‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Nominations & Safety Ceremony Week 2 – Complete Results

We’re in to the second week of Big Brother Over The Top and the Safety Ceremony is now complete as Alex, the new HoH, has now worked her way through plans to get her two targets on the Block and break up the showmance, if she can, but the pressure and fears are mounting.

Alex Willett prepares her Safety Ceremony picks on BBOTT

She’s been planning for days to split up Shane and Danielle but tonight she’s been worried about what could happen with America’s Nominee after seeing the results of the Have-Not vote that sent her sister Morgan to the Slop line. Did she let that deter her or would she press on?

Big Brother Over The Top Week 2 Safety Ceremony & Nominations:

Week 2 Nominations:

  • Danielle Lickey
  • Shane Chapman

Morgan was with Alex on Saturday night going over the possibilities and she was worried that if Alex followed through with getting Shane and Danielle on the Block then if she’s the 3rd nominee she’ll be the one to go. Alex appears determined though and said she’d go through with the plan but would leave herself some options in the two-day split including keeping Monte and Scott for the second round. Maybe that’s a just-in-case sort of plan.

Safety Ceremony – Round 1:

Alex selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Kryssie
  • Whitney
  • Neeley
  • Morgan

Just before the meeting Kryssie announced she was using her ACP power to save Jason this week so that makes him the 5th “safe” HG this week, but unlike the four names above, Jason can not be renom’d so he’s completely safe until the next round.

Sunday night delivered the second round of the Safety picks to set us up for the week’s two nominations by the HoH.

Safety Ceremony – Round 2:

Alex selected the following HGs as safe this week from nominations:

  • Shelby
  • Justin
  • Monte
  • Scott

Now that the Safety Ceremony is complete the voting will begin for America’s Nominee at 8PM PT but the vote is only open until Monday morning so you better act quick on that one and if you vote Sunday night you get another 20 votes again on Monday morning so stay busy!

What do you think of Alex’s Safety picks? Are these smart moves or just safe moves? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Girl power. Alex only chose girls and I knew Jason would be Kryssie’s pick. I hope she doesn’t nominate Justin.

  2. What’s great is that Scott is freaking out now, thinking that he’s going home this week, and it’s beautiful. I’m really starting to love the trope of the horrible superfan: someone obsessed with the game but who plays badly, makes questionable decisions, and is also generally kind of a crappy person from time to time. First Meech and now Scott, and I can’t get enough of either of them.

    • Scott is having anxiety because he thought he was on top of everything and America woke him up.

      • I’m luuuuuurving it! :-) How’s Monte taking it? I’ve been gone all day yesterday and today!

      • I don’t watch much of the feeds, but Alex is still working with Monte just for the numbers cause she doesn’t trust him. Monte suspected that he’ll be eating slop this week, but I’m not sure what happened after that. I just got here.

      • She’s working with him for the numbers and because he’s involved with her sister to some degree. They’ll be closer than ever now that they’re both on slop this week. Hate that I can’t vote for Monte to be on slop again ever! hahaha

      • They can’t be on it 2 weeks in a row. He can’t be on it next week but he can be the following week.

      • I soooo did not hear Julie clearly the first time…hahahahaha Thanks for cluing me in on this! :-)

      • Morgan is with him for a number also. She already talked with Alex about staying away from him and she told Monte the same. Also she’s only with him for game not a showmance. She has a boyfriend. I just hope America chooses wisely and not vote Monte up at least for another week. Alex needs him for a number right now. We have plenty of time to vote for Monte. I actually can’t wait to see him go but I love Alex and her game play and don’t want to screw up her HOH. I’m voting for someone from the mean night crew but don’t know who yet.

      • I’d put up Kryssie, Monte, or Shane as the third if Alex doesn’t put up both Shane and Danielle. I want to see Monte and Shane really fight to stay. Kryssie, I wouldn’t miss.

      • I’ll probably vote for Krissie too. She’s a sh#t starter. Don’t vote Monte yet. Especially if you like Alex.

      • I’ll try and hold it together when it comes to Monte. He just hits me the wrong way. I liked him when he first came into the house but as time went on, he came off too power hungry…as many viewers have stated as well.

      • Kryssie is with Jason, so I wouldn’t vote for her to go before Monte, Shelby, and Whitney. Whitney I like a little, but she is boring to watch.

