Big Brother After Dark Returns As Julie Chen Warns “Don’t Sleep” [VIDEO]

Big Brother returns this week and with it comes “After Dark” starting after Thursday’s episode on its same-channel-new-name home of Pop, formerly called “TVGN.” But whatever you do, “don’t sleep!”

Julie Chen warns, "Don't Sleep," as Big Brother After Dark returns
Julie Chen warns, “Don’t Sleep,” as Big Brother After Dark returns – Source: Pop

The BBAD owl is back with a Big Brother poem for just for you in this exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming After Dark promo set to air next week. Watch the clip below:

“A smile to the face, a knife in the back.
The game is afoot and there’s no turning back.”

Okay, so Owlie rhymed back with back, but he’s an owl so let’s cut him a slack. I can barely read while this bird flies around, he’s writing poetry and I’m on the ground.

If you’re new to Big Brother or After Dark, what you get here is 3 hours a night of semi-censored footage from inside the Big Brother 17 house similar to what we’d get on the Live Feeds. The bonus here is that the channel is free, as long as your carrier includes it.

Of course the downside is that while it’s free it falls under the non-premium category and therefore is restricted in what it can say/show as compared to BBAD’s former home on SHO2.

Get ready for Big Brother After Dark starting this Thursday at 12AM ET/PT for its three-hour debut following the second night of the two-night premiere of Big Brother 17!


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      • There really is info online about the peace sign(not particularly at the eye) having something to do with Satanism. I don’t know how you all show links(don’t hate), but if you go to “The Peace Sign and Satanism” there is a very interesting piece about it. I actually was interested to know where it originated myself after reading Buddy’s post. If you look even further, one site mentioned it as an illuminati symbol. Peace to all.

      • It’s letter V on sign language, but when you place it on the eye sideways it becomes >——- a utility tong ..a barbecue tong…I did my research.

    • I’m glad it’s on Pop! This Spring I changed my cable lineup and went to check that I still had TVGN. I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t there! I even called my cable company, who told me that they went out of business. I was very upset and thought I was going to miss BBAD. I have Pop!

      • I’ll be DVRing it and FFing through a lot, but at least I’ll have that option available. We’ll have a lot more to “talk” about now. hehehe

      • Lololol it’s first time I’ve had live feeds. I always had Pocket Big Brother and they put in everthing day and night. This year, I thought I would try live feeds

      • I’m sure someone will get a good laugh out of the fact that I don’t know what you mean by” Pocket” BB, but I don’t.

      • Oh you must get it. You can download on your phone or iPad, and they update day and night constantly. You know everything that goes on in the house, by time. Same as here. I wonder if that’s Matt’s as well. I discovered this last season, and it has more detail.

      • I understand the pocket part now. I seldom use my cell and don’t own an iPad. I’m not a tech person, can you tell?

      • No I cant!!! I don’t even remember how I found it. Someone told me about it I’m sure

      • LOLOLOL, BHFan. I seriously wasn’t asking you to tell me how to get it. I was asking , sarcastically, if you could tell that I was not a tech person. I need to be more clear. I’m sorry.

      • No I know! It made me wonder how I found it! Lolol it’s been so long, I couldn’t remember. I don’t scan apps, as I’m not technical myself. That’s too funny. I have no recollection how I discovered it

      • At least you did, and it sounds like it would be very useful, especially when you travel. How times have changed!

      • Lori, no way!!!! I have one, but I refuse to text. My husband got us new ones around Christmas and I still have not taken the time to learn anything about it. Sometimes I can’t even get it answered before whoever calls hangs up.

      • You don’t text? It’s so easy and good way to talk to people without having to call

      • My husband is rubbing it in because he has become good at it, so he thinks. I’ve done it before, I think three times. WOW, I know! hehe My daughter will text me every now and then trying to get a response. If it was urgent, I would respond, slowly but surely. LOL

      • That’s too funny! He has it down. I never thought I would text when I got my first phone it was available. It took me awhile, but now I text, rather than call. I think because I’m on the phone so much at work

      • My granddaughter has him wrapped around her finger. They text each other; two peas in a pod.
        Question, Cal gal? What time does BB air on the West Coast? That confuses me. When it is live, and airing here at 8pm, it is 5pm there. Are people home and watching BB at that time of the day?

