Big Brother 25 Live Feeds Week 2: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

Eviction Eve brought a lot of chatter inside the Big Brother 25 house about which option for this week’s vote is best for everyone’s game. We have some of the Big Brother houseguests working really hard to save this week’s target but some of them have already made their decision. There was potential for a vote flip this week, but it doesn’t seem like that option is on the table anymore for Week 2 of Big Brother.

Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia were on board with keeping Reilly in the house on Tuesday, but something shifted and they seem to have decided against voting Cameron out. Find out what changed and why Reilly might find herself talking to Julie after Thursday night’s live vote and eviction below!

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Big Brother 25 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 16, 2023:

8:18 AM BBT – Izzy tells Cirie that next time they think they might need to flip a vote, they need to wait and make sure they have all the information first.

8:33 AM BBT – Felicia and Izzy are talking about Blue and Jared. Izzy says that because of how much she likes Jared and how little she likes Blue, she doesn’t buy it. Felicia thinks that they have a genuine connection.

8:35 AM BBT – Izzy says that she is a little sad that they aren’t going to see Hisam freak out tomorrow. Felicia says that they will next week. They talk about how ridiculous it is for Hisam to expect Matt to vote out Reilly because if he doesn’t it will give the house a reason to target Matt. Izzy says she can think of five other reasons that have nothing to do with how Matt is going to vote tomorrow.

9:05 AM BBT – Felicia discuss targeting Hisam, then Jag, then Cameron, and then Red. Felicia thinks if they do that, they can sweep the house.

9:45 AM BBT – HGs are waking up.

9:55 AM BBT – Blue is sititng in the middle room with America going over days and events so far for the season. Blue is retelling how Felicia came to her and Jag last night to tell them that everyone is getting worried about voting against Hisam’s plan.

10:00 AM BBT – Cameron thinks it’s weird that their suitcases are in the storage room already and thinks things are going to be sped up (last week the noms got their suitcases on Thursday morning).

10:15 AM BBT – Hisam invites Cirie and Izzy to come hang out in the HOH room with him today. Says he will be up there most of the day cleaning out the HOH room and packing his stuff up to get ready to move out.

10:17 AM BBT – After Hisam leaves the room, Izzy wonders if he is getting suspicious and Cirie says that’s why he wants them upstairs with him. Cory comes in to confirm the plan is to evict Reilly and Cirie and Izzy confirm that it is. They talk about who they need to talk to.

10:21 AM BBT – Izzy gets a “behave yourself” message from BB and the rest of the houseguests are laughing. Meanwhile Hisam and Jared are working out and talking about this week’s vote. Jared says he doesn’t know what Blue and Jag are going to do, but Matt is likely going to vote to evict Cameron just because of how close he is to Reilly. Jared says it makes sense for him to vote that way.

10:37 AM BBT – Cirie is telling Izzy that she is going to rotate around the house today. Izzy says they have to talk to Cory and Jared and Cirie says that’s it. She wants to relax today because of how hectic yesterday was.

10:40 AM BBT – Cameron joins them and Cirie says her plan is to just relax today because they’re set in their plan for this week. Meanwhile, Matt is working on Felicia downstairs telling her that he thinks that they will move further in the game if Reilly stays. Matt adds that everyone is afraid to go against Hisam, but they should allow him to bully them into voting his way if that’s not what’s good for their game.

10:43 AM BBT – Felicia says that if he (Hisam) isn’t going to be here after next week, then why should they do what he wants them to do? Matt reiterates that they will be protected.

10:45 AM BBT – America tells Reilly that she needs to focus on why they should keep her over Cameron because she thinks that’s where they’re debating. America tells her that they (Cirie, Felicia, Izzy) are worried she is going to pick them (Matt, Jag, Blue) over them so she just needs to keep building those relationships.

10:48 AM BBT – Felicia tells Matt that Hisam is being the same person he is accusing Reilly of being. Matt says exactly and everyone needs to understand that they don’t need to play his game and if they don’t keep Reilly, that’s exactly what they are doing.

10:53 AM BBT – Matt says that right now it can go either way, people just have to commit to it. Says that people just have to think about what’s good for them down the line. Adds that he likes an underdog story and with her and Cirie being the oldest two in the house, he wants to work with them and see them go far.

11:00 AM BBT – Matt is retelling his conversation with Felicia to Reilly.

11:05 AM BBT – Reilly is telling Jared that everyone is scared to keep her because they heard that Hisam was threatening people for votes. Jared doesn’t think that they are afraid of him, they are afraid of them and that once he is gone, they (Reilly, Matt, Blue, Jag, Jared) are going to start picking them off.

11:13 AM BBT – Reilly tells Jared that she thinks it would be a good idea for the two of them to talk to Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia together.

