‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Nominee – Week 7

Results are in for this week’s America’s Nominee BBOTT vote following Shelby’s nomination of Jason and Danielle in a rejection of their offer as a F4 to target Justin for eviction. Now the target sits on Danielle’s back and she’ll have to fight today for her safety.

America's Nominees on Big Brother Over The Top

Read on to find out which Houseguest was selected by viewers to join Danielle and Whitney on the Block as one of the three nominees this week for Big Brother Over The Top.

Big Brother Over The Top – Week 7 – America’s Vote:

  • Viewers voted Morgan as the 3rd nominee

With only six Houseguests left in the season there was no need for anyone to be picked and no one will sit out with all six playing in today’s competition.

Since everyone in the house but Danielle will be playing to block Danielle from escaping to safety the pressure is on for today’s Veto. If Danielle does win then watch out Jason, otherwise we’ll likely see her heading out the door for a reunion with Shane.

All three nominees need to get ready because here comes the Power of Veto competition today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) shown live on the Feeds and that’s their chance to get off the Block.

What do you think of the results for America’s Nominee? The next round of voting starts Tuesday at 2PM PT for America’s Eviction Vote and you’ll get 20 votes a day so be sure to get your votes in early in case of a repeat of issues like we’ve seen in earlier weeks.



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  1. The polls here and on Jokers had Kryssie with twice the votes Morgan had. Starting to wonder if the conspiracy theorists might be on to something.

    • I’m surprised at the result, but I put all my eggs in for Morgan and I didn’t vote in the Jokers or BBN poll. Perhaps I’m not alone.

      • I’d say for sure you are not alone… I’m beginning to think America wants Kryssie in the F3.. perhaps b/c since she has done nothing pretty much it’ll still be like a F2 in the end. IDK.

    • Whenever America supposedly votes for the plastics in a negative way you fans think it’s rigged but when the votes go the way you want you are not saying its rigged, make up your minds.

      • My post was not in support of any “side” or player. It points out how far off the polls were from the results. Earlier in the season they were in sync. Not sure why you want to turn that into a fight.

    • I think that there might be a lot of voting in the polls that don’t have all access and don’t actually vote for the actual thing. But if not, then i don’t know

  2. Rigged !!!! Kryssie was way out front in all the polls by 30% even though there all un-official there not that far off!

    • Yep. Funny how when someone was leading in the polls rather it was for nominations, ACP, or eviction that was the person that would get it. Now the last two weeks whoever was way out front on all the polls didn’t matter. Something is funny.

      • Something was funny when the veto we voted for was exchanged for a 2 person veto, but you didn’t mind that being rigged!

      • Once again I will repeat for the hundredth time. If someone is NOT on the block and WINS the VETO they are SAFE and can use it or not to REMOVE someone from the block. Therefore Morgan was SAFE and chose NOT to use the veto. Nothing has changed with those rules. They’ve been like that forever. It’s not Morgan’s fault that the CP comes before nominations. So therefore not rigged. But it was okay for Jason to take over Shelbys HOH and screw her. Maybe that was a rigged care package.

      • LG the polls do not always add up. On Jokers all last season Nicole was at the very bottom in popularity, but on BBN she was right up near the top each week, but on twitter she fluctuated a lot going from bottom to top several times. America is fickle and like drama… I mean look at who we just voted for as President! ;)

        This was not a rigged election, it was simply some people did not vote at all, and some who did, did not vote on the polls… I had a feeling this was going to happen. Ask Cy. I called it last week. I said America would nominate Morgan as soon as Shelby put Danielle OTB b/c Danielle was probably the *only* HG America would unite against and vote out.

    • C’mon, are we really going to get on this old bandwagon again? I voted for Kryssie as well, but I am beginning to think America wants her as the 3rd F# b/c then it’ll be like a F2 b/c Kryssie will definitely come in 3rd. However, I am not screaming rigged. I suspect, there are simply a lot of voters who do not check in or vote on the polls.

  3. Wow. That’s amazing, everytime Kryssie gets at the top of these polls, someone on the opposite side gets nominated. Y’all are probably giving Kryssie some good luck here with all that hate. Maybe y’all should reconsider what you say about her. XD

  4. If Danielle takes herself off, it’s Morgan going home with Danielle and America’s votes. Or am I missing something?

  5. I’m going to look at the bright side of this, if Krissy had been nominated she probably would have thought that America had got mad at her because she turned on Danielle and would have taken it as a sign not to vote out Danielle. She is that delusional.

    • Probably. She’ll see it as a sign and she’ll get Justin back on board and if Morgan doesn’t win POV she’s a goner come eviction night.

