‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Results – Week 1

The first Power of Veto Ceremony is being held live today on the Big Brother Over The Top Feeds as we watch Jason prepare to use his PoV power to move himself to safety and force Monte to name a renom. There have been a few names floating around over who should be the renom so we’ll have to see where he settles.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

With Jason coming down Monte is preparing for a new target now that his old plans are ruined. He’d like Kryssie to be the first BBOTT eviction now but Shelby’s name has been on many tongues and that could end up swaying him today.

You could watch the ceremony live as it happened but if you missed it then Flashback to 1PM PT (4PM ET) to see how this plays out on our Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 1:

  • Jason decided to save himself with the Power of Veto
  • Monte named Kryssie as the renom
  • Final nomes of the week are: Cornbread, Danielle, and Kryssie

Just before the meeting Danielle was still pushing on Monte to get Shelby on the Block but it didn’t sound like he was swayed and clearly he wasn’t in the end. Monte expressed concerns that Danielle was more at risk with Shelby on the Block than Kryssie and he didn’t want to get Shane’s ally voted out.

I’ve added a new poll below to gauge who everyone expects to be evicted but don’t forget there’s about to be some official voting for America’s Vote. Yes viewers get to cast one collective vote in the mix this week which puts ups back up to 10 and a more likely chance of a tie than Monte’s suggestion of a 3-3-3 since typically only two of the tree even pick up any votes. That voting starts at 2PM PT (5PM ET) and you’ll need to be signed in to All Access to cast your votes each day.

What do you think of today’s events at the meeting? Were the right choices made by everyone involved? Who is our most likely target for the week?


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  1. I really like how we as America get to be our own players of this game. So I think Cornbread (seriously what kind of name is that?) is the best bet yes?

      • The Alliance want Kryssie out right? What about the other side/non alliance? What if it’s a tie? I wanna make sure our vote can affect their plan.

      • Yeah it’s tough b/c we don’t really know how the HGs plan to vote at this point.

        I’m still running with CB with my votes. Seems like he’s the general consensus on Twitter. Splitting votes between Corn and Kryssie could mean that Danielle get’s evicted.

      • I thought I heard Danielle/Shane entertaining the idea of not working with Monte. They’re questioning his social game. Danielle especially. To be honest Monte’s social game sucks. Can’t get a good read on Shane, but I feel the guy is a strategist….what do you think?..I hate it when I hear Justin’s name come up as a target.

      • From what I understand Cyril, Danielle has been working to sway Shane away from Monte…planting doubt in Shane’s head about him. Shane is tough to read honestly…I like the guy but he doesn’t seem to let a lot of info out (from what I’ve seen). Maybe someone else here can give us some more info on him.

        Yeah I hear you on targeting Justin. His name is coming up a bit more frequently. But, I think if he keeps his head down he’ll be safe. If he turns up in the next HOH though…big target. I think Monte is taking a wait and see approach with Justin…hope it’s too late by that point?

      • Nominating Monte next week, will be like nuking the house…Feedsters, get ready to party!. haha

      • Yeah, just think if he’s voted to be a Have-Not too!
        He’s already admitted that he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to handle slop. Well thanks…you’re about to find out yo!

      • Ahahaha..all my votes will go to Monte…HN, third nominee if he isn’t on the block and vote to evict! LOLOL I’m such a vindictive thinking person! :-)

      • Shane is the quiet snake type. He and Justin are now working together and Danielle is hoping she can get them to flip (not be on Monte’s side) and vote CB out over Kryssie. She made some valid points. Kryssie is a vote for them whereas CB won’t be.

      • So Danielle is playing the game.. hardcore. I just saw Justin/Shane playing pool.They’re funny!..I was laughing with them. lol

      • Hillarious. I’m going to watch that over again. Last night I learned something new from Justin. He was talking about a quad stack. Everyone was like “what the heck is that?” He explained it…four naked women stacked on top of each other while a guy does his thang! Everyone laughed because he was telling it in such a dramatic over the top funny way. He really is over the top in more ways than one. But can’t be anything else.

      • Monte wants Kryssie out, so I voted CB. No strategy this week. It’s all personal. Strategy will be implemented next week once I know where they all definitely stand! :-)

      • Ha!..I like the way you value your vote Joni. We’ll vote as a player….strategic. lol

    • Really? You don’t like him because of his name?

      That’s all you’ve got? Nothing about his game play or anything like that? You just don’t like his name.

    • I knew these would be available too to us. I don’t know how they’ll manage this with 13 players…one at a time maybe? Or will they throw in some edited ones that have already been done? I’m thinking these will be live for the viewers at the scheduled times, could maybe even call three in at a time. The other DR sessions will be production driven than the scheduled ones. We shall soon find out. It’s all different than ever before. I didn’t religiously watch BB until season 14..just sporadically before then. Had to wait for my children to become more self-sufficient rather than be a neglectful parent! LOL I’ll get a nap in to be ready for this evening since it’ll transpire later for us EC people than the WC people!

      • I can’t wait for these…gonna be good! From what I understand, they’ll be called into the DR and then answer questions from a list provided by production.

        We just might get a glimpse into the HG’s strategies that we normally don’t. If it goes down like I’m hoping it will be like a private HG cam-talking session ??

      • At what time is this?
        I will be watching the debate, but if they’ll have live DRs I will be here instead.

    • It’s been mentioned a few dozen times now. It’s one of the features of the over-the-top “experience.”

  2. Just watched Veto Ceremony/flashback..Meeting adjourned and Justin goes..”that’s it?!..when do we vote? then laughter..”bear with me, I’m just learning the game”..Is he for real? lol

    • He real. He’s only seen BB a few times because he doesn’t watch much t.v. at all back home. He knows people, which is a good thing for a game like this.

      • Someone made the point on SM that Justin is such a unique HG due to his lack of TV viewing…I think that point is spot on. He brings a fresh perspective because he’s lived a life full of real experiences…

      • He’s a good study, Isn’t he for this game. I saw the part were he was emotional, being home sick. He said, he’s not used to being around fake people. lol. Shane was there to listen. They seemed to have respect for each other.

  3. I think Kryssie will be going. I don’t really like her much, but wanted for her to stay because she is working with Jason and so is Danielle. I like Cornbread more than Kryssie so it won’t matter as long it is not Danielle right now. cornbread leaving will mess up Monte’s HOH so that will be a positive.

    • When she wore leopard print during bikini time, she lost me. At first I was going to vote Cornbread out just because of his name but when she wore leopard print? I couldn’t take it anymore.

      She really has to go.

      I sure am glad I think these things through. ;)

  4. Seems from what I’m reading that this season houseguests are better than what we just had. Wish this season was broadcast on CBS. Think I would’ve enjoyed it more.

  5. Man I can’t believe I still don’t have everyone’s name down yet. Glad Jason won POV though. He was my favorite on 17. Rooting for him this season. I’d like to see cornbread go. I can’t stomach another all guy’s alliance steamrolling through the season.

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