Big Brother 25 Player Rankings Week 3

Big Brother 25 Week 3 comes to a close tonight with the latest eviction, so that means it’s time to take another look at how the houseguests are performing. Every week this season I’ll be grading each houseguest based on their gameplay, social skills and competition prowess. These scores will result in a final ranking of each houseguest. And I’ll go in order of best to worst. So let’s get to it.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Report Card: Week 3

Cory, 97/100 — This has really been Cory’s week. Not only did he find himself in a strong alliance, he made sure to squash the plan to flip the vote and save Hisam this week. Cory knew it was good for his personal game to ensure Hisam goes this week, but also helped make the others think it was also in their best interest (which it probably wasn’t). Last Week: 86/100

Mecole, 90/100 — Mecole slips to the second spot this week after topping the rankings last week. Mecole is smart, and is playing a smart game. She isn’t making everyone happy, but she’s proven herself to be a valuable number, and I think if she can hold onto that for a bit, then start making some moves, she could be a good place. Last Week: 94/100

America, 88/100 — America sort of became relevant this week. She has all these little duos going, and has a strong bond with Cory, who is going to do what he can to keep her as his person outside the new alliance. So she will likely find herself in that alliance sooner, rather than later. And America played a pretty pivotal role in securing Hisam’s downfall this week. I think if America can find herself in better standing with a few of the other players, she could really do well. Last Week: 82/100

Cirie, 87/100 — Cirie hasn’t been making the best decisions, and we’ve seen her do a lot of flip-flopping, but at the end of the day, she’s still in good with everyone in the game. I think she will remain unscathed for a long time, and by then she’ll probably be unstoppable. Expect her to climb back up in the rankings soon, but for now this is where she lands in my rankings — mostly because I don’t think going after Hisam was good for her this early. Last week: 92/100

Jag, 85/100 — I get confused when I look at Jag and where he is. He’s been mentioned as a target a lot, but he also still has decent relationships all over. He ranks higher for me this week because he did win the Power of Veto and has joined what I think is a new fake alliance, but he should be safe for a couple of weeks, which gives him time to position himself better in the game. Last Week: 72/100

Jared, 82/100 — Jared is playing a sloppy game, and fans find him really unlikable, but he still finds himself in the center of this entire house, and no one is after him. And surprisingly, not much of that has anything to do with his mom being Cirie. That unfair advantage will likely come into play later in the game, but as of now, Jared is doing his thing, and doing it pretty well, actually. He does need to watch out with the how Blue thing, though, because we all know how showmances can ruin a game quickly. Last Week: 88/100

Felicia, 80/100 — Felicia drops this week despite being the current HOH. First of all, that was a crapshoot, so that doesn’t even count toward any kind of competition score. And her performance in the veto was hilarious but so, so bad. And don’t get me wrong, I love Felicia and would take her all the way to the end if I was playing this game. But I think her going after Hisam was a really stupid decision, and no one can convince me otherwise. Last Week: 90/100

Matt, 80/100 — I think most people in the house like Matt, so that’s a testament to his social game. But he’s also been mentioned as a target quite a lot. I think if Matt could find a new core group to trust him, he could be a dark horse in this game.  Last Week: 80/100

Blue, 75/100 — Blue lands here kind of by default. She’s not doing any better than anyone above her, but surely not doing any worse than those below her here. There’s just not a lot I can say about her at this point. She does get a better grade this week, than last, mostly because Jared is bringing her in and Cirie and Izzy even mentioned her as one of their ideal Final 6. Last Week: 72/100

Izzy, 70/100 — I find Izzy to be a very emotional player who is just kind of bad at Big Brother. She exaggerates every single thing, and never, ever stops. She hasn’t done anything that wrong this week, but just her overall game is making it hard to see her every having a shot at winning this game. She improved this week, though, because it became clear how many people do want to keep her around for a while. So she’s doing something right. I’m just not sure what it is yet. Last Week: 69/100

Hisam, 65/100 — I know Hisam is going home tonight, and he played a poor social game, but I can’t in my right mind rank him lower than the rest on this list. He was just far too fun to me as a total villain who had no idea he was a villain. Last week: 77/100

Bowie, 60/100 — Bowie started playing her version of Big Brother and it’s a bad one. Somehow she went from laying so low she wasn’t on anyone’s radar to being so annoying that several people want her out. It’s kind of remarkable that you can barely be playing the game but make yourself such a target. Last week: 66/100

Red, 59/100 — Red wasn’t in a bad spot, really. He was at the bottom of The Professors alliance, sure. But he was still in a solid alliance. But his bromance with Cameron has clouded his game, and now he’s all over people’s target list. Last Week: 70/100

Cameron, 62/100 — Cameron has made one bad move after the next, ever since he jumped ship from his alliance the first sign there was a crack. And now he, along with Red, is every single person’s target next week. Last week: 62/100

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These scores and rankings are simply my own. There’s no real science to it, so please don’t take them so seriously. If you disagree, please share your thoughts in our comments below and on Twitter and Facebook! Let’s discuss!


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