Big Brother After Dark Returns To TVGN For BB16

This summer when Big Brother 16 airs and the sun goes down fans will once again be able to tune in to watch Big Brother After Dark exclusively on TVGN starting June 2014.

TVGN airs Big Brother After Dark
TVGN airs Big Brother After Dark

We never doubted CBS would send BBAD back to TVGN for BB16 as Zap2It is reporting, but many fans of the old school SHO2 version had been holding out hopes. Last season BBAD was plagued with disruptive censoring after moving from a premium cable home on Showtime to more basic cable with TVGN. Fortunately the experience did improve slightly as the season progressed, but it was still bad enough that many viewers remained frustrated.

Big Brother fans looking for an uncensored look this summer will need to check out the Big Brother 16 Live Feed which will again be hosted by CBS and won’t have audio drop outs for F-bombs and obscenities of the sort. Of course the casting could bring in a more mild-mouthed bunch or production could enforce a little more rules on language a la Big Brother Canada, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

What do you think of Big Brother After Dark returning to TVGN for a second straight year? Do you like getting free access to the channel or would you rather pay for an uncensored view inside the house? Share your thoughts below as we prepare for the new season to begin!

Update: CBS has released additional schedule details for when BBAD will air on TVGN. They’ve added longer hours, but with a jumpy schedule through the week so pay close attention to the details.

This season, TVGN will expand BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK with even more air time throughout the summer. Beginning Thursday, June 26, BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK will air seven nights a week (11:00 PM-2:00 AM, live ET on Monday and Tuesday; 12:00 AM-2:00 AM, live ET on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and 1:00 AM-3:00 AM, live ET on Thursday).

Are you excited for more BBAD or will you stick to the Live Feeds?


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  1. I think they should offer it on both channels since CBS owns both. Gives people a chance who don’t have either channel to watch it. Plus they are taking money out of their own pocket because some people would subscribe to Showtime because of Big Brother. Stupid in my opinion to take something uncensored and make it censored. You might as well just watch the show on CBS, same thing as watching it on TVGN. The other reason why I think they are doing it is so more people subscribe to the feeds as we have to pay for them here in the states where other countries offer feeds for free.

    • after dark wasn’t really “you might as well just watch the show on CBS”… they did cut away for some profanity but some slipped crazy nudity happened..but some of us don’t need that and still enjoy watching what happens “after hours” *?*

      I have tvgn…I don’t have showtime…so it’s a win for me

  2. Not too crazy about it being back on TVGN..they censored way too much. Really wish showtime 2 would have it back on their channel.

  3. Some of us on different cable providers (ATT Uverse) cant get the TVGN. I loved it on Showtime.

  4. Well since my provider doesn’t offer TVGN, I won’t be watching. PLEASE GO BACK TO SHO2. and PLEASE No more returning HGs

  5. I will never pay for the feeds again, they block out every thing that inpay for. I can read it all on PBB that they show on the feeds you pay for.
    It wasn’t that way when the paid feeds first were on. To bad they changed it, it use to be such fun.

  6. Big mistake repeated. We all know what that means. Loyal viewers for all these years lose what made BB different from the rest.

  7. TVGN is a free channel? Yep; but only if you upgrade to digital(in Troy,OH).

  8. I have to agree with most of the comments here. TVGN just wasn’t interesting with all the bleeps and for only 2 hours instead of the 3 as it was on Showtime. I ordered Showtime just for Big Brother.

    • BB used to be our favor show on television. When they made the move from Showtime to TVGN it took all the drama out. Leaving you with a bunch of boring people. At least on Showtime you would see what was really going on, rather than a fish tank. I believe you are loosing the audience that Showtime brought. Just my two cents. GO BACK BEFORE BB IS HISTORY!

  9. I prefer to pay,so i can watch anytime of day or night.Just let me know when to pay my subscription dues.Can’t wait to watch.Love,Love,Love BB.