  6. Okay, NOW I’m calling bull. What the hell, CBS? Does Kryssie’s boyfriend work for you or something? Or is it just that you’re afraid of what will happen if you lose Golden Boy Jason? Are his small-minded sheep sending death threats?

    • No kidding. And I believe Krissie was recruited. Can’t believe people like watching her when she does absolutely nothing. Never washes her hair. Wears the same disgusting black stretch pants. And farts and burps. Real exciting to watch. Those people must like to watch paint dry too. Very disappointed. I’ll continue to watch because I want to see what happens but if they do this next year I won’t.

    • Jason is no golden boy to them, were you not watching when the production was upset Whitney didn’t win HOH against Danielle? It is not rigged for them, if anything its been rigged for the plastics, win a veto and save a friend too, yeah rigged!

      • Which is why they have ALL THE NUMBERS and are basically guaranteed to win. Yeah, so rigged for the Smashers. Keep baaing, little sheep.

  7. Surprised, but not too surprised. Just confirmed what the HG’s knew all along. America loves Miss Burp!..ha! ..omg..

    • I can’t believe how disgusting that Burp-Monster is. I mean, wowzers, she makes me wanna puke. Lyric, are you one of those people trying to keep her? Lol…

      • See….this is what happens Cy when you don’t vote!

        In other words… “You have done this to yourself” ;) lol! *ducks head* haha

      • Hey Sharona… Good morning to ya, hun! :)

        IDK what to think at this point. I have voted for Kryssie a few times, but she always avoids the chopping block!… slippery little burpy-beast! lol!

        Anyhow, I’m thinking America might want her for F3 only b/c she is pretty much guaranteed 3rd place, so it’ll be like a F2 like regular BB. IDK…just a theory…

      • Hey Sweetie! IDK either. I totally do not get it. Maybe she slips by so often, is because of those nasty-ass, filthy black pants she always wears. Even if she was to sit on the block, those bacteria ridden things would have her slip slidin’ away. Jeez, I just grossed myself out.

        Seriously though, I Do. Not. Get. It. If she’s 3rd place, I don’t care. In fact, I kinda don’t care about this season at all…which is why I haven’t commented much. I’m watching halfheartedly…even reading comments halfheartedly. Not because I don’t care about what my friends have to say (YOU!)–I’m just…meh. Ya know? Anyway. I’ll talk to you soon. Yup, yup. :-)

      • I actually liked this season b/c *everything* was right there for us to see. The comps were all live–everything! I loved Alex as a HG. I wanted to love Cornbread, but ended up not lovin me some CB after all! lol! Jason has been pretty entertaining as has Justin. I adore Shelby. She’s tons smarter than the LNJ give her credit for…

        Whew! I could go on… Anyhow. It was good to hear from ya, Sha. *hugs*

        and maybe you can press Cy for my dmnd hodjie! yup yup! or he blodjkd! ;) hahahahahaha… kinda miss mickey being a fool… haha

      • Yer funni. :-) I’ve just been out of sorts. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the season, though! I wish I could get back to being the fun ‘Sha’ again. *sigh* Definitely by next summer. Lol!

  8. I’m done voting. America screws it up or maybe it’s not America screwing it up. Who in the hell likes Krissie?

    • It is either Twitter, or something is fishy. I think all polls had Kryssie going up, but Twitter is a monster.

      • Yet this was the first time twitter polls had Krissy in the lead too. Scratching my head on this one.

      • I don’t think so… last I checked twitter was voting for Morgan as America’s nom. I might be wrong since that was last night, but…looking at the results, I don’t think so.

    • Twitter had Morgan as the nominee. I had a feeling this would happen as soon as Shelby nominated Danielle b/c I thought she (Danielle) was the *only* HG America would vote out for sure.

      • Please what is there to like about her unless you like watching her burp and fart. Because she doesn’t do anything else.

  9. If they’re all serious on winning this game or increase their chances of winning, they have to get Danielle out. No argument..it’s a ‘given.

    • Most definitely. But this is a case of right decision for the wrong reasons. They don’t want Danielle out because she’s great at comps but because she is annoying, which seems so dumb. Get her out, because she has a shot at the next CP, get her out because she’s a comp threat, but all the petty stuff is annoying.

      • You’re right. I hear that a lot from the Plastics, that she will win this game if she gets to F3, but not from the Misfits.

    • Did I call it Cy, or what?? America likes drama! What better way to get it than nominate the HOH’s ride or die. I swear, I have nominated Kryssie so many times, and yet…she never appears on that TV screen! haha

      However, on an interesting note, this is a chance for Morgan to *prove* she deserves to be in the BB finals. Out of all the HG left, only her & Justin have yet to win a comp–any comp! So, if Morgan wants to stay, I say let her earn it by winning POV. Then he can legit say she deserves it.

