‘Big Brother Over The Top’: America’s Nominee Week 6 – Voting Now Open [POLL]

Voting is again open for America’s Nominee, the third seat on the Block, this week for Big Brother Over The Top following yet another week where America’s Nom was the evicted HG giving viewers a record of 4 and 1 for seeing their nominee evicted. Will it happen again this round?

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Shelby and Jason have made their noms official now after the close of the second round of the Safey Ceremony. Now it’s time for the viewers to make their pick. So who is it going to be? Read on to help decide the third nominee.

After Jason & Shelby’s safety picks were final we had the nominations revealed as Danielle and Whitney, which takes those two off the list and gives us four other choices for this week’s 3rd Nominee. You can pick from Alex, Morgan, Kryssie, and Justin. Who do you want it to be?

Ready to cast your vote now? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

Results will be revealed Monday morning when the Veto players are picked, around 10AM PT. The PoV comp is held at 1PM PT live on the Big Brother Feeds and there’s of course plenty of potential for drama there that you won’t want to miss.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.



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  1. Heh. It’s nice to see Kryssie at 100% of the vote. Know it won’t last, but still. Really cool.

  2. Just voted for Kryssie and from this poll those who want Alex nominated will be disappointed with the final results. Voting Morgan or Alex will be a waste of votes, but so is voting for Stein and Johnson and people are still doing it.

    • Please your a LNJ fan they need all up for the best chances this week don’t turn in the LNJ @samsarajello

    • I know you love Jason and the only person who has his back 100% is kryssie putting HER up is basically nominating half of Jason’s game @samsarajello so this goes to all LNJ fans or even just Jason fans vote for ALEX

      • They’re both disgusting and need to go. All my votes went for Krissie. And next week they’ll go to Jason.

      • Well first off, I have wasn’t talking to you are a annoying deplorable of this site always pushing your ideas on people as if they are fact. Don’t assume I agree with cause I can promise you I don’t, don’t try me @lavendargirl

      • Excuse me but whether you are talking to me or not I was wondering what is your problem? I have no idea who any of you are actually or where you might live or even age or gender but everyone has the right to their opinion! Everyone has the right to plead their case or senerios, so not sure why you don’t give yours in regards to playing the game and not personally attack another’s opinion?. I have read many of lavendergirl’s comments in the past several weeks and I have not found her to be either too pushy or annoying. I may not like what alot of people say here and it’s possible someone hasn’t agreed with my comments, but no one on here wants to have anything but a healthy debate and to have fun!!. If you don’t like a comment just pass it by. This is supposed to be enjoyable. But I do happen to agree with her about the mean and disgusting girls we’ve all been watching ,and they shouldn’t be rewarded for their ” deplorable” behavior!!!!!!

      • Thank you so much. I might state my opinion or who I like or don’t like but I never attack anyone on a personal level unless you come at me. I keep it to game talk. And if we disagree back and forth then I will say we can agree to disagree. Everyone has their favorites. All these new posters like to get on these sites and start things up. Once again thanks for your support.

      • KJBin I wasn’t talking to you, but since you want to jump in that’s cool to, I am just tired of lavender girl always going after my favorites, so I made my case that I dislike her comments that are constantly negative and nasty, two wrongs don’t make a right, the LNJ may be nasty so why is right to go after them with a nasty undertone every day I’m just tired of hearing about it

      • Don’t worry about who I like and don’t like. If you don’t like the comments then go away. Don’t take it to a personal level. We all have been posting here for years so don’t think you can come here and trash talk our comments.

    • Well it’s not a waste to me if I believe in the principles. I don’t really want to vote for either major party nominee. Anyway, I gave my votes to Kryssie also. I still like Alex. There is some danger of backdoor, but I can’t vote to put her up.

  3. Alex will get all my votes..I want to see her compete against Dani. I think Dani will beat her though. Gotta love BBOTT!!!

    • He’s not a floater – he does have an allegiance to the Misfits (and to Whitney), so he can’t be considered a floater. But I agree that he doesn’t take this game seriously at all.

      • But she’s never had power, really. And a floater is someone who floats to whoever is in power in whatever week. He hasn’t gone back and forth – Justin has always voted with his alliance.

      • There’s nothing wrong with being a floater! If it gets them further in the game, then it’s a solid strategy.

      • Never said there was an issue with it…just making a statement that Justin and Whitney are both now floating. Floating is not a dirty word here.

  4. Vote for Alex and let the veto decide this week kryssie goes up and her fate is sealed!!!! Vote for Alex so she doesn’t get back doored this is safest option for LNJ AND PBS fans

    • Good. She’s disgusting. I hope she goes. All she does is bitch and complain and fart and burp and threaten to quit.

  5. LNJ take your votes off of Morgan and put them into Alex, we have to unite against PBS to give us a chance to go into next week in a 4 v 3 kryssie can be America nom or Danielle who ever we want out in DE please don’t put poor kryssie the burping clown on the block she really has a couple of days of burps left in her *burp!!!!

  6. Well, that’s done. All 40 votes went to Kryssie.

    Time to head to bed because I gotta get up at 6:30 for work. Night, all!