  10. Please go back to Sho. Last year on TVGN was such a disappointment. Didnt really watch because it was so bad.

  11. I agree with whats has been said about TVGN too much censorship made the show boring. I got Showtime for Big Brother only. AS for the Live Feeds i been getting them for the last 4 yrs and last years was the worst with to much conviently going to fishes too many times or not going to where the action was. I completely understand blocking out the comps or singing but everything esle should be fair game whether it is nudity, fighting, swearing etc If you want to keep it on TVGN then keep the feeds from to much going to Fishes too often

  12. PLEASE GO BACK TO SHOWTIME!! or any cable that will allow everything!! It was so annoying watching it on Tvgn, and on only for 2 hours! I miss my 3 hour 2 short commercial each hour, now we get commercial every 10 min. So really we don’t even get 2 hours!! PLEASE GO back to Showtime, I would pay to go back to any paid cable channel, not looking forward to TVGN!! BOOOO!!! But am looking forward to the live feeds!!! Hope this year they don’t have a lot of FISH!! To many last year!! Can’t wait for BB16!!! Please no all star, need all new people!!

  13. Why are they ruining the show with TVGN and cut in on the live feeds. CBS you have a loyal BB fan base…we liked it the old way!

    • I am sick of BBC on TVGN. Are you trying to ruin the show? The feeds sacked with all the fish. How can you call the feeds uncensored and uncut when all you do is cut to fish? It’s called false advertising.

  14. I think BBAD should go back to SHO2. If a free version must be chosen to satisfy those without a premium channel, why not broadcast on both? Best of both worlds. Broadcasting on TVGN only is just junk. I won’t watch it again.

  15. Yes, PLEASE put it back on Showtime. It causes anxiety trying to figure out what they’re saying. I’d rather pay for Showtime for a few months.

  16. I love TVGN. I love BBAD, but will not pay for the live feeds. I don’t have showtime, so TVGN was wonderful.

  17. Well, if AD is going to be on TVGN .. I’m definitely not watching it .. It’s so distracting trying to figure out what they’re saying. Most of the time its muffled so it’s double distracting, bleeps and muffles. UGH ~!! .. plus here they run the TV guide under it so you only have about a half a picture anyway.

  18. May of us BB followers enjoyed the after dark program on showtime. TVGN makes it impossible for us to “play along at home”

  19. I can’t afford premium cable anymore so TVGN works for me. HOWEVER the commercials always happen at the worst possible moment. You’;; watch them sit on the hammoc for 15 min, then they finally start talking game and *snip*

  20. go back to showtime that is best one they show more it goes all the time no comm. breaks

  21. For the love of all that is crazy and twisted, PRETTY PLEASE bring back BBAD to a “real” channel like Showtime. The censored version of the show is already available through the CBS channel, website, and other feeds, so why not keep the After Dark portion as the uncensored part on a “grown up” channel? Some of us don’t have access to the TGVN channel. And the name says it all, After Dark, it should be reality uncensored. Looking forward to the next season next month and hoping that there will be an announcement about the switch back to a Big Boy channel.

    • I agree also. Everyone can get Showtime. Comcast does not have the TVGC, hense, 1/2 the country is out.

      • Comcast/Xfinity (Boston) Mass / NH has TVGN on channel 182 – This is Not HD… regular cable channels.

    • I agree with the large majority here.. please put BBAD back on Showtime.. TVGN not only has muffled sound and censors “bad words etc” … they also cut down the time from 3 hours to 2 hours !!!! Is Not in HD – the screen is so small… I loved watching it in the past on Showtime (where it belongs).. I gave it last season on TVGN but will not be watching it this season if it stays scheduled TVGN… I have both TVGN & Showtime… BBAD needs to go Home to Showtime – where they have professional showings, CLEAR SOUND & SIGHT of programs,& the CORRECT Place to cut for commercial… We are adults & should not be treated as children…

  22. I hated TVGN it needs to be back in SHO. I never watched it on TVGN to many interruptions. Just was not the same.

  23. It is nice getting it for free, but what is the point if you miss half the show because they censor it to death. I wouldn’t expect regular tv to be as free as showtime, but it is on very late most kids are sleeping. Why watch at all if so much is cut out you still have to guess what happened!

