‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

This week’s Big Brother Over The Top Power of Veto competition kicks off on the Live Feeds at 1PM PT (4PM ET) as the HGs are ready to see who can win the chance to change up Scott’s nominations and take advantage of this week’s ACP, Pick-A-Veto.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

America’s Vote earlier gave us the week’s third nominee before two more players were picked to join in the competition and now they’re ready. Remember these Veto competitions are live online each week at 1PM PT on Mondays so you can always turn on your Live Feeds and watch how things turn out.

Big Brother Over The Top Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition:

Players are playing two at a time in a knock-out style comp. Each round had a puzzle in the style of Tetris Scott picked the Double Veto so the last two players would end up both winning a Veto of their own.

  • 1:01 PM BBT – HGs head out to the backyard
  • 1:05 PM BBT – Jason finds the instructions & Feeds cut away
  • 1:10 PM BBT – Scott picks Double Veto for the ACP
  • 1:11 PM BBT – Kryssie is up first & picks Alex to compete against.
  • 1:12 PM BBT – Alex wins R2. Kryssie is out.
  • 1:14 PM BBT – Danielle is up next. She picks Scott.
  • 1:16 PM BBT – Danielle wins R2. Scott is out.
  • 1:17 PM BBT – Neeley is up. She picks Alex to compete.
  • 1:19 PM BBT – Alex wins R3. Neeley is out.
  • 1:20 PM BBT – Justin is up. He picks Danielle.
  • 1:22 PM BBT – Justin wins R4. Danielle is out.
  • 1:23 PM BBT – Only Justin & Alex are left. Both win Veto.

Due to Scott’s ACP pick of Double Veto the last two players, Alex & Justin, are still in and win the Veto.

Plenty of drama building up back in the house after the comp ended as Danielle is upset over coming that close to winning safety. Kryssie is crying. Justin is trying to figure out what to do with his win. And the PBS is happy to be safe this week.

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If you missed the action then rewind your Feeds to 1PM BBT and watch it again. CBS should also have the clip posted before too long that you can watch if Rewind isn’t available for you.

What do you think of the PoV Comp playing out live? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET) and we’ll post live spoilers then.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the latest drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. YES!!! America will get their wish if Justin and Alex decide NOT to use the veto! :-) Everyone said congrats except Danielle. And that’s why she has to go!

    • Danielle is so pathetic. She is hysterically crying and doesn’t even know if she will go home.
      She will get Shane’s vote and hopefully no one else’s.

      • It’s understandable to think that since America voted for her to be a HN and a nominee. And so far America’s vote has always gone home.

      • Maybe not if Scott gets his way! He does have enough votes to send him packing if he puts Shane up.

      • That’s my wish as well. We still have two days left, so things could change. But right now, Scott is shooting for BDing Shane.

      • I had to step away from my feeds but I saw him Justin and the girls discussing it up stairs so at least Scott seems open to discussion about it. Mainly because I think he’s realizing that Danielle is the Brains

  2. That was an incredibly AWKWARD competition. Nobody really knew what was going on…And what was the deal with the oversized curtain. Did they steal it from “The Price is Right”?

    • Scott went into the week wanting to target Shane… mainly for personal reasons if Shane turning his back on him but the house really wants Danielle out since they believe she’s the brains of their showmance

      • The girls told Scott they will vote however he wants. Are they planning to betray him and lose another member? I didn’t see that part.

      • No no no. Before I stepped away, the girls and Scott were in the HOH room discussing who should go and Scott seemed open to it. Justin came up in the middle of their convo and asked point blank if we are voting out Danielle and Scott said they didn’t know yet and told him they still needed to weigh the pros and cons and figure out who is better to get out. They told Justin they would let him know and they appreciate what he did in the veto comp.

      • They were talking in the HOH room and told Scott they will vote Shane out if that’s what he wanted. He said yes. It is what he wants.

      • I just got caught back up and now I see the plan is to tell the misfits they are voting Danielle out but actually vote Shane out and once Danielle stays they will let her know her own allies voted against her. Pretty smart move if you ask me. But I don’t want Danielle to stay!

    • I said the same thing on feeds chat. Why they talking nasty bout their own alliance member? If they really knew how he felt about Danielle, all hell would break loose between him and Neeley.

    • The Misfits are so used to be handed things on a silver platter. Now America’s starting to turn on them and the Veto doesn’t go their way for the first time, and they’re pissed because no one’s giving them anything anymore.

      • Agree. Neeley is showing a nasty side to her as well. I do like Justin and realize he is going back and forth with info…but, the others…not so much! Glad that we stepped up this time and didn’t give them what they wanted..they need to work for it!!

