think she’s worthless or disgraceful though. She is just a horrible comp player and a whiner. Got lucky with the HOH win.

  13. Scott might do good here. He’s doing ballet (pirouette) position…pre-comp, preparation

      • I don’t like Scott, but I actually will love for Neely to go home and Scott to win veto just so Kryssie’s HOH was a waste.
        K quit because she thinks America will vote Scott out.

  14. LMAO! Okay, who is updating the BBN twitter feeds right now? Because you are on fire, my friend!

  15. Kryssie maxes out the clock at 30 minutes and will take 4 penalties.

    Morgan is still in the lead at 8 minutes.

  16. that is the question that all of America is wondering Kryssie, “What are you even doing here?”

  17. Based on what Dan H. has just mentioned, I would like to campaign for a Jason AN next week. It’s only a matter of time before Kryssie walks… also, I find Jason more disgusting now after his comments earlier today…

  18. If say.. Morg or Scott wins, they take them self off, Game talk will resume. It’s not the end for their agenda, on either side.

  19. I think Scott has a great chance to nail the answers on his first attempt. Question will be can he move across the wall quickly, and without falling.

    Imagine if Scott ends up with the Veto around his neck after this Kryssie comp meltdown!

    • You believe Justin when he kinda told Jason, he will throw this comp.? (but not to obvious)

      • 100%
        IMO, he won’t touch that veto with a ten foot pole this week.

        When it comes right down to it, he’s ok with Scott or Neely leaving.

      • I guess the benefit outweighs saving Neely. He could be targeted soon. right?. His name has been floating around the Plastics.

      • Yeah Cyril it has. But this morning the Plastics mentioned that Kryssie and Neely (or was it Danielle) were a higher priority at this point. “Justin can wait.”

      • Definitely. I’d like to see Jason complete in some more comps. He’s not a physical threat but he’s not a dimwit either.

  20. It’s funny how BB is just keeping the camera on Kryssie now just cause she is pouting. Someone give the girl a cookie

  21. Shelby is light footed, and can win this game if she gets all the answer right in one shot.

  22. Aaaannnnddddd Morgan is still in the lead with 8:36 while Shelby passes on that mark. At least she will complete the comp unlike one other houseguest we just recently saw haha. Good Effort Shelby

  23. Hmm seems like Shelby might have gotten a little blood but she doesn’t seem to be crying about it like someone else. Weird haha

  24. Scott..If you’re not watching..It’s sounding like..a porn flick and violence..please “God..don’t fall…aaahh..oooh…noo OK! haha

    • I wasn’t watching I was only listening and I thought the same thing. I had to look at the monitor to see if something else had popped up lol

      • lol.I know I was here reading comments, and was just listening. I had to check it when I heard Oh God..and aaah

  25. Justin should be on deck. Expect him to throw this one… though probably not as literally as Kryssie did.

  26. Justin is really good at the wall! He would probably do better though if he wasn’t always so spaced out.

  27. Sad part is that if he had all the answers right, he would’ve had the fastest time out of everyone clocking in at 5:29

    • Yeah…sure he’s throwing this but he’s gonna have to win when it counts. Hope he starts paying more attention to the game details.

  28. Why would Justin waste his time playing it if he’s throwing it. There is no one else around him to watch this comp. I just think he needs to study more.

  29. What were the correct answers? I don’t even know the answers to these questions. He is physically strong, but not too much up there.

  30. I feel so bad, but at least he is trying and not giving up. I just want the time to run out already.

  31. So who will the replacement nom be ? Shelby? I think Kryssie told Whitney that she was good?

  32. Also can someone explain to me why Danielle is ineligible this week? Does America’s nominee work the same as have nots and can’t be nommed by America? Could Kryssie have nommed her? Not complaining since I like her, just curious.

  33. Justin failed to complete the challenge in time.

    That puts Morgan in first place, Scott in second place, Shelby in third place, and Neeley in fourth place. Kryssie and Justin have been disqualified.

  34. Seems like everyone here believes Kryssie gave it her all and even got injured along the way.

  35. Whatever Scott is doing..it’s not working for me..I’m sorry.. ha.. They zoom the camera, he’s like a patient in a mental ward.

  36. So, who else anticipates the joy that will come from Adam Poch’s ranking this week based on this Veto comp alone? Could this be the first time the HOH becomes the Tofurkey of the Week?

