‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Nominee – Week 5

Results are in for this week’s America’s Nominee BBOTT vote following Danielle’s nomination of Whitney and Shelby, a move that has troubled even a few on her own side. Now the nominations couch is a little more crowded as we get ready for today’s Veto comp.

Note: Production ran today’s meeting about 25 mins early. I have no idea, but I missed it as a result like many of you may have done. Thanks, BB.

America's Nominees on Big Brother Over The Top

Read on to find out which Houseguest was selected by viewers to join Shelby and Whitney on the Block as one of the three nominees this week for Big Brother Over The Top.

Big Brother Over The Top – Week 5 – America’s Vote:

  • Viewers voted Scott as the 3rd nominee

Wow, I bet that was close. Our poll was divided by 0.37% between Kryssie and Scott so I figured that was practically a toss-up. Now those results are sure to shock the house with a PBS assured to go home this round. More drama sure to follow on the Feeds!

Players picked for the Veto comp were Jason and then Whitney got HG Choice and went with Justin just as she said overnight she would do.

All three nominees need to get ready because here comes the Power of Veto competition today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) shown live on the Feeds and that’s their chance to get off the Block.

What do you think of the results for America’s Nominee? The next round of voting starts Tuesday at 2PM PT for America’s Eviction Vote and you’ll get 20 votes a day so be sure to get your votes in early in case of a repeat of issues like we’ve seen in earlier weeks.


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  1. Finally, that cocky little nerd is back on the block and will, hopefully, get the boot. …If someone comes down and can be replaced, I hope to see Alex sitting on the block, too.

      • I think it was the totality of the polls that made me surprised. I think a small majority must have wanted more drama this week, so Scott got nominated.

      • Half the people that vote don’t vote strategically. I’ll bet a lot of those votes for Scott are Alex fans. And it’s just hurting her side not helping. Instead of looking at Scott as a number they’re looking at him as being different and obsessed with Alex. We could of went after him next week when Alex had the extra numbers.

      • Most polls have a 3% margin of error. So no matter what the outcome, you still could have counted it as an accurate prediction.

      • Good point! I figured with it that close it was no longer reliable. The wider divides have held true except for one with Danielle getting America’s VTE when the divide was just a point or two as well.

    • Me too. She adds nothing to the show. Scott is different and awkward but at least he’s playing. We could of got him out next week.

  2. I missed the actual ceremony (What happened to 10:00 am BB time?). I have to say this is probably one of the worst possible scenarios for Plastic/ BS fans. Since Jason and Danielle both promised to pull Scott off the block, Scott will probably still be in the house come Wednesday. The only way Scott stays OTB is if Shelby or Whitney win Veto. Justin could surprise us win and take Whitney off the block, but somehow I don’t see that happening.

    • Yeah they ran the ceremony early today…caught me off too.

      Seems like Jason/Justin want to leave Scott OTB and push to get him evicted. Danielle doesn’t agree with this and wants him down. Big veto ahead.

  3. Looks like people want to watch someone lay around all day long, sad faced, bitching and moaning, burping and farting, talking smack. In other words a waste of space in the BB house. Her performance in the veto challenge alone last week should have guaranteed her departure. She should have left to recuperate from the hand transplant she whined about all week long, coupled with her incessant menstrual chatter, she is totally insufferable. At least Scott talks game and is mobile.

  4. Not a fan of Scott, so I’m glad to see him up there. It’s clear to me though that if he wins veto, Kryssie will definitely replace him.

    • Scott was America’s nom. If he is pulled down, there isn’t a replacement.

      • No? So there’s no one in the third chair at all? Thanks for the insight. I thought if America’s nominee came down, the person with the next highest votes went up. Oops!

      • It’s an easy mistake to make. Julie mentioned it at the very beginning of the season. I’m very surprised that none of America’s Noms have been Vetoed yet. Nobody’s been brave enough to do it.

    • She saw where she was in the pecking order and jumped ship. I can’t really blame her. I still think I’d still have chosen someone with a better record of actually winning something!

      • I actually like her..and who else is she gonna pick? She’s gonna pick from the Plastics.

      • The last few days have been interesting huh? Sides are beginning to blur a bit!

        Hmm good question. I kinda doubt it b/c she said she’s been watching BB for like 12 years. But I’m not entirely sure.

      • Oh yeah…Definitely!

        I’ve been tripping out that Justin/Jason have been turning on Danielle, sure that she’s working with Alex/Scott. Do you know if she told Justin/Jason that she made just a one-week deal with them? They seem to think otherwise!

      • I don’t think so. She’s still covering her bases on both sides. That’s playing the game. making adjustments if necessary. She’s becoming more daring now though, as it’s becoming more evident she’s at the bottom with the Plastics. She told the Misfits, someone has to take out Alex or she’ll win the game…lol..the girl will strike, if she’s given the opportunity.

