Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Cirie Tries To Shut Down Felicia’s Betrayal

Houseguest Cirie Fields - CBS
Houseguest Cirie Fields – CBS

Overnight on the Big Brother Feeds was a powder keg of activity with the few remaining HGs that’s about to take another nosedive with two more evictions coming on Thursday. But we’ve got to get through that initial vote first! Easier said than done.

Last night we saw Matt Klotz reveal he was still holding a connection with Cirie Fields when he took her the news that Felicia Cannon was selling her out. As we saw in Tuesday’s Big Brother episode, Felicia had been telling Jag that Cirie was working against him as he tried to target Blue for eviction. Not only that, but Felicia had been busy telling Jag that Cirie and Matt were coming for him. Wowza. Basically Felicia was trying to throw a smokescreen around herself to get him eyeing every other option instead. Read on for the latest spoilers from the Feeds.

Matt Warns Cirie Of Felicia:

Rewind to Tuesday 10:25 PM BBT 10/24 to find Matt whispering to Cirie. He warns her that Felicia is telling Jag that Cirie told Blue there are plans for a split vote to make things messy for Jag. On top of that, Matt reveals that Felicia had told Jag that both he (Matt) and Cirie were gunning for Jag.

Cirie is shocked. She promises Matt she won’t repeat any of this back to Felicia. At this point, for now at least, I believe her. Cirie is going to have to completely reevaluate what’s going on with Felicia and the leaky boat she’s become. Just a few minutes later when Felicia returns to the Comics room she asks Cirie what she’s heard that Matt plans to do if he gets HOH. Cirie gives a shrug and tells Felicia to ask Matt. Yep, until she needs Felicia I think Cirie is going to get tight lipped around her.

Cirie Fields talks with Jag Bains - CBS
Cirie Fields talks with Jag Bains – CBS

Cirie Goes To Jag:

A little later Cirie finds Matt in the bathroom and asks if she should go talk to Jag. Matt asks Cirie not to repeat to Felicia what he had told her. A few minutes earlier Matt had been talking to Jag and let him know that he revealed to Cirie what was going on. Now that’s got Jag on edge thinking everything is going to fold in on him. Matt heads back upstairs this time with Cirie. Flashback to 11:15 PM BBT to watch the HOH conversation.

Cirie tells Jag that it was Felicia who brought to her the split vote idea and was told it was already approved by Jag. Cirie says she wouldn’t have suggested such a plan without first coming to Jag. Cirie shifts the blame to Felicia saying Felicia has been flailing out of fear since the Veto situation this weekend. Cirie explains that Felicia heard from Blue that she (Felicia) would be the renom plan if Blue won the Veto all the while Jag had told Felicia it would be Bowie Jane. Cirie posits that conflicting information sent Felicia spiraling in an attempt to make sure anyone but her became that renom target.

Jag Bains and Matt Klotz in DR - CBS
Jag Bains and Matt Klotz in DR – CBS

Will The Vote Still Split?

There are four votes this week which means we could get a tiebreaker. The idea over the past few days was that we’d see Matt and Bowie Jane vote against Blue while Cirie and Felicia would vote to evict America. That would force Jag to tiebreak against his target Blue. Terrible position for Jag, but for some reason when he heard about it he actually liked the idea. Mercy. We’re two weeks from the Big Brother 25 Jury’s decision and you want to tiebreak against a former ally? Gee.

Jag asks Cirie what she thinks they should do with the vote this week. Cirie goes in the opposite direction from what she’s positioned as being Felicia’s idea. Cirie says no split vote, make it unanimous and send Blue out the door to Jury. So now we know that Cirie is walking back that split vote idea to appear a contrasting position from Felicia and distance herself from the move. Cirie is a smart one, but we already knew that.

Now we need to watch and see what happens on Wednesday’s Big Brother Feeds. I can’t imagine Jag will continue to want to do this split vote but I do think he’ll be highly suspicious of everyone but Matt. This close to the end of Big Brother 25 is not the time for him to let his guard down.

Jag Bains talks with Felicia Cannon - CBS
Jag Bains talks with Felicia Cannon – CBS

What do you think Jag should do? He’s about to be at his most vulnerable on Thursday night when we enter the second round of the Double Eviction. Matt is his biggest shield, but he hasn’t been winning much (one comp so far, but it was the last DE’s Veto battle) and would he even step in to protect Jag or let his ally (and biggest obstacle to winning BB25) get voted out?


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