America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 1 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony where Jason saved himself from the Block and Monte put a new face in the danger zone. Now one of the three nominees will be the first eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we can be the force to tip the scales if things are close enough. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

Right now we’ve got Cornbread, Danielle, and Kryssie on the Block after Jason saved himself and Monte renom’d Kryssie. So who do you want to earn the one collective vote against them on Wednesday night? With nine votes this could open back up the chance for a tie-breaker that would go to Monte and his target is on Kryssie.

If you voted for CB to hit the Block then I’d guess you’re probably going to vote for him again on this poll, but share your thoughts below and let us know who you are picking and why. Julie just announced the HGs won’t find out who it was that earned the America’s Eviction vote which is interesting since they learn the results of everything else we’ll vote on, but this makes it like the rest of the HG votes which are private.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.


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      • Ahhh it makes much more sense now! I guess that’s why he expected America to love him

      • I feel he was nominated because of how he is in the house, and being connected to Monte just made our decision easier haha :)

      • Second that. I didn’t like how he targeted Shelby for personal reasons…it’s just too early in the game to be getting personal. Plus, he & Monte are annoyingly cocky together! ;)

      • When they’re separated, CB doesn’t know how to really converse with others either. He stammers a lot.

      • Did you catch the Weekday Recap tonight TGJ? Shelby and CB had a tiff that might help explain CB targeting Shelby.

      • If America nominated him strictly to get at Monte, I feel like they would have done a better job nominating Shane instead who is Monte’s closet ally. I personally don’t like how obsessed he is with his dislike for Shelby and how fixated he is on it all
        The time. Overall, while I loved him in his intro video he’s rubbed me the wrong way since he’s been in the house and I think most of the live feed viewers feel the same way.

      • He’s had a very negative attitude when things don’t seem to suit him. At least he admitted that America put him on the block because of some of the things he’s said that he maybe should have. I don’t like how Monte thinks he handled his HoH this week and it looks like he’s beginning to see why the HGs are finding it difficult being around him. Some say his snoring is really bad and can’t get a decent night’s sleep in addition to the ignorant slurs he makes. I want him gone just because he doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table game-wise and to get back at Monte too a bit! :-)

    • For real? One of the HGs said early on that he looked like he’s related to Honey Boo Boo.

    • Prejudiced much?

      It’s kind of funny how everybody was talking about season 15 just recently and how unacceptable their behavior was when in these threads lately, all I see is prejudicial hate against Southerners.

  1. As for the vote, I honestly don’t care which one goes this week. It doesn’t make a difference to me – I’m not attached to any of the three. But if CB goes this week, I hope this doesn’t turn CBS from selecting older HGs. I mean, Glenn is the first out in BB18 and is right away followed by CB as the first boot in BBOOT, both of them having been older contestants?

    • From what I’ve been reading on this site CB’s age doesn’t seem to be his biggest problem. I’m not a subscriber but from what I’ve been reading on his site he just seems very annoying and being Jewish myself, I was not happy at all to read the comment that he made about Jews.

  2. So it seems at this point like the votes will break down 5-4 against Kryssie:
    – Alex, Morgan ,Whitney, Shelby, and Scott will VTE Kryssie.
    – Shane, Jason, Justin, and Neely will VTE Cornbread.

    BBOTT viewers seem to be leaning toward CB, which will even the votes
    5-5 and let Monte break it against Kryssie.

    Anyone else see it going different?

    • That’s too bad, I liked Kryssie. Hopefully Monte will save her over CB, but it’s unlikely.

    • Monte and Shane were discussing this on the feeds not too long ago. If it come to a tie Monte is evicting CB. Morgan is saying that she will vote to evict CB.

    • I don’t know Dan… Scott was having a discussion with Alex about 20 minutes ago where he was saying he doesn’t really want to be attached to CB b/c America doesn’t seem to like him and apparently CB said something really stupid today in the feeds–I’m not sure what that is yet I was out all day, but he made it seem like it was bad and in front of most of the house.

      IDK, but it kind of looked like he might be trying to talk Alex into evicting him…

      • Oh are they… I am playing catch up with the feeds right now b/c I missed so much today… Yeah, it looks like ol’ CB’s days might be numbered.

        BTW Capt. do you know what he said that was so bad?

      • Check between 8h15 and 8h45, Shane and Monte were talking alone in the HoH room. Shane was insisting that evicting CB doesn’t put blood on Monte’s hand because America put him on the block.

      • K, thanks for the info… Will check that out.
        Live Dr’s are tonight right?? Looking forward to those. :)

  3. Another good Weekday Recap tonight. Anyone have a timestamp on that CB/Shelby tiff in the backyard that they showed?

    • Same. That might explain everything about why CB doesn’t like her. I won’t judge anything out of context like that, but… seriously, what the hell, Shelby?

