‘Big Brother Over The Top’ 3rd Nominee Vote [POLL] – Voting Is Closed

Voting is now open for America’s Nominee, the third seat on the Block, this week for Big Brother Over The Top and after last week’s one-two punch against Cornbread there’s a real threat that this nominee could be the one out the door if viewers make a strategic strike.

Update: Voting is over and the official results are in for this week’s 3rd nominee.

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

Eight Houseguests were just declared “safe” this week but that’s only when it comes to the first round of nominations by Alex. Now it’s the viewers’ turn to decide and they can pick from any of those temporarily lucky players. Remember that Jason Roy is safe from start to finish thanks to Kryssie’s ACP power so who will be the third nominee this week? The decision is ours.

Danielle and Shane were nominated by Alex but maybe that third nominee pick by America will help the showmance survive the week. Will America continue to pummel Monte and The Plastics or will they turn the tide and vote against the other side of the house? It’s time to pick and you won’t have long.

To vote, fans must be registered and subscribed to All Access (get your Free Trial now). We have 20 votes each day. Voting ends at 12PM ET (9AM PT). Go here at cbs.com to vote for the 3rd nominee.

As a reminder again, here are the rules to keep in mind as they were presented last week by Julie Chen and announced to the Houseguests:

3rd Nominee – America’s Vote – Rules:

  • There can be no back to back weeks of nomination for the 3rd nominee. So if “HG John” gets nominated by viewers in Week 1 he can’t be nominated again by viewers until Week 3.
  • All three nominees would get to play in the Veto competition.
  • If the 3rd nominee comes down from the Block then there is no renom.

Want to cast your vote too? Vote Here for 3rd Nominee!

Remember the voting stops at 9AM PT (12PM ET) so don’t want to vote. If you vote the night of then the next morning you get to vote another 20 votes so it’s worth it to be on the ball with this one.

After you’ve done your official voting at cbs.com be sure to vote in our poll here as we await the official results on Monday.

So I did up my whiteboard cases for various 3rd nominees and we should remember there are 9 votes this week including America’s vote. That’s something Scott forgot to calculate in to the equation and that slip up could cost him or at least his side. Morgan and The Plastics currently have 5 of the votes but if one of them goes on the Block then they lose one vote and you have 4 votes from the other side plus America’s vote for 5 over the first side’s 4. America could end up the tie-breaker here.

If we see a Monte, Morgan, Scott, etc. nominee then if the other side bands together and America puts its vote against their nominee then that Houseguest will go home this week. That’d be the second straight override of the game from out here. Impressive use of force, but also a little disappointing for the HGs struggling to play the game in a whole new way. It’s your call and your vote.



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  1. Guys
    if you support Alex we need to have her back this week. I realize Monte has a lot of haters and most
    of that is probably justified. However,
    Alex is the one calling the shots this week and she’s trying to make a big move
    by nominating the showmance. If we
    nominate Monte, Morgan, or Scott we would be undermining her HOH and next week
    she’d be a prime target for the other side of the house. Most of Jason’s fans and fans of that side in
    general are split on who to nominate between Monte, Morgan, and Scott. If we all nominate the same person maybe just
    maybe we can help Alex this week. I plan
    to nominate Krissie this week for multiple reasons. The first is this ensures one of Alex’s
    targets go home this week so we protect her game. The second is Krissie has been insufferable
    on the feeds the last few days thinking she is America’s sweetheart. Let’s be real, she only got that power
    because it helped Jason, NOT her. She has been talking down to multiple HG’s
    like she’s an expert and has America’s backing.
    By nominating her it’ll take her down a few notches and also at the same
    time hopefully stop the Krissie, Danielle, Shane group from constantly
    pandering to us to do all the work. They
    are literally lying around not winning anything and just waiting for us to
    always vote them into advancing in the game.
    I want to reward players like Alex for making alliances, using people
    (Monte), winning comps, and making big moves like targeting the showmance. Please everyone lets nominate Krissie for
    America’s nomination this week.

    • I totally agree! We need to vote Kryssie! She is the logical choice! I am pushing it on Twitter and in chat rooms!

    • Well said Fayt!
      You know, I was all for voting Monte up & out this week, but you make some real valid points that have given me pause. I LOVE Alex and I don’t want to make her HOH as useless as Monte’s was last week… I’m torn here b/c I want Jason’s side of the house to not lose a player, but I think Alex is a real gamer and she is earning my respect with her game moves.

      I am still fence sitting, however… I just might change my vote to Kryssie this week.

