‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Nominee – Week 2

Voting has ended for America’s latest round of voting and thankfully this week CBS’s polling system was actually functional! Would the viewers send a third target for Alex to the Block or instead potentially flip her HoH reign and redirect the week’s eviction plans?

America's Nominees on Big Brother Over The Top

Read on to find out which Houseguest was selected by viewers to join Danielle and Shane on the Block as one of the three nominees this week for BBOTT.

Big Brother Over The Top – Week 2 – America’s Vote:

  • Viewers voted Monte as the 3rd nominee

No big surprise here as Monte was a leading target in online discussions and he “won” our poll as well. Monte is now up on the Block against Danielle and Shane but he has a chance to escape danger with today’s Veto comp.

Joining them in the comp will be Scott and Shelby, the latter selected by Alex as her HG Choice for drawing her own name. Justin was picked by Alex as the host.

All three nominees better get ready because here comes the Power of Veto competition today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) shown live on the Feeds and that’s their chance to get off the Block. Should the 3rd nominee win the Veto or be saved by whoever does get the power then there will be no renom and we’ll drop back to just two nominees this week. There’s no reasonable way to get a renom decided live during the Veto ceremony so that’s just how this is going to play out.

What do you think of the results for America’s Nominee? The next round of voting starts Tuesday at 2PM PT for America’s Eviction Vote and you’ll get 20 votes a day but you’ll want to get ahead of the curve on this one considering how poorly things went for recent voting. Let’s hope they work the kinks out in time.



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  1. Stupid choice America. Nothing like screwing up Alex’s HOH. I hope Monte wins POV then they’ll only be Shane and Danielle to vote out. At least America won’t be able to screw that up with their vote.

    • Agreed I was going to say the same thing.
      They should change the name from America’s vote to……
      Some of the viewer’s vote.
      Cuz live feeders know better!

      • Seems like the voting is more like a self proclaimed Lynch mob or witch hunt. America’s not voting on game play their voting by their own prejudices

      • I voted for Monte because I don’t care for his arrogant behavior. He does everything very subtle,but loves to talk over people as if he is the only one who has something important to say.

      • Justin does a lot over people too and calling Women holes. But for many people Justin can do no wrong.

      • Justin is over the top and so is Jason. They both talk over people as well, but this is the beginning of the season and the house is divided. I am a fan of Jason and a couple of people on his side. I do wish for Danielle or Shelby to be voted out next time, but for now Monte and Shane should be separated. I like Shane and he needs to be left without his two people so he can side with the right group.
        Monte rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. He started to show subtle behaviors of Paulie so I think for many viewers that made him evil. He seems and acts sweet when he is around his alliance.

      • I liked Jason at first, heck I even voted for him to come back in but lately he’s just getting disgusting calling some of the girls the C word and saying Shelby is trash , hooker ect. I’m not a Shelby fan but that is just wrong. I even liked Justin at the beginning but him calling a female in the house the C word along with a few other things he’s said and done, not a fan of his anymore

      • Jason is freer with the mouth after he found out he was safe. It got really bad. Hope it doesn’t come to bite him in the butt. He should never feel that safe again. Kryssie should go if she doesn’t prove herself soon that she’s competitive.

      • Yeah he does get mouthy. It is the one thing about him that always seems to get him in trouble. Jason really needs to stop talking and start listening…it would serve him better in his game!

      • Neely and Krissey who are older than the rest of the girls and Jason’s friend should talk to him about it.
        He thinks that because of his preference that it is OK to speak to women that way. If he wants to be one of the girls then he should be catty and jealous, but not insulting behind their backs.

      • Well said! He is being petty and catty. He should also talk to Shelby and tell her why he’s mad at her. Then she could tell him she was NOT the one who opened her mouth about their Jamboree alliance. It was Scott jason!!!!

      • Exactly! He looks great on paper, but if you listen to what he actually says…especially to the women in his alliance, he comes across really chauvinistic.

      • Did you hear what Monte said this morning? He said Justin is homophobic. I was like, what? In Justin’s DR, he said him and Jason are tight because Jason gets him more than others do. Didn’t sound homophobic to me at all.