      • Yeah. Otherwise, I totally sympathize with CB here. That was uncalled for. Even if she thought it was part of the joke, he clearly didn’t take it that way.

      • CB ain’t no saint either. He doesn’t know that some of the things he says is either racist or ignorant. Kryssie caught him in a convo about pricing and him saying some need to “jew” the price down more.

      • Yep! And he made a number of statements in tonights Recap that were pretty rough. He’s def get the viewer’s VTE tomorrow.

      • Yes, he is. But he’s not the only one that doesn’t like Shelby either. They all should tell Shelby why they can’t handle her either…rather than tell the ones on the block why they wished she were there instead of Kryssie and Danielle. Bet that isn’t going to happen. CB just said it out loud is all.

      • Same. I wanna know what was said after that, because that was pretty personal. I’d like to know what exactly was going through her head.

      • I haven’t had time to watch the recap yet… can you sum up the tiff between CB and Shelby that they showed?

      • She cracked a joke about Scott that made him laugh. CB said that he was starting to rub off on her, and Shelby said to CB: “F you.”

    • CB heard that Shelby wanted him to be evicted because he snored and doesn’t add any value to any team. She said she’d be confronting him later face to face. That’s all I heard so far. I didn’t watch past that as to what she had to say to him directly.

  4. Any idea why production felt they needed to edit out the F-bomb from the recap? Maybe it’s just that they’re so used to doing it for the CBS show that they forgot this was only airing on the feeds?

  5. Damn, of all the times for my feeds to go out and my computer to freeze up and give me the pinwheel of death!!

  6. Shane thinks he’s safe.
    I don’t want him out, but hopefully he’ll go up next to Monte next week.

  7. I’m ready to quit. Now, every time I go to Cam 4 and try to back up, it keeps going back to LIVE.


  8. Well, I’ve got sound now, but the footage keeps freezing up. I think I’ll just leave it at that (as long as the sound doesn’t get garbled, I’m good).

      • Not sure. Whatever it was when I got it. I never updated it.

        That’s actually pretty high up on my theories of what the issue is – that it’s in desperate need of the update. I just want to make sure I have everything backed up before I go for the current update.

      • Yeah…I think the update might help. You might try opening the Activity Monitor to see if there’s a certain app or process that’s pulling a lot of system resources. Good place to start?

  9. soooooooooslooowwwwww. I don’t like Whitney very much. I see her floating in this game. Will see more of her before deciding if she needs to go. She is on Monte’s side so that makes me like her less.
    She is correct about Danielle though. D loves talking about herself, it is one thing I don’t like about her.

  10. Getting rid of Danielle will get him points with the girls, and Shane will be a better partner to him.
    I hope Cornbread goes so it won’t be successful.

  11. I do hope that Jason fights each time he participates in a comp. I want to see him fight for himself and not let others choose his fate.

    • Very true. I thought he was finished in that Veto comp. He started with a fire and then when he realized it was gonna be tough to crack, he kinda just laid down. Hope he realizes he’s gonna have to put in more effort in future comps.

  12. I love how these sisters don’t get along all that well. Kinda refreshing and different. Wonder if they’ll stab each other down the line?

    • We know he’s into her…but if she is already in a relationship with someone outside the house, he’s going to be crushed.

  13. And now the Flashback feature is freaking out. I type in 8:08pm… it gives me midnight. Same day, but completely wrong time. The heck?

    • That happens to me all the time, so I have to manually shove that sucker back on the day and then time I want to look back on.

      • Really? I really haven’t used the Flashback feature too much, despite having the feeds for the past couple years.

      • Yeah they need to fix that. BBViewer is much better, but I’ve had some issues with the Flashback there as well.

    • lol.
      I watch this show where they say that a guy looks like a ferret and he does. It just reminded me of that. Scott does look like an opossum.

  14. Monte is not as loyal to Scott as he is to him. Monte didn’t even mention Scott and Cornbread as part of his alliance and it seemed like they were.

    • Scott and Monte have been talking about CB while this DR stuff has been going on. In fact, before the DR sessions started, Scott told Monte everything CB’s been saying, so that could’ve affected Monte’s mindset about CB.

      • Yup…CB is going to be evicted instead at this moment, but we know how that all can change too!

  15. Scott knows how to play the game, the only thing missing is actually winning comps like he says he is.
    Jason not nominating the two people that want him out of the house will be stupid.

  16. Monte sounds sincere about where his loyalties lie. I know he’s not the most popular outside the house right now (and I’m guessing it’s because most people are gun-shy after what happened with Paulie), but that doesn’t mean there’s not a chance that he’s loyal to a fault.

    And, yes, I’m behind. Remember – computer issues.