      • I was surprised at Neely… I’ve seen bits and pieces of nastiness from her but she went full on nasty and really showed her true colors. I could tell she’s been holding back but in those moments she didn’t hold back at all!

    • Because Justin didn’t throw the veto to Danielle and he picked to go head to head in the comp with Danielle when he could have chosen Alex

      • No. he’s not going to save her. He may take off K or Neely, which Scott is ok with if he does

      • Only because Justin won’t talk to Kryssie and Neeley about his distaste for Danielle lately and because he’s not talking game with them, they think he’s wanting to betray them so they feel justified in talking badly about him. Why do people assume the worst when someone doesn’t talk to you? He’ll make it up to them once Danielle is out.

      • He’s been distancing himself from DANIelle and Shane ever since her and him got into a little argument over CS and he made the comment she uses her baby daddy for CS and she got upset… Monte had just left so it was the perfect time for him to be pushed towards the other side of the house anyway which is who I want him and Jason (don’t hurt me over that one lol) to align with anyway

      • I’ve been wanting that for some time, but for that to happen, Monte had to go first. He was way too close for comfort among those girls. I want Jason and Justin there than with Neeley, Kryssie, Shane and Danielle! But for that to happen, the showmance needs split up and Kryssie, more than Neeley needs to go too. Just hope Jason can handle teaming up with them. I know Justin doesn’t have a problem with it.

      • I’ve been waiting for Neely to find out the late night crew made a 5 person alliance and she wasn’t included. That would be drama…

      • Since I want Danielle out. I think the best move is for neither of the two to use the veto. I don’t like Neesy.

  3. Justin takes off Kryssie, Scott renoms Shane, best move for Alex is to take Danielle off the block for three reasons:

    1)Guarantee their target (Shane) goes home (that’s already guaranteed, but it doesn’t hurt)
    2) a sign of goodwill to Danielle
    3) potentially drive a wedge between Shanielle and the rest of the Jamboree, if Shanielle campaigns against Neely.

    Then when Shane leaves, and Danielle is at the bottom of the pack, Alex proposes the classic “we hate each other so much so they’d never see it coming” alliance. Would help her game significantly, I think.

    Probably no chance in heck it happens, but I think that’s the ideal move for Alex.

    • It will be a tie since most of American viewers will vote for D. Scott will eliminate Shane. Get some Vs out of here. lol

      • The best thing that could happen is for Justin and Alex to get together and decide not to use the Veto so Danielle can go home. Scott will be annoyed, but Alex can always use Justin during this time to secretly align with him.

      • Last I heard Scott wants to take down Danielle to back door Shane. He and the girls were saying Danielle is weak and her group doesn’t like her or Shane. The girls may have been just playing up to Scott I guess.

      • Haha good point. But you’ll notice I said this is the ideal move for Alex, not for the viewing audience. Anyways I don’t hate Danielle quite as much as the rest of the fandom, and in the world where Danielle accepts this deal wouldn’t that prove that she’s not quite as petty and self centered as she appears? Maybe not, but it would be interesting!

      • True. She was playing the game earlier when she rallied everyone to get rid of cornbread but that was before she and shane became a thing and when all her pettiness and mean girl came out.

      • I’m just happy slop is affecting her badly! :-) She’s not a team player so her game sucks anyway.

      • Alex is already target number one for almost everyone on the other side. As long as she ran it by her allies, I *think* it would be a net positive for her game. It would all depend on Dani’s reaction.

        Unless you’re talking about making enemies among the viewers. That could be a problem.

  4. Lol. Justin didn’t even know that he is safe by winning it. If he would have thrown it to D he would be in danger of going up.

  5. Alex – definitely the best outcome.

    Justin… well, he’s a wildcard, but I’m hoping he’s gonna be smart and consider what using the Veto on Danielle will do to his game in the eyes of America (who want Danielle out). He seems to be learning fast, so with any luck, if he uses the Veto, it’ll be on one of the other two and not Danielle.

  6. Did anyone else notice that Alex and Neely each had one different fourth piece? That’s super fishy!

    • It’s because Alex played already before Neeley did. Looks like they didn’t do a good job on Alex’s.

      • Its fishiness is my stated opinion, supported by the FACT that Alex and Neely had different pieces in their match while every other match had the same pieces. Live feeds don’t lie.

