‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations Revealed – Week 6

Nominations are now complete for an interesting week of Big Brother Over The Top as we have not one but two Heads of Household thanks to America’s Care Package giving Jason the Co-HoH power this week. That means he’ll be safe along with Shelby and they’ll need to split their decisions on which two Houseguests have to go up on the Block this week.

Shelby and Jason prepare for the Safety Ceremony on BBOTT

The first round of the Safety Ceremony was held on Saturday with things set to complete Sunday night at 7PM PT (10PM ET) on your CBS All Access Live Feeds.

Big Brother Over The Top Week 6 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

  • Shelby picks Morgan for safety.
  • Jason picks Kryssie for safety.

Well that was a short Safety Ceremony night! No surprises here as Jason keeps Kryssie safe and Shelby greenlights Morgan.

The plan for now remains that Jason will take Danielle as his nominee and Shelby will take Whitney as her nominee in to the Veto comp on Monday. They’re each calling dibs on noms in hopes their noms wins Veto then they can help control the final noms. Watch for the confirmation tomorrow.

The second batch of names will be announced Sunday night and then we’ll see the combined final decision between Shelby and Jason as their Co-HoH week continues on Big Brother.

Safety Ceremony – Round 2:

  • Shelby picks Alex for safety.
  • Jason picks Justin for safety.

Nominations – Week 6:

  • Shelby claims Whitney as her nominee.
  • Jason claims Danielle as his nominee.

These “claims” are important because of who is responsible for naming a renom in the case either comes down. These HGs are basically playing as the champions for each of the HoHs as they hope to get the chance to do a renom and go after their real target, neither of which are Whitney or Danielle. Jason wants Alex out and Shelby wants Justin gone.

Once the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee Sunday at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote that first night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy! Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

What do you think of the first round’s Safety picks? Who do you think will end up as the noms this week? Share your thoughts below.


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    • I wish we could nom Justin that way if he won then Dani would go home. If he lost, then he could go. If we do Kryssie, she wont win and Dani/jason will and alex will be sent home probably.

      • Lindsay, read my senerio above! I agree with you 100%. Let me know what you think. We could potentially get out Dani or Justin this week! Be interesting to see how they will all justify the BS did them dirty when it all backfires on Jason’s HOH . And I would love to see the BS celebrate loudly that they pulled off the bigger move with their help. ! And would love to see Whitney ‘s face turn white when she realizes the mistake she made!

      • I am wondering 13 mins. in on my post above that suggests a senerio of Justin being Am. nom is being held to be approved by the BB Network. Never has happened before and by no means suggests anything cynical. Now 17 mins.and sill no approval!!!! Why???? Someone like know if it’s up there to see. Right now I see but no one can reply or give them a up or down! Steve the rest of my comments are fine!!!!!!!!!?????????

      • Same at 21 mins. Someone le me know what you see please! I am confused and am taking this very personally because it’s so strange!!!

      • Danielle is due for a loss. No one wins that many times in a row unless your name is Frank.

      • Danielle has not had any comps given to her unlike Alex that had an HOH and a VETO given to her by production.

      • (eye roll) Only people on Twitter buy into conspiracy theories. The people here… yeah, not so much. If you wanna talk about it, go back to Twitter.

      • That’s my point it wasn’t given to her. I was replying to a comment Vikki made about Alex was given her HOH.

      • The problem is there isn’t enough support at this point to get Justin as America’s nom, so voting for him would take away a vote for Kryssie, and make it more likely that Alex would be nominated by the LNJ supporters. Justin is just too widely popular to get him up there as America’s nom. Gotta stick with the least popular LNJ who is Kryssie by far.

      • I will never vote for Justin, and I am a LNJ fan, but Kryssie is definitely who I’m voting for.

      • I would never vote out a LNJ player. Do you think the ball smashers’ fans will vote out one of their players? No!
        Go and read all the responses, and if you find just one, I will vote with you!
        The fact of the matter, they’re counting numbers and not playing the game. So let them be pick off, one at a time. Danielle’s name is consistently being thrown by fans. I say, as much as they want Danielle out, we should strive to vote Alex out.
        This week Alex is safe. Therefore, we should take her sister, Morgan, out!