      • I like Alex so I want Krissie to go. Jason, Krissie and Danielle do nothing but talk crap about the girls. They never talk game. At least Alex and the girls talk game and are playing. Especially after last night and those three calling Shelby a call girl and hooker. There the mean night crew.

      • I’m hoping those two get together. I think they could go far. But this week I want that side to lose a number. I think Jason is pretty safe for awhile. And if she can break up Dani and Shane and get rid of Krissie then I’d like to see her and Jason go far. I also really like Neely.

      • you dont watch much of the feeds yet you continue to have undying support for jason and crew….yet they (danielle and krissy) are the truly horrible ones in the house…you should watch the feeds if you want to have an educated opinion on the houseguests

    • I saw that. I posted my comment under the wrong section! hahaha I was like, why does he believe he’s going home even though he was chosen as a HN?

      • Because Jason wants him gone and unfortunately Americas going to vote whichever way Jason wants.

      • He wants Jason around because he likes Jason. But wouldn’t want to go to final 2 with him because of Jason’s fan base. He also told Alex he’d vote however she want’s him too.

      • Scott should never have told Jason that had Jason not won that Veto, he would have voted to evict him. One should always leave their options open. Scott shut that door with Jason right then and there.

      • Unfortunately though it appears by the voting that whatever Jason wants America gives him. If that continues they might as well hand him the check now.

      • It’s really too early to predict that. I didn’t think Jason should have gotten the boot right off the bat, but I don’t really want or expect him to last the whole way through. America really doesn’t feel that strongly about him.

      • No one wants Jason for final 2 and he should know that is a fan voting season. Scott is working with Monte, Alex, Shelby and Jason is his last choice.

      • Which could backfire on Scott as viewers are getting a better read on Monte than the hgs are, Shelby included. So maybe Scott will make it through but just working with Alex alone than anyone else.

      • Basically the whole house now knows that Scott has been playing both sides. He told Kryssie and Shane last night that he would be voting how Alex wants (claiming he made a deal with her to keep him safe for the week, not true).

        Shane asked Scott if this meant that he would even vote Shane out if Alex’s side wanted this. Scott said yes and his true allegiance was shown.

      • Oh, Scott is a little rat! In fact, if you look closely, you can see the little whiskers on each side of his nose.

    • You’re onto something there Pelican. I also agree that both of them make for great viewing.

      Meech has seemed to have really learned about herself and changed because of her BB experience.

  3. Question??? How long does this week’s HN last? Monte said he’s a HN for a short time this week! I thought he was supposed to be a HN for the whole week, til next Friday.

      • I was laughing sooo hard when Monte said, “America voted me this week for slop because it’s a short week!” hahahahaha

      • I knew Monte would try and spin it into how wonderful he is and America picked him because they knew it is a short week and didn’t want him to suffer any longer than necessary. The guy is delusionally deluded!

      • Julie said it was for a whole week…I did hear the rules on this once more. So who knows since the voting started later in the week than usual.

  4. Monte really cannot deal with Justin. Shame that. Justin may be over the top, but come on, he shouldn’t be able to make someone else just out right despise him for it. Monte should have nominated him instead of Danielle right off the bat. But Monte got cocky and believed he knew for sure what other hgs wanted…What he didn’t count on was America having more influence this season than in other seasons. Too bad, so sad!

      • you missed the part where justin told monte f*** you and suck a d*** because danielle/kryssie played the race card against monte

      • Not necessarily. They told Justin that Monte made a comment that Justin probably “steals” his nice clothes.

        Monte’s statement had serious stereotypical racial undertones…and he should expect nothing less from Justin once he found out. Monte said as much later when Danielle told him that Justin was now aware of that comment.

      • Monte is not caring much lol.
        I heard Monte was a racist, but I’m lost with what’s happening with that.

      • Monte talks about how disrespectful Justin is and how disgusting he is…but seems Monte is the one coming across as being disrespectful. Seven people find Justin funny and crazy and he hasn’t been disrespectful to anyone really in the house like Monte has. He just talks about how he’s been with women he’s dated…doesn’t mean he’s that way with all women in general.

      • But that was something one would expect from Justin. Justin is an open book. Danielle thought that was crazy. Didn’t find out how Morgan felt about that…did she comment on it?

      • in the DR she mentioned wanting him evicted because she is tired of seeing his privates.