11:15 AM BBT – Jared tells Reilly that he wants to talk to them too because after Hisam is gone, who is Cameron going to put up? He isn’t putting Red on the block. So who does he put next to Bowie?

11:20 AM BBT – Mecole tells Felicia that she doesn’t think that it’s in their best interest to keep Reilly and bet on her to get rid of Hisam because when she needed to save herself, she couldn’t get it done.

11:23 AM BBT – Reilly tells Blue and Jag that she needs to talk to Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy today and that her and Jared want to talk to them together. Reilly says she hasn’t talked to Red or Bowie but she is going to do that tomorrow. Reilly says that she hasn’t really talked to Mecole but she thinks that if someone else talks to her it might help.

11:42 AM BBT – Cirie, Izzy and Cory are in the HOH hanging out and Cirie tells them that Blue tapped her on the shoulder and told her she wanted to talk later. Izzy says that she hasn’t done that to her which kind of confirms her thoughts about keeping Cameron instead. Cirie asks Cory how America is feeling about this and he says she is on board.

11:45 AM BBT – Jared walks into the HOH and Cirie tells him that they have decided that Reilly is going and they aren’t changing it again. Cory asks what they are going to say to Reilly and they decide that it’s best for them to tell her that everyone is still undecided and no one is confirming anything to them.

11:50 AM BBT – Jared suggests they weigh out the pros and cons of keeping Reilly or Cameron. They agree that they think Cameron will target Hisam, but they know Reilly will. Jared mentions that there is also a possibility that Cameron will flip and work with Hisam where they know that Reilly won’t. Cory adds that Cameron has proved to be a shiftier player and a better game player than Reilly. Matt joins.

11:57 AM BBT – Reilly is talking to Felicia now and tells her that she would like to talk to her, Cirie, and Izzy at some point today.

12:00 PM BBT – Reilly tells Felicia that she doesn’t want to campaign against Cameron, but he might end up latching on to Hisam if he stays.

12:02 PM BBT – Jared and Izzy are in the Comic Room now talking about Red and how he turns it on for the camera. Izzy says it makes her not trust him. Jared agrees. Reilly joins.

12:05 PM BBT – Izzy tells Reilly that no one wants to be on the wrong side of this and they aren’t really confirming things. Reilly tells them that she was talking to Felicia and she gets the feeling that Felicia knows where she wants to vote, but is waiting to hear what everyone else is thinking. Reilly tells them that she wants to have a relationship with everyone, but Cameron is going to run right to Hisam.

12:07 PM BBT – Reilly says that this is a situation where people need to be like “I’m doing this” so that others feel comfortable doing it too.

12:15 PM BBT – Jared tells Felicia that he thinks that if he didn’t have a personal relationship with Cameron, it would make it easier to vote him out. He says he needs to learn to separate personal and game.

12:18 PM BBT – Felicia tells Jared the only reason she thinks Reilly goes first is to keep Hisam calm so that he won’t see them blindsiding him next week. Jared says imagine if they keep Reilly and then nominate Jag and Blue next week. That way they still have the option to BD Hisam, but they can get rid of one of Reilly’s numbers if Hisam gets picked and wins Veto.

12:22 PM BBT – Reilly leaves the Comic Room and Izzy tells America that Reilly’s argument about Cameron running to Hisam is not going to happen. Cameron is on board with the plan to get Hisam out next and is just as much with Hisam and Izzy is (for optics).

12:25 PM BBT – Izzy tells America that Reilly’s “feel sorry for me” act is bad for them too. America says that they are on the same page.

12:27 PM BBT – Mecole comes into the Comic Room and Izzy and America retell their conversation with Reilly and what makes them nervous about her pitch.

12:30 PM BBT – America tells them that with Reilly gone, Cameron won’t feel bad about going after Jag, Blue, or Matt and says that Cameron isn’t close to them. Izzy says that they don’t seem to include him in on anything.

12:35 PM BBT – Izzy thinks that regardless even if Jag, Blue, and Matt vote to keep Reilly, they have the numbers to get rid of her.

12:40 PM BBT – Matt tells Cory that he thinks Reilly is in a good spot right now.

12:42 PM BBT – Reilly tells Matt and Cory that Cameron is following her around and not giving her space to talk to people.

12:46 PM BBT – America and Mecole agree to work together. Mention it’s unlikely anyone will figure it out and they are both on different sides and can share information.

12:50 PM BBT – Red, Cameron, Izzy, and Cirie are talking in the HOH room about how the votes might go. Cameron thinks that Matt, Jag, Blue, and America are going to vote to keep Reilly.

1:00 PM BBT – Matt and Izzy are catching up in the HN room. Matt says that he talked to Felicia and she seems to be waiting to hear from Izzy and Cirie that they are voting to keep Reilly before she makes a solid decision. Izzy is telling him everything he wants to hear.