      • I would never vote out a LNJ player. Do you think the ball smashers’ fans will vote out one of their players? No!
        Go and read all the responses, and if you find just one, I will vote with you!
        The fact of the matter, they’re counting numbers and not playing the game. So let them be pick off, one at a time. Danielle’s name is consistently being thrown by fans. I say, as much as they want Danielle out, we should strive to vote Alex out.
        This week Alex is safe. Therefore, we should take her sister, Morgan, out!!

      • I doubt your choices will be the nominees. Most people can’t stand Kryssie and Danielle including myself. I only like Jason and Justin only from that side.

      • Good scenario. Justin wasn’t too nice to Shelby when apologizing. He comes across as fake. But they all are.

    • YES!!!! Let’s GO! Kryssie gone over her first this is a GAME everything I do is GAME. Now I have a soul I’m human REALLY who are you?
      Go home over it ALL!! There’s people playing..

  1. Now we can nominate Alex for AN!! Then she has a chance to play for veto and can’t be backdoored!!

    • Again, if BS fans vote for Morgan it makes it even more likely that Alex gets nominated. We need a united front like the LNJ. Gotta vote Kryssie…besides do we really want Kryssie to go the whole season thinking America LOVES her?? Let’s give her the reality check she so desperately needs.

  2. To the people that want Alex or Morgan as AN, let’s put all of our votes toward Morgan so we don’t have split votes. We need to unite!

  3. Kryssie or Justin 3rd nom for sure…. There’s an interesting dynamic w/ BBOTT… Evicted Shane has gotten a bunch of voter via twitter to vote in polls… Jason has a built in fan base…. & Kryssie’s husband probably has her followers voting.
    BB needs to find a way to limit voting to PAYING customers… not friends who log on for 30 days free & never plan to support BB. Maybe yeah.. 30 free AFTER you pay 4 30.

    • Elaine, I am with you 100% . Dani would be OK too, I think Justin. Read my other comments and tell me what you think. I think at least we’re on the same page. I have thought this out and I can not vote for to nominate anyone but Dani or Justin. That side should not be rewarded for such awful behavior. If you didn’t watch how all the LNJ players have been making behind the scenes violent threats towards Shelby then everyone should take a look at around 3pm today ( Sun) or same time on “jokers updates” This expression has been going on for quite awhile. Can’t then believe after Dani and Shane had sex on camera one night then now her talk of violence she can look into the camera and act sweet and innocent! It’s in called for! The LNJ are not all that as they believe. A bunch of haters and nasty people to say the least! I hope their families are proud!

      • When Dani had her 1st rant for a physical attack on Shelby…I asked BB to talk to her… then she did it again on Sunday! A fan of Dani’s in L.A. may attack Shelby, just to send Dani a video & make her happy!
        I really think calls for violence against a HG should be a basis for immediate removal.

    • Kryssie should be the 3rd nominee… so Dani is voted OUT! Justin will save Whitney & Jason will save Kryssie! The girls are down to only 3 people & next week, dbl eviction will take them out.

  4. Tired of the BEGGING, CHEATING OF COMPS, RIGGED VOTES??? Don’t give production what they want!!! VOTE Alex 3rd NOM!!!!

    • If the votes are rigged, and the winner’s a foregone conclusion, then why bother to vote at all? As for cheating, I’ve seen none of it during comps, but I have seen Justin eating when he was supposed to be a have-not.

      • And Kristie ate too by borrowing a HOH pillow from Dani and smuggled food down for her! Dani knew about it, and Whitney knew too! That is the cheating, begging , complaining, foul mouthed side. Vote Justin or Kristie and send a message and maybe they’ll lighten up with all their hate talk!. Send Dani, Justin or Kristie home! Shake the misfit potty mouths up a bit!!