      • The thing to remember is we always nominate someone and if the other side wins it’s easy to nominate to help them too. If you take out Monte this week most likely Alex is gone next week and now we’re left with Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, and Maybe Scott vs the house. I just hope people play fairly don’t just vote Jason all year. Jason’s side almost always will get the Care Packages and soon as the number dwindles they will control noms too. The game will get really boring if we don’t help Alex this week.

      • I understand your thinking here Fayt, but what makes me hesitant is the fact that Monte (if he stays) will be playing for HOH next week… What if he wins?? Huh? What then? I’ll tell you what will happen. He’s going to niminate Jason that’s what and I’m not okay with that. I love Alex, I really do, but making her HOH a good one is not as important to me as getting rid of Monte, who is (BY FAR) the biggest threat to my favorite player–Jason. I mean if you can tell me a great strategy to keep Jason off the block even if Monte wins HOH…then by all means, convince me, but I don’t think such a master plan exists…I mean, we can’t all be a Will Kirby, right?? haha

      • I hear you. Personally I’d see Monte nominating Justin and Kryssie next if he were HOH and we know people like Scott and Alex would want to keep Jason around. Also someone like Shane would be a bigger target for the girls to go after as well. Jason isn’t seen as a big threat currently other than someone you can’t take F2.

      • I can’t believe you like Jason. Did you watch him on the feeds last night? Saying he wished Scott would of gotten crushed. Saying Shelby is garbage. Calling her Satans daughter, a slut, ugly whore. Find out where she lives and burn it to the ground so she’s homeless. Calling Scott Mussolini’s son. Calls Shelby a cu#t. Yep he’s a real piece of work. He makes me sick.

    • I’ve been saying this ever since Alex won HOH. But people don’t listen and don’t know how to play strategic. I voted last night and this morning all my votes for Krissie. And after her and Jason’s actions last night I’m glad I did. Jason is next in getting my vote for have nots and nominations. He’s a nasty bully. All the houseguests did a pyramid for pictures and Scott was on the bottom and last night Jason said I wish Scott would of got crushed in that pyramid. Then he’s calling Shelby garbage, ugly an attention slut and on and on. I want him and Krissie gone so bad.

      • Scott is looking better and better to me. He’s making a lot of sense and calling Kryssie out on her stuff.

      • Are you watching now? Jason is calling Shelby trash then says she smells like dumpster juice. And to think I voted for him to get back in. I even liked him the first week. But now he feels safe and is back to acting like he did in his season. Vile!!!

      • I heard it. Not looking good for Jason at all. And Monte is blurting out stuff about Justin in HoH room, but the girls are ignoring him.

  2. A lot of people are against Kryssie.
    I hope Monte goes up and the majority vote him out. I would not be against the showmance if Monte leaves since Shane would have no one to align with if Danielle is voted off next week.
    She is rubbing me the wrong way, but I still prefer Monte and Shane to be separated.

    • The problem with that logic is soon the other side is bound to win HOH. We can nominate Monte whenever we want. If we take out Monte/Morgan this week the other side has a huge numbers advantage and even if we want to save someone from the plastics later will be unable to do so. Danielle or Shane need to go this week to keep the game balanced and protect someone playing the game hard in Alex.

      • I am all for the other side. The only one I like from Monte’s side is Alex and she is a good player and I think she’ll survive.

      • Exactly. Why don’t people see it like we do. There’s plenty of time to get Monte out. Even the girls want him gone. But they know they need him for a number right now.

    • I really don’t want to take the chance of Monte being HoH again, though. Best to take him out when you can. Alex, deep down, doesn’t want Monte in charge again either…she should have put up Shane and Monte if she wanted to break down either a showmance or a possible competition duo that Monte and Shane could prove to be together.

      • I also don’t think it will be wise for the HGs to keep this showmance together for too long. We don’t want a repeat from last season. Alex and Morgan, Monte and Shane, or Shane and Danielle are a threat to the rest of the HGs. I prefer Morgan and Alex to remain for now.

      • I didn’t vote for Monte after all! hahaha Just putting it out there for others to consider is all when placing their votes. I really like Alex and I truly hope Monte doesn’t try to screw up her game either by teaming up with Shane. I’m talking about future wise, just not her HoH alone.

      • The best scenario if Monte doesn’t get a nom is for Shane to go home.
        I gave Monte all of my votes and hopefully he’ll go home tomorrow.