      • I didn’t think he showed them the way Morgan and Monte have said he does. Alex thinks he’s hilarious! Bet Morgan would not like to know that.

      • I saw it and D and Morgan were looking in the mirror and he took his pants off while pointing their way.

      • I’d find it inappropriate more than disgusting though. But that’s just me. He’s a free spirit. He said he was and that showing his body isn’t something he feels should be frowned upon, but embraced..LOLOL

      • I mentioned that I find nothing wrong with what he did, but I do think these people don’t know each other that well and it was too soon. They are young girls and it may be traumatizing for them, but Danielle and Morgan didn’t make a big deal, but monte did.

      • I’m not so sure I would do that. Depends on how he portrayed himself from the get go and then did that. Justin is Justin with no hidden agendas. Monte has some hidden agendas already. I base my opinion on what I actually see in the house, not by what someone says they’ve done that’s disgusting in the past. I saw what Justin did to the girls and he basically only showed them his arse. He’d covered his junk with his hands. But I respect that you believe I might do just that.

      • Agreed Joni. He’s from a town that embraces nudity for most of their HUGE holidays!! Nudity is not something people from New Orleans frown upon… This is just an example of how different societal cultures and upbringing can play a role in how you are perceived, According to some posters here, Justin is a pervert…but to others, who have grown up in a more relaxed environment, her is a free spirit. I know in the environment Justin grew up in, jumping into the river naked is not a big deal…a lot of kids do it. Plus, when you consider MardisGras and how nudity is completely acceptable during that week long festival each and every year…one might assume, it is also not frowned upon during the rest of the year; at least not like it is in other states or other cultures.

      • And I did not have to grow up there to know it’s acceptable in some states. I don’t find it disgusting as I’ve done some rather risque things like Justin has in my heyday. I’m a fan of “mooning” people and skinny dipping (when I was 3 sizes smaller). I mooned one of my hubby’s friends out of my t-top Camaro on our way back from the Indy 500 race heading to our house to party some more. Hubby said I made a memory for him. I never did it again after said guy told me he was offended by it! Does this mean I’m a vulgar and disgusting person too? hahahahaha

      • She said it wasn’t any big deal and just laughed it off. She also told Monte to drop it.

      • But do you notice when he’s by himself in the bathroom he goes into the shower and then undresses. But when there’s girls in the bathroom he does it right in front of them. I find it disgusting.

      • Not true. He’s been getting into the bathroom the same way since day one. Today he undressed in the shower for the first time. Likely b/c the DR or another HG told him that it bothered folks.

      • He didn’t show his privates. He dropped trou facing the shower and we got a quick butt shot and that was it. Monte has turned it into something that didn’t happen. He needs to stop clutching her pearls and grow up.

      • No he did it more then once. And you could see even though he hand his hand there. Justin needs to grow up. Funny when nobody is in the bathroom he goes in the shower and undresses. But when he has an audience he does it in front of them. His stories are also disgusting. He’s not even funny.

      • We’ve seen many other HG’s in the past run around naked, nothing new here. It is a non issue.

      • Obviously it is an issue since quite a few of them have complained about. Sorry your favorite is such a pervert.

      • Justin is from New Orleans…in New Orleans nudity is a theme!! haha. Check out any MardiGras video!

      • But who made Monte the protector police? Those are two grown women who know their minds quite well. I’m not saying what Monte is doing is a bad thing…but he’s taking it to a level that’s just as uncomfortable than it is noble. He seems obsessed with wanting to protect women.

      • Monte is a chauvinistic jerk. He thinks it is his responsibility to lord over the women in the house and control what they can and cannot do and see.

      • LG, have you ever been to New Orleans? I ask you this b/c the lifestyle there (especially after Katrina) is SO-SO different from most of the country… Check out some videos of MardiGras…and New Orleans…then you might understand Justin better. Just a suggestion…

      • I have been to NO. It’s very old and I’ve been in restaurants like he owns. I actually loved it there. But that doesn’t excuse the way he talks about women. All his other stories they don’t amuse me but they don’t bother me. I don’t care where you’re from you can still respect women and people.