    • WHY???? Alex is a SUPER FAN & talks game 24/7! Kryssie as 3rd nom insures they’ll vote Dani out & it’s time for her to GO… she keeps calling for violence against little Shelby & someone might video an attack on her to make Dani happy!

  5. Strategically Alex would be the perfect pick for AN. She’s playing one hell of a game and if we let her stay she’ll run away with the money.

    • But don’t we WANT players winning this game? Isn’t that why people were so upset that Victor wasn’t part of the F3 and James was?

      • That’s right!! Remember they are all dependent on us in this version of the game. So don’t fault Alex , Morgan or Shelby for actually surviving the tight spots they’ve been in! I would like to see all the BS to go further rather than the LNJ who do nothing but attack the girls in every which way they can think of including playing out senerios in which Dani and her friends would mop the streets of LA with Shelby’s ass! So full of hate!! And none of them seem to think that how they treat others isn’t OK!

    • What’s wrong with that? There are still good p!Ayers for her to be up against so why take her out now? If you take her out it’ll be either Dani or Jason then and both of them have talked about hating the other side ,but especially Shelby that they want to kill her!! Not cool. But yet they think their s.&&t don’t stink. Can’t see rewarding them for their delusional behavior.

  6. Kryssie’s block pass breaking tonight = Epic Foreshadowing, ha ha!

    Kryssie is getting every single one of my votes.

    • Mine too…mainly because I am sick and tired of hearing her bodily functions on a daily basis…she is nasty and she needs to go. Ever since she got that 1st most unimportant CP..she thinks we love her..I don’t!

  7. Now, I believe you are allowed to vote however you want to vote. However, we always complain about how people take this game personally, and I believe the people voting for Kyrssie are voting for her just cause they don’t like her. If that was the HOH nominating her, we would call the HOH out for being personal and not thinking strategically. Strategically, Alex is a better option to go up on the block, as it provides us with better feeds. Not to mention if you want to make sure Alex doesn’t get back-doored this week, putting her on the block would give her a chance to actually save herself. Not trying to say this to impact how anybody votes, but just remember they gave us this power for a reason: to make the most out of this season

  8. I actually voted for Justin bc that would blindside the LNJ. I like him but I feel the LNJ have been very unfair and extremely Ott when it comes to the way they talk about the BS. I am disappointed that Whitney flipped and is willing to be part of that talk now about her friends! I don’ t like the way the LNJ talks about Shelby .They all refer to her as a low life hoe waitress and D has for several days now expressed how she wants to beat her up and she hates her. They talk about how Am. can’t stand them either and how honest and loyal they are vs. them. When the BS celebrate after a win or if they’re off in another room they are all hating on them, but yet they celebrate and they isolate. The difference is I see is the BS are playing the game not sitting around wishing harm on the others. Why shouldn’t Alex and Morgan go further? Even if sisters they did come into the house not knowing each other would be there, so why break them up? And they aren’t the only ones to beg to the cameras they all do that! And remember this is OTT so normally no one talks so much to the cameras. It’s just part of how this version needs to be played!!I I just think it would be interesting since the BS have lost Whitney now that we at least shake them up a bit. And wondering why everyone is so sure Danielle will win the veto? It could come down to he and Whitney anyway. Plus I am curious what Justin would do if Am. nom and he wins veto? He’s save himself? I just feel it really should be Justin or maybe Kristie who isn’t any better than Dani! If Alex or Morgan goes up I hope they win and one of them gets HOH This is as strategic as it gets. Send them a message that will blow them all away! In the end I would like Shelby to win and show them all just how brilliant she is. She isn’t a waitress she’s a very smart, but young lawyer!!

  9. Jason totally out played Shelby in this co-HOH. Him nominating Dani was risky but my goodness if it works and she wins veto?? #awesomegamemove. At this point I’d like to see krissy or Morgan go this week. Krissy to make Jason more loyal to Justin and Morgan to make Shelby have Alex as her #1.

  10. Anyone else having trouble voting for America’s nominee? I tried last night and this morning and the page just redirects to a main page for BBOTT.

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