  17. I’m liking Shelby a little. She doesn’t like Monte and likes Jason. She doesn’t sound like a lawyer, more like a Valley girl at the mall, but she doesn’t seem as horrible as I thought.
    So sad that no guy likes her, but she crushes on them even if she denies it. She needs to get with Scott, cause he likes her.

    • Yes! Shelbs is growing on you?

      Bingo on the Scott/Shelby arrangement. I really like them two together…he gives her good advice and can keep her from screwing her game.

  18. everyone has the same complaint about Danielle. I would have not liked her. Hate people talking too much and not listening.

  19. Alex..I like her independent thinking approach to this game…Appears to be very aware of the game.

  20. I hope Alex and Morgan make it far. I like their DR sessions, but not the people that they are aligned with. Alex is smarter and she’ll move her sister in the right direction if they survive these couple of weeks.

  21. Okay, so Jason’s kinda turning me off. Not really loving his “I’m not here to make friends” approach. Isolation is what screwed him over in BB17, and now he’s taking it to the extreme.

  22. If he is voted out 1st. I won’t miss him. Seems they keep trying to find another Chicken George.

  23. I am not a fan of Monte’s. Way over confident. Talks over everyone. Just don’t really care for him. I am liking Alex and Morgan..Alex cracks me up when she says “I didn’t want to work with my sister, but, I guess I have to!’ That Shane and Danielle showmance sure got started very quickly. That needs to be broken up soon.

    • I like Shane…hope he sticks around if Danielle becomes the #1 target. He’s a smart guy and seems good natured.

    • Monte is a selfish, arrogant, condescending pr*ck. He continually says that he is smart and a leader. When you say it so much, you’re not. Today he referred to people as “retarded”. He is crude and misogynistic.

  24. I looked and couldn’t find one single pic of Kryssie bodybuilding. I don’t think the sun is the reason she is covering herself. Corn is OK, but he did something that I don’t know.

  25. Is this the same America that once thought that James deserved America’s favorite player? Just wondering.

      • You think? She’s really been a good HG. She’s going everyone’s laundry…that’s awesome in itself. She wants to be the glue that keeps them altogether.

      • Really, just to make sure that we’re talking about Kryssie right? The girl with all the tattoos.

      • Yes LOL, had to go back and look at CBS cast page to double check.

        Yes, Justin was raving how Kryssie was kind enough to do his laundry.

        Trying to catch up on the live feeds so unless there are things that she did that haven’t been to nice, she’s comes across as humble.

      • Whitney did his laundry today. Kryssie washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen before she goes to bed.

  26. Don’t you guys think we have more gamers in this season?..or at least knowledgeable of the game?

  27. What’s this with Cornbread making anti Semitic comments and Kryssie being really offended?

    • He said something about high prices and that some places needed to “jew” them down for folks like him.

    • He was talking about negotiating a lower price and said “jew” it down. Read elsewhere that he said something else derogatory.

  28. Surprised they let Shane shave his beard especially since Vic said production didn’t let him.

  29. Does production supply Jason with cigarettes? What happens after he smokes his two cartons through?

  30. Now I know why Shelby bugs me. She reminds me of this girl I knew in middle school. Ugh. No wonder she has yet to appeal to me.

    … Well, except for the part where she said she’s a fan of HP. That makes me continue to reserve judgement on her.

  31. So the winner gets $250k instead of $500k. How much does the runner up get and AFP this season?

      • That’s still pretty low. CBS could have done better. They are generating profit through all the subscriptions and now the no commercial upgrade too

      • I’m guessing they cut the budget on this season as much as possible so they won’t lose much if it isn’t successful. Have a feeling the viewership is a tiny fraction of the CBS show.

      • Wonder what the viewership is. But CBS makes up for that with all the All Access subscriptions. They charge as much as Netflix and Hulu for just their shows.

        Would be interesting.

      • Oh, so they have two DR sessions now?? Please explain. Trying to catch the hang of all this

      • Live DRs are for us where there are pre-written questions for them to answer. Others are the producers talking to them privately.

  32. Kryssie starts talking about applicants and the camera flips off. So what instantly pops into my mind. The BB voice saying “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION.”

  33. Side note: did anyone else hear that Natalie and James are officially boyfriend and girlfriend ? Any feelings on this.

    Personally, think it’s more James than Natalie and most probably a stunt to pull them tv gigs/ attention

    • Natalie tweeted he’s her boyfriend. Got him to purchase an iPhone6 so they could Facetime now.

    • Not a stunt IMO. I had a very strong feeling they’d end up together after the show. The two of them had a really strong bond that was largely misunderstood by most viewers.

      I could go on and on about this topic.

      • Totally respect you because you are a great commentator. Just thought James was so pushy and manipulative.

      • Thanks for the kind words Met?
        James & Nat are not saints, but none of us are either. That house would make Gandhi curse at someone.