      • If Monte goes this week Alex is the top target next week. If you’re fine with her going than your vote makes sense.

      • Doubt it. There is a small chance than either Danielle or Shane will beat Justin at the comp, but I doubt anyone else including Justin will put her up. She should blame Monte for the whole thing.

      • Depends on the comp. Not everyone’s good at every comp. Justin’s proved he’s good with endurance comps. But what about mental and physical?

      • I disagree. Currently it’s Jason/Kryssie/Neely/Justin/Shane/Danielle together which is 6 of the 12 HG’s. Obviously if Monte goes that’s because they saved the showmance and America did as well. Now lets say one of the 6 wins HOH instead of Morgan/Whitney/Shelby/Scott. Now they get to nom 2 people and they love Whitney so that’s not happening. Alex would be the only one with comp wins on her side and have bad blood from Shane/Danielle towards her. She will be the target and they would have the votes to take her out no matter who we nominate or vote for.

      • That is true, but I am still thinking that Alex will side with them before the next HOH. Shane and Danielle winning will be the only way she may get a nom, and there is still veto so one of them could come off. Nominating another one from that side will be the end of her for sure.

      • Again I don’t think so. Scott/Shelby will be seen as weak players with no home, Morgan without Monte becomes a much smaller target, and Whitney is loved by the other side. They will all see Alex as the most threatening. If we don’t support her this week she’s next imo.

      • I disagree. The more I have thought about this, the more I think getting rid of Monte would push Alex into solidifying her tentative alliance with Jason. Sorry guys, but I am voting to nominate and evict Monte… I just see that as the most strategic move to target the biggest threat to my favorite player’s game…

      • If you like Alex then you’re making a big mistake. Jason already has his alliance and he may say he’ll work with her but it will be a lie. She’ll be a target. Instead of people playing strategic they’re playing personal. They don’t like Monte so they’re voting for him. Bad move. I don’t like him either but there’s time to go after him.

      • You are all about Alex, but what about Jason, Fayt? I love Jason and want him to stay in the house. Say we do as you say and Monte stays… What do you think will happen next week if HE wins HOH? Just WHO do you think he’s going to put up?? Huh? It will be Jason, that’s who! Why should I save Monte at the risk of Jason just to make Alex’s HOH seem fruitful? I don’t want Jason to go home and Monte is the BIGGEST threat to Jason’s game. He (Monte) is *constantly* trying to talk anyone who will listen into getting him (Jason) out of the house. So what is your plan if Monte stays and then wins HOH next week? Huh? I know one thing…If that happened and Jason went home, I would be kicking my own a$$ for not evicting Monte when I had the chance!!

        I would love to see Alex and Jason work together–which Alex proposed and Jason is warily happy about, but before that can really flow, Monte needs to go b/c he is always targeting Jason and if he wins HOH, he will definitely have Jason in his cross-hairs.

      • The night crew will put up Shelby and Whitney before they put up Alex, especially if Alex joins the night crew. Alex can tell the night crew the only reason she put up Shane and Danielle was to appease Morgan, Shelby, Monte, Scott and Whitney and not get blood on her hands.

      • She needs him for a number right now. Like I said before Monte will be gone soon enough. Voting him out now will hurt Alex’s game.

  3. Everyone wants monte out but they need to understand there always next week. If we dont vote for Kryssie and back Alex up her HOH Will be a waste and now since she target the showmance she will probably go home next

  4. Screw alex, vote her sister out. Putting monte up gives him a Chance at veto, Morgan doesn’t seem like she could win any comp.
    #MeltThePlastics #FakePlastic

      • Who exactly are the plastics? I refer to them by individual names and don’t know their alliances name at all. I think Alex and Morgan did mention something about Monte’s something.

      • The “________” is what some of the HGs (forget if it was Jason’s side of the house or someone from that unnamed guys alliance) called Alex, Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby last week. Pretty sure the girls don’t even know about it. And yet, somehow, BBN and the fans continue to refer to it like it’s an actual alliance.

      • LMAO!
        I’m still laughing. You are too funny.
        In other words, the pretty girls of the house.

  5. If monte goes up the vote will be split 4-4 and America would give the fifth one to monte and Alex would waste the HOH if Kryssie goes up the house and America will vote out Danielle and next week we can put up monte. So if your on Alex side and don’t want to screw her over than vote for Kryssie

  6. Please, please, PLEASE!!! Stop using the name “Plastics.” It’s not a thing!!! As a fan, I refuse to acknowledge the name. I see Plastics, it’s official a blank space to me. There is no Plastics alliance.