  7. I know Scott wants Shane out, but we want Danielle out. I hope vetoes aren’t used for selfish reasons, but probably the smartest move would be to take down Kryssie and Danielle (just because no renom needed) and backdoor Shane. The way Danielle is going she will be public enemy number one next week and could go then, even if we can’t put her up.

    • This is true. I voted on a personal but yet still strategic level too. Danielle is screwing up Shane’s game and her character is questionable to boot. Seems she’s divvied up the kool-aid to Neeley and Kryssie and they’re getting a bit nasty as well.

      • Krissie has always been nasty but now Neely is acting just like them. I’m surprised by that. I really liked her until this last week.

      • Me too! I hope it’s just a temporary lapse and she pulls herself back together and behaves maturely again.

      • I agree I think it’s just the thought of being on the block taking effect on her. She may just be experiencing a mental lapse. Least that’s what I’m hoping for.

    • I want Danielle out for personal reasons. I just don’t like her disgusting behavior. I also wanted Monte out for personal reasons and America wanted cornbread out for personal reasons. Since I am a Jason-Justin fan I think it would be best for Danielle to stay for strategic reasons, but she needs to go.

  8. I think it’s so funny how the other side of the house is not laughing now in fact are all whiny little babies! They are so ugly with their attitudes they deserve to lose! they are always sitting around the house the backyard or in the bedroom criticizing every body on the other side of the house childishly! they have been getting everything they wanted since the beginning of the game, now the game has finally turned against them amen!

  9. I have not been watching as much as I would like. I only am able to watch the weekly full episode. Can someone fill me in on why the Alex Whitney Shelby group is well liked by viewers and why the Danielle, Shane, Neely group is not? You can only understand so much from the weekly episode.

    • Because the Danielle , Shane, Neely group are very fowl mouthed, mean and expected America to do all their dirty work.

      • I could kind of pick that up from the last episode, but it doesn’t show everything. Thanks.

      • Fowl mouthed or foul mouthed? Either way, I doubt the majority of viewers hate either group due to their use of “bad words”.

      • The late night crew are a lot more disgusting with what they say. They are calling some of the girls hoes, the C word , prostitutes ect. Morals have to come in sooner or later. This game is built on a little lying, a little backstabbing comps and socializing. But they have gone way past that.

      • I wish I could watch more I just don’t have the time. I don’t know if I could watch more than a night of mean and hateful things though. I would probably just stop watching it.

    • I don’t know the reason why Danielle was initially disliked, but her and Shane are equally disgusting with their late night porn sessions in a shared room with other house guests.

      “America” pumped up the Shane group with vote saves and then turned on the Shane group for thinking we like them. So then “America” decided we need to teach the Shane group a lesson so they now like the Alex group even though Alex & her sister are a duo and that entire group is entitled, catty, and vapid.

      Oh and some of “America” clutch their pearls at the very thought of a curse word.

      But in another week or 2 “America” will decide that group needs to be taken down a peg or 2 and will vote with the Shane group again.
      That pretty much sums it up nicely.

      • Danielle is constantly talking about herself and not let others speak. She also has an issue with admitting to being wrong. As well as her disgusting behavior with Shane.

      • Why do guys always get a pass? Shane’s just as disgusting. He initiates that stuff. Dani and Kryssie were talking at bed time and you could see Shane getting frustrated so he just starts making out with Dani during their conversation. Another time I saw she was sitting on his lap in the back yard while talking with their group on the couch. He kept wiggling around until she was sitting on “it”, then starts humping her! Everyone continued talking like they were blind. Even Dani looked awkward. They are both exhibitionist.

      • Unfortunately this is the world that we live in. Women are taught to behave a certain way and when they don’t get criticized for it. Men tend to get away with that type of behavior, but Monte’s behavior was different and he wasn’t liked.

      • I have favorites on both sides of the house so I don’t fit into your “America” thing here but since we aren’t in the house America doesn’t actually have to just commit to one side of the house… we CAN go back and forth. Both sides have good and bad qualities in my opinion but there’s a couple players from each side that I think need to go home and that’s how I vote.

      • Pretty much how I feel about the two sides. If they’re smart player, witty and entertaining, then I’m cool with them. If they’re boring/ignorant/stupid..I have no problem nominating them and putting them slop on top of it (happily)…on either side!..lol

      • You are certainly my kind of big brother OTT feeder Cyril Axel! I must admit that I am liking torturing the house guests I dislike with being a HN a whole lot!! Every time Danielle complains, I get a kick out of it! ;)

    • I like Jason and his crew, as well as only Alex from the other side. Many people here like Alex, but not all of the viewers from different sites. Some people find Jason and his alliance members to be mean and say nasty things, while I like Jason and whomever is on his side, besides Danielle who is disgusting and thinks that she is all that and a bag of chips.