        I think it’s really great they decided to give it a go outside the house. Who knows if it will work, there’s a lot of things that won’t be easy, but you don’t know if don’t try.

      • Love your comment:

        That house would make Gandhi curse at someone.

        Especially in their season. BB18

        Ha ha ha

      • Still trying to catch up and in the middle of BB1. Will be awhile till BB15 lol

  34. Did Kryssie really have to turn this into a campaign session? Geez!

    Like what she said about not making this the only season of OTT, though.

    • Production won’t let her show them. Just like they wouldn’t allow Justin to wear his feathers (culture driven).

      • Probably has symbolism involved. Like biker groups colors aren’t allowed in certain places either.

      • Jen City had to cover hers up too. Austin’s and Paul’s didn’t have symbols in theirs.

      • So is she in biker gang or some cult?

        That sounds really harsh but wondering what would be the big deal?

      • No, just likes certain symbols and some viewers take offense to they’re advertising them. Me, doesn’t bother me at all as long as they’re comfortable displaying them.

      • Good point. If they are comfortable enough to get them tattooed on their body then we should be comfortable enough to see them.

        Um, on second thought. Wouldn’t be too keen on seeing swastikas or stuff like that.

        Really been liking Kryssie but now am worried about the kind of person she is. She comes across as humble though

      • Yeah, I remember when the school I work with did the school edition of the Broadway musical Rent and we wanted to add graffiti to the set, we had to be careful what we used because of how certain symbols mean certain things.

      • Not “Culture Driven”. She has licensed characters that CBS would have to pay to show. She has mentioned this a few times. She has RoboCop, PeeWee Herman and some others.

      • I was referring to Justin’s feathers they wouldn’t allow that was culture driven. I didn’t know exactly why they wouldn’t allow Kryssie to show hers off in the photo shoot, since I didn’t hear her talk regarding them. So, I assimilated it to symbolism, which they do symbolize trademarked characters. So I wasn’t too far off the mark about that…LOL She did bare them when she got in the hottub last night…just couldn’t during their swimsuit photo shoot.

  35. On another side note, Vic is planning to move to LA and move on with Paul. They are planning a lifestyle You Tube channel. He is also hoping his acting/modeling career picks up.

    Paul’s clothing company has been on fire with his tee shirts selling out. On another side note, has anyone read the tweets he’s been getting? He definitely deserved to win and was fun to watch, but some people are writing to him as if he is the messiah and that they can’t live their life with him.

    Obsessed much? Hmm

    • IMO, Paul’s plan the whole game was to blow up his company and personal stock. The guy was always selling his “brand” if you will. It worked, good for him.

      His social media posts are largely marketing too. Don’t get me wrong…he loves the fans, but he’s doing business at the same time.

      • He’s definitely doing business. And is very smart to do so.

        Surprised that Paulie isn’t doing as much to build his brand being how he comes from a family who is used to the entertainment side of things

      • IMO, Paulie didn’t come into the house with a brand to sell (there’s not much unique about him). If he thought he did, he left with one that had been largely devalued b/c of his attitude and behavior.

      • In a way it’s hard not to feel bad for (Paulie) him. He came across as trying to be the know it all and while he is very intelligent that ended up also being to his detriment.

  36. Paul does come across as really down to earth in all his post BB18 interviews. He is very sure to point out that many HG are emotionally unstable and immature.

    He said he expects to still be friends with Vic, Glen, Bronte, Joze. There is a way cool interview he just did on the web yesterday.

    • You sure you’re not one of those obsessive Paul followers, lol? You’ve talked about nothing else for practically the past 10 minutes.

      • I always find it interesting to read about what former houseguests are doing after their season ends. Thanks for the info. Would you happen to have an update on Nicole and Corey?

  37. I’ll say this for Danielle. She seems to have at least SOME awareness of the atmosphere of the house. Not a whole lot, granted. I can see some delusions of grandeur there for sure, though.

    • I’m starting to notice that too. She thinks everybody just loves her as much as she loves herself.

  38. Saturn really cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh.

    Not obesessive but curious to know how these people do after the show. Wouldn’t want them to fade into oblivion or worse, be broke, especially after they sacrificed themselves to have every bit of their lives documented.

    On that point, was curious to know about Vic and Paul, whether Natalie and James become an item (and they did lol) and what haloes with Nicole and Corey – but not as much.


  39. Jason, Justin and Shane are in the bathroom discussing how Monte is trying to get Kryssie to go? Hope not. Like her

  40. Not a big fan of Zakiyah, but don’t like the way Danielle is bad mouthing previous HG:

    Danielle- Zakiyah is a bootleg version of me. You didnt even get the cute one. I did #BBOTT

    Danielle- When I saw Zakiyah, I was like “you are such a waste. That could have been me”. I’m a better version of you #BBOTT

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