    However, I agree that this is starting to get ridiculous. America’s got way too much interference. You know what they say about too much of a good thing? It’s over the top now. And, most importantly, it’s starting to screw up our girl here. Most of us seem to like Alex, too, so why aren’t we doing everything we can to help her out, as long as we’re gonna have this amount of power?

    • Alex will be perfectly fine once she aligns with Jason. If Jason doesn’t perform in the rest of the comps, then he deserves to go, but for now she could have a few people like Neesy, Morgan, Jason and even Kryssie on her side along with the other two girls that are with her now. They need to get rid of the boys, especially Monte, Scott and Shane.

      • We can’t play this game emotionally, like the HGs do. That is the number one downfall of this game. As long as we’re HGs this year, then we might as well do our best not to fall into their pratfalls. Which means we must put our distaste aside and actually play this game the way Derrick did – logically.

        It’s a numbers game. And, like it or not, Monte and Scott are where Alex’s numbers are right now. Neither one is going to be likely to target her. And now Shane and Danielle are officially gunning for Alex, so we have to keep the numbers in her favor or else she’s gone.

      • He’s got a bit of a mean streak, but for the most part, Jason’s decent enough. However, he is the vet (which was a big no-no last season, remember) and, to be honest, not the best at this game. He has a tendency to isolate himself. However, I feel like that would change if he’d let himself trust Alex.

      • I’m waiting for them to have a conversation after her HOH reign is over, if she is still on his side. She could always blame Monte for the HOH noms if he gets evicted instead.

      • Me too. If we don’t get Monte out, he could win HOH next week and put Jason OTB…and if Jason went home after we had a chance to send Monte packing we would hate ourselves, Samsara!!

      • I understand your logic and I actually really love Alex and don’t want to undermine her HOH, however, Monte needs to go. He is openly targeting Jason and I am a big Jason fan. Jason is entertaining for the house and he is super loyal once you earn his trust–look at how he *still* talks about Da’Vonne. I want him to stay and, while he may be safe this week (thanks to Kryssie’s ACP)…what if Monte wins HOH next week? What is your contingency plan then?? If we don’t get Monte out, he could win HOH and put Jason OTB. I would kick my own butt if that happened. Alex wants to work with Jason and I think those two would be great together, but Monte needs to go first imo… So, sorry, but I am voting for Monte to be nominated and then evicted.

      • Which is something I can appreciate, if you’re all in for Jason. But I’m all in for Alex and really only wanted Jason in to block Jozea from entering. Otherwise, I’ve yet to be impressed by Jason’s gameplay.

    • Putting up Kryssie will help Alex! I’m all about that! Dani or Shane will go home if they don’t get POV.

      • lol. I don’t think people get my comments so far. I like Alex and hope she goes far with Jason and possibly her sister, but I want Jason’s side to be safe right now and Danielle and Shane leaving will ruin that. Monte leaving will keep Shane on Jason’s side. I don’t think Alex will be in trouble.

      • Yes, but we all disagree. We agree with Alex’s assessment that she will be in trouble, especially if she’s forced to name a renom because right now her plan is Kryssie, and she knows that’ll turn Kryssie against her for sure. If that happens, then it’ll be 3 HGs gunning for her (and possibly more, if Kryssie goes up).

      • I thought she wanted Justin up. I feel like Alex is aligning with him and Jason if she has decided to put up Kryssie instead.

      • I agree. Leaving Monte in the house keeps a huge target on Jason’s back and I just keep thinking about what Victor said when he decided to go with Nicorey and keep James…He said he will be pi$$ed if he keeps James and then gets evicted…well…hmmm…and what happened?? Yeah, he got evicted. So…no, I do not want Monte to be my next Victor situation. If Monte were to win HOH next week Samsara, who do you think he’ll put up?? Jason. We need to get him out and I’m sorry if that undermines Alex’s HOH, but I’d rather that happen than Monte stay and Jason be Victor next week!

    • Justin didn’t smoke cigarettes until he came into the BB house. He didn’t bring them, that’s for sure. He’s been bumbing off Jason and Scott.

  7. Well I’ve put all 40 of my votes on Kryssie. Just gotta hope enough people felt the same. I see she’s leading Matt’s poll now so that’s encouraging.

    • Kryssie’s likely to be our safest choice to keep Alex’s plan running. No one will vote out Kryssie right now.