  7. Just drop lol my 40 votes on Kryssie I can’t wait to see her face when she goes up. I’m glad the majority of tired of Kryssie and the LNJ grossnes now let’s get rid of them

  8. Kryssie got my 40 votes. I bet though she is going to spin it that America still loves her. They just want her to play in the veto to help her side.

  9. Question- we’re gonna be at top 6. So should we vote based on alliances or by players?

    I may not like LNJ but I wanna focus on Alex winning, atleast I can only speak for myself. After all don’t we want to help certain players win? Granted this isn’t the same Big Brother we watched but we’re still part of this game.

    • Wednesday’s eviction will leave us with seven HGs. The following week is the DE. I believe tomorrow is the final America Nom. I’m voting Kryssie for personal reasons…and because I feel she’ll likely end up being in F3 if the viewers don’t remove her from the game this week.

      • I keep seeing there is one more America’s nom left 11/13. I wish it would stop this week.

      • During Normal BB I always wonder if a special power or twist is to save a favorite of production. Now for OTT CBS lists the voting and care package schedule when the season starts and I wish it was secret and could just stop it now.

      • I hear that, powers/twists have certainly come at opportune times in past seasons.

        Its funny, I figured the viewer voting would really screw things up this season. But actually, the HGs that have been nom’d and ended up being evicted were ones I cared little and was happy or impartial to see go (besides Scott, I liked what he brought to the game). I’m still against this much voting for a number of reasons, but it’s been working well so far. Now it’s time to show Kryssie to the door.

      • Hmm…I assumed the DE would have to be next Wed because the next CP is the DE Veto and the viewers would need to vote on who receives it ahead of the DE. Will production open up voting immediately after the first eviction and only let us vote for a few minutes before announcing the winner?

        I’m confused with all of this?

      • Now I’m confused. Lol. You’re right about the care package. But they’ve been talking on the feeds about making it through Wednesday. So I don’t know now.

      • DE is this coming Wednesday, but we can only vote to put up one person instead of two. We won’t get to nominate or vote another til after it’s down to F6!

  10. 40 for kryssie. Danielle needs to go home, i don’t care if they want to drag her.Her mother and her are equal trash by her mom’s twittering.

  11. Sorry, but I cannot beleive how Danielle talks bad about Shelby. I disapprove of her b!ching on her job as waitress, her living place… it goes to far. Now she’s even saying that she wants to kill her??? I’m voting krissy for AN because she approves of that, she always wants to quit. And also the burping and farting is toooooo much for me. I’m not a BS fan but recently I find them more interesting to watch.

    • Don’t be sorry! You are right to acknowledge how badly those girls treat Shelby. Jason and Justin do alot of the encouraging it ,especially Jason constantly calling them all goes. He can’t be nominated and with Dani up there already , so happy to see Krissie getting most of the votes. Then at least one of the “mean girls” can go. Krissie is 8 yrs. older too and could set a better example , but I disappointed in Whitney bc she hears alot of things and allows it too and those girls hasn’t done anything to her. She kind of flipped quick, even reporting things back to the LNJ and making it no secret she’s all but aligned with the other side. I mean she knows the fake plan , Jason keeps asking her if the girls are buying it! I like Whitney too!
      I’ve read on here alot about not liking the girls begging to the cameras or that we need to break up the sisters. First of all Morgan and Alex did not know each other would be there until Alex came into the house. Why punish them. Alex has played an excellent game and with America so involved with this version of course the hgs are going to appeal to us! Every single one of them have done it, so let’s be fair!
      Also the LNJ kp saying Morgan has done nothing, which isn’t true. She won the wall comp for veto, in which Krissie quit in!!! Alex has won two comps, one veto, one HOH and Shelby kicked but on the morphed faces. The LNJ have won comps and between the two sides they’ve each gotten a couple CPs, but who hasn’t won anything? Whitney!! Not that her time may not come soon, only that the LNJ has been very critical of the BS and unfair with them ganging up on them!!
      And finally , the twist we set up by BB so don’t penalize the sisters for having a loyal alliance, and I can’t to see the LNJ faces when they find out that Shelby may be young by she is actually a brilliant lawyer, who graduated from Pepperdine Univ. Law School in two years instead of three, and isn’t really this bar hopping waitress hoe that lives with her aunt and uncle!! At least this week reward good play to the girls !

      • Sorry my tablet’s keyboard has been acting up and often I can’t see the screen so sorry for the missing , misspelled or altogether wrong inserted words and hope anyone reading can understand. Lol thanks!!!!!

      • Whitney doesn’t like what they do, but she’s riding a fine line right now and if she said anything against them, she’d become an immediate target. They have the numbers whereas the BSers don’t, so it’s good she’s just going along with them until she can gain some sort of power to go against them. She has to win veto or HoH in order to do that. Until then, she’s going with the flow.

  12. I actually liked krissie but the constant burping has turned me off to her. So, my votes went to Krissie.

  13. I’m hoping to see the votes roll in for Alex today. She has been so sneaky and manipulative and has only been using Whitney, Shelby, and Morgan to get herself to the end. She would cut any one of those girls, even her own sister, if it will get her one step further.
    I know that some people think that Kryssie should be nominate, and even though she’s not a favorite, she has almost zero chance of making it to the end (where she would lose, anyway), Alex DOES have a real shot of not only making it to the end, but possibly winning. She’s been a ‘shark’ throughout this game and I would like to see her go pout the door.

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