      • I think they all are with the exception of Scott. This has been a life long dream of his, to be on BB.

      • He hasn’t been great, but he’s never really had a real reason to win either. Now that his baby Whitney is in danger, will we see him turn up?

      • Maybe, who knows. He seems to really be affected by being on slop, taken a lot of his energy away. That could have a big impact. I like Justin and am really glad he is in this season, he brings much needed entertainment to the show. Pizza Baby, ya dig! lol

      • You’re right about the slop BG…forgot he was a HN there for a second. Can’t wait to see the veto comp.

      • Yes!! Very excited for the veto comp this week. Should be a good one. A lot on the line this time around.

      • Justin will do terrible in this comp. He is afraid of a witches hat. This comp they are searching for 3 things in the dark! He will lose!!

  5. Well if America is a fan of Alex then they screwed this one up. This is going to hurt the girls because now they will be down to 4 same as the disgusting misfits. So hope America is happy. SMH

    • We are happy but I’m not celebrating until after eviction. This crazy season anything can happen between now and then.

      • Alex would probably agree and also say that Morgan is doing the same. But, I’m not so sure. imo, Alex has a pretty terrible social game…she’s comes across as way too calculated (great strategist though).

        If she dumps Scott and eventually Morgan, I think she’ll be in deep trouble. Alex is untrusted and a strong competitor. Without her allies she likely be targeted quickly.

      • Scott will die for Alex. You can’t find a better ally than that. However, there’s a player that doesn’t seem to accept their partnership. America hates him. lol..I see where Dan Roxas is coming from. In a way he’s holding her back.

      • I agree but she needs him for a number. Now the numbers will be 4-4 and Alex is the biggest target from the other side. It looks like Whitney might flip now too. Actually I hope Scott wins veto and Whitney gets voted out. Especially now that she’s starting to go with the nasty misfits. The girls have been loyal to her and now she’s flipping.

  6. Well since Scott will probably leave, and Whitney has flipped, it will now be Alex Morgan and Shelby against the rest of the house. Jason is not going to honor any deal with Alex and he will not try to get Danielle out now that they have the numbers again

      • Yep. Time to see if Danielle sticks to her word about not wanting America’s nominee to stay on the block. Provided she wins, of course.

    • Yep. America got this one wrong. I hope Whitney goes and Scott wins HOH and Morgan gets care package and America nominates Krissie. Is that too much to ask for? Lol Then during DE Krissie goes followed by Scott.

  7. Now they’re all confused. I hope they all realized they can’t rely on Americas vote…America is not dependable. Ha!

  8. The only reason Scott was put up instead of Kryssie is some BS fans are worried about Scott’s actions. Now to me they put a bigger target on Jason this next week. They will start thinking about those eligible for CP and gun for them Jason will be up and out. Kryssie will be safe because she has already had her CP. I do not like Kryssie but will be on board for Jason leaving next week!

  9. About time America gets it right. It’s time for the hoh to get their power back. It feels like Christmas. Bye Scott it’s been real. #thisisforneeley

  10. Eh, whatever.

    Time to see if Danielle’s true to her word. She didn’t want Scott targeted this week. At all. Even said she’d save him with the Veto if he’s America’s Nominee. So if she gets the opportunity and doesn’t do it, she’ll just prove to everyone what a snake she is.

    • Please she’s not going to keep to her word. But in theory no one has kept to their word. She’s going to throw the veto faster than a pitch at the World Series. Besides we know she’s going home next week probably so let her a good week throw her a bone.

    • That is ridiculous! Why should Danielle honor a deal that Scott/Alex never had intentions of keeping if they had the upper hand. Scott/Alex are KNOWN to make and break deals according to what they need at the moment.

  11. YAY!!! Danielle has shown who the REAL comp beast is of BBOTT and she did it without production rigging comps for her or CHEATER VOTES . A genuine competitor at heart.

      • I think production has something to do with it because if u remember how dani was when Shelby got ACP they call Dani to DR and when she came back she was acting different and Jason said he never got picked to play and this time it was all LNJ.and about Sccot I don’t like him but I don’t disliked him it was the same thing when the votes just started he was already on top so I knew it was going to he Scott this is all production.

      • One of my friends was actually wondering the same thing, lol. That because of all the “rigged production” backlash from the Misfit fanatics if they tried to throw everything to the Misfits this week after the ACP because they wanted it to stop. I got a good laugh out of it, but ultimately, I don’t believe it. This game goes back and forth all the time. Things didn’t go the way we BS fans wanted this time, and that’s okay. We’ve had 2 weeks of the Misfits in power, so there’s bound to be a shift soon.

      • Like today when Justin he went straight to the items like he knew were the stuff was but Dani was faster so there’s a a few things that I seen that’s why I said that.

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