  8. Even though I like Justin, I would love to see a season full of girls and Jason. Get rid of the guys.

      • Hibachi being a form of cooking Teppa something.
        They are all saying that Hibachi is the dish and she says is not the proper name.

      • Lol. hibachi is what they call the hot plate or fire. The actual dish is teppa something it has a different name. This is their same argument.

      • that’s the name.
        Danielle said is called Teppanyaki and they are all saying that she is wrong and it is Hibachi.

      • I thought hibachi was the name of the plate or style of cooking and the teppa is the name of the actual dish. this was their argument and I thought she was correct.

      • Here’s a definition of it: Teppanyaki grills are commonly confused with the hibachi barbecue grill, which has a charcoal or gas flame and is made with an open grate design. With a solid griddle type cook surface, the teppanyaki is more suitable for smaller ingredients, such as rice, egg, and finely chopped vegetables.

      • lol. I just looked it up. You are correct.
        Is Danielle correct or she calls it one thing while the rest call it something else.

      • Riiiight? That’s why I kind of fast-forwarded through that. I thought Sam was going to say something about game play Danielle was bringing up and I missed it by my fast-forward! hahaha

      • To the house guest there seem to be nothing of importance to talk about. being stuck in a house 24/7 with a bunch of people that you may or may not like is intense and boring.

  9. So who are we all voting for the third slot?

    Also, haven’t been able to catch the feeds. Anything interesting happen??

    • Yes, Metagala! Hi btw…haven’t talked to you in a bit! Aren’t you still happy that Vic won AFP??!! :) I am still just YAY about it. haha…

      Anyhoo…who are you voting for eviction? I have to put up Monte b/c he is the biggest threat to Jason. I love Alex and hate to rain on her HOH, but Monte needs to go imo.

      • Thanks @disqus_lyImCoLKtk:disqus!! Victor winning America’s Favorite Player was such a magical moment to everyone. Especially since he contributed so much to BB18. Hope he’s able to achieve the fame he deserves after the show.

        As for BBOTT, can’t resist to have a kind spot for Kryssie and of course, Jason.

        Scott seems very sneaky. Very sneaky!!

        Monte really had a great shot at the game but he’s no Paul or Vic. He’s turned most viewers off and for good reason.

        Danielle and Shane’s showmance seems a little rushed. But they are both likeable characters.

        As for the voting, YES we need to protect Jason!! He’s really the life of the show.

        Did you catch Cornbread’s exit interview with Julie Chen? What did you think??

      • I think he sounded a little butt-hurt to tell you the truth! lol! But I can understand why. He thought his side of the house was going to vote for him to stay so he was hurt by their abandoning him.

        As for your other comments. I agree, Scott seems very weasely to me. He’s sneaky and I don’t much care for him. Love Jason too! He is the life of the show. He’s so funny! I also Love Alex! I really want those two to work together in the future, however, in order for that to happen I think we need to get rid of Monte first… What do you think?

      • Getting rid of Monte would send an even stronger message to that side of the house – even stronger than putting Morgan on slop!

        Monte should have just listened to Jason when Jason offered him the chance to work together. But instead he continues to target him.

        You are right! Heading over to CBS to vote to nominate Monte.

        then again there are others in the house who are just plain … (can’t find the word) lol

        Like Whitney and Scott…

        But kudos to Kryssie for being true to Jason!

      • Yeah, she (Kryssie) really wants Jason to stay. And I believe Alex will be safe too next week b/c both Jason and Kryssie want to work with her, so they will do their best to keep her safe. I just don’t want Jason to end up like Vic did after trusting Nicorey to keep him safe… We (Jason fans) need to get Monte out before he succeeds and gets rid of Jason.

    • Oh and you missed Monte saying Justin steals all the nice clothes he has.,..haha! But I’m not really joking…seriously, he really said that! What an a$$!

      • Now that’s really horrible. Wow

        Didn’t Justin say he owns restaurants?

        Monte sure needs to be socialized. Smh

      • Hahaha! He (Monte) seems like a nice guy on paper, but he also says things that are really chauvinistic and obnoxious. Like when he told Alex not to make a decision based on her emotions… think like he does and be strategic. It sounded as if he was saying women make emotional decisions while men m,ake strategic ones! I mean really?? And yeah, Justin has said he owns a restaurant. Some people took Monte’s comments as racist. I am not sure if that was his intention, but it was rude and uncalled for even if he did say he was only kidding. You have to remember, Monte can’t stand Justin, so how kidding was he…really? You know what I mean? It was a rude and uncalled for thing to say imo.