    • Watching 6 chat rooms reaction to Scott. He might have pissed a lot of feedsters when he was doing the “One flew over the Cuckos nest character..They didn’t like it. Simple as that..it was terrible! lol

  37. They had to blow the horn on Morgan’s turn twice. Are they counting her time from the first horn or the second one?

  38. Love how Kryssie has been so butt hurt about HG offering to hug her after Shane left. She didn’t offer a hug to Morgan for winning POV.

  39. Kryssie can’t stop herself. She’s gonna whine herself all the way to the block and HN status next week.

  40. What was Kryssie complaining about? Something about Scott hearing her and clapping? I could not hear her right.

  41. I hope Neely goes home, but I want Jason and Justin safe.
    If Scott goes, then all of the guys will be voted out. I won’t mind that either.

  42. Sounds like Whitney’s going up.

    What was that about not breaking promises, Kryssie?


      • She doesn’t do anything. I just find her boring. She did good in one comp, but has been horrible after that.

      • Coaster: includes players who often have little affect on the game or attach themselves to a stronger player, and ride coattails to the end. These players often have little understanding of the game, and tend to do very poorly in competitions unless one is thrown to them

      • Agree. That’s more what they are. I do think Shelby’s craziness is a lot more entertaining than Whitney’s wholesome and quiet personality.

      • I hear you SJ. I like them both for different reasons. I’d like to see Whitney do more in the game, but she’s so well liked that and under the radar that she can get away with some coasting.

      • Whitney is smart, they just don’t realize yet. Jason has said many times that Whitney is the silent but deadly kind of player.

      • Yeah I’m a fan for sure. But, I’m waiting to see a bit more from her until I’m ready to make that same call. She’s going to have be able to win comps because the HGs will target her…not wanting her in F3.

  43. So the Jamboree have a decision to make. Assuming Shelby goes up in Morgan’s spot, do Alex, Morgan, and Whitney go back on their deal with Kryssie and VTE Neely, just hoping that America will do the same.

    Or do they uphold their deal and VTE Scott?

    • If Kryssie noms Whitney and goes back on their deal, this will be an easy decision for them.

      • I thought the deal was only not to nominate her next week. Hopefully America takes care that for them ?

    • I will. I’d like to see what Scott and Whitney could still bring to this game (especially after that great performance by Scott).

      Plus, Kryssie’s reaction to that will be feeds GOLD!

      • Agreed. Just add Danielle to that list and those are my top 3. After that… well, Jason’s mouth gets on my nerves, but he can also make me laugh. And Justin’s disgusting, but otherwise harmless.

        As long as Alex stays, I don’t care who goes after the Big 3.

    • Badaboom, one vote for Neely coming from Europe. Probably the only one too LOL (but CBS won’t know it) I just find her kind of boring. Scott is a weirdo for sure but he is an entertaining weirdo. How you doin.

  44. Morgan can’t be so stupid as to use it on someone else. She needs to keep herself safe. She needs to remember her sister told her it was an individual competition.

  45. I’ll be voting for Neely for eviction. I find Scott to be weird and awkward for sure but at the same time he’s more entertaining than Neely for me. Should be an interesting next 2 days.

    • Kryssie, it will always be Kryssie. The others put their bandages on without complaining, calling foul or wanting to leave the game or competition for that matter. Kryssie thinks she is something special and she isn’t.

  46. So another website has an early poll asking would you vote to evict Neely or Scott. with about 600 votes so far Neely 74% and Scott 26%. Hoping that’s how it goes and Justin votes Neely out as well. Next week I’ll probably give the vote care package to a misfit though to keep the game balanced.

    • Neeley will be leaving, especially after kryssie’s performance in the comp. Couldn’t even suck it up for her own team mates.

    • Well he actually does care about how America thinks… that was why Scott was being a jerk to Danielle

  47. The LNJ is close to tilt. If Neely goes home this week, they will really go over the edge.

  48. Are we all watching the same show cause all I see is grown adults acting like immatue children
    Very petty very unsportsmanlike I’d be embarrassed if anyone of them was my family member both sides have had their bullying moments but I think Scott is taking it too far and as far as the rest of the girls hating on Danielle they had it out for her day one cause she was taking about herself omg how are you suppose to get to know someone if you don’t talk about yourself so ppl get to know who you are They are being to personal in this game instead of playing the game plus this the web version of the game played slightly different
    Scott is too full of himself and needs to go!!!! So maybe we can break up this house divided and start to see a real game start with players making alliances within alliances on both sides and see excitement happen instead of all this petty crap back and forth

  49. Everyone should watch Scott’s rant. Chilling! “I’m the DEBT collector” No you’re not you’re Joel Rifkin (Seinfeld reference)

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