  24. Comcast has tvgn. At&t uverse doesn’t. As far as I know every other cable and satellite does.

    • I have cable in 2 different states. Neither cable company has the TVGN channel (Suddenlink and Time Warner Cable companies) I could get Showtime as a premium channel (and would) in both places.

  25. Obviously you can see BB we want our SHO2 back!! I gave up watching BBAD last year. Very sad I would watch all 3 hours on SHO2 but just hated the poor sound and lousy snippets of actual air time on TVGN, They were just plain frustrating! Heck so non memerable that I couldn’t remember the channel name right now and had to look at a different post to find it. I WANT MY BBAD ON SHO2!!!

  26. SHO 2 was the best!!!!!. Our cable provider does not even carry TVGN and said they have no plans to!!

  27. I hate tvgn go back to showtime, it was so much more worth it!!! all his censoring stiff is stupid,

  28. Not liking this news! Why this station? It does not play on all the cable stations. IDK pretty stupid marketing IMO!

  29. Last Season I was subscribed to the feeds, so I don’t really know much about the TGVN edits. I did hear terrible thing about it. This season I may have to skip on the feeds, so I may be stuck with TGVN. I hope I can subscribe to the feeds, it looks better than the past few seasons to be a subscriber. I still think it should go back to SHO, that’s how i used to get my big brother fix when I wasn’t a subscriber.

  30. I have Showtime so I enjoyed watching it. My cable company doesn’t carry TVGN so I didn’t get to watch it last year and won’t get to watch it this year either. Just gives me more time to watch other things. The only thing it was really good for on Showtime was figuring out who the new head of household was when competitions ran past the air time in prime time or who got nominated before the episode aired.

  31. I agree. The censorship really ruins the afterdarkness of the show. So I am not sure if I want to join the CBS show this year or not. I wait a year for it anyway, might as well give it up.

  32. No question….SHOWTIME feeds were way more exciting to watch. I hate the interruptions of TGVN.

  33. Please go back to Sho2 , I don’t get TGVN. I miss BB After dark so very much.

  34. Those hours don’t sound longer to me. When it was on Showtime it was 3 hours every night. I watched maybe an hour last year and turned it off. You can’t understand any of their convos with CBS bleeping everything out. It NEEDS to go back to Showtime, bottom line. Ridiculous I tell ya…..

  35. I already pay for HBO, SHO, CIN, TMC, STZ,ENC, and you think I care if it’s on a free censored channel. I want it on SHO there is so much missed

  36. I wish they had bb after dark on showtime because att uverse does not have tvgn so I can not watch it….:(

  37. TVGN sucks period! I was really hoping with all the complaints last year that they would put it back on Sho2.

  38. I hate tvgn to many commercial and the bleeping going on and it is only 2 hours not 3

  39. As an AT&T customer, I understand TVGN is not available. Therefore I would prefer to watch it on show time, as I am already paying for it. Obviously adding another pay station just to watch Big Brother after Dark would be a waste of my money & very annoying in regards to how greedy, money hungry CBS & Producers are make this programming available only if the audience wants to pay even more to keep up w/scoop. You will Definetly lose a long-time watcher if TVGN is the only option!

  40. Been trying to find a link to watch the live feeds online, but I can’t find any recent ones.

  41. What’s with the fish tank? I’m waisting my life watching this fish tank… yes I know I could change the channel but I’m trying to figure out what big brother after dark is… so far it’s a waste of time. ..

  42. Who are these freaks who complain about not hearing the fbomb enough. What kind of life craves this dumb word ?

  43. Just was watching bbad from last night. Frankie never saw a personal boundary that he didn’t violate?

  44. I hope they backdoor Frankie and get rid of Christine. I love the remaining players and hope they continue on.

  45. Please go back to Showtime!# It was way better! Use your head besides keeping your ears apart!

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