      • You did! . I remember. I always say though. Misfit fans have better ground game. Twitter was crazy with Morgan’s name. lol

      • But we (America) are drunk with the power we have this season Cy and if you look back…almost every week, the HOH’s alliance member has gone OTB. And *especially* after Alex’s eviction… I just knew this was going to happen.

        But as I said, let’s see how badly Morgan really wants to stay. She has won nothing so far. If she wins POV, then she deserves to stay. If not, then she doesn’t imo.

      • No they haven’t. Morgan was awarded a veto from America in the CP and Justin has not won a single comp…

        Give me a date and time when Justin won the veto…

      • No, Justin was *awarded* the second veto due to the CP…he did not actually win that comp, Alex did. If not for the CP, Alex would have been the sole POV holder. I am saying, neither Morgan or Justin have actually competed in a comp and actually *WON* it.

        If you can correct me on this…feel free. I simply do not recall either of them *actually winning* a competition, except when ACP were involved to give them the veto.

      • Week 4 Morgan competed in and won the rock-climbing wall comp. She used the veto to save herself.

      • You know what? I stand corrected…I had totally forgotten about that comp! Morgan did win that POV. I had honestly forgotten about that one. My bad, however, Justin did not win his…it was given to him due to the CP, just as Jason’s HOH was given to him.

      • Morgan won the wall climbing Veto comp, like legit won it. That was the comp that Kryssie quit on.

      • Yes, I remember that now…if you look at my comment below I admit that. I guess since she has not won much, that one slipped my mind. However, I stand by my view on Justin, he has not won a comp. He was *awarded* a second veto in the same manner that Jason was *awarded* a CO/HOH.

  10. This makes me happy, because the plastics suck. However, I am pretty sure production has tipped Shelby off that the veto competition will be about days.

  11. Hey, the people have spoken. No one to blame but the people that voted. Much like how everyone wanted Hillary, but we ended up with Trump. The people have spoken, if your favourite person doesn’t win, oh well. If your most despised person ends up winning, oh well. If things didn’t go the way you thought it would, OH WELL. ‘Tis just a game.

  12. Why does Matthew mention watch out Jason? If Danielle comes off the block, there with be Danielle, Kryssie, Justin, and America’s vote left. One of the three people goes up as a replacement. But the only one who may vote Jason out is Justin.

    • I wondered that too. However, either Kryssie or Justin would be the replacement, so the only votes would be Danielle, Justin OR Kryssie, and America. So if Justin and America voted out Jason, he’d go. But I can’t see America voting out Jason.

      • Do you really think Justin & Kryssie are going to honor their deal with Shelby now? I would be so shocked if they did. Kryssie already said she was only doing it until something better came along, well America just gave her a better target…Morgan. If Morgan does not win this domino POV, do you think the LNJ won’t vote her out??

      • IDK Matt, I think you might be wrong on this one. I think if Dani comes down, Justin has to go up and *for sure* Danielle is voting for Justin to go and I think (over Jason) Kryssie will vote Justin out as well.

    • I still think Kryssie will vote to keep Dani over Morgan. Im more worried for Morgan than Dani.

      • I guess we’ll see. I really don’t think Kryssie wants Danielle around past this week.

    • I doubt it. Now that Morgan is OTB…the LNJ has all the power again. If Morgan does not win POV she’s as good as gone. I think Kryssie and Jason will reel Justin back in and he’ll vote Morgan out.

      • I don’t know. That would surprise me. Justin has been little baby about Danielle choosing Shane over him, it’s silly. So I think he wants Danielle out, in some sort of attempt to restore his “honor” and manhood. I think Justin is voting out Danielle. If Justin is doing it, so is Kryssie.

  13. Kryssie lost the popular vote, but Morgan lost the Electoral College vote so she’s nominated. That explains it!

  14. I’m in shock. I don’t believe it. I coulda bet $100 that Kryssie would get it by a landslide.

  15. Last week it was exactly like this. Kryssie was leading all the polls only to have the second place person become America’s Nom. Kryssie is getting a free pass to the finale provided by BB.

  16. It’s funny, but I had a feeling this was going to happen as soon as Shelby nominated Danielle AND Jason. By nominating them both she put up a fan fave (Jason) and the *one* HG America would most likely vote out (Danielle). That gave America the opportunity to (once again) unleash drama in the house by nominating the HOH’s alliance member. It has happened almost every week… We (America) are drunk with power and are enjoying playing GOD for the BBOTT season imo!