      • Very obnoxious. Totally agree with you.

        Justin comes across as likeable but he messed up on the last comp or maybe not.

        The way it looks now, Justin will outlast Monte in the game. He’s #2 most popular on Jokers. So that says a lot too!

      • Yeah Justin is funny, but he is a MAJOR player when it comes to women. He talks about all the women he sleeps with…and I mean like wow–it is A LOT! I would lock up my daughters, nieces and even Aunts if Justin was around. How any woman with half a brain cell sleeps with himn is beyond me b/c he is quite open about being a player! In fact, that is the only reason I’m not mad at him for his talk–he’s so open about it. He owns his behavior and doesn’t try and hide who or what he is–which is a player with a capital “P”!

      • Yeah. I don’t actually dislike Justin b/c he does own his behavior and he is open about it, but like I said, I would lock up any daughters, nieces, Aunts or mothers who are even half way up his alley if he was in the vicinity. He is such a player, it is scandalous!

      • I like that about Justin and he’s starting to get irritated with the trash talking by Jason and Kryssie as well. He made up with Monte which I found very admirable.

      • Haven’t had a chance to catch up on the feeds and whether it happened weeks ago, that comment was obviously racist by Monte.

        Very disappointed at him.

      • Justin said he has been in jail a bunch of times, that’s what Monte was referring to, not because Justin is black!

      • Oh gosh! Was he arrested for theft? Is that why Monte said he stole all his clothes? Smh

      • Except he’s denying he said it. And while I haven’t heard the comment myself, I know that Justin first heard it from Danielle as part of her and Shane’s plan to get Monte and Justin to go at each other to draw the attention off of them. Then everyone on Jason’s side of the house all shoved the blame on Scott’s shoulders for the comment. It wasn’t until Shelby told Monte that it was Danielle who told Justin about it that they figured it out. Then, when Shelby and Alex spoke about it later, they figured it was an attempt to get Scott up on the block.

        Oh, and this happened Saturday. BBN has the highlights up.

      • Thanks @saturn0205:disqus and @disqus_lyImCoLKtk:disqus for being kind enough to provide brief summaries of the going ons in the BB house.

        So to be clear, did Monte actually say it or did Scott start it or did Danielle start it so save herself and Shane?

        Regardless, Scott comes across as very sneaky.

      • Scott was just the scapegoat for Danielle and Shane’s plot. As for the comment, like I said, I never heard Monte say anything. I just know that was what Saturday’s off screen blowup between Justin and Monte was about.

      • Hope it was just that easy to use the time machine function on all streaming platforms. Hopefully CBS will improve functionality moving forward.

        So Danielle and Shane initiated this hateful scheme just to try to save themselves? But Monte seems to be very attached to Shane or has that changed in the last day or two?

        Scott being the scapegoat seems very convenient. It’s hard to empathize with someone who has been plotting and scheming this whole time.

        Then again, it’s BB and they all must be doing it. But it doesn’t seem as bad when it comes to Kryssie, Jason or Neelie.

      • Actually they are pretty bad too. Just last night Jason and that night crew separated all the candy Shelby liked and stuffed it under a couch so she couldn’t have any just to be hateful. Also Danielle as been eating and drinking all the limited foods the HN’s can have besides slop so they run out. As for the Monte comment there were about 5 people at the couch talking about 5 finger discounts and such laughing and he said yah Justin probably stole his clothes and followed up saying obviously I’m kidding. Danielle was part of the conversation and then later went to Justin and made it sound really hateful to make him explode on Monte and then Danielle and Kryssy together fueled the fire and led people to believe Scott was the one doing all this when it was them. I like Jason but I’m over the others in his crew. Very petty and mean, constantly running down the other people, but this usually happens during the night when a majority of feeders are asleep including the live tweet updaters so its not being accurately reported as well as what happens during the day.

      • Thanks @FaytNight:disqus for clarifying for all of us. Danielle showed her dark side a week or so ago, when she put down Zakiyah and Paulie. She also didn’t seem too kind when she said she was using Shane.

        Her feelings for Shane have changed or at least gotten stronger by the looks of it.

        But to eat all the slop’s allowable food is abit extreme. Makes you wonder whether she’s doing it just to give America something to write and talk about or its strategy. Maybe both.

        BB should have more recap packages especially of things that go on at night and in the wee hours.

        Not only will that continue to keep our interest in the show but it will keep subscriptions steady.