1:13 PM BBT – Cory tells America that Matt is getting annoyed with Jag and Blue because they aren’t going to go after Hisam. America tells him how she was sitting in on Reilly’s pitch to Izzy.

1:15 PM BBT – She tells him that she told Reilly earlier that she needed to talk to Izzy and Cirie because they seem to be running things and then Reilly turned around and tells Izzy they have an influence on everyone else. America adds now Izzy is nervous she’s telling everyone that they are running the house.

1:23 PM BBT – Izzy, Cory, and America are talking about how Reilly is just talking to the same people over and over instead of talking to Mecole or Bowie like she should.

1:27 PM BBT – Izzy tells America that Cameron told her that he thinks America is voting to keep Reilly. America is shaking her head. Cory mentions how annoyed people are getting because Cameron is tailing people.

1:35 PM BBT – Matt is touching base with Reilly and giving her tips on what to say to people.

1:40 PM BBT – Izzy tells Felicia that her conversation with Reilly made her more confident that keeping Cameron is the move. Says that Reilly told her that Cirie and Izzy are deciding the vote this week which makes her feel like she is going to be a target for Reilly.

1:48 PM BBT – Reilly tells Jag and Blue that Cameron keeps following her around. She says that he’s not campaigning for himself because all he has to do is make sure that she can’t campaign for herself.

1:51 PM BBT – Izzy and Cirie are talking about how they have to get Hisam next week. Cameron says that Hisam knows he has a big target on his back because of all the comps he has win. Cameron says his plan if he wins HOH is to make Hisam comfortable and let him call the shots (initial noms) and then if he gets picked for Veto, he will also feel comfortable enough to know that he can’t and shouldn’t win another one.

1:55 PM BBT – Reilly tells Blue how America told her Hisam called everyone in the Comic Room (Cirie, Izzy, Red, and Bowie) the Leftovers and how he got stuck with the leftovers.

1:57 PM BBT – Hisam comes into the HOH where Cirie and Izzy are still talking. Cirie says that Cameron was just in there and he asks how that went. Cirie says that he was just making sure that everything was good. Hisam mentions that the energy is weird, Izzy says it was last week too.

2:08 PM BBT – Reilly is talking to Felicia waiting to get Cirie’s attention now that she is out of the HOH room. Reilly tells her that she hopes Jag will distract Cameron so he doesn’t follow Cirie.

2:18 PM BBT – America is telling Jag and Blue that Reilly told Izzy that her and Cirie has influence over the vote. Blue says that she needs to stop bringing other people into it and just talk about herself. Blue says she will talk to Reilly.

2:23 PM BBT – Hisam asks Reilly how she is feeling and she tells him not optimistic. Adds that she feels like she’s been in hot water since she entered the house.

2:28 PM BBT – Hisam tells Reilly that he feels like there is going to be a battleback and mentions that he would like to work with her, but understands if she doesn’t feel the same.

2:35 PM BBT – Jared and Blue are talking. Blue tells him about how Reilly is telling people she only needs two votes to stay and she doesn’t understand why she’s doing that. She shouldn’t be telling them she has any definitive votes.

2:37 PM BBT – Jag is talking to Izzy and Cirie in the bathroom about the votes. Cirie says she doesn’t think that people trust Cirie with the information or something because they aren’t confirming anything with her.

2:40 PM BBT – Jag says that they all need to get in a room and talk. Cirie says that her, Felicia, Jag, and Blue should do that for sure.

2:46 PM BBT – Reilly joins them in the bathroom and tells them how Hisam came to her to say that he thinks there is going to be a battleback and that he would like to work with her when she comes back into the house.

2:55 PM BBT – Reilly tells Cirie and Izzy that if they go talk to America and Cory right now they will tell them that they will vote to keep Reilly.

3:00 PM BBT – Izzy and Cirie are alone in the bathroom, Izzy tells Cirie that their read on Cory and America is all wrong because she was just talking to them. America walks in. America says that Reilly has to go because of her relationship with the other three (Jag, Blue, and Matt). America tells Cirie that they (B,J,&R) think that Cirie and Izzy are the head of the snake. Jag walks in and the conversation shifts.

Reilly is putting too much information out there for Cirie and Izzy’s liking and they have all collectively decided that they aren’t going to keep Reilly in the house. They fear that after they get Hisam out next week that Reilly will turn on them and work with Jag, Blue, and Matt to target them next. With that being said, the houseguests are just trying to play dumb about what the decision is and playing it off like they don’t know where everyone stands. Do you think that someone will tip Reilly off before Thursday’s live vote? Or will she end up being the one blindsided?

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