      • But I haven’t heard any of his stories that actually bash or degrade women… I have heard him talk about sleeping around with a lot of women…and yeah, that makes him a player, but that doesn’t “bash” women. IMO, the women he sleeps around with have to know he’s a player b/c look at him LG…he is what he is, he keeps nothing private. How does that make him a women basher? If anything, he likes women a little too much!

      • There aren’t any stories like that, people are just jealous of Justin and want to bad mouth him. It’s BB for heavens sake’s, he has been the most entertaining HG is years and people want to jump all over the party of the house? I guess they want to watch Monte boss everyone around and be “head” of the household, because that is what a man is meant to do. I’ll take Justin’s stories and nudity over Montoid any day of the week.

      • Morgan told Monte to let it go. She was pissed that he wouldn’t drop it. But Morgan was really embarrassed by Justin doing that. Even when she went up to the HOH after and was trying to tell Alex about it you could see her face was red. She said it was embarrassing.

      • I saw the clip! She laughed and didn’t comment till much later! There were 2 other girls in there and no one said a word. even Monte laughed, as he was right beside him as he stepped before stepping into the shower. It was nothing made into this big deal…

      • Monte was in the shower he wasn’t standing beside him. It’s happened several times and it was a big deal because obviously production said something because he doesn’t do it anymore. And Morgan’s laugh was a nervous laugh and she walked out righ away.

      • He’s always talking about how nasty he treats women and comments about pimping. I don’t remember all his remarks because when he starts his disgusting stories I change cameras. You’d have to go back and watch. I just don’t like how he acts. I loved him the first couple of days but not now.

      • No he’s not. He talks about dating and sleeping with a lot of women…
        HOW is that degrading to women? Obviously the women who slept with him wanted to…and I am pretty sure they knew he’s a player too b/c…hello? look at him, he can’t keep anything a secret!! So how is that degrading to women? I have seen a lot of his stories and yeah, they are risque, but he does not bash or disrespect the girls he’s been with, he just admits to being with A LOT of them….IMO, he is honest about who and what he is. If a woman makes a decision to sleep with a player…well, then…can they really be mad about getting played??

      • Calling them a hole, saying he leaves while it’s still in. Come on if you think that’s appropriate then I’m just smh.

      • Okay, now that depends on the woman he is talking about…Are you seriously saying you have never talked to your friends and called a girl that you knew a slut or another derogatory word? If no, then I find that hard to believe. We all do it. At least he is honest about it. That is what I respect about him. He’s real. However, he’s also a player! He uses girls for sex, and he is, in no way shape or form, someone I would recommend for my nieces to date. I would tell them to steer clear of him 1000% because he is trouble with a capital “T”!
        However, being a player does not make him a pervert or a deviant. It just makes him a guy that likes women…a little too much!

      • I don’t think hew did that trying to be a pervert…In New Orleans, nudity is a theme. It’s not looked at as perverted. I mean, jeez, during MardiGras, Fat Tuesday and other holidays, cops don’t even give out tickets for full frontal nakedness, so why would Justin think it’s so terrible?? He grew up in New Orleans.

      • He was getting in the shower, not walking around the house flashing the other HG! In season 8, Zach streaked through the BY, but nobody hated him for it or called him a pervert. Justin was exposed far less… Just saying.

      • I agree Joni. Justin talks about the women he’s dated and yeah, he is kind of a player it seems, but he is real and honest about it. I highly doubt any of these women have been played b/c look at him…he doesn’t keep ANYTHING a secret!! He is what he is…a young, handsome man sowing his wild oats. One thing I love about Justin is he keeps it real. He doesn’t pretend to be one thing for America or anyone else and then change behind closed doors…

        Monte, on the other hand, reminds me of the kind of man who is the perfect gentlemen on paper, but behind closed doors, he views a woman as his inferior, weak and unable to make decisions on her own; i.e.; a woman is always in need of a strong man to rescue them.

        It’s infuriating! I mean seriously, has anyone heard some of the comments he’s made to Alex in regards to her HOH?? He actually told the girls to stop thinking with their emotions (as if that is how all women make decisions…) and then added if they (the girls) thought rationally (Again seriously Monte??!!) then they would see his nominations were the best way to go!!

        Grrrr!! WTF??!! Talk about a male chauvinistic pig!! He plays the gentleman, but I think this guy really thinks of women as THE “little woman who should be at home bare footed and pregnant”@! YUCK!