      • Well that’s just one thing. Jason the last few hours has been sl** shaming Shelby calling her the c-word and satan’s daughter and scott Mussolini’s son. It gets pretty bad. Jason, Danielle, and Kryssy are all very hateful people most nights talking about the others. They haven’t done anything in the game and continue to pander to America to do all the work for them. I don’t like Monte either but they are way beyond too far for me. I’m going to keep supporting the Alex side until some of these people leave or actually play themselves and stop just thinking it’s the Jason club come bash people all night and do nothing and wait for America to keep bailing them out.

      • Imagine being in the house and hoping that America votes your way. Sounds easier said than done.

        Looks like everyone is showing their true colors in their time of boredom and monotony.

      • I’m not a real Shelby fan , use to be a Jason fan but he needs to show some class. People complain about what Monte said but apparently it’s okay for Jason to talk about Shelby like he does is just as bad Also hiding the. Candy she likes. What are they kindergarteners ?

      • Um Fayt, I have to respectfully disagree with you here. Jason has done something to play BB…if you remember, last week he would have been a goner had he not won POV and saved himself. He didn’t count on America to save him–he saved himself. Those are the *most* important kind of wins imo.

      • They do hon, it’s under the highlights section. That is where you can find all the live DRs too btw…

      • Uh, that is not exactly how it happened. They were talking about shopping and malls and clothes… Shelby and Morgan said Justin has some nice clothes and Monte said something under his breath and Shelby called him out on it when she said “Did you say he steals them?” And Monte was laughing and nodding his head and then he said Justin has said he’s been shot as several times, maybe it was for stealing clothes.

        That is how that scene actually played out. No one mentioned stealing before Monte did. Go and watch it…it was @ 11:23 am on Saturday…

      • I agree that is rude, but I do know why Jason doesn’t like Shelby… He thinks she is the one who ratted out the OTTJamboree to Monte. In actuality, it was Scott, but b/c Shelby started bonding with Morgan, Whitney and Alex like immediately after OOTJ was formed, Jason, Kryssie, Neeley and Justin all think it was her that spilled the beans about the alliance.

      • Both Monte and Jason need to go soon. Jason being safe ever is not a good thing. He feels more free with the mouth than ever before and I’m not liking him at all right now. And Monte is just fueling the fire too. Scott is starting to smell like a rose now because he was just speaking the truth. Justin made up with Monte, something he did not have to do at all. Justin may be over the top but he’s genuine too and he’s not projecting how he is outside the house onto those in it like Jason, Kryssie and Monte are.

      • I’m really on the fence with Jason. I do like him but he is coming on too strong with the crap that comes out of his mouth. That side of the house is doing exactly what they are accusing the other side of the house of doing, being judgmental. I do like people from both sides, not pro one side or the other. I think I’m the only that likes Scott, he has told people exactly what he is doing, whether people like it or not is their problem, he has been straight forward in his game. Jason and crew are making a big mistake by not bringing him into their fold. Not a lot of foresight on their part. All in all I’m really enjoying BBOTT!

      • It’s not been a boring season so far, that’s for sure! I’m with you on everything you just said! Good job!

      • He said it Metgala, I saw the feed myself when he said it. He (Monte) tried to joke it off, but when Justin heard about it, he was seriously upset.

      • He said it but Danielle and Shane were using that against him than just a passing moment it should have been, Danielle more than Shane, though.

      • First of all, I am not a dude…second, I was replying to metgala asking me what she missed. So, I’m not sure why you are coming at me sideways, but whatever. You are entitled to your opinions…

      • Ahahaha..There’s no sequence in who’s on first and what’s on second with you, is there? heehee

  10. You know what I love about this whole social experiment year after year?

    In school, we teachers encourage students to have confidence in themselves. We do everything possible to instill self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments. Then they come on shows like Big Brother, full of self-confidence and pride… and people see it as arrogance and instantly turn on them. Kinda makes me wonder why we teachers should even bother.

    • Thank you for dedicating your life to teaching children. As a teacher you try every angle and every strategy to help students learn and succeed.

      For that, we salute you!! ?

  11. The whole truth and nothing but the truth about what REALLY happened…

    Is Monte racist, sexist or homophobic?

    Did Danielle or Scott plant the seed?

    Read on…

    Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests got in a heated fight in the backyard, week 2 HOH chose houseguests to keep safe, and Kryssie saved a cast mate.