      • We don’t get it until 9 here. I always watch comments to see what happens. Granddaughters have a way with the grandparents. It’s cute your husband texts her!

      • I always wondered about that. We mainly watched coverage of 9/11 when we were out there so I honestly had no idea how that worked.

      • I was here at the time, and I was working late the night before. My daughter called and said get up and turn your TV on

      • Two weeks later we were trying to get back home. It was a long, drawn-out ordeal at the airport, understandably. I guess no one will forget where they were at that time. We were at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and the Freedom Tower a couple of weeks ago. It was heart-wrenching. I know why they have little stands with tissues in various places. We took our granddaughter for her 16th BD and I thought they would leave me. It was a very emotional experience for me and something everyone needs to do.

      • Oh it is heart wrenching! I just don’t know how i would feel seeing it. I know I would cry

      • Oh my goodness, what a thing to hear when you just landed in Chicago! Especially landing and hearing that he could have been on a plane to Chicago, then seeing the building remains. I just shuddered thinking about all of that. I wish we could believe that nothing like that will ever happen again.

      • I HATE talking on the phone. I probably would get into texting because I do like to chat online and express my thoughts. I do enough chatting though through the different sites I belong to and things such as this here.

      • Oh my goodness! I have to say I couldnt live without my cell. I dropped mine in the washing machine a few weeks ago. I said wow it’s pretty nice not hearing it beep with texts all the time. However, I need it for work, so I had to go get another

      • I got it KS, because I travel for work, and on calls and meetings, so I could glance and see what was happening

      • I would do the same if I was still working outside the home. I would have to bone up on newer technology. It just hasn’t piqued my interest. My grandchildren, gardens, and flowers have that currently.

      • That’s nice! My granddaughter is the best. She’s 11, and into computers herself. At least she gets in the pool, so I can have some time with her then. I miss her younger days! My daughter is the gardener! I’ve never had a green thumb, but love flowers! Are you West Coast? I’m in California

      • No, Tennessee. I miss my granddaughter’s younger days, also. She would hug more. She’s almost 16. Her bros are 10 and 11. The 11 year old is my helper. He will deadhead my rosebushes and balloon flowers and pull weeds from my gardens. He loves picking vegetables, too. That’s my little gardener-to-be. Nice to have at least one out of the lot.

      • Oh I’m from Ky originally!!! Born and raised in Ky. Lived there until I was grown. Moved to Nashville and was there 5 yrs., and worked for a law firm there. I moved to CA in ’99. My daughter and granddaughter just flew bk to Ky today to spend a couple of weeks with my sister. They go every year

      • Very different areas of the country. We were in Ca. when 9/11 happened. We had just flown in the night before. We didn’t get to do much in the big cities. We were actually there to do some hiking around the Lake Tahoe area, absolutely beautiful.

      • I love Lake Tahoe. I’m about 4 hrs from there. We drive up and spend a week occasionally

      • You have to look forward to that!
        My husband is an avid cyclist. He and a couple of his friends are going out to Jackson Hole in August for a week to ride then they are going to camp, hike, and climb at El Capitan the next week. He leaves me in the dust anymore.

      • Wow! I would love to go to Jackson Hole for a week. I’ve never been to that area. I can’t believe they’re going to try El Capitan. That’s quite an endeavor. He would surely leave me in the dust too!

      • I tried to get him to up his life insurance. haha I shouldn’t joke about that. They are all very safety conscious. Working in a paper mill for over 25 years you have to be.

      • Goodnight Karen! It’s been a pleasure!!!! Talk to you soon I’m sure on the BB thread

      • I was counting the states I’ve been to for work one day, over 25 yrs. I counted 27 states, and most numerous times (before I moved here) and then Canada/Mexico/Europe. That’s a lot of travel, isn’t it? I think that’s why I like to stay home now

      • That is a lot of traveling. I haven’t been to nearly that many places, really very few, and I’d still rather be home than anywhere.

      • I love to travel! I’ve been in 46 states and numerous other countries. We lived overseas in Okinawa when I was little and did a trip around the world one summer.

