Adam Poch’s Big Brother 24 Player Rankings – Week 10

Adam Poch from Big Brother

And down the stretch they come. We are just over a week away from the Big Brother 24 finale, and this rollercoaster of a season will come to an end. I will get into it more next week with my final rankings – but this has certainly been a Big Brother season that gave us so much to talk about. Not all good, not all bad, but plenty of odd / weird / strange storylines that kept us glued to the screen every single day.

This past week – we saw the birth of a new showmance, or was it just a kissmance, or whatevermance that makes people have out-of-body experiences. More about this later…

BUT FIRST – let’s give out some treats or punishments to the final 5.

Brittany – 4 strips of Bacon – winning the Veto when you are on the block is huge. Winning the Veto when you are on the block AND the intended target is HUMONGOUS! Say what you want about Brittany this season, but this win has not only helped her this week, but also gave her some much needed confidence.. for about 10 minutes. Last Thursday when Michael completely tore her heart out with his final plea to keep him over her, we thought Brittany was going to spend the entire week in a puddle of tears. She got herself together to win the most important Veto of the season to date. We did see her inner “Karen” come out several times when she complained about people sleeping late, and not inviting her to their sleepovers – but honestly, why does she care? Her path to the F2 at this point is to win her way there. I doubt she will, but she now has 2 individual Vetoes & 2 shared Vetoes. A couple more wins on her resume and depending on who goes out – and there is a chance she wins????

Monte – 3 strips of Bacon – Monte won 2 competitions the same day (Double Eviction Veto & subsequent HoH), and when it comes down to 5 or 4 people, original nominations are not as important until after the Veto is played. Monte knows he needs Turner in the game to get him through next week. He was able to stand firm and not get tempted to put Turner up despite pleas from both Brittany and Taylor. He is going to be super vulnerable going into next week as he only has 1 chance to earn himself safety. He may have increased that to 2 chances thanks to his recent rendezvous with Taylor.

Taylor – 2 strips of Bacon – speaking of Monty and Taylor’s rendezvous – the bad thing about being an East Coaster is I usually miss the overnight drama as it happens and have to go back and watch later. This week – when I woke up – some of the houseguests were still awake, and by the time I got to work – some funny business was happening in the HoH bedroom. We all question Taylor’s true motivation here… is she really attracted to Monte? Is she looking to get a leg up (pun intended) if Monte has to break a tie? Is she just bored & horny? Whatever it is, this could have blown up in her face if Alyssa / Brittany / Turner found out – but she has covered her tracks very well. She heard that Brittany is possibly turning the vote against her but instead of confronting her and digging her own grave – she is keeping calm and trusting the process.

Turner – 1 strip of Tofu – the wishy-washy game of Turner has been frustrating to watch, but has been very successful for him up to this point. However – he is missing a perfect opportunity to set himself up better going into the final 4. While that may have something to do with our Tofurkey of the Week – Turner does not always think 2-3 steps ahead and his vote this week could give him 2 allies going into the F4 or just 1. This could all be for naught as Turner looks like he could possibly win out to get to F2 – so it does not matter.

Pretty easy to figure out the Tofurkey of the Week – and this week it’s Alyssa. The only person in the house that has not won anything – Alyssa has no one to blame but herself if she goes home this week. AND to make matters worse, she may have lost a friend due to her overplaying. As I mentioned in Turner’s ranking – Alyssa could have just talked her way out of the house. Instead of working Turner for his vote – she threatened him for his vote – and that was not ‘bussin’ at all. If she had any game savvy – she should have pitched to Turner that her, Brittany, and him could team up next week to get rid of Monte. Let’s face it – who would you rather compete against in the F3 – Brittany & Alyssa or Monte & Taylor? But noooooooo…. Alyssa has to turn evil and threaten her jury vote & friendship out of the house to try and sway Turner. This week Alyssa also questioned if she would even try to stay with Kyle after this, but still walks around with his blanket (unwashed) so she can “smell him.”

Whew… there we go – another week in the books, a longshot for a shocking eviction tonight, and expect more tears from Brittany as we head into the final 5 episodes.

Who do you think Turner should be voting out tonight? Please let me know your answer & what you think of this week’s rankings in the comments section below.

From outside the Big Brother house – I am Adam Poch – thank you for reading!

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