      • Good afternoon Joni! :)

        Really? No, I had to go get my son from work so I just got back and have been off the feeds. When did he say that?? And why? Justin is probably one of the *least* homophobic people in that house. He’s a total free spirit, young, sometimes dumb, but real. He loves Jason!

        You know what though, Joni…people often accuse someone of doing something when they themselves are doing it. Perhaps Monte is the homophobe and is throwing the blame Justin’s way to take attention off himself.

      • Around 12:00 p.m. this afternoon BBT. It was in the HoH room when he was looking at the memory board. Don’t quote me on the time, though. LOL

      • Really. Well, I’ll have to go to flashback to check that out. That really surprises me b/c I don’t see Justin like that at all. He is what he is and that is a player. Any girl who dates him must be missing brain cells, but he’s not homophobic… Monte is being shady for saying that imo.

  2. Jason totally went off on Shelby! I felt so bad for her…she is not one of my big faves, but she is getting blamed for something she didn’t do. Jason thinks she is the one who ratted out the OTTJamboree to Monte, but it wasn’t Shelby, it was actually Scott! Shelby really likes Jason and hasn’t said anything bad about him. He (Jason) really should have asked her about that whole situation instead of just assuming b/c she bonded with the girls that she was the one who told… Shelby looked really hurt by the whole thing…

      • He thinks she is the one who ratted out the OTTJamboree alliance, Joni. It wasn’t her…it was sneaky a$$ Scott! But Jason, Kryssie, Neeley and Justin all think it was Shelby b/c she bonded with the girls the next day and then right after that Monte mentioned the alliance. That was why Jason, Kryssie and Neeley all went up to Shelby and said “There is no alliance anymore”. They think she told Morgan–who told Monte…and so on. That is why he doesn’t like or trust her.

      • I missed it, does Monte actually know about the Jamboree by name. Or, does he just know by association b/c they all hangout?

        Shelby did bail out on the Jamboree as soon as she thought she might get nom’d last Saturday. She claimed she’d be spending time with the plastics to get intel, but never really returned to the Jamboree, even when she didn’t get nom’d last Sunday.

      • It’s all so stupid really! Shelby didn’t really rat anyone out. It was all Scott’s doing. Wati til Jason finds that out! hahaha

      • I know. He doesn’t trust Scott either, but a lot of what he blames Shelby for is actually Scott’s doing. Jason will have some serious amends to make when he watches the feeds after the season is over!

      • Yeah, her hanging so tight with them and then Monte mentioning the “late night alliance” is how he put it I think made Kryssie, Jason, Justin and Neeley all think it was Shelby who spilled the beans. That is when Jason went right up to her and told her there was no more OTTJamboree…and cut her short. Shelby mentioned it in her live DR, but she had no idea WHY he said that to her. It was b/c Scott went to Monte and told him about the alliance.

        See Dan..he IS that sneaky! haha.

      • Exactly, that is why he should talk to Shelby b/c if he did she could tell him it was NOT her–it was sneaky Scott!

    • I agree, both have been pretty negative to each other. The house stress/tension is already bringing the drama this season!

      I couldn’t help but LMAO this morning when Jason returned Shelby’s snide comment with, “You just keep wearin’ that T-shirt with a dress.”

      Kinda sucks that they’re fighting because I like both of them, hope they end up talking and working things out.

      • Did you see my post Dan as to why Jason doesn’t like Shelby? Him, Kryssie, Neeley & Justin all think she blew up the Jamboree alliance by telling Morgan who they think then ran to Monte with it. Shelby has never said anything too terrible about Jason, although she did tell Alex that Jason was rooting for Neeley in the last HOH, whiich is not too cool. But, I hope they work it out, but I doubt it. Anyways…exciting feeds for us! haha

      • Seems to me that Jason’s side isn’t entirely in the wrong about Shelby. She’s def thrown all of them UTB in her new alliance. The whole thing got really messy over the past week!

      • I would hope so… Egads! Shelby is definitely not Jason’s type… and wow, can’t believe this is even a topic! haha

  3. I just flasback the 3rd nom ceremony. ..hilarious. ..ok BB…Next Vote please…i’m loving all these..ha!

    • I know, Monte played it off like “I knew it was going to be me” but you could see he’s worried…

      Did you see the Jason/Shelby blowout??

