‘Big Brother OTT’ Popularity Poll – Week 7

Our weekly Popularity Poll is back for Big Brother Over The Top and that means it’s time to support your favorite Houseguest with your vote each day to move him or her up the charts and ranks.

BBOTT 2016 Memory Wall of HGs

All thirteen BBOTT Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite. Read on for last week’s results & this week’s new poll.

Readers have definitely settled in on their favorites for awhile now as we’re seeing a continuation of the steady rankings of recent weeks. This time around the top eight positions are all held by the very same HGs in the very same positions as last round. It’s not until Neeley that we see any change after she got up from the 13th spot and improved three ranks to 10th. The first three evictees each fell one spot to make room for her and rounded out the bottom three in the results.

I think it’s really interesting that Alex could end up again as the most popular player here but then find herself on the losing end of America’s Nom and America’s VTE. Clearly the wider range of BBOTT fans do not line up with our readers’ preferences there. Or maybe some of them like her but wanted to see her forced to play then forced out the door.

Now that we’re down to the last few weeks of the season I’ll be interested to see how things shift as we approach the F3 of the season. Once we get there the viewers will be voting to pick the season’s winner and while I thought Alex would have been a contender based on her votes in our popularity polls, clearly that’s not necessarily the case. It’ll still be fun to see how that compares to the way things turn out though.

Check out all the results below to see how things compared in the latest results to the week before that then vote in our new poll for Week 7. You can keep coming back each day of this week cycle to vote for your fav HG.

Big Brother Over The Top Player Rankings – Week 6’s results vs. Week 5:

  • Alex Willett – 31.4% (+0)
  • Jason Roy – 22.5% (+0)
  • Shelby Stockton – 17.2% (+0)
  • Justin Duncan – 9.3% (+0)
  • Danielle Lickey – 7.5% (+0)
  • Morgan Willett – 5.6% (+0)
  • Whitney Hogg – 3.2 (+0)
  • Kryssie Ridolfi – 1.2% (+0)%
  • Scott Dennis – 0.68% (+0)
  • Neeley Jackson – 0.54% (+3)
  • Monte Massongill – 0.3% (-1)
  • Shane Chapman – 0.19% (-1)
  • Cornbread – 0.09% (-1)

Ready for the next round of voting for this week’s popularity poll? Make your pick below. Be sure to vote for your favorites here in our poll each day for the next week and check back then for the final tallies:


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      • I liked him at first, even hoped the easy going semi clueless thing was an act and he would turn up the game play when the time was right. But now I not only think that’s real, the nastiness of his crew has been coming out and after the “sucker” taunt and mocking laugh I don’t like him at all.

      • I see what you mean but I don’t think he knows how he’s to act. He is shocked all the time! He has caught on regarding some things but he doesn’t recognize that they’ll go after him soon. I think he should have gotten that clue last night. I know at least Kryssie sees she’ll be in danger soon! I give him a little slack still bc when the girls cried when Alex left he was the only one to show he felt bad they were hurting! And if you noticed both Shelby and Morgan apologized and hugged all even Whitney when they were all upset! That to me shows the true characters of these people. Justin is just unnaturally following the leader, while Danielle and Justin actually enjoy seeing the girls in so much pain. They constantly encourage the bad mouthing. After they had tricked them about who was getting back doored, and forming a fake alliance, and belittling them in front of the His and America, Jason still tried to make them look bad and deserve to go home. He kept saying that they all are just giving up and neither Morgan or Alex have tried to even campaign! Oh yeah, right! They tried that, you faked a deal and screwed them why would they believe anything you say? What?, Are they supposed to just humiliate themselves more for your entertainment? ??

    • I don’t like him. But a lot of people do. I liked him in the beginning but not anymore. He does nothing and that dancing is getting old. He’s not even funny anymore. His popularity is going down.

    • I like him still but he has been brainwashed and he has not played at all like a real contender. He is the ultimate floater but I think he is pretty entertaining. Makes me sick that he even has joined in expressing hate towards these girls. He is the only one really that actually f eels bad when their feelings are hurt. The others think it is funny. I don’t think he knows how he is to act?