    Live feeds streaming from inside The Big Brother: Over the Top house have been full of unpredictable content, and Saturday was no exception. Things got heated during the afternoon hours when Justin Duncan confronted Monte Massongill about some less-than-kind statements he may have made, prompting Neeley Jackson, who had questions of her own for Monte, to join in.

    Additionally, Alex Willett, the Week 2 Head of Household (HOH), was tasked with picking four cast members to save in the first part of the Safety Ceremony, and Kryssie Ridolfi granted one houseguest safety with the power she’d been given with America’s Care Package.

    The confrontation that deepened major riffs in the house took place on October 8, at about 1:10 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, according to Joker’s Updates.

    Monte, outside of Justin’s presence, had been joking prior about Justin stealing clothing. Justin was infuriated when he heard this and could be seen on CBS All Access live feeds asking Danielle Lickey and Jason Roy about the situation. Danielle noted that Neeley was present when Monte made his quip and she was quite angry about it.

    Justin said he thought Monte’s comments were “racist” and Jason agreed, stating he believed Monte had also made “gay” remarks. Justin repeated he wanted to “check” Monte and confront him about what was said, but the others dissuaded him from doing so – at least for the moment.

    Not long after, a likely inevitable confrontation between Monte and Justin took place, according to Daily Hamsterwatch.

    At around 1:18 p.m., a light bulb in the kitchen popped, which sent a number of Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests outside into the backyard, Joker’s Updates reports. Justin could then be heard on live feeds yelling at Monte, cursing and telling Monte to “get the f*** out of here!”

    Monte seemed perplexed and told the others he hoped Justin takes a swing at him because that would send Justin home.

    Danielle remained in the Big Brother: Over the Top house trying to calm Justin down, but he headed out the sliding glass doors toward the backyard shouting at Monte, “Don’t look at me! Look the other way!” Monte responded with, “I don’t know what you heard man,” but Justin was having none of it, according to Joker’s Updates, sending more expletives Monte’s way before he began working out.

    According to Joker’s Updates, Monte seemed to be confused and said that someone must be trying to cause problems or really “mixed something up.”

    By 1:47 p.m., everyone was still in the Big Brother: Over the Top backyard except Justin and Scott, who went inside.

    Kryssie told Monte she felt as though Scott Dennis was trying to drive a wedge between him and Justin. She argued it was her belief that Scott was making things up to cause drama in the house.

    After a short while, Neeley chimed in and asked Monte to come clean and admit whether he was racist or not. According to Joker’s Updates, Monte adamantly stated, “No, not at all!” Neeley continued to press Monte, saying she just wanted to make sure and told him, “I gotta know.” Monte responded by asserting he’d made no “racist comments,” but believed Justin is a sexist.

    Monte added the way Justin speaks about women makes him mad, to which Neeley said, “I respect that… I get that… that makes sense,” Joker’s Updates reports.

    Jason jumped into the conversation, letting Monte know that he thought Monte might be homophobic due to not wanting to share a bed with another man. Monte explained, “…there is nothing wrong with people being different. That’s what makes the world go round,” presumably indicating he has no problem with Jason being gay.

    According to Joker’s Updates, talk eventually turned to Scott-bashing, with Alex saying he’s playing a “terrible game.” Jason offered his opinion on Scott, stating he’s “disgracing the superfans” and took the spot of someone deserving and who wanted to be on Big Brother: Over the Top.

    Regarding the Big Brother: Over the Top game, as HOH, Alex took part in the first half of the Week 2 Safety Ceremony and chose Kryssie, Neeley, Morgan Willett, and Whitney Hogg to keep safe. The second half of the Safety Ceremony will take place on Sunday.

    Also, Kryssie, who was given the Save-A-Friend power as the recipient of the first Big Brother: Over the Top Care Package, used it to keep Jason safe. According to Buddy TV, this means Jason will be safe for the entire week and cannot be nominated for eviction, even by America.

  12. Vote Kryssie! She is getting worse on feeds. She really thinks America is in love with her. Time for her to go!

  13. Vote Krissie. I see a lot of people are on the lynch Monte bandwagon, and I’m not a big Monte fan but if you watch the feeds Jason is just about as bad. The things he’s saying about Shelby aren’t called for and have absolutely nothing to do with gameplay
    This is suppose to be about game play , winning comps ect not personal attacks

  14. I voted all my votes for Krissie. And after the last two nights I’m glad. Her and Jason are two of the most disgusting people. I wish Jason wasn’t safe. He’s the same ass he was in his season. So friggin arrogant and nasty. Some of the hateful things and name calling those two do at night is disgusting.

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