  17. OK..this is two weeks in a row that the polls have been way off..when I looked about an hour ago..Kryssie was at 66%..Morgan was around 32%..now what the heck is going on here? If you are not going to do it right, producers..then don’t do it at all. Now, I am sure that the nasty misfits will come together and vote out Morgan..Shelby will be on her own..and unless she wins an HOH..we care going to be stuck with 3 misfits at the end. Jason is set up very nicely.

  18. Kryssie escaping the block again is puzzling. If it can happen so many weeks, I feel like us fans with one paid account will have little say in who wins because there are a lot of people either making multiple free accounts or there are many people voting that are not viewers or are casual viewers(there are over 1 million all access accounts I doubt even 20% are watching OTT daily). I feel like if Shelby/Morgan make it to the F3, they have no chance even against Justin/Kryssie who have done little in the game.

      • You can get 1 week free trial and still vote. I just have one paid account but I have seen people encouraging others to open as many free trial accounts as they can and close within a week and there is no charge.

      • That could be, IDK…you can call a production has it rigged scenario for every season if you want.

        For example, in BB 18 some said Nicole & James had a deal before the game even started, but Nicole supporters said no way, b/c James and Nicole did noit even know they were both going to be in the house. However, Jason let it slip during BBOTT that Da’Vonne knew who was coming into the house before BB18, so it stands to reason so did Nicole and James. Furthermore, he said Day had* to know who Tiffany was b/c he and Day were at a party at Vanessa’s house and they both met Tiffany… and yet, Day pretended to not know who she was, so production had to tell her to do that…right? Or maybe she just didn’t remember. Who know? I don’t. So, you can call production foul there, but then Nicole lovers call production interference with Victor coming back into the house over and over last season… or saying production is helping Jason this season…or they’re helping Shelby by giving her a re-do on the HOH despite the fact that Shelby broke that mirror herself. I mean, it will go on and on… you can call production interference on every side again and again, but is it really true!?? Who knows?

        My point is this, if you want to believe that, then why watch the show at all? If you honestly think it is rigged, then why bother?

        I choose not to believe production has chosen the winner before the season starts. Makes the game more interesting.

      • Yeah, conspiracy theories may be fun to think about, but you’ll just drive yourself crazy if you buy into them.

        For the record, I never called production out on Victor’s continual return to the house. There was no way in hell anyone could’ve predicted that. I may have been rooting for Nicole, but that doesn’t mean I don’t give credit where credit is due, and Victor was a beast. I hope he gets the chance to return to BB and take another stab at it.

      • Agree about the driving yourself crazy part. ;) BB is a crazy enough game all on its own designed to make the viewers rabid and a bit cuckoo! Why add conspiracy theories to the mix! Right? haha

        No hon, I wasn’t saying you had personally called foul against Vic, I was just generalizing, you know what I mean? Saying how each side could make an argument for unfair advantages and so on… I don’t recall you being a Vic hater. You were a Nicole fan for sure, but I do not remember you really hating on Vic. I don’t think you liked Paul though. Am I right? ;)

      • Yeah, Paul disgusted me, and it was hard to let go of the nasty things he said about James early on (and I honestly do think production called him and Bronte in to tell them to stop because there were a lot of articles on the internet during that first week comparing BB18’s racist comments to BB15’s, which I’m sure CBS wanted to avoid).

        However, I never put Vic in that same category. Sure, his naiveté was painful to watch, but that always happens with recruits who come in not knowing anything about the game. But he learned quickly, and his spirit was unbreakable. So in the end, I was happy to see Victor claim the AFP prize.

  19. This is going to be a long POV guys… They are setting up dominoes to steer the way to the correct answer.

    • I think b/c Danielle was OTB…That is the one HG America would have nom’d for sure, but Shelby put her up and (as we have seen in the past) America likes to stir the pot and now they have!

  20. No worries y’all it’s not like Morgan is going home it’s Danielle vs the house everyone wants her gone?

  21. All of these theories I see of “production interference” are hilarious. Look on Twitter. The push for Kryssie and Morgan was even. I bet it was closer than ever this week, and sadly, Morgan ended up on the short end of that vote. Some people aren’t voting who they dislike as their third nominee. They are voting for the person who will make the week more interesting. Putting Kryssie up would have guaranteed that a LNJ member goes home this week, so they decided to put Morgan up instead, so Shelby’s ally is on the block and she has to fight to save herself. This is how Big Brother should be, battles every week to save your life in the game

    • That sounds about right. America is loving the power to toss the house around…I had a feeling Morgan would be AN as soon as Shelby nom’d Danielle. It makes for interesting feeds and serious competitions.

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