      • Hahaha! I know. He knows his days are numbered b/c we could very possibly be the DECIDING vote this week!! Oh the power of it all! mwahaha!

        Anyhoo…did you see Jason go off on Shelby Cy?? It was pretty bad.

      • Yeah…I saw that..lol For the viewers, that was great. I look at this people like characters of the show. I don’t take them seriously. I’m a viewer, and I don’t like boring players. Villain or not. You know what I mean. lol….I feel like I’m playing “the Sims’ PC game. I like the control. hehe

      • Hahahaha! What a great way to look at it all, Cy! And a perfect viewpoint for OTT since we (America) really can move the pawns around the board in this season. right?? ;)

      • I feel like they are characters on a show as well. They actually are, so once they leave the house my feelings towards them is different. Except for Paulie and Z. Those two characters can have a nice life in ….

      • He thinks Shelby is the one who ratted out the OTTJamboree alliance to Monte…that is why he says she has a big mouth and doesn’t like her.

  4. How is it even fair to have America so involved in the game, when they have a returning house guest with a already built in fan base(Why i have no idea)?

  5. How is it even fair to have America so involved in the game, when they have a returning house guest with a already built in fan base(Why i have no idea)?

  6. I’m really hoping Danielle leaves this week but if monte stay on the block I feel like America will vote him out. I hope there group of 4 can beat Danielle and Shane in the POV.

  7. Its a shame how America has become Jasons puppets. Everybody use to complain how proction use to interfere to effect the game for certain people . Well I see Amerca’s vote is doing the same thing

  8. Can we all decide to kill this viewer voting thing now? Nearly all OTT discussion revolves around who I’m voting for, why your decision sucks and mine is better. Talk about individual HG gameplay is almost non-existent. No wonder too…voting is all that matters this season.

    I’m done voting, just let them play the game?

    Rant done…carry on?

    • lolol.
      Let’s pay attention to the game and its players now.
      So who is your favorite and why?

      • Well, that all depends on how you’re voting next week SJ. I need to make sure I strategically plan out my favorites and votes in weeks 3, 4, 6 & 8, so I can make sure my votes go against yours, Cyril’s and TGJ.

        Otherwise my favs might get a disadvantage that ends up giving yours an advantage over mine. Then what will I do??

      • Hahahahaha!! OMG Dan, too funny, but sadly too true. Why can’t all of us here just be allowed to have an individual opinion?? I do not car one way or another how someone else votes. They are absolutely entitled to their opinions and faves, just as I am… but you are right, it is getting ridiculous how people are getting irate b/c someone doesn’t want to vote their way! I say back off and let me have my vote and you should too, Dan. :)

      • LOL…you know this whole voting this is WAY outta control on twitter. It’s not near the problem here, but still…I’m so over the voting.

    • Agreed. It was all right at first, but now it’s turned into America’s personal prejudices. “Let’s vote for so and so because we hate them, who cares if it’s a smart game move!”

      • And who decides what is a smart game move?? You? I have not tried to coerce anyone to vote a certain way. I have asked who they are voting for b/c it is fun to know, but I have never talked down to someone for not voting my way and it is really starting to bother me when people say it is a dumb move just b/c it is not how they want the vote to go. I made my vote the way I did b/c it benefited the player I favor…IMO, that is a smart game move for me. I’m allowed to have my opinion and my vote, so can we all stop trying to bully people here to vote a certain way and just enjoy being the 14th HG this season!

        This is supposed to be fun people… Remember? :)

      • Interesting that you felt the need to make this about you.

        You know, being a teacher gives me a good read on people and their reactions to things I say. What you just said? That tells me a lot right there.

    • How can individual game play be a topic of discussion?
      Nobody knows what that is anymore.

      • So very true Angie! This season is just a game of interference for these HGs. Such a shame too, it’s a great cast full of people who truly want to play the game.

  9. Remember when BB bring a veteran player back was the worst thing production could do in the eyes of America? When did that change?

  10. Love seeing all of this POV. We never get to see the guest host tease the HGs live during the comp.

  11. Shelby practiced last night on how to get the ball into the water Her side is doing pretty bad.lol….Shane is killing it.

  12. They should have just made Monte the ‘range picker’ lol horrible..didn’t he practiced?

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