      • He is not brainwashed he is just a floater and he should not be talking that why about daniellie because she has.won comps and saved him and i think he should be Americans nom and the one going home because the same thing he is accursed her and Jason of doing is what he did also and she is not upset because she knows it is just a game he needs to get thicker skin because really if you look at it it should be shelby,Jason, daniellie the ones who are actually playing the game.

  1. I’m shocked by the drastic change so far. Shelby has been my fav from the very beginning but I know a lot of people who despise her. Happy to see the viewers here seem to share the same opinion as me, though.

    • Shelby has been doing good in the comps which I think has gained her more fans. I’m still not a fan of hers, but at this point in the game, I’d much rather see the two obnoxious HG, Kryssie and Danielle get the boot over Shelby.

      • Totally agree they should go first. I didn’t like her much in the beginning but she has grown on me. What surprises me is the conflict between her and Jason. Their snarky humor seems so similar it feels like they should get along.

      • Would love to see Kryssie go too bc she could maybe beat either Shelby or Morgan. I think Justin could beat them possibly too, bc neither of them are as bad as Danielle and Jason are. They have gone well beyond game play. And they enjoy other’s pain by humiliation. It is crazy! I really would like to see Shelby get the win! She will have survived hell.

      • I love her. Her crying is hard to take but she has taken so much crap from everyone! Overall though I just can’t get behind any of the LNJ because they are foul mouthed, and extremely critical and demeaning of others. But I especially do not like Danielle and Jason as they have spread false very hurtful info. , even expressed physically harming ones on the other side. They worked up all the hate that now lies within the house.

  2. I don’t care if she’s been evicted, my favorite HG this season is Alex. I will always vote for her, and I hope to see her again on a summer season of Big Brother.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Shelby a super fan, as well? Because if she’s not, she certainly comes off as one. And if she is, then that makes Jason’s comment about him and Danielle being the only super fans fair game for mockery.

    • Not really, she’s only seen a few seasons. She had no idea who Jeff was when he came into the house. I don’t think she knew who Lawon was either.

      • But isn’t Jeff in every season? I’ve only started watching since season 16, but I know very well who Jeff is. CBS seems to really like him. Even if Shelby has only watched a few seasons, she must have seen Jeff at least once.

      • Most of the work he does for Big Brother is the extra stuff and that tends to be online. I guess she could have missed seeing him.

      • I’m pretty sure she watched some of the older seasons, if any, especially based on her comment that she thought the show had been cancelled during pre-game stuff.

      • Jeff was in Season 16 when he proposed to Jordan in the backyard. They were also interviewed by Julie in Season 17 about the “first BB baby”… So yeah, maybe she only watched older seasons. It’s a bit funny though if she actually thought the show was cancelled. Hehe

      • Jeff was on season 11 and 13. He did visit the house in practically every season since. Hosted an after eviction show and is married to BB winner, Jordan (SEASON 11). Hard to believe someone who actually watched a couple of seasons had no idea who Jeff is. And as you said, CBS loves him.
        So, I think Shelby maybe watched a couple of episodes, at best…

    • Shelby had never watched the show before she got recruited. She had heard about the show but admitted she thought it had been cancelled. Then she watch a bunch of seasons right before entering the house. She and Justin were at about the same place. Shelby studied some season, Justin, well , not sure what he did. during his waiting time?

  4. I’m pleasantly surprised by Danielle’s take on the election. That’s how true conservatives should be responding right now, and it’s certainly how I’m responding to my liberal friends.

      • So the HGs were able to vote?
        Just because someone labels themselves Republican doesn’t mean that they are conservative. If she did say that, then that’s the proof.

      • Eh, true. And as far as the HGs voting, they could’ve done some sort of absentee ballet, knowing there was a chance they’d be in the house for election day.

  5. Danielle thinks she is a threat and America may want her out because of that or vote for her to win.
    I think most viewers just don’t like her.

  6. I find it interesting that the HGs seem afraid to take Justin to the end because he must be sooo liked by viewers. While I do find him entertaining at times, he is not really playing the game. I can’t see ever voting for him to win.

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