‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Nominee – Week 3

Results are in for this week’s America’s Nominee vote as Scott was angling to keep his target noms, Shane and Danielle, away from the Block and a chance to play in the Veto competition. Would the Jamboree’s wishes come true for one of the Plastics to hit the Block or would the house be surprised by a move in the other direction?

America's Nominees on Big Brother Over The Top

Read on to find out which Houseguest was selected by viewers to join Kryssie and Neeley on the Block as one of the three nominees this week for BBOTT.

Big Brother Over The Top – Week 3 – America’s Vote:

  • Viewers voted Danielle as the 3rd nominee

Danielle is now up on the Block along with Kryssie and Neeley. Those three will be joined by Scott as HoH and Alex & Justin as the drawn PoV players. Jason will be hosting today’s comp.

All three nominees better get ready because here comes the Power of Veto competition today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) shown live on the Feeds and that’s their chance to get off the Block. We’ll have to see how Scott’s plans for the Double Veto impact his hopes for getting Shane out the door this week.

What do you think of the results for America’s Nominee? The next round of voting starts Tuesday at 2PM PT for America’s Eviction Vote and you’ll get 20 votes a day so be sure to get your votes in early in case of a repeat of issues like we’ve seen in earlier weeks.


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  1. Now is the time that as a mother of 4 (that includes a newborn and a 17 month old) I confess that I totally missed the voting for Americas nom…

    But I’m tickled pink that my fellow BB OTT feeders stepped up and took care of business!

    Thank you all! ;)

  2. BTW,

    Danielle has said tons of times whoever Americas nom is this week needs to go home and I couldn’t agree with her more!! BuH ByE Danielle!

  3. Finally a vote goes the way I want. If Scott wants Shane gone he got an ideal draw. The other members of the LNC already saying they would prefer send Danielle home this week instead of Shane. If the girls get on board with that then vote could be 8-0 this week.

    • I didn’t hear this. I hope is true. I was afraid if shane went up he will be evicted instead of Danielle, but she could always win the veto.

  4. Finally, Dani gets put up by America!! She has no clue why, which truly shows what a narcissistic person she is. She needs to take some time today and reflect on what she has been saying and how it might affect how the feedsters feel about her. But she won’t, she has been moaning and groaning about how she has been singled out and picked on blah blah blah blah.

  5. Hope the slop doesn’t affect Danielle in the veto comp…then again, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Oh wait, yes it could have, but she’s not nicer than some of the other hgs are, won’t name them right now! :-)

    • The voting couldn’t have gone better. The only thing is I use to really like Neely but she’s getting worse and she’s become a real instigator. When things don’t go her way she throws a fit. I think next week she should be put on slop hopefully that would humble her some.

      • I was so sad when I saw Neely’s reaction! I really thought she had more class then the rest of the house but apparently she’s just as petty and hateful as everyone else. Maybe she’ll pull herself together and realize that she’s playing a game, and that there’s such a thing as sportsmanship. I really want to be able to like her.

      • I can take her personality…she’s upset, but someone letting a poor defenseless animal die and tell us it was the puppy’s fault is beyond my scope of understanding. She has to go now!

    • She’s to self absorbed in herself. She thinks she’s the greatest .She needs to wake up to reality.

    • In order from rooting for most to least:


      • Justin
        Maybe sweet Whitney

        Everyone else can go right now.

        I don’t like Neely and her stank attitude, Kryssie has been getting on my nerves.
        Do not like awkward Scott and Can’t stand Danielle. Shane and Shelby are ok, but don’t find them interesting at all.

      • That’s similar to my line up, but I switched Danielle’s spot with Shane’s and put Neeley below Shane’s, Morgan under Scott which I just re-edited in, Kryssie in last. Ahaha

  6. Wonderful! Hopefully she won’t win veto and hopefully Shane won’t be put up or else Danielle won’t be voted out by her crew.

    • easy to do. Nothing of great interest has been happening, but just read Matt’s reviews and you’ll catch up.

    • Sure, just use the Flashback feature to watch the weekly episodes each Wednesday at 7:00pm BBT.

  7. They ought to give the NO CLASS Jamboree a penalty vote for constantly ignoring orders to get up, and to stop napping every single day!

  8. The look on the Misfits faces… freakin’ priceless! And the scrambling after the Veto Pick. They really have no clue.

    But is Danielle supposed to be laying in Shane’s bed? I mean, I guess as long as she’s not sleeping there, it’s okay, but still. I remember them being a lot stricter with where the HNs could lay down in the past.

    Meanwhile, Shelby endears me to her more and more every day. Seriously, a fellow Potterhead AND *NSYNC fan? I seriously nearly DIED when Alex broke out into “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

    • lol.
      I do agree that they should be strict with the HN and not let them lay on the beds.
      Unfortunately since last season BB worshiping of showmances, I think they are letting D get away with too much.

  9. Danielle is so down. I hope it remains like that for the rest of the week and she goes home. I don’t think Shane wants to be around her.

  10. This was the best case scenario. I can actually watch veto this time and not stress out. Want to see Dani stay OTB , Shane get put up and Kryssie come down. Kryssie can go later! Dani or Shane out this week will make me happy!

    • I don’t think is necessary for Shane to go just yet since without D he is nothing. He betrayed one side of the house and he is last on the list on Jason’s crew. He may need to fend for himself without D and the girls are on to him.

      • yes. I’m hoping Scott doesn’t win the veto and whomever does keeps it the same. Shane will go if he is put up. I don’t think the crew will vote Neely, Kryssie or Danielle out before Shane.

      • I hope girls change their minds today and vote out Danielle. Seeing as how Danielle now knows the plan. She is the stronger one between her and Shane. She needs to go!!

      • Danielle was SO slow! Was she in shock that Justin chose her? Kinda seemed like she was.

        Justin tried to take his time and throw it, but he stumbled on the win?

      • Yeah, During the fallout, I knew, when he picked Danielle instead of Alex, that move will be controversial in the house…and then he won! I listened to his explanation, and you really can’t argue with it. He expected Danielle to win it, since it’s her 2nd time to play..idk what happened to her. He knows their (Dan/Shane) days are numbered. America voting for Danielle as a 3rd nom. made it easy for him to f**k their game up. lol It’s a power couple, and it’s not good for his game, or anyone’s game. He did mention too, which I thought was impressive, that ‘super fans’ don’t like players that throw comps. I’m not sure how much knowledge he has in the game, but he does, and say things that’s purely strategic.

      • He’s definitely learning as the game moves along. Hoping he stays close to Jason…the two of them will work well together.

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