      • Wow, redroses! You and BHFan would probably have a whole lot to talk about. I’m sure most people have traveled more than I have , but you two should be pros at it. Don’t you even try to tell me you are not a member of the MHC with all of that air time!!! LOLOL

      • Hehehe …. I’ll never tell!

        Even though I love to fly, I hate the high costs and not having my own car at the other end even more. Plus, my ex was scared of flying. So, for the past 25+ years, most of my travel is by car or autotrain. I’ll drive, if it’s a day’s travel (12-15 hours or less) or if it’s a 2 day travel and I have the time. I’ve been on I95 from Boston to Miami! I’ve also traveled west coast to east coast by car, although I wasn’t old enough to drive at the time. When I lived in Seattle, my grandma lived in Ventura, CA. We drove that every year.

      • I’m leaving this Friday for a 7 hour drive to my sister’s house for her 60th birthday and driving it back on Monday.

      • Take some of that beautiful crocheting and show it off. Pack early so you have time to post a little after BB and AD. :)

      • It was only 5.99 this year if you signed up early. I’ve watched every season, and I thought I would try live feeds. I do love the interactions on here tho with comments. It makes it more personal

      • While most everything is increasing in price, I think I read that the feeds had decreased. I’m sure it was worth the previous cost to those who have the time to watch and enjoy it.

      • I’ll let you know what I think. I don’t know how much I’ll get to watch, but you can cancel any time

      • From wiki: “Pop is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is operated as a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Lions Gate Entertainment.”

        Well, that explains it! They don’t have to pay showtime for the airtime. So, it all comes down to what’s cheaper.

  1. Get the feeds from this site and help Matt out. The feeds are so much better and you can watch anytime not just the 3hrs. Ever since they took BBAD off Showtime it sucks!

  2. Still BS that it moved from sho2. AD was what got me into BB. Even so much so that I’ve auditioned 3 times for the show, and probably will in the future.

    I get Pop and the other name it was called and I still watch. But they seriously need to move it back to something more raw. At least it’s just my opinion. At 36 I’m not sure I’m even in the demo for this show anymore but I will still watch.

    I guess I just miss the sho2 days. They were good.

      • Yep, basically CBS owns Pop/whatever it was and they can show it there for free, with ads, to generate revenue. On sho2 they had to pay for the broadcast.

        Nature of the business and all that. I get why they did it, but I don’t have to like it as a consumer.

        I’d probably be more ok with it if they would move it to a channel without censoring the content.

      • I’m with you! Not the same when they censor, and no commercials. Remember the season when the girls jumped in the pool with bathing suit tops off? I think it was still on sho2. It was shocking first night!

      • Basically here’s how it went:

        CBS bought a previous investor’s stake with Lionsgate-owned TVGN, which was in the midst of a format rebrand as it went ahead to disassociate itself from the TV Guide brand (both the magazine and the website have already parted ways). CBS will provide programming alongside those of Lionsgate’s.

        Since the channel is geared to be more of a general entertainment netlet, CBS thought it would be best to have BBAD jump ship from premium channel Showtime 2 to basic cable TVGN where the latter is available in most cable systems in basic packages.

        Sure enough, BBAD and several programming in synergy with CBS/CW, i.e. same-day encores of the Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless as well as TV specials and marathons of Survivor and TAR, added new eyeballs to the channel.

        And the rest, as they say, is history.

    • Good for you! Keep trying! There have had several who said they tried out several times

  3. Since bbad left showtime it isn’t worth watching. I watched all 3 hours every night now you couldn’t pay me to sit through that crap. Big mistake BB made a hit 3 hour show into a waste of a chanel.

  4. Already tired of the guy with the tattoos swearing all the time. Don’t remember that being allowed in previous seasons

  5. I have praise for CBS & POP for standing up for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, freedom of speech. So far BBAD is NOT censored.

    If anyone notices, over the past year, more and more cable/sat stations that are not premium are permitting the sh*t word in their programs. I think TVGN/POP was the 1st to allow the S word in non premium shows. So cudos to BBAD and CBS for being pioneers!!!

  6. Its STUPID! Watching a bunch of people whisper for hours and maybe make
    out a couple conversations here and there.

  7. The after dark show Is so boring this year. Games where everyone is talking at once, can’t understand.

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