        Thank God Alex thinks he’s a douche!! And America seconded it by making him a HN! And then after he made that comment about Justin stealing clothes… UGH! Monte is getting every one of my 20 votes to evict every-single-day!!!

      • Mine too! I can’t stand that little jerk. Yep, I’m finally watching! I’m so happy to play along…unfortunately I have to see him. Keep ranting about him…I love reading what you have to say! You make me laugh! And I need to laugh right now—desperately.

      • Oh Sharona….you are finally here!! I have missed you my friend. Cy has promised us our hoodies…. you need to stick around my newbie ewokian buddie. :)

      • Monte likes to TELL the women what to do b/c he thinks he’s superior. Alex thinks he’s a douche and I love her for that!! ;) Well, I love her for a lot more than that. Sharona, Alex is amazing…Great gamer. Totally knows BB. Plus she really wants to work with Jason–my personal fave. LOVE her!! Check her out on the DR sessions. She is a strategic thinker, which I know you will appreciate. :)

      • I know, me too! Alex sees right through the bullcrap! Plus, she’s a great gamer. Really knows BB! LOVE her Sha!

      • Agree 100%! Monte knows all and I don’t care who’s side he’s on, I’m voting him out! I love Justin! Undecided on quite a few still, but Shane and Justin I want to stay!!!

  5. Justin needs to stop talking about owning a restaurant. People may vote him out just because they think he is well off.

    • Have you seen the kind of restaurant he owns and how really small it is compared to the ones the rich and famous dine at? I know most of the seafood restaurants in NO and they’re not anything like the 5 star ones like you see in Beverly Hills and such. It’s really a hole in the wall! :-)

      • Those are all over New Orleans! I’m sure it isn’t easy to get a nice one there…kinda like having to work your way up? Lol Key West has a lot of those too! ! But so delicious!

      • I like him, so I can’t think of any reasons to vote him out. The first day he seemed awkward and quiet, but after that he just started to be himself and get a little too comfortable. He should just pull back a little of that comfort since some things make Monte and Morgan not like him. Everyone else seems fine with him and his personality.

  6. The gas from the slop has set in for Monte (he’s belching loudly now)…Scott too (but he’s quiet about it). Morgan…no prob yet! LOL

  7. Why dosen’t Big Brother buy a bunch of ant stakes to put all around the house, they would be gone in no time at all, but then again they like torturing the house guests.

  8. Backyard convo. tonight was funny. Seeing Alex/Whitney socializing with them was smart.

    • Definitely. Whitney has really grown on me. Her live DRs are solid and she turned up in that last HoH comp. Her name isn’t coming up as a target either.

      • Yeah. Both of them also have good social game. I voted Whitney for slop, but America didn’t agree with me. lol. I was wrong.

      • I vote Whitney, Shelby and Monte also. Only because I wanted Morgan and Alex to bond in the HOH room at night. They can never really seem to talk strategy because either Monte or Shelby breaks it up. Plus I’m enjoying seeing them get closer as sister. They way they talk about before BB, they absolutely didn’t get along!

  9. Guys
    if you support Alex we need to have her back this week. I realize Monte has a lot of haters and most
    of that is probably justified. However,
    Alex is the one calling the shots this week and she’s trying to make a big move
    by nominating the showmance. If we
    nominate Monte, Morgan, or Scott we would be undermining her HOH and next week
    she’d be a prime target for the other side of the house. Most of Jason’s fans and fans of that side in
    general are split on who to nominate between Monte, Morgan, and Scott. If we all nominate the same person maybe just
    maybe we can help Alex this week. I plan
    to nominate Krissie this week for multiple reasons. The first is this ensures one of Alex’s
    targets go home this week so we protect her game. The second is Krissie has been insufferable
    on the feeds the last few days thinking she is America’s sweetheart. Let’s be real, she only got that power
    because it helped Jason, NOT her. She has been talking down to multiple HG’s
    like she’s an expert and has America’s backing.
    By nominating her it’ll take her down a few notches and also at the same
    time hopefully stop the Krissie, Danielle, Shane group from constantly
    pandering to us to do all the work. They
    are literally lying around not winning anything and just waiting for us to
    always vote them into advancing in the game.
    I want to reward players like Alex for making alliances, using people
    (Monte), winning comps, and making big moves like targeting the showmance. Please everyone lets nominate Krissie for
    America’s nomination this week.

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