      • I like Alex, Jason and Justin… those are my fav’s so far. Jason and Justin seriously have me laughing all the time!! I do NOT care for some things they say and/or discuss but no ones perfect.

      • Those are the only 3 that I like. I don’t care about anyone else in the house. Whitney is the only one who seems sweet, but there is something about her that I don’t like.

      • I get the same vibe from her. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because she doesn’t open up and because she barely speaks that she gives that vibe off?

      • That’s what I think it is. She is an observer, which makes her a dangerous player in the game. Jason was talking about it last night. They know she is smart.

      • 2nd time I’ve watched the Justin/Jason convo. Justin up in the balcony and Jason in the kitchen. I think BB is liking it. It’s hilarious! It’s almost like a DR,.It’s a hit, for the fans of the two guys. lol

      • That’s the 2nd Convo I’ve seen them have with Justin up too and Jason down below… I AM a fan of theirs although I will add that I do NOT always like what they discuss lol

    • Finally good things happen:
      – We have a strong female player who’s actually likeable(Alex)
      – We have cancer (Danielle) who’s fate is sealed.
      – Scott and Justin are playing better.

      • Not this week. Shane seems to be the one going home, but I do hope that the girls change their minds and convince Scott that D needs to go.

  10. The other side of the house better take care of my boy Justin because he literally just showed a lot of his cards by choosing to go head to head with Danielle instead of Alex. And then him not throwing the comp to Danielle is making him catch heat also even though he seemed to take his time during the comp. Justin is proving he CAN play big brother!

    • I wonder if he’s pretending to not know the game. He seems a lot smarter than what he wants everyone else to think. I think D is stupid. Why would he throw it to her, so she can come down and Justin could be an option to go up. She doesn’t know what the other side is thinking.

      • That’s what I’m wondering too. I watched Shane tell Justin Scotts plan to BD him and even though Justin knew the plan he played along like
        HE had no idea… he takes in more info then he gives AND he will purposely take and use things to get the two sides going at each other without incriminating himself in the process. He came in playing too hard much like Paul last season who also didn’t know the game, but he seems to have caught on quickly and in my opinion we could have another Paul on our hands!

    • They better, the guy is still popular. ..Anyway, everything he does is calculated. He would ask questions like he has no idea, but already know the answer…. He’s gonna be a big threat pretty soon. Good social game, plus the guy can win comps….i wish him luck.

    • Nope, the Plastics and Scott have Shane in their sites but are telling the other side they are voting Dani out.

  11. Danielle needs to get up from that bed or she’ll get kicked out. Please D stay sleeping.

  12. Now Danielle is upset and crying that the DR made her give them her necklace which has a photo of her son in it. I’m sure all the house guests wish they had a locket with a photo of a loved one to keep
    Them going this whole time… Danielle knew the rules and chose to purposely break them.

    As a HN, she got called out 3 times today for sleeping in a bed in the London room. Shouldn’t she get a vote for that??

      • Their whole side of the house never listens when they are told to get up, or quit napping. penalty vote is way over due!

  13. Was I the only one laughing about how ridiculous Danielle sounded in tonight’s recap?

    Also, I feel for Alex and Shelby. I would’ve gone to the DR to complain if I were them because I wouldn’t want to be in the room with Danielle and Shane going at it. Totally inappropriate.

    • Shelby cracked me up in the recap, “Mmmmm…mmmm….mmmm. That’s what I’m gonna have to LISTEN TO ALL NIGHT!”

      “You guys are the worst.”

  14. Even Jason is adjusting his game/strategy. He’s improving his PR with the other side, just like Justin..that’s playing the game. While Neeley is just staring at them with those dark glasses in silence, lol..like a ‘shape shifter’..i don’t know what’s up with her? (game wise)

    • Yeah Cyril, he’s seeing the cracks form in his alliance. Time to start making a bridge to the other side.

      I hear you with Neely, seems like the block might be getting to her. Hoping she snaps outta it soon.

      • Neely most deff has changed since being on the block and I too hope she snaps out of it soon before it hurts her game wise!

        And you’re right Cyril Axel, Jason is adjusting his game play now… he IS playing the game unlike what most viewers think

      • Sounds like Alex and Scott are getting serious about working out an alliance with Jason, Justin, and Neely.

        I’m interested in seeing where this goes. But, if Alex & Scott are serious about this, they shouldn’t blindside them with Shane’s eviction after telling them